On this Day in History ... 14 February

14 Feb is in February.

1308 Coronation of Edward II and Isabella

1318 Death of Queen Consort Margaret of France

1400 Death of Richard II

1544 Wyatt's Rebellion Executions

1547 Funeral of King Henry VIII

1575 Coronation and Marriage of Henry III King France

1613 Marriage of Elizabeth Stewart and Frederick V Elector Palatine

1685 Death and Burial of Charles II

1752 Marriage of James Duke Hamilton and Elizabeth Gunning

Coronation of Edward II and Isabella

Calendars. 08 Feb 1308 King Edward II of England (age 23). Dover [Map]. To William Leybourne. Order to attend the king's coronation with his wife on Sunday next after the feast of St Valentine.

The like to seventy others in various counties.

Death of Queen Consort Margaret of France

On 14 Feb 1318 Margaret of France Queen Consort England (age 39) died at Marlborough Castle [Map]. She was buried at Christ Church Greyfriars [Map]. Her tomb was destroyed during the Reformation.

Death of Richard II

On 14 Feb 1400 (exact date not known) King Richard II (age 33) died at Pontefract Castle [Map] where he had been imprisoned three months before; possibly murdered, possibly starved to death. His death was a consequence of the Epiphany Rising; he was still considered a threat. His first cousin Philippa Plantagenet Countess March 5th Countess Ulster de jure Heir to the Throne of England since she was the daughter of Lionel Plantagenet 1st Duke of Clarence. She at this time had four children with her husband Edmund Mortimer 3rd Earl March, Earl Ulster. The new King Henry IV (age 32) ignored her claim.

On 17 Feb 1400 Richard's (deceased) corpse was displayed at St Paul's Cathedral [Map].

On 06 Mar 1400 Richard's (deceased) remains were buried at King's Langley Priory [Map].

Chronicle of Gregory 1432. 14 Feb 1432. And yn Syn Volantynys day he come unto London; and he was worthely fette in to the cytte whythe the mayre and hys aldyrmen whythe alle the worthy comyns of the cytte and every crafte in hyr devys.

And whenne the kynge (age 10) come to Londyn Brygge [Map] there was made a towre, and there yn stondynge a gy aunte welle arayde and welle be-sene, whythe a swerde holdynge uppe on hye, sayynge thys reson in Latyn, Inimicos ejus induam confusione. And on every syde of hym stode an antiloppe, that one holdynge the armys of Ingelond and that othyr the armys of Fraunce. Ande at the drawe brygge there was a nothyr ryalle toure, there yn stondynge iij empryssys ryally arayde, whythe crownys on hyr heddys, the whyche namys folowyn here: fyrste, Nature; the secunde, Grace; the thyrde, Fortune, presentyng hym whythe gyftys of grace. The fyrste gaffe hym Scyence an Cunnynge, and the secunde gaffe hym Prosperyte and Eyches. And on the ryght syde of the emperyssys stode vij fayre maydyns clothyde alle in whyte, i-powderyde whythe sonnys of golde, presentynge the kyng whythe vij gyftys of the Holy Goste in the lykenys of vij whyte dovys by fygure owtwarde, whythe thys resonys: Impleat te Dominus spiritu1 sapiencie et intellectus, spiritu consitij etfortitudinis, sciencie et pietatys, spiritu timorys Domini. And on the lyfte syde of thes emperysse stode vi j othyr fay re maydyns in why the, powdery de why the sterrys of golde, presentyng the kyng whythe vij gyftys of worschyppe. The fyrste was a crowne of glorye, the seconde with a cepter of clennysse, the iij whythe a swyrde of ryght and vyctorye, the iiij whythe a mantelle of prudence, the v whythe a schylde of fay the, the vj an helme of helme, the vij a gyrdylle of love and of parfyte pes. And thys maydens song an hevynly songe unto the kynge of praysynge and of hys vyctorye and welle comynge home. And whenne he come unto Cornehylle, there yn the vij scyence, and every scyence schewynge hys propyr corny ng wondyrly i-wroughte.

Note 1. spiritu. spiritus, MS.

In 1468 Thomas Fitzgerald 7th Earl Desmond and Thomas Fitzgerald 7th Earl of Kildare (age 47) attended Parliament in Drogheda [Map] to answer charges of treason. Both were found guilty and attain. Thomas Fitzgerald 7th Earl Desmond sought sanctuary in Drogheda Priory [Map] where he was captured by John "Butcher of England" Tiptoft 1st Earl of Worcester (age 40). On 14 Feb 1468 Thomas Fitzgerald 7th Earl Desmond was summarily beheaded. He was buried initially in St Peter's Church Drogheda [Map] then Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, Dublin [Map]. Some accounts claim John "Butcher of England" Tiptoft 1st Earl of Worcester (age 40) also murdered two of his young sons. Thomas Fitzgerald 7th Earl of Kildare (age 47) escaped and was subsequently pardoned and attainder reversed when King Edward IV found Ireland was ungovernable without him. In 1470 Thomas Fitzgerald 7th Earl of Kildare (age 49) was appointed Lord Deputy of Ireland under George York 1st Duke of Clarence (age 28) which position he held until the Duke's death in 1478.

On 14 Feb 1492 William Berkeley 1st Marquess Berkeley (age 66) died. Marquess Berkeley, Earl Nottingham 4C 1483, Viscount Berkeley extinct.

Baron Berkeley Feudal retained by the King.

Maurice Berkeley 3rd Baron Berkeley (age 57) succeeded 3rd Baron Berkeley 2C 1421. Isabel Meade 3rd Baroness Berkeley by marriage Baroness Berkeley.

On 14 Feb 1531 John Blount (age 62) died at Kinlet [Map]. He was buried at Church of St John The Baptist Kinlet [Map].

Monument to John Blount (age 62) and Catherine Peshall (age 47). Fluted Period. Lancastrian Esses Collar with Big Esses. Long bobbed hair, no facial hair. Bare hands; gauntlets at the right side of the legs. She wearing a short Gabled Headress. Chest tomb somewhat of the wrong period ie Renaissance suggesting this may be a replacement effigy, or re-used. Probably Richard Parker of Burton on Trent.

John Blount: Around 1469 he was born to Thomas Blount (age 14) and Anne Croft (age 11) at Kinlet. Before 1498 John Blount (age 29) and Catherine Peshall (age 13) were married.

Catherine Peshall: In 1484 she was born to Hugh Peshall (age 25). In 1540 Catherine Peshall (age 56) died.

Wyatt's Rebellion Executions

Wriothesley's Chronicle. 14 Feb 1544. The 14 of February divers of the rebells were putt to death, that is to saye, Bothe, one of the Queenes footemen, one Vicars, a Yeoman of the Garde, great John Norton, and one Kinge, were hanged at Charinge Crosse [Map]. And three of the rebells, one called Pollarde, were hanged at the parke pale by Hide Parke; three allso in Fleet street, one at Ludgate, one at Bishopsgate [Map], one at Newgate [Map], one at Aldgate [Map], three at the Crosse [Map] in Cheape, three at Soper Lane ende in Chepe, and three in Smithfield [Map], which persons hanged still all that daye and night tyll the next morninge, and then cutt downe.a And the bodies of them that were hanged at the gates were quartered at Newgate [Map], and the heades and bodies hanged over the gates where they suffred.

Note a. The Grey Friares Chronicle (p. 88) adds "the whych ware of London that fled from the Dnke of Norfoke."

Henry Machyn's Diary. 14 Feb 1544. The xiiij day of Feybruary wher hangyd at evere gatt and plasse: in Chepe-syd vj; Algatt [Map] j, quartered; at Leydynhall [Map] iij; at Bysshope-gatt [Map] on, and quartered; Morgatt one; Crepullgatt [Map] one; Aldersgatt on, quartered; Nuwgat [Map] on, quartered; Ludgatt on; Belyngat iij hangyd; Sant Magnus iij hangyd; Towre hyll [Map] ij. hangyd; Holborne iij hangyd; Flettstret [Map] iij hangyd; at Peper alley gat iij; Barunsaystret iij; Sant Gorgus iij; Charyng crosse [Map] iiij, on Boyth the fottman, and Vekars of the gard, and ij moo; at Hydparke corner iij, on Polard a waterbeyrar; theys iij hanges in chynes; and but vij quartered, and ther bodys and heds set a-pon the gattes of London.

Funeral of King Henry VIII

Annales of England by John Stow. The 14 of February the corpes of k Henrie the eight (deceased), was with great solemnitie and honor conveyed unto Syon [Map], and the next day to Windsor, and there buried in the colledge [Map].


Coronation and Marriage of Henry III King France

On 14 Feb 1575 Henry III King France (age 23) and Louise Lorraine Queen Consort France (age 21) were married at Reims Cathedral; the day after his coronation. Louise Lorraine Queen Consort France by marriage Queen Consort France. He the son of King Henry II of France and Catherine Medici Queen Consort France (age 55). They were fourth cousins.

On 14 Feb 1588 John "Younger" Oldenburg Duke Schleswig Holstein Sonderburg (age 42) and Agnes Hedwig of Anhalt (age 14) were married. The difference in their ages was 27 years. He the son of Christian III King Denmark and Dorothea of Saxe Lauenburg Queen Consort Denmark and Norway.

Marriage of Elizabeth Stewart and Frederick V Elector Palatine


On 14 Feb 1613 Frederick Palatinate Simmern V Elector Palatine Rhine (age 16) and Princess Elizabeth Stewart Queen Bohemia (age 16) were married at Chapel Royal, Whitehall Palace. She the daughter of King James I of England and Ireland and VI of Scotland (age 46) and Anne of Denmark Queen Consort Scotland England and Ireland (age 38). He the son of Frederick IV Elector Palatine and Electress Louise Juliana of the Palatine Rhine (age 36).

A grand occasion that saw more royalty than ever visit the court of England. The marriage was an enormously popular match and was the occasion for an outpouring of public affection with the ceremony described as "a wonder of ceremonial and magnificence even for that extravagant age".

It was celebrated with lavish and sophisticated festivities both in London and Heidelberg, including mass feasts and lavish furnishings that cost nearly £50,000, and nearly bankrupted King James. Among many celebratory writings of the events was John Donne's (age 41) "Epithalamion, Or Marriage Song on the Lady Elizabeth, and Count Palatine being married on St Valentine's Day".

PAINTINGS/PEAKE/Elizabeth_Stewart.png PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Elizabeth_Stewart.jpg PAINTINGS/HONTHORST/Elizabeth_Stewart.jpg

On 14 Feb 1614 Bishop John Wilkins was born.

On 14 Feb 1642 Anne Rich Viscountess Mandeville (age 38) died. Monument at St Andrew's Church, Kimbolton [Map].

Anne Rich Viscountess Mandeville: In 1604 she was born to Robert Rich 2nd Earl Warwick (age 16) and Frances Hatton Countess Warwick (age 14). On 01 Jul 1625 Edward Montagu 2nd Earl Manchester (age 23) and Anne Rich Viscountess Mandeville (age 21) were married. She the daughter of Robert Rich 2nd Earl Warwick (age 38) and Frances Hatton Countess Warwick. He the son of Henry Montagu 1st Earl Manchester (age 62) and Catherine Spencer.

PAINTINGS/RILEY/James_Scott.jpg PAINTINGS/DOBSON/Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/WRIGHT/Charles_II_of_England_in_Coronation_robes.jpg PAINTINGS/GREENHILL/Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/HANNEMAN/Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/DANCKERTS/Pineapple_Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/RILEY/Charles_II.jpg

Death and Burial of Charles II

Evelyn's Diary. 14 Feb 1685. The King (deceased) was this, night very obscurely buried in a vault under Hen. 7th's Chapell at Westminster [Map], without any manner of pomp, and soone forgotten after all this vanity, and the face of the whole Court was exceedingly chang'd into a more solemn and moral behaviour; the new King (age 51) affecting neither prophanenesse nor buffoonery. All the greate Officers broke their staves over the grave, according to form.


On 14 Feb 1685 King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (deceased) was buried without any manner of pomp at Westminster Abbey [Map].

On 14 Feb 1714 William Vane 2nd Viscount Vane was born to William Vane 1st Viscount Vane (age 31).

On 14 Feb 1723 James Hamilton 5th Duke Hamilton 2nd Duke Brandon (age 20) and Anne Cochrane Duchess Hamilton Duchess Brandon (age 17) were married. She by marriage Duchess Hamilton, Duchess Brandon of Suffolk. She the daughter of John Cochrane 4th Earl Dundonald. He the son of James Hamilton Duke Hamilton, 1st Duke Brandon and Elizabeth Gerard Duchess Brandon (age 43).

On 14 Feb 1736 Francis I Holy Roman Emperor (age 27) and Maria Theresa Habsburg Spain Holy Roman Empress (age 18) were married. She the daughter of Charles Habsburg Spain VI Holy Roman Emperor (age 51). He the son of Leopold Duke of Lorraine.

PAINTINGS/VANDERBANK/Charles_Talbot.jpg PAINTINGS/VANDERBANK/Mary_Cardonnel.jpg PAINTINGS/RAMSAY/Mary_Cardonnel.jpg PAINTINGS/NOLLEKENS/Design_Mary_Cuntess_Talbot.jpg

Marriage of James Duke Hamilton and Elizabeth Gunning

On 14 Feb 1752 James Hamilton 6th Duke Hamilton 3rd Duke Brandon (age 27) and Elizabeth Gunning Duchess Hamilton and Argyll (age 18) met at a Valentine's Ball at Bedford House Covent Garden. He and they (age 18) were married that night at Keith's Chapel, Mayfair; the location being one where he didn't require a license. This before the Marriage Act of 1753. She by marriage Duchess Hamilton, Duchess Brandon of Suffolk. He the son of James Hamilton 5th Duke Hamilton 2nd Duke Brandon and Anne Cochrane Duchess Hamilton Duchess Brandon.

Letters of Horace Walpole. 27 Feb 1752. I write this as a sort of letter of form on the occasion, for there is nothing worth telling you. The event that has made most noise since my last, is the extempore wedding of the youngest (age 18) of the two Gunnings, who have made so vehement a noise. Lord Coventry (age 29)295, a grave young lord, of the remains of the patriot breed, has long dangled after the eldest (age 19), virtuously with regard to her virtue, not very honourably with regard to his own credit. About six weeks ago Duke Hamilton (age 27)296, the very reverse of the Earl, hot, debauched, extravagant, and equally damaged in his fortune and person, fell in love with the youngest at the masquerade, and determined to marry her in the spring. About a fortnight since, at an immense assembly at my Lord Chesterfield's, made to show the house, which is really magnificent, Duke Hamilton made violent love at one end of the room, while he was playing at pharaoh at the other end; that is, he saw neither the bank nor his own cards, which were of three hundred pounds each: he soon lost a thousand. I own I was so little a professor in love, that I thought all this parade looked ill for the poor girl; and could not conceive, if he was so much engaged with his mistress as to disregard such sums, why he played at all. However, two nights afterwards, being left alone with her while her mother and sister were at Bedford House, he found himself so impatient, that he sent for a parson. The doctor refused to perform the ceremony without license or ring: the Duke swore he would send for the Archbishop-at last they were married with a ring of the bed-curtain, at half an hour after twelve at night, at Mayfair chapel297, The Scotch are enraged; the women mad that so much beauty has had its effect; and what is most silly, my Lord Coventry (age 29) declares that he now will marry the other.

Poor Lord Lempster has just killed an officer298 in a duel, about a play-debt, and I fear was in the wrong. There is no end of his misfortunes and wrong-headedness!-Where is Mr. Conway!-Adieu!

Note 295. George-William (age 29), sixth Earl of Coventry. He died in 1809, at the age of eighty-seven.-E.

Note 296. James, fourth Duke of Hamilton. He died in 1758.-D.

Note 297. On the 14th of February.-E.

Note 298. Captain Thomas Grey (deceased). The duel was fought, with swords, in Marylebone Fields. Lord Lempster took his trial at the Old Bailey in April, and was found guilty of manslaughter.-E.

On 14 Feb 1755 Henry Phipps 1st Earl Mulgrave was born to Constantine Phipps 1st Baron Mulgrave (age 32) and Lepell Hervey Baroness Mulgrave (age 31). He a great x 2 grandson of King James II of England Scotland and Ireland.


On 14 Feb 1761 Richard Annesley 6th Earl Anglesey (age 68) died. Earl Anglesey 2C 1661 extinct. His son Arthur Annesley 1st Earl Mountnorris (age 16) succeeded 8th Viscount Valentia 2C 1642, 6th Baron Altham 1C 1681.

Arthur Annesley 1st Earl Mountnorris (age 16) didn't succeed as 7th Earl Anglesey 2C 1661 since his parent's secret marriage in Sep 1741 was not supported by sufficient evidence for the English House of Lords to accept his legitimacy. He was subsequently created Earl Mountnorris of Mountnorris Castle in Armagh more or less in compensation.

He succeeded to the Irish titles Viscount Valentia 2C 1642 and Baron Altham 1C 1681 since the Irish House of Lords did believe his legitimacy.

On 14 Feb 1779 Henry Venables-Vernon 3rd Baron Vernon (age 31) and Elizabeth Rebecca Anne Sedley (age 22) were married.


On 14 Feb 1786 Robert Edward Petre 10th Baron Petre (age 22) and Mary Bridget Howard Baroness Petre (age 18) were married. They were third cousin once removed. He a great x 3 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland. NOTEXT

On 14 Feb 1788 Thomas Brudenell 1st Earl Ailesbury (age 58) and Anne Elizabeth Rawdon Countess Ailesbury (age 35) were married. The difference in their ages was 23 years. She the daughter of John Rawdon 1st Earl Moira (age 67) and Elizabeth Hastings Countess Moira (age 56). He the son of George Brudenell 3rd Earl Cardigan and Elizabeth Bruce 3rd Countess Cardigan.

On 14 Feb 1789 Mary Thorpe 14th Baroness Cobham (age 72) died. Baron Cobham 1C 1313 abeyant.

On 14 Feb 1791 William Lennox Bathurst 5th Earl Bathurst was born to Henry Bathurst 3rd Earl Bathurst (age 28) and Georgiana Lennox Countess Bathurst (age 25). He a great x 3 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.


On 14 Feb 1835 Francis Basset 1st Baron Dunstanville 1st Baron Basset Stratton (age 77) died. His daughter Frances Basset 2nd Baroness Basset (age 53) succeeded 2nd Baroness Basset Stratton.

On 14 Feb 1838 Jacopo Fitz James Stuart 15th Duke Alba 13th Duke Veragua 8th Duke Berwick (age 16) and María Francisca "Paca" Palafox Duchess Veragua Duchess Berwick Duchess Alba (age 13) were married at Madrid. She by marriage Duchess Veragua, Duchess of Liria, Duchess of Jérica, Duchess Berwick, Duchess Alba. He the son of Carlos Miguel Fitz James Stuart 12th Duke Veragua 7th Duke Berwick 14th Duke Alba and Rosalía Ventimiglia Duchess Veragua Duchess Berwick Duchess Alba (age 40). He a great x 5 grandson of King James II of England Scotland and Ireland.

PAINTINGS/LAFAYETTE/Sybil_Fane2.jpg14 Feb 1900. James Lafayette (age 47). Detail of photograph of Sybil Mary St Clair-Erskine Countess of Westmorland (age 28)

Sybil Mary St Clair-Erskine Countess of Westmorland: On 20 Aug 1871 she was born to Robert St Clair-Erskine 4th Earl of Rosslyn (age 38) and Blanche Adeliza Fitzroy (age 31). On 28 May 1892 Anthony Fane 13th Earl of Westmoreland (age 32) and Sybil Mary St Clair-Erskine Countess of Westmorland (age 20) were married. She by marriage Countess of Westmoreland. He the son of Francis William Henry Fane 12th Earl of Westmoreland and Adelaide Ida Curzon Howe Countess of Westmoreland (age 57). On 21 Jul 1910 Sybil Mary St Clair-Erskine Countess of Westmorland (age 38) died.

PAINTINGS/LAFAYETTE/Sybil_Fane1.jpg14 Feb 1900. James Lafayette (age 47). Photograph of Sybil Mary St Clair-Erskine Countess of Westmorland (age 28)

On 14 Feb 1924 Patricia Mountbatten 2nd Countess Mountbatten of Burma was born to Louis Mountbatten 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma (age 23) and Edwina Ashley Countess Mountbatten Burma (age 22). She a great x 2 granddaughter of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

PAINTINGS/LASZLO/Louis_Mountbatten.jpg PAINTINGS/LASZLO/Edwina_Ashley.jpg

On 14 Feb 1944 Francis Hastings 16th Earl Huntingdon (age 43) and Margaret Lane Countess Huntingdon (age 36) were married. She by marriage Countess Huntingdon. He the son of Warner Hastings 15th Earl Huntingdon and Maud Margaret Wilson Countess Huntingdon (age 76).

On 14 Feb 1964 George Arthur Ormsby-Gore 4th Baron Harlech (age 78) died. His son William David Ormsby-Gore 5th Baron Harlech (age 45) succeeded 5th Baron Harlech. Sylvia Thomas Baroness Harlech by marriage Baroness Harlech.