On this Day in History ... 22 April

22 Apr is in April.

1433 John Duke of Bedford marries Jacquetta Luxemburg

1563 Creation of Garter Knights

1661 Coronation of Charles II

1689 Coronation William III and Mary II

1734 General Election

1763 Creation of Baronets

On 22 Apr 1279 Walter Giffard Archbishop of York (age 54) died at York [Map]. He was buried at York Minster [Map].

Before 22 Apr 1396 Henry Grey 5th Baron Grey of Wilton (age 54) and Elizabeth Talbot Baroness Grey Wilton were married. Elizabeth Talbot Baroness Grey Wilton by marriage Baroness Grey of Wilton. She a great x 2 granddaughter of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

On 22 Apr 1396 Henry Grey 5th Baron Grey of Wilton (age 54) died. His son Richard Grey 6th Baron Grey of Wilton (age 3) succeeded 6th Baron Grey of Wilton 1C 1295.

On 22 Apr 1422 Charles "Victorious" VII King France (age 19) and Marie Valois Anjou Queen Consort France (age 17) were married. She the daughter of King Louis of Naples and Yolanda Barcelona Queen Consort Naples. He the son of Charles "Beloved Mad" VI King France (age 53) and Isabeau Wittelsbach Queen Consort France (age 52). They were second cousins. He a great x 5 grandson of King Henry III of England. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King Henry III of England.

John Duke of Bedford marries Jacquetta Luxemburg

On 22 Apr 1433 John Duke Bedford (age 43) and Jacquetta Luxemburg (age 18) were married at Thérouanne [Map]. She by marriage Duchess Bedford. The difference in their ages was 25 years. She the daughter of Peter Luxemburg I Count Saint Pol (age 43) and Margherita Baux (age 39). He the son of Henry IV King England and Mary Bohun. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King Henry III of England.

The marriage caused a rift with Philip "Good" Duke Burgundy (age 36), John's late Anne Valois Duchess of Bedford brother, who regarded the marriage, some five months after his sister's death, an insult to her memory. There was no issue from the marriage with John dying a year and a half later.

On 22 Apr 1455 John La Marck I Duke Cleves (age 36) and Elizabeth Valois Duchess Cleves (age 16) were married. Elizabeth Valois Duchess Cleves by marriage Duchess Cleves. She the daughter of John Valois II Count of Nevers, Etampes, Rethel and Eu (age 40) and Jacqueline Ailly Countess Nevers. He the son of Adolph La Marck I Duke Cleves and Marie Valois Duchess Cleves (age 62). They were second cousins. He a great x 5 grandson of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

On 22 Apr 1505 Henry Stafford 1st Earl Wiltshire (age 26) was appointed 261st Knight of the Garter by King Henry VII of England and Ireland (age 48).

PAINTINGS/MEYNART/Henry_VII_of_England_Society_of_Antiquaries.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Henry_VII.jpg PAINTINGS/LEEMPUT/Henry_VIII.jpg

Wriothesley's Chronicle. 22 Apr 1538. This yeare, the morrowe after Easter dale, being the twentie towe daie of Aprill, Sir Thomas Awdeley (age 50), knight, Lord Chauncelor of Englande, was married to my Ladie Elizabeth Grey Baroness Audley,a sister to the Lord Marques of Dorsett (age 21) now living, and daughter to the old Lord Marques late deceased.

Note. Thomas Audley 1st Baron Audley Walden (age 50) and were married. Elizabeth Grey Baroness Audley by marriage Baroness Audley Walden in Essex. She the daughter of Thomas Grey 2nd Marquess Dorset and Margaret Wotton Marchioness Dorset. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King Edward III of England.

Note a. Elizabeth Grey, eldest daughter of Thomas fifth Marquis of Dorset, and sister of Henry (age 21), who succeeded to the title in 1530.


On 22 Apr 1545 Louis Wittelsbach X Duke Bavaria (age 49) died. His uncle Christoph Duke Wittelsbach I Duke Bavaria succeeded Christophe I Duke Bavaria.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 22 Apr 1557. The sam day the Kyng (age 29) and the Quen (age 41) removyd from Grenwyche [Map] unto Westmynster, a-ganst sant [George's day.]


1563 Creation of Garter Knights

Henry Machyn's Diary. 22 Apr 1563. The xxij day of Aprell, was sant Gorge's evyn, at v of the cloke the knyghtes of the Garter cam downe from the quen('s) chambur thrugh the halle to here chapell, and yt was strod with gren ryssys, [and all] the haroldes in ther cott armurs, master Perkullys, master Ruges-dragon, master Lanckaster, Nicholas Narboone Officer of Arms, and master Somersett, and master Norray (age 65) and master Clarenshux (age 53), master Garter (age 53), and master dene, my lord of Hunsdon (age 37), my lord Montyguw (age 34), my lord Robartt (age 30), my lord of Lughborow (age 42), the yerle of Shrowsbere (age 35), my lord admeralle (age 51), my lord chamburlayn, the yerle of Ruttland (age 36), the yerle of Darbe (age 53), the marques of Northamtun (age 51), the duke of Northfoke (age 27), (the) yerle of Arundell (age 50), and the yerle of Penbroke (age 62), and so evere man to ys own plase in the chapell of ther owne sett.... cam a prosessyon up thrugh the halle to .... furst the serjant of the vestre with a sylver rod, [then the] chylderyn in ther surples, and then the qwyre sy[nging the English] prosessyon in copes of cloth of gold to the nombur of .... haroldes of armes and sergantes of armes, furst Ruges[croix and] Ruge-dragon, and then cam master Lonkastur and master Rychmond and master [Somerset;] furst my lord of Hunsdon, my lord Montyguw, my lord Robartt, my lord of Lowthborow, my lord admeralle, my lord chamburlayn, the yerle of Rutland, the yerle of [Shrewsbury,] the yerle of Darbe, the yerle of Penbroke, the marques of [Northampton,] the yerle of Arundell, the duke of Northfoke; and then [master Garter,] master Norres (age 65), the dene of the chapell, they iij in cremesun saten v[elvet;] and next the byshope of Wynchestur and ser Wylliam Peter in [robes of] cremesun velvett with red crosses on ther robes, and ser .... and the yerle of Northumberland bare the sword, and the(n) the [Queen] in her robe, and master Knolles bare the quen('s) trayn, and after ....NOTEXT

On 22 Apr 1577 John Neville 4th Baron Latimer of Snape (age 57) died. He was buried at St Michaels Church, Well. Baron Latimer of Snape abeyant between daughters Katherine Neville Countess Northumberland (age 32), Dorothy Neville Countess Exeter (age 29), Lucy Neville (age 28) and Elizabeth Neville (age 27).

On 22 Apr 1634 Richard Lovelace 1st Baron Lovelace (age 70) died in Hurley. His son John Lovelace 2nd Baron Lovelace (age 18) succeeded 2nd Baron Lovelace.

Coronation of Charles II

Pepy's Diary. 22 Apr 1661. KING'S GOING FROM YE TOWER TO WHITE HALL1. Up early and made myself as fine as I could, and put on my velvet coat, the first day that I put it on, though made half a year ago. And being ready, Sir W. Batten (age 60), my Lady, and his two daughters and his son and wife, and Sir W. Pen (age 39) and his son and I, went to Mr. Young's, the flag-maker, in Corne-hill2; and there we had a good room to ourselves, with wine and good cake, and saw the show very well.

Note 1. The king in the early morning of the 22nd went from Whitehall to the Tower by water, so that he might proceed from thence through the City to Westminster Abbey, there to be crowned.

Note 2. The members of the Navy Office appear to have chosen Mr. Young's house on account of its nearness to the second triumphal arch, situated near the Royal Exchange [Map], which was dedicated to the Navy.


On 22 Apr 1661 King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 30) rode from the Tower of London [Map] to Whitehall Palace [Map]. At the Lime Street end of Leadenhall he passed under a triumphal arch built after the Doric order, with Rebellion, her crimson robe alive with snakes, being crushed by Monarchy Restored, and a fine painting of his Majesty's landing at Dover, "with ships at sea, great guns going off, one kneeling and kissing the King's hand, soldiers, horse and foot and many people gazing".

Outside the East India House in Leadenhall Street [Map], that loyal and honourable trading company expressed their dutiful affections to his Majesty by two Indian youths, one attended by two blackamoors and the other mounted upon a camel, which bore on its back two panniers filled with jewels, spices, and silks to be scattered among the spectators.

At the Conduit in Cornhill [Map] a special treat was prepared for the bachelor king in the shape of eight nymphs clad in white. A little further down the street, just opposite the Royal Exchange, was another arch, with stages against it depicting the River Thames and the upper deck of one of his Majesty's ships.

The procession included the Duke of York (age 27), the Lord High Constable (age 58) and the Lord Great Chamberlain (age 53).

The Sword of State was carried by Esmé Stewart 2nd Duke Richmond 5th Duke Lennox.

Evelyn's Diary. 22 Apr 1661. Was the splendid cavalcade of his Majesty (age 30) from the Tower of London to Whitehall, when I saw him in the Banqueting House [Map] create six Earls, and as many Barons, viz:

Edward Lord Hyde, Lord Chancellor (age 52), Earl of Clarendon; supported by the Earls of Northumberland (age 58) and Sussex (age 14); the Earl of Bedford (age 44) carried the cap and coronet, the Earl of Warwick (age 46), the sword, the Earl of Newport (age 64), the mantle.

Next, was Capel, created Earl of Essex.

Brudenell, Cardigan;.

Valentia, Anglesea;.

Greenvill, Bath;.

Howard, Earl of Carlisle.

The Barons were: Denzille Holles; Cornwallis; Booth; Townsend; Cooper; Crew; who were led up by several Peers, with Garter and officers of arms before them; when, after obedience on their several approaches to the throne, their patents were presented by Garter King-at-Arms, which being received by the Lord Chamberlain (age 59), and delivered to his Majesty (age 30), and by him to the Secretary of State, were read, and then again delivered to his Majesty (age 30), and by him to the several Lords created; they were then robed, their coronets and collars put on by his Majesty (age 30), and they were placed in rank on both sides of the state and throne; but the Barons put off their caps and circles, and held them in their hands, the Earls keeping on their coronets, as cousins to the King (age 30).

I spent the rest of the evening in seeing the several archtriumphals built in the streets at several eminent places through which his Majesty (age 30) was next day to pass, some of which, though temporary, and to stand but one year, were of good invention and architecture, with inscriptions.


Arthur Capell 1st Earl Essex (age 29) was created 1st Earl Essex 9C 1641. Elizabeth Percy Countess Essex (age 25) by marriage Countess Essex.

Thomas Brudenell 1st Earl Cardigan (age 78) was created 1st Earl Cardigan. Mary Tresham Countess Cardigan by marriage Countess Cardigan.

Arthur Annesley 1st Earl Annesley (age 46) was created 1st Earl Anglesey 2C 1661, 1st Baron Annesley Newport Pagnell Buckinghamshire. Elizabeth Altham Countess Anglesey (age 41) by marriage Countess Anglesey.

John Granville 1st Earl Bath (age 32) was created 1st Earl Bath 3C 1661.

Charles Howard 1st Earl Carlisle (age 32) was created 1st Earl Carlisle 3C 1661.NOTEXT

Denzil Holles 1st Baron Holles (age 61) was created 1st Baron Holles. Jane Shirley Baroness Holles by marriage Baroness Holles.

Frederick Cornwallis 1st Baron Cornwallis (age 50) was created 1st Baron Cornwallis.

George Booth 1st Baron Delamer (age 38) was created 1st Baron Delamer 1C 1661. Elizabeth Grey Baroness Delamer (age 39) by marriage Baroness Delamer.

Horatio Townshend 1st Viscount Townsend (age 30) was created 1st Baron Townshend of Lynn Regis in Norfolk.

Anthony Ashley-Cooper 1st Earl Shaftesbury (age 39) was created 1st Baron Ashley of Wimborne St Giles.

Evelyn's Diary. 23 Apr 1661. Was the coronation of his Majesty (age 30) Charles II in the Abbey-Church of Westminster [Map]; at all which ceremony I was present. the King (age 30) and his Nobility went to the Tower [Map], I accompanying my Lord Viscount Mordaunt (age 34) part of the way; this was on Sunday, the 22d; but indeed his Majesty (age 30) went not till early this morning, and proceeded from thence to Westminster in this order:

PAINTINGS/LELY/Elizabeth_Grey_Countess_Delamere.pngAfter 22 Apr 1661. Peter Lely (age 42). Portrait of Elizabeth Grey Baroness Delamer (age 39).

Elizabeth Grey Baroness Delamer: In 1622 she was born to Henry Grey 1st Earl Stamford (age 23) and Anne Cecil Countess Stamford (age 26). Before 17 Apr 1648 George Booth 1st Baron Delamer (age 25) and Elizabeth Grey Baroness Delamer (age 26) were married. She the daughter of Henry Grey 1st Earl Stamford (age 49) and Anne Cecil Countess Stamford (age 52). In 1691 Elizabeth Grey Baroness Delamer (age 69) died.

Minutes of the Royal Society. 11 Jun 1662. 82. Royal Society Meeting Minutes.

Sir Robert Moray (age 54) President.

Dr Petty's (age 51) brother (age 42) showed the Society a draft of the pleasure boat he is to make for the King (age 32).

Lord Berkeley of Berkely (age 13) presented the Society with a Bird of Paradise having two feet.

Dr Goddard brought in a moth with feathered wings.

Mr Evelyn (age 41) presentd the Society with a book called 'The History of Chalcogrphij'.

Mr Ball to be asked to produce his 'Magnetick Instruments',

Mr Boyle1 presented the Society with a book of the 'Weight and Spring of Air'; and also with a glass tube filled with Minium, wherewith the experiment of filtering was made.

The Amanuensis to enquire about the depth of the water under the arches of London Bridge.

Mr Croone (age 28) to write to Dr Power about the trial of heat and cold in deep caves.

The Amanuensis to bespeak the long glass tube for the Torricellian Experiment.

Note 1. Not clear which Mr Boyle this is since Richard Boyle was elected 20 May 1663 and Robert Boyle Scientist (age 36) on 22 Apr 1663.

On 22 Apr 1668 Charles Dormer 5th Baron Dormer was born to Charles Dormer.

On 22 Apr 1669 Friedrich Wilhelm Wettin II Duke Saxe Altenburg (age 66) died at Altenburg.

Coronation William III and Mary II

On 22 Apr 1689 Elizabeth Butler Countess Derby (age 29) was appointed Principal Lady in Waiting to Mary Stewart II Queen England Scotland and Ireland (age 26) as well as Groom of the Stool and Mistress of the Robes attracting a salary of £1200 per annum (£800 and £400 respectively).


Before 22 Apr 1690 George Carteret 1st Baron Carteret (age 22) and Jane Granville Baroness Gower (age 35) were married. She by marriage Baroness Carteret of Hawnes. She the daughter of John Granville 1st Earl Bath (age 61) and Jane Wyche.

On 22 Apr 1725 Wriothesley Russell 3rd Duke Bedford (age 16) and Anne Egerton Duchess Bedford were married. She by marriage Duchess Bedford. She was the step-daughter of his sister Rachel Russell Duchess Bridgewater (age 18). She the daughter of Scroop Egerton 1st Duke Bridgewater (age 43) and Elizabeth Churchill Countess Bridgewater. He the son of Wriothesley Russell 2nd Duke Bedford and Elizabeth Howland Duchess Bedford.


1734 General Election

On 22 Apr 1734 the 1734 General Election was held ...

Leonard Smelt (age 51) was elected MP Northallerton.

Robert Grosvenor 6th Baronet (age 38) was elected MP Chester.


On 22 Apr 1759 Charles Gordon 4th Earl Aboyne (age 33) and Margaret Stewart Countess Aboyne were married. Margaret Stewart Countess Aboyne by marriage Countess Aboyne. She the daughter of Alexander Stewart 6th Earl Galloway (age 65) and Catherine Cochrane Countess Galloway (age 50). He the son of John Gordon 3rd Earl Aboyne and Grace Lockhart Countess Aboyne. They were second cousins.

1763 Creation of Baronets

On 22 Apr 1763 two new Baronets were created ...

Matthew Blakiston 1st Baronet (age 61) was created 1st Baronet Blakiston of the City of London. Annabella Bayley Lady Blakiston by marriage Lady Blakiston of the City of London.

John Fleming 1st Baronet (age 33) was created 1st Baronet Fleming of Brompton Park in Middlesex. Jane Coleman Baroness Harewood (age 32) by marriage Lady Fleming of Brompton Park in Middlesex.

Before 22 Apr 1777 John Tuchet 8th Earl Castlehaven (age 52) and Susanna Drax were married. There is some uncertainty as whether this marriage is correct. Some sources describe him as having died unmarried? He the son of James Tuchet 6th Earl Castlehaven and Elizabeth Arundell Countess Castlehaven.

On 22 Apr 1777 John Tuchet 8th Earl Castlehaven (age 52) died. Earl Castlehaven, Baron Audley of Orier in England and Baron Audley of Hely in Ireland extinct. His nephew George Thicknesse 19th Baron Audley (age 20) succeeded 19th Baron Audley of Heighley in Staffordshire.

On 22 Apr 1784 Bourchier Wrey 6th Baronet (deceased) was buried at St Peter's Church, Tawstock [Map].

Sacred To the Memory of Sir Bourchier Wrey of Tawstock House In the County of Devon Bart Descended from Sir Chichester Wrey Bart Of Trebeigh in the County of Cornwall By Ann wife Wife Daughter and Coheiress Of Edward Bourchier Earl of Bath And Lord Fitz-warine, and relict of James Earl of Middlesex. He was chosen in 1748 to represent in Parliament the Borough of Barnstaple And was nineteen Years Colonel of the North-Devon Regiment of Militia He departed this Life April 13th 1784 Aged 69 Years

Sir Bourchier Wrey was twice married First to Mary daughter of John Edwards of Highgate Esqr By which Marriage there was no issue, Afterwards to Ellen Daughter & Coheiress of John Thresher Esqr of Bradford in the County of Wilts (By Whom he has left two Sons and four Daughters Bourchier, Bourchier William, Ellen, Dyonisia, Florentina, and Anna Maria) & who having surviv's him has caus'd This Monument to be erected As a Testimony of Her Respect and Affection.

Bourchier Wrey 6th Baronet: On 07 Jan 1714 he was born to Bourchier Wrey 5th Baronet (age 32) and Diana Rolle (age 31). He was baptised on 13 Jan 1714 in Westminster. Coefficient of inbreeding 6.36%. In 1726 Bourchier Wrey 5th Baronet (age 44) died. His son Bourchier Wrey 6th Baronet (age 11) succeeded 6th Baronet Wrey of Trebitch in Cornwall. On 28 Sep 1749 Bourchier Wrey 6th Baronet (age 35) and Mary Edwards Lady Wrey were married at St Stephen's Church, Walbrook. She by marriage Lady Wrey of Trebitch in Cornwall. There was no issue from the marriage. 23 Aug 1754. Memorial at St Peter's Church, Tawstock to Mary Edwards Lady Wrey. A Memorial to MARY Lady WREY The only Surviving Child of J. EDWARDS Esqr of Highgate: Who Left us August 23d 1751 (Her Virtues not half Counted Her Glass not yet half run,) To deplore Her Loss This tributary Stone, was, in 1754 placed Here, The Day Three Years from Her departure, near Five from Her Marriage, By Her Grateful Husband BOURCHIER WREY (age 40) In 1755 Bourchier Wrey 6th Baronet (age 40) and Ellen Thresher Lady Wrey (age 24) were married at Corsham, Wiltshire. She by marriage Lady Wrey of Trebitch in Cornwall. On 13 Apr 1784 Bourchier Wrey 6th Baronet (age 70) died. His son Bourchier Wrey 7th Baronet (age 27) succeeded 7th Baronet Wrey of Trebitch in Cornwall.


On 22 Apr 1799 Henry Yelverton 3rd Earl of Sussex (age 70) died without suviving male issue. Earl of Sussex 5C 1717 and Viscount Longueville and Baronet Yelverton of Easton Maudit in Northamptonshire extinct. His grandson Henry Gould Yelverton 19th Baron Grey Ruthyn (age 18) succeeded 19th Baron Grey of Ruthyn 1324. Note. Many sources describe his death as 1779 which would be inconsistent with Henry Gould Yelverton 19th Baron Grey Ruthyn (age 18) succeeding.

On 22 Apr 1833 Charles Henry Wilson 1st Baron Nunburnholme was born to Thomas Wilson (age 41).

On 22 Apr 1841 James Bruce 12th Earl Kincardine 8th Earl Elgin (age 29) and Elizabeth Mary Cumming Bruce Countess Kincardine and Elgin were married. He the son of Thomas Bruce 11th Earl Kincardine 7th Earl Elgin (age 74) and Mary Nisbet Countess Elgin (age 63).


On 22 Apr 1875 Odo Vivian 3rd Baron Swansea was born to Henry Vivian 1st Baron Swansea (age 53) and Averil Beaumont (age 34).

On 22 Apr 1894 Henry Nelson 7th Earl Nelson was born to Edward Nelson 5th Earl Nelson (age 33).

On 22 Apr 1895 George Nathaniel Curzon 1st Marquess Kedleston (age 36) and Mary Victoria Leiter Baroness Curzon Kedleston (age 25) were married.


Lucy Caroline Lyttelton: On 05 Sep 1841 she was born to George William Lyttelton 4th Baron Lyttelton (age 24) and Mary Glynne Lady Lyttelton (age 28) at Hagley Hall. In 1863 Lucy Caroline Lyttelton (age 21) was appointed Maid of Honour to Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom (age 43). On 07 Jun 1864 Frederick Charles Cavendish (age 27) and Lucy Caroline Lyttelton (age 22) were married. No issue. He the son of William Cavendish 7th Duke Devonshire (age 56) and Blanche Georgiana Howard Duchess Devonshire. They were third cousins. On 22 Apr 1925 Lucy Caroline Lyttelton (age 83) died at her home The Glebe.