On this Day in History ... 22 February

22 Feb is in February.

1071 Battle of Cassel

1371 Death of David II of Scotland

1511 Birth and Death of Prince Henry

1533 Cranmer appointed Archbishop of Canterbury

1540 Coronation of Mary of Guise Queen Consort Scotland

1547 Coronation of Edward VI

1549 Trial and Execution of Thomas Seymour

1554 Wyatt's Rebellion Executions

1666 Great Plague of London

Battle of Cassel

On 22 Feb 1071 Battle of Cassel was fought between uncle Robert "The Frisian" I Count Flanders (age 38) and nephew Arnulf III Count Flanders (age 16), supported by his mother Richilde Countess Flanders and Hainault and Philip "Amorous" I King France (age 18), over the succession of Flanders.

Arnulf III Count Flanders (age 16) was killed. His brother Baldwin Flanders II Count Hainault (age 15) succeeded II Count Hainault. Robert "The Frisian" I Count Flanders (age 38) was appointed I Count Flanders.

William Fitzosbern 1st Earl Hereford (age 51) was killed. His son Roger de Breteuil Fitzosbern 2nd Earl Hereford succeeded 2nd Earl Hereford 4C 1067.

Eustace Flanders II Count Boulogne (age 56) and his son Eustace Flanders III Count Boulogne fought for Robert. During the battle Robert "The Frisian" I Count Flanders (age 38) and Richilde Countess Flanders and Hainault were captured, and subsequently exchanged for each other.

On 22 Feb 1192 Pope Innocent III (age 32) was consecrated Pope.

Before 22 Feb 1252 Robert de Vere 5th Earl of Oxford (age 12) and Alice Sanford Countess of Oxford were married. She by marriage Countess of Oxford. He the son of Hugh de Vere 4th Earl of Oxford (age 44) and Hawise Quincy Countess Oxford.

Death of David II of Scotland

On 22 Feb 1371 King David II of Scotland (age 46) died without issue at Edinburgh Castle [Map]. He was buried at Holyrood Abbey. His nephew King Robert II of Scotland (age 54) succeeded II King Scotland. He, David, was the last of the male line of the House of Bruce. Robert (age 54), the first of the House of Stewart, being the son of his sister Marjory Bruce who had married Walter Stewart 6th High Steward.

On 22 Feb 1393 John Devereux 1st Baron Devereux (age 56) died. He was buried at Greyfriars Church Farringdon Within [Map]. His son John Devereux 2nd Baron Devereux (age 15) succeeded 2nd Baron Devereux.

On 22 Feb 1440 Ladislas "Posthumus" Habsburg V Duke Austria was born to Albert Habsburg V Duke Austria and Elizabeth Luxemburg Duchess Austria (age 30). His father had died three months before.

Before 22 Feb 1452 William Douglas 8th Earl Douglas 2nd Earl Avondale (age 27) and Margaret "Fair Lady of Galloway" Douglas Countess (age 17) were married. She would later marry his younger brother James Douglas 9th Earl Douglas 3rd Earl Avondale (age 26); an example of Married to Two Siblings. She the daughter of Archibald Douglas 2nd Duke Touraine and Euphemia Graham Lady Hamilton (age 44). He the son of James "Gross" Douglas 7th Earl Douglas 1st Earl Avondale and Beatrix Sinclair Countess Douglas and Avondale (age 54). They were first cousin once removed.

On 22 Feb 1452 William Douglas 8th Earl Douglas 2nd Earl Avondale (age 27) was murdered by King James II of Scotland (age 21) at Edinburgh Castle [Map] for refusing to desist from conspiring with Tiger Earl 4th Earl Crawford (age 29). His brother James Douglas 9th Earl Douglas 3rd Earl Avondale (age 26) succeeded 9th Earl Douglas, 3rd Earl Avondale.

Birth and Death of Prince Henry

On 01 Jan 1511 Prince Henry Duke Cornwall was born to Henry VIII (age 19) and Catherine of Aragon (age 25) at Richmond Palace [Map]. He was appointed Duke Cornwall at birth.

On 22 Feb 1511 Prince Henry Duke Cornwall died. He was buried at Westminster Abbey [Map].

Cranmer appointed Archbishop of Canterbury

Letters and Papers 1533. 22 Feb 1533. Add. MS. 28,585, f. 222, B.M. 178. Dr. Ortiz to the Empress.

Letters have come from Flanders of 24 Jan., stating that the brief has been received, and will be notified. The Emperor sends to order it to be notified at once.

Eustace Chapuis writes from England that on Christmas Eve Master Abel and another preacher were let out of the Tower, where they were confined, with orders not to preach or write until five days after Easter (Pascua). The truce between England and Scotland came to an end on St. Andrew's Day (por Santandres), and the English have invaded Scotland in three places and done much damage, taking more than 300 prisoners.

The Scotch ambassador in England had returned. It is feared there will be war. The Emperor has sent the count of Cifuentes here as ambassador.

Since writing the above, letters have arrived from the ambassador in England, dated 9 Feb., stating that the brief has been notified in Flanders, and that the king of England has given the archbishopric of Canterbury to a chaplain (age 43) of "this Ana (age 32)," which has been taken ill by many. Bolonia, 22 Feb. 1533.

Sp., pp. 3. Modern copy.


Coronation of Mary of Guise Queen Consort Scotland

On 22 Feb 1540 Mary of Guise Queen Consort Scotland (age 24) was crowned Queen Consort Scotland at Holyrood House, Holyrood.

The Accounts of the Lord High Treasurer of Scotland Volume 7 1538-1541 records payments associated with a gun salute and fireworks that are likely to be for the Queen Coronation ...

Item, the vi and vij dayis of Februar, gevin to Johnne Gogar, carter, and his collegis for xvij draucht of munitioun fra Leith to the castell agane the Quenis coronatioun, price of the draucht ij S. v. jdd.; summa xlij S. v.jd.

Item, gevin to the sledderis for xvij draucht of gun chalmeris fra Leith to the castell, price of the draucht vj d.; summa . • - - viij S. v.j d.

Item, gevin to twa pynouris for dountaking of xxx chalmeris of the heid of Davidis towris, and carting of the samin, witht uthir chalmeris and munitioun eftir the coronatioun to be had agane to Leith, X S.

Item, gevin to the carteris for dountaking of the samin to Leith, extending to viij draucht, price of the draucht ij S. v.jd.; summa . - - . XX Š.

Item, gevin to the pynouris of Leith the xvij and xviij dayis of Februar for the cariage of the munitioun quhilk Johne Bog brocht hame fra the sandis begond the bulwerk to the Kingis werk, and housing thairof in the samin, ilk man havand in the day Xviij d.; Sulin IIla, .

Item, gevin to Andro Michelsoun, Archibald Roule, and Walter Byning, payntouris, for paynting and ourlaying of the samin artalgery, to the noumer of xlix pece, witht reid leid, price of the pece ourlaying, witht thair chalmeris, slottis, and bandis v S.; summa xij li. v Š.

Item, gevin for tarring of the towis that bindis on the samin artalgery upoun the stokkis, xxxiij S. viijd.

Item, gevin for ourlaying 1 bass withf reid leid, price of the pece ourlaying iſ S. v.j d.; summa vili v Š.

Item, the xx day of Februar, gevin to four pynouris for uphaving of certane bullettis to the loft in Leith, quhar the small munitionis lyis, and for changeing of the samin munitionis and bullettis within the hous, wirkand thairon fra morn to evin, ilk man havand xviij d.; summa . - - vj Š.

Item, gevin to Hannis Cochrane for expens debursit be him for the making of ij pece of artalgery in complete payment of his comptis, vj ti. ij Ś. x d

Item, gevin to him to pay vij werkmennis waigis wirk and witht him be the said space, takand oulklie xlij Ś.; summa . - - - . viij li. viij Š.

The Accounts of the Lord High Treasurer of Scotland Volume 7 1538-1541 also record payments for clothing ...

The expensis debursit upoun the King and Quenis cariage the said moneth.

Item, gevin to the sacristane of the Kingis chapell for cariage of the chapell gair fra Striveling to Linlythqw at 3ule, and fra Linlithgw to Edinburgh at the Quenis coronatioun, as his byll of compt beris, v fi vj S. viij d. [And other items relating to the carriage of the wardrope, etc., amounting to £6 1S.].

The expensis debursit be speciall preceptis, and at the Kingis command, the said moneth.

Gifts of clothing were made to the following persons:-Lord Robert's minstrel, Bad man, David Kirkcaldy, groom in the kitchen; Gilzem in the King's chamber, Bessie Lundy; Wedell, footman; Christian Baxter, Lady Jane's nurse; Alexander Whitelaw; Robert Stewart, brother to the Earl of Lennox.

Item, gevin to Hanis Andersoun in Leith in part of payment of his comptis for mending of the Mare Willibe, . - - - - ... xl li.

Item, gevin to Williame Purves for dog chengeis, rache cuppelis, and mending of the knok, as his compt bers, vijfi. xiiij S.

Item, gevin to Lady Jane's servand to by him clathis, v ii.

Item, gevin to ane servand of the secretaris that he haid debursit, at the Kingis command, - ... x fi.

Item, gevin to Johnne Dowglas of Authornden for certane treis tane fra him to the Kingis schippis furtht of his wod, . - - - . xx li.

Item, gevin to the maister cuke, . - - x fi,

Item, gevin to Thomas Schort, armorar, for iiij chafferonis tane fra him to the grete hors, at the Kingis com mand, . - - - - - viij fi.

Item, gevin to Ormond, pursewant, and Alexander Hutoun, messinger, for passing with clos writtingis to the lordis and ladyis to come to the Quenis coronatioun the xxv day of Januar, .. iiij li. viij Š.

Item, gevin to Williame Hardy, messinger, for passing witht siclyke lettres to the Erle of Huntlie and his lady, the Erle Marschell and his lady, in the North land, . - - - - - . xxijS.

Item, gevin to Maister David Balfour and Archibald Heriot, messinger, for thair expensis passing to Dun bertane to resave sourteis and mak compositioun witht the men that wer put in the castell the tyme of the air, - - - - iij li.

Item, gevin to twa officiaris of armes that passit in Angus, the Westland, Northland, and uther partis to warne the dammes to cum to the coronatioun, iijli vj S.

Item, the vi day of Februar, gevin to Johnne Mosman to gilt the Quenis septur, iiij rois nobillis; summa x fi, xijs.

Item, deliverit to him to be the samin septur, xxx; unces half unce of silver, price of the unce xv Š. x d.; Sunnina . - - - xxiiijti. xviij Š. ix d.

Item, for the fassoun of the samyn septur, ilk unce v Š.; summa - - - vijli. xv Š.

Item, the xiiij day of Februar, gevin to him for ane tabulat of gold to the Kingis grace, weyand thre crounis of the Sone, . - - - iij li. x Š.

Coronation of Edward VI

Wriothesley's Chronicle. The 21st daie was great justes with runninge at the tilt, and the 22th daie was fighting and turninge at the barriors, where was many noble feates donne.

On 22 Feb 1547 Thomas Fitzherbert (age 33) was knighted. Anthony Cooke (age 43) was created Knight of the Bath.

Trial and Execution of Thomas Seymour

On 22 Feb 1549 Thomas Seymour 1st Baron Seymour (age 41) was charged with thirty-three charges of treason; found guilty.

Wyatt's Rebellion Executions

Wriothesley's Chronicle. 22 Feb 1554. The 22 of February certeyne of the rebells which lay in Newgate [Map], both the Counters, the Kings Benche [Map], the Marshallsie [Map], and Westminster, to the number of iiii C. and more, were ledd to Westminster to the Cowrte, coupled together with collers and halters abowte their neckes, and there in the Tylt-yeard kneeled afore the Queen (age 38) lookinge owt at the gallerie by the gate, and cried for meroye, who most gratiouslye gave to them their pardon.

PAINTINGS/MOR/Mary_I_of_England.jpg PAINTINGS/EWORTH/Mary1_Eworth_1556.jpg

Henry Machyn's Diary. 22 Feb 1554. .... of the qwen('s) garde att .... the man that was kyld was sir John Pr....

After 22 Feb 1554 Henry Isley (age 54) was hanged, drawn and quartered. His head was sent to Maidstone [Map].

Henry Machyn's Diary. 22 Feb 1554. The sam day alle the Kent men whent to the cowrt with halters a-bowt ther nekes, and bone with cordes, ij and ij to-gether, through London to Westmynster, and be-twyn the ij tyltes the powr presonars knelyd downe in the myre, and ther the Quen('s) (age 38) grace lokyd owt over the gatt and gayff them all pardon, and thay cryd owt 'God save quen Mare!' and so to Westmynster hall, and ther thay cast ther alters a-bowt the hall, and capes, and in the stretes, and cryd owt 'God save quen Mare!' as thay whent.

On 22 Feb 1568 William Wittelsbach V Duke Bavaria (age 19) and Renata Lorraine Duchess Bavaria (age 23) were married at Munich. She by marriage Duchess Bavaria. She the daughter of Francis Lorraine I Duke Lorraine and Christina Oldenburg Duchess Lorraine (age 46). He the son of Albert V Wittelsbach V Duke Bavaria (age 39) and Anna Habsburg Spain Duchess Bavaria (age 39). They were second cousins.

Great Plague of London

Pepy's Diary. 22 Feb 1666. Thence to my Lord Sandwich's (age 40), but he not within, but goes to-morrow. My wife to Mrs. Hunt's, who is lately come to towne and grown mighty fat. I called her there, and so home and late at the office, and so home to supper and to bed. We are much troubled that the sicknesse in general (the town being so full of people) should be but three, and yet of the particular disease of the plague there should be ten encrease.

PAINTINGS/LELY/Edward_Montagu.png PAINTINGS/LELY/Edward_Montagu.jpg

Evelyn's Diary. 21 Feb 1689. Another objection was, the invalidity of what was done by a convention only, and the as yet unabrogated laws; this drew them to make themselves on the 22d a Parliament, the new King (age 38) passing the act with the crown on his head. The lawyers disputed, but necessity prevailed, the government requiring a speedy settlement.


Before 22 Feb 1693 Humphrey Prideaux (age 44) and Bridget Bokenham were married.

On 22 Feb 1721 John Manners 2nd Duke Rutland (age 44) died. His son John Manners 3rd Duke Rutland (age 24) succeeded 3rd Duke Rutland, 3rd Marquess Grandby, 11th Earl of Rutland 3C 1525. Bridget Sutton Duchess Rutland (age 21) by marriage Duchess Rutland.


On 22 Feb 1732 Bishop Francis Atterbury (age 68) died. His body was brought to England, and interred in Westminster Abbey [Map] where he has a simple black slab indicating his name, birth and death dates; he had exxpressed his desire to be buried "as far from kings and politicians as may be."

PAINTINGS/AGAR/Edward_Graham.jpg PAINTINGS/SEEMAN/Charles_Graham.jpg

On 22 Feb 1763 George Fox Lane 1st Baron Bingley (age 66) died.

Archaeologia Volume 2 Section XXIX. Conjectures on an ancient Tomb [Bishop Roger of Salisbury] in Salisbury Cathedral. By Mr . Gough. Read at the Society of Antiquaries, Feb. 22, 1770.

PAINTINGS/KAUFFMAN/Edward_Smith_Stanley.png PAINTINGS/ROMNEY/Elizabeth_Hamilton.jpg

On 22 Feb 1781 John Major 1st Baronet (age 82) died. His son-in-law John Henniker 1st Baron Henniker (age 56) succeeded 2nd Baronet Major of Worlingsworth Hall in Suffolk in accordance with the special remainder added at the creation.


On 22 Feb 1830 George Byng 3rd Earl Strafford was born to George Byng 2nd Earl Strafford (age 23) and Agnes Paget (age 26).

Before 22 Feb 1841 Dean Thomas Garnier (age 31) and Caroline Elizabeth Keppel (age 26) were married. She the daughter of William Charles Keppel 4th Earl Albermarle (age 68) and Elizabeth Southwell Countess Albermarle. She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 22 Feb 1845 William Wellesley aka Wellesley-Pole 3rd Earl Mornington (age 81) died. His son William Pole Tylney Long Wellesley 4th Earl Mornington (age 56) succeeded 4th Earl Mornington 1C 1760, 4th Viscount Wellesley of Dangan Castle. Helena Paterson Bligh Countess Mornington by marriage Countess Mornington.


On 22 Feb 1889 Edward Plunkett 16th Baron Dunsany (age 80) died. His son John William Plunkett 17th Baron Dunsany (age 35) succeeded 17th Baron Dunsany.

On 22 Feb 1890 Alfred Duff Cooper 1st Viscount Norwich was born to Alfred Cooper (age 52).

On 22 Feb 1906 Richard William Alan Onslow 5th Earl Onslow (age 29) and Violet Marcia Bampfylde Countess Onslow (age 21) were married. He the son of William Onslow 4th Earl Onslow (age 52) and Florence Coulston Gardner Countess Onslow (age 53).