On this Day in History ... 22 June

22 Jun is in June.

1239 Christening of Edward I

1402 Battle of Bryn Glas

1402 Battle of Nesbit Moor

1476 Battle of Morat

1483 The Princes of the Tower described as Illegitimate

1528 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

1535 Execution of Bishop Fisher and Thomas More

1644 Battle of Oswestry

1660 June Creation of Baronets

1662 Trial and Execution of Henry Vane "The Younger"

1664 Great Plague of London

1679 Popish Plot

1684 Rye House Plot

1685 Argyll's Rising

1911 Coronation of George V

Christening of Edward I

On 22 Jun 1283 Dafydd ap Gruffudd Aberffraw Prince of Wales (age 44) and Owain ap Dafydd Aberffraw (age 8) were captured at Nanhysglain Bangor [Map]. Dafydd (age 44), seriously wounded in the struggle, was brought to King Edward's (age 44) camp at Rhuddlan that same night. Dafydd (age 44) was taken from here to Chester [Map] and then on to Shrewsbury [Map]. Dafydd (age 44) and Dafydd's wife Elizabeth de Ferrers (age 43), their daughter Gwladys, infant niece Gwenllian ferch Llywelyn (age 1), and Dafydd's six illegitimate daughters were also taken prisoner at the same time.

On 22 Jun 1343 Aymon "Peaceful" Savoy Count Savoy (age 51) died. His son Amadeus "Green Count" Savoy VI Count Savoy (age 9) succeeded VI Count Savoy.

Around 22 Jun 1378 Walter Hungerford 1st Baron Hungerford was born to Thomas Hungerford and Joan Hussey (age 29) at Farleigh Hungerford.

On 22 Jun 1382 John Ros 5th Baron Ros Helmsley and Mary Percy Baroness Ros Helmsley (age 15) were married. She by marriage Baroness Ros Helmsley. They were third cousins. He a great x 3 grandson of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

Around 22 Jun 1394 Philip Valois Orléans Count Vertus was born to Louis Valois Duke Touraine I Duke Orléans (age 22) and Valentina Visconti (age 23). Coefficient of inbreeding 7.38%.

Battle of Nesbit Moor

On 22 Jun 1402 George Dunbar 10th Earl March (age 64) commanded a force of around 200 men from the Berwick garrison who defeated a Scottish army of around 400 men at Nisbet during the Battle of Nesbit Moor. Patrick "Younger" of Hailes Hepburn (age 50) was killed. John Cockburn, Thomas Haliburton, John Haliburton and Robert Lawedre were captured.

Battle of Bryn Glas

On 22 Jun 1402 Owain ap Gruffudd "Glyndŵr" Mathrafal Prince Powys (age 43) defeated the army of Edmund Mortimer (age 25) at Knighton, Radnorshire [Map], who was captured, at the Battle of Bryn Glas.

Henry IV King England (age 35) made no attempt to ransom Edmund Mortimer (age 25) and, as a consequence, Edmund Mortimer (age 25) changed his allegiance, and subsequently married Owain's (age 43) daughter.

On 25 Jun 1402 Walter Devereux (age 41) died from wounds.

Battle of Morat

The Princes of the Tower described as Illegitimate

On 22 Jun 1483 Ralph Shaa preached the bastardy of Edward IV's children by Elizabeth Woodville, including Edward V, and who were therefore ineligible to be King, at St Paul's Cross [Map].

1528 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

On 22 Jun 1528 William Carey (age 28) died of sweating sickness. He was buried at Compton Wynyates [Map].

Execution of Bishop Fisher and Thomas More

Before 22 Jun 1535 Thomas Audley 1st Baron Audley Walden (age 47) presided over the trial of Bishop John Fisher (age 65) and Thomas More (age 57) both of whom refused to take the Oath Of Supremacy. The judges including Anne Boleyn's father Thomas Boleyn 1st Earl Wiltshire and Ormonde (age 58). Thomas Cromwell 1st Earl Essex (age 50) brought Richard Rich 1st Baron Rich (age 38) as a witness who testified that Thomas More (age 57) had denied that the King was the legitimate head of the Church. However, Richard Southwell (age 32) to the contrary.

The jury took, somewhat unsurprisingly, only fifteen minutes to conclude Thomas More (age 57) was guilty. He was sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered; the King (age 43) commuted this to beheading.

Spanish Chronicle Chapter 18. How Thomas More and the Bishop of Rochester died.

How the Bishop of Rochester and Chancellor More were sentenced has already been told. At that very time, the Pope, to see whether they would obey him, sent a cardinal's hat to this Bishop, whom he knew to be a very learned man. When the King knew it he was in a very great rage, and on the very day the Bishop was sentenced to death the cardinal's hat arrived. The King ordered both their heads to be cut off, so they brought them out of the Tower both together to the scaffold, which is just near the Tower. It was quite a sight to see the great number of people, for it was a good long while before the prisoners arrived, and, when they came, there were over five hundred halberdiers with them. The first to ascend was the Bishop, and when he saw so many people he gave them his blessing, and would have liked to preach a sermon to them, but he was not allowed to say anything. Then the good Bishop, seeing they would not let him talk, said these words: "Worthy people who are here, I beg you to pray to God for my soul, and also pray that He will lead your King on a better road than at present." Then the guards retired, and the holy man knelt and said to the executioner, "Do thy duty." Then he placed his head upon the block after having said a prayer in Latin, and when he had finished, the executioner struck off his head in three blows, and he rendered up to God the soul that was His already.1

Note 1. Fisher, Bishop of Rochester, was beheaded 22nd June, 1535, and Sir Thomas More some days afterwards.

On 22 Jun 1535 Bishop John Fisher (age 65) was beheaded on Tower Hill [Map].


Hall's Chronicle 1535. 22 Jun 1535 Also the twenty-second day of the same month John Fisher Bishop of Rochester (age 65) was beheaded, and his head set upon London bridge [Map]. This bishop was of very many men lamented, for he was reported to be a man of great learning, and a man of very good life, but therein wonderfully deceived, for he maintained the Pope to be Supreme Head of the Church, and very maliciously refused the King’s title of Supreme Head. It was said that the Pope, for that he held so manfully with him and stood so stiffly in his cause, did elect him a Cardinal, and sent the Cardinals hat as far as Calais, but the head it should have stood on, was as high as London Bridge or ever the hat could come to Bishop Fisher, and then it was too late and therefore he neither ware it nor enjoyed his office. This man as I said was accomplished learned, yea, and that very notably learned, and yet have you heard how he was deceived with Elizabeth Barton that called herself the Holy Maid of Kent, and no doubt so was he in the defence of that usurped authority, the more pity. Wonderful it is that a man being learned should be so blind in the scriptures of God that prove the supreme authority of Princes so manifestly.

Wriothesley's Chronicle. 22 Jun 1535. Allso, the 22th of June, beinge Tewsday, John Fisher (age 65), Bishopp of Rochester, was beheaded at the Tower Hill, and the residue of his execution pardoned; his bodie was buried within Barkinge churche [Map] yeardb next the Towre of London, and his head was sett on London Bridge.

Note b. Bishop Fisher's body was taken up out of Barking churchyard [Map], and re-buried with Sir Thomas More, both in the Tower. — Stow, p. 672.

On 22 Jun 1549 John Scrope 8th Baron Scrope of Bolton (age 39) died. His son Henry Scrope 9th Baron Scrope of Bolton (age 15) succeeded 9th Baron Scrope of Bolton.

On 22 Jun 1558 Thomas Percy 7th Earl of Northumberland (age 30) and Anne Somerset Countess Northumberland (age 20) were married. She by marriage Countess of Northumberland. She the daughter of Henry Somerset 2nd Earl of Worcester and Elizabeth Browne Countess of Worcester (age 56). They were third cousins. He a great x 5 grandson of King Edward III of England. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King Edward III of England.

Before 22 Jun 1578 Thomas Knyvet 4th Baron Berners (age 39) and Muriel Parry (age 30) were married.


On 22 Jun 1610 William Seymour 2nd Duke Somerset (age 22) and Arabella Stewart (age 35) were married in secret at Palace of Placentia, Greenwich [Map]. For having married without permission King James I of England and Ireland and VI of Scotland (age 44) had Arabella Stewart (age 35) imprisoned in Sir Thomas Perry's House Lambeth, Surrey and he in the Tower of London [Map]. She the daughter of Charles Stewart 5th Earl Lennox and Elizabeth Cavendish Countess Lennox. They were third cousin once removed. He a great x 3 grandson of King Henry VII of England and Ireland. She a great x 2 granddaughter of King Henry VII of England and Ireland.


On 22 Jun 1612 Alexander Seton aka Montgomerie 6th Earl Eglinton (age 24) and Anne Livingstone Countess Eglinton were married. She the daughter of Alexander Livingston 1st Earl Linlithgow and Helen Hay. He the son of Robert Seton 1st Earl Winton and Margaret Montgomerie Countess Winton. They were half third cousins.

Battle of Oswestry

On 22 Jun 1644 Francis Newport 1st Earl Bradford (age 24) was captured during the Battle of Oswestry fighting for the Royalists.

1660 June Creation of Baronets

In Jun 1660 King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 30) rewarded those who supported his Restoration ...

6th William Wray 1st Baronet (age 35) and John Talbot of Lacock (age 29) were knighted.

7th Geoffrey Palmer 1st Baronet (age 62) was created 1st Baronet Palmer of Carlton in Northampton

7th Orlando Bridgeman 1st Baronet (age 54) was created 1st Baronet Bridgeman of Great Lever in Lancashire.

7th John Langham 1st Baronet (age 76) was created 1st Baronet Langham of Cottesbrooke in Northamptonshire.

11th Henry Wright 1st Baronet (age 23) was created 1st Baronet Wright of Dagenham. Ann Crew Lady Wright by marriage Lady Wright of Dagenham.

13th Nicholas Gould 1st Baronet was created 1st Baronet Gould of the City of London.

14th Thomas Allen 1st Baronet (age 27) was created 1st Baronet Allen of Totteridge in Middlesex.

18th Thomas Cullum 1st Baronet (age 73) was created 1st Baronet Cullum of Hastede in Suffolk.

19th Thomas Darcy 1st Baronet (age 28) was created 1st Baronet Darcy of St Osith's.

22nd Robert Cordell 1st Baronet was created 1st Baronet Cordell of Long Melford.

22nd John Robinson 1st Baronet (age 45) was created 1st Baronet Robinson of London. Anne Whitmore Lady Robinson (age 48) by marriage Lady Robinson of London.

25th William Bowyer 1st Baronet (age 47) was created 1st Baronet Bowyer of Denham Court. Margaret Weld Lady Bowyer (age 43) by marriage Lady Bowyer of Denham Court.

25th Thomas Stanley 1st Baronet (age 63) was created 1st Baronet Stanley of Alderley in Cheshire.

26th Jacob Astley 1st Baronet (age 21) was created 1st Baronet Astley of Hill Morton.

27th William Wray 1st Baronet (age 35) was created 1st Baronet Wray of Ashby in Lincolnshire. Olympia Tufton Lady Ashby (age 36) by marriage Lady Wray of Ashby in Lincolnshire.

28th Oliver St John 1st Baronet (age 36) was created 1st Baronet St John of Woodford in Northamptonshire 1660.

29th Ralph Delaval 1st Baronet (age 37) was created 1st Baronet Delaval of Seaton in Northumberland. Anne Leslie Lady Delaval by marriage Lady Delaval of Seaton in Northumberland.

30th Andrew Henley 1st Baronet (age 38) was created 1st Baronet Henley of Henley in Somerset.

Trial and Execution of Henry Vane "The Younger"

Pepy's Diary. 22 Jun 1662. Coming home to-night, I met with Will. Swan, who do talk as high for the Fanatiques as ever he did in his life; and do pity my Lord Sandwich (age 36) and me that we should be given up to the wickedness of the world; and that a fall is coming upon us all; for he finds that he and his company are the true spirit of the nation, and the greater part of the nation too, who will have liberty of conscience in spite of this "Act of Uniformity", or they will die; and if they may not preach abroad, they will preach in their own houses. He told me that certainly Sir H. Vane (deceased) must be gone to Heaven, for he died as much a martyr and saint as ever man did; and that the King (age 32) hath lost more by that man's death, than he will get again a good while. At all which I know not what to think; but, I confess, I do think that the Bishops will never be able to carry it so high as they do.

PAINTINGS/LELY/Edward_Montagu.png PAINTINGS/LELY/Edward_Montagu.jpg PAINTINGS/SOEST/Henry_Vane.jpg

Great Plague of London

Pepy's Diary. 22 Jun 1664. At noon to the 'Change [Map] and Coffee-house, where great talke of the Dutch preparing of sixty sayle of ships. The plague grows mightily among them, both at sea and land. From the 'Change [Map] to dinner to Trinity House [Map] with Sir W. Rider and Cutler, where a very good dinner. Here Sir G. Ascue (age 48) dined also, who I perceive desires to make himself known among the seamen.


Pepy's Diary. 22 Jun 1665. Up pretty betimes, and in great pain whether to send my another into the country to-day or no, I hearing, by my people, that she, poor wretch, hath a mind to stay a little longer, and I cannot blame her, considering what a life she will through her own folly lead when she comes home again, unlike the pleasure and liberty she hath had here. At last I resolved to put it to her, and she agreed to go, so I would not oppose it, because of the sicknesse in the towne, and my intentions of removing my wife. So I did give her money and took a kind leave of her, she, poor wretch, desiring that I would forgive my brother John (age 24), but I refused it to her, which troubled her, poor soul, but I did it in kind words and so let the discourse go off, she leaving me though in a great deal of sorrow.

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Popish Plot

Evelyn's Diary. 22 Jun 1679. There were now divers Jesuits executed about the plot, and a rebellion in Scotland of the fanatics, so that there was a sad prospect of public affairs.

Rye House Plot

Evelyn's Diary. 22 Jun 1684. Last Friday Sir Tho. Armstrong (deceased) was executed at Tyburn [Map] for treason, without tryal, having ben outlaw'd and apprehended in Holland, on the conspiracy of the Duke of Monmouth (age 35), Lord Russell, &c. which gave occasion of discourse to people and lawyers, in reguard it was on an outlawry that judgment was given and execution.

PAINTINGS/RILEY/James_Scott.jpg PAINTINGS/SOEST/William_Russell.jpg PAINTINGS/RILEY/William_Russell.jpg

Argyll's Rising

Evelyn's Diary. 22 Jun 1685. Argyle (age 56) taken in Scotland and executed, and his party dispers'd.Argyll's Rising.

On 22 Jun 1695 Basil Feilding 3rd Earl Desmond 4th Earl Denbigh (age 27) and Hester Firebrace Countess Desmond and Denbigh (age 19) were married. She by marriage Countess Desmond and Countess Denbigh. He the son of William Feilding 2nd Earl Desmond 3rd Earl Denbigh and Mary Carey Countess Desmond and Denbigh.

PAINTINGS/GIBSON/Henrietta_Hobart.jpg PAINTINGS/JERVAS/Henrietta_Hobart.png

Before 22 Jun 1742 Edward Griffin 3rd Baron Griffin (age 48) died.

On 22 Jun 1754 Brinsley Butler 2nd Earl Lanesborough (age 26) and Jane Rochfort Countess Lanesborough (age 16) were married. She by marriage Countess Lanesborough. She the daughter of Robert Rochfort 1st Earl of Belvedere (age 46) and Mary Molesworth. He the son of Humphrey Butler 1st Earl Lanesborough.


On 22 Jun 1764 John Philipps 6th Baronet (age 64) died. His son Richard Philipps 1st Baron Milford (age 20) succeeded 7th Baronet Philips of Picton Castle.

On 22 Jun 1782 Charles Jenkinson 1st Earl Liverpool (age 53) and Catherine Bisshopp Countess Liverpool (age 37) were married at her house in Hertford Street.


On 22 Jun 1787 George Gough-Calthorpe 3rd Baron Calthorpe was born to Henry Gough-Calthorpe 1st Baron Calthorpe (age 38) and Frances Carpenter Baroness Calthorpe (age 26).


On 22 Jun 1814 Stapleton Cotton 1st Viscount Combermere (age 40) and Caroline Greville Viscountess Comberemere (age 25) were married. She by marriage Baroness Combermere.

On 22 Jun 1832 Archibald Acheson 3rd Earl Gosford (age 25) and Theodosia Brabazon Countess Gosford (age 21) were married. She the daughter of John Brabazon 10th Earl Meath (age 60). He the son of Archibald Acheson 2nd Earl Gosford (age 55) and Mary Sparrow Countess Gosford.

On 22 Jun 1840 Thomas Reynolds-Moreton 1st Earl Ducie (age 63) died. His son Henry Reynolds-Moreton 2nd Earl Ducie (age 38) succeeded 2nd Earl Ducie. Elizabeth Dutton Countess Ducie (age 33) by marriage Countess Ducie.

On 22 Jun 1848 George Glyn 2nd Baron Wolverton (age 24) and Georgiana "Giana" Maria Tufnell Baroness Wolverton (age 23) were married. No issue.


On 22 Jun 1875 John Wodehouse 2nd Earl Kimberley (age 27) and Isabel Geraldine Stracey Countess Kimberley were married. He the son of John Wodehouse 1st Earl Kimberley (age 49) and Florence Fitzgibbon Countess Kimberley (age 50).

On 22 Jun 1904 Richard Boyle 9th Earl Cork (age 75) died at Berkeley Square, Mayfair. His son Charles Spencer Boyle 10th Earl Cork (age 42) succeeded 10th Earl Cork.

Coronation of George V

On 22 Jun 1911 George V King United Kingdom (age 46) was crowned V King United Kingdom. Victoria Mary Teck Queen Consort England (age 44) was crowned Queen Consort England Scotland and Ireland.

Dorothy Margaret Browne (age 23) bore Queen Mary's train.

PAINTINGS/FILDES/George_V.jpg PAINTINGS/VANDYCK_LTD/Wedding_of_Princess_Mary_and_Viscount_Lascelles_1922.jpg PAINTINGS/VANDYCK_LTD/6th_Earl_Harewood_Wedding.png PAINTINGS/ELWES/Queen_Mary.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN_PHOTO/7th_Earl_Harewood_Wedding.jpg

On 22 Jun 1924 Ronald Arthur Somerset Gough-Calthorpe 9th Baron Calthorpe was born to Frederick Somerset Gough-Calthorpe (age 32) and Rose Mary Dorothy Vernon-Harcourt.

On 22 Jun 1927 Charles Fitzroy 5th Baron Southampton (age 23) and Margaret Drake Baroness Southampton were married. She by marriage Baroness Southampton.

After 22 Jun 1958. Church of the Holy Trinity Embleton [Map]. Memorial to Constance Grey (deceased).

Constance Grey: On 31 Jan 1872 she was born to Lieutenant Colonel George Henry Grey (age 36) and Harriet Jane Pearson (age 33). Before 22 Jun 1958 E B C Curtis and Constance Grey (age 86) were married. On 22 Jun 1958 Constance Grey (age 86) died.

On 22 Jun 1989 William Fletcher-Vane 1st Baron Inglewood (age 80) died.