On this Day in History ... 23 March

23 Mar is in March.

1322 Despencer War Executions

1361 Death of Henry of Grosmont

1369 Death of Peter I King Castile

1421 Battle of Baugé

Despencer War Executions

Death of Henry of Grosmont

Death of Peter I King Castile

On 23 Mar 1369 Peter "Cruel" I King Castile (age 34) was murdered by his half-brother Henry "Fratricide" II King Castile (age 35) outside the wall of the castle of Montiel, La Mancha. His brother Henry "Fratricide" II King Castile (age 35) succeeded II King Castile.

Before 23 Mar 1421 John Ros 7th Baron Ros Helmsley (age 24) and Margery Despencer 3rd Baroness Despencer Baroness Ros Helmsley (age 24) were married. She by marriage Baroness Ros Helmsley. They were third cousins. He a great x 4 grandson of King Henry III of England.

Battle of Baugé

On 23 Mar 1421 the Dauphin's (age 18) French army and a Scottish army heavily defeated the English army at the Battle of Baugé. On the French side Étienne Vignolles "La Hire" fought. On the Scottish side John Stewart 2nd Earl Buchan (age 40) and John Stewart of Darnley 1st Count Évreux (age 41) fought. William Douglas (age 37) was killed.

On the English side John Beaufort 1st Duke Somerset (age 18), Thomas Beaufort 1st Duke Exeter (age 44), Thomas Beaufort Count Perche (age 16) and John Holland 2nd Duke Exeter (age 26) were captured. John Beaufort 1st Duke Somerset (age 18) would be captive for the next seventeen years. Thomas Beaufort 1st Duke Exeter (age 44) was released in 1422. Thomas Beaufort Count Perche (age 16) was release around 1427 in a prisoner exchange.

Thomas Lancaster 1st Duke of Clarence (age 32) was killed in battle. Duke Clarence 2C 1412 extinct.

John Lumley (age 38) was killed in battle.

John Ros 7th Baron Ros Helmsley (age 24) was killed in battle. His brother Thomas Ros 8th Baron Ros Helmsley (age 13) succeeded 8th Baron Ros Helmsley.

William Ros (age 24), and Gilbert V Umfraville were killed.

John Grey 1st Earl Tankerville (age 37) was killed in battle. His son Henry Grey 2nd Earl Tankerville (age 3) succeeded 2nd Earl Tankerville 1C 1418.

William Douglas 1st Lord Drumlanrig was present.

After 23 Mar 1421 John Ros 7th Baron Ros Helmsley (age 24) was buried at Belvoir Priory [Map]. His remains and monument were subsequently relocated to the Chancel of St Mary the Virgin Church, Bottesford, Leicestershire [Map]. Early Plate Bascinet Period.

John Ros 7th Baron Ros Helmsley: Around 1397 he was born to William Ros 6th Baron Ros Helmsley (age 27) and Margaret Fitzalan Baroness Ros Helmsley (age 25). On 01 Sep 1414 William Ros 6th Baron Ros Helmsley (age 44) died. His son John Ros 7th Baron Ros Helmsley (age 17) succeeded 7th Baron Ros Helmsley. Before 23 Mar 1421 John Ros 7th Baron Ros Helmsley (age 24) and Margery Despencer 3rd Baroness Despencer Baroness Ros Helmsley (age 24) were married. She by marriage Baroness Ros Helmsley. They were third cousins. He a great x 4 grandson of King Henry III of England.

Chest with Angels with Rounded Wings holding Shields.

Detail of Lancastrian Esses Collar and the trefoil fixing holding the Lancastrian Esses Collar to the bottom of the Camail.

Detail of IHC NASARE Lettering and Decorated Orle and decorated Vervelle Cover. Bascinet with Gorget. Lancastrian Esses Collar.

Detail of the Ros Peacock Crest which surmounted his Great Helm; only the feet remain.

Detail of the Spaulder and Besagew with some early graffiti.

Detail of the Hourglass Gauntlets and graffiti.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 23 Mar 1557. The xxiij day of Marche was a commondement cam that the Kyng (age 29) and the Quen (age 41) wold ryd from the Towre-warff [Map] thrugh London with the nobuls of the rayme, boyth lordes and lades; and at the Towre-warff my lord mayre (age 57) mett ther gracys boyth, and thrugh London my masters the althermen and the shreyffes and alle the crafftes of London in ther leveres, and ther standynges set up of evere craft of tymbur, and the strett and the trumpettes blohyng with odur enstrementtes with grett joye and plesur, and grett shutyng of gones at the Towre, and the waytes plahyng on sant Peter's [Map] ledes [leads ie roofs] in Chepe; and my lord mayre (age 57) bare the septer a-for the Kyng and the Quen.


On 23 Mar 1618 James Hamilton 1st Earl Abercorn (age 42) died. On 23 Mar 1618 His son James Hamilton 2nd Earl Abercorn (age 14) succeeded 2nd Earl Abercorn.

On 23 Mar 1629 Francis Fane 1st Earl of Westmoreland (age 49) died. His son Mildmay Fane 2nd Earl of Westmoreland (age 27) succeeded 2nd Earl of Westmoreland 2C 1624, 5th Baron Despencer 4C 1357, 2nd Baron Burghesh in Suffolk 3C 1624. Grace Thornhurst Countess of Westmoreland (age 25) by marriage Countess of Westmoreland.

Francis Fane (age 18) inherited Fulbeck Hall. The Hall was confiscated from him during the Commonwealth; he bought it back.

PAINTINGS/HANNEMAN/Earl_Shaftesbury.jpg PAINTINGS/GREENHILL/Anthony_Ashley-Cooper.jpg

On 23 Mar 1636 Robert Nugent 1st Earl Nugent and Anne Craggs were married.

PAINTINGS/HUYSMANS/Mary_Langham.jpgBefore 23 Mar 1691 Jacob Huysmans (age 58). Portrait of Mary Langham Countess Warrington (age 39).

Mary Langham Countess Warrington: On 10 Mar 1652 she was born to James Langham 2nd Baronet (age 32). On 07 Jul 1670 Henry Booth 1st Earl Warrington (age 18) and Mary Langham Countess Warrington (age 18) were married. On 17 Apr 1690 Henry Booth 1st Earl Warrington (age 38) was created 1st Earl Warrington 1C 1690. Mary Langham Countess Warrington (age 38) by marriage Countess Warrington. On 23 Mar 1691 Mary Langham Countess Warrington (age 39) died.


On 23 Mar 1730 Charles I Landgrave Hesse-Kassel (age 75) died.

PAINTINGS/SOLDI/Earl_Huntingdon.jpg PAINTINGS/HIGHMORE/Theophilus_Hastings.jpg

On 23 Mar 1732 Frederick Saxe Coburg Altenburg II Duke Saxe Gotha Altenburg (age 55) died at Altenburg. His son Duke Frederick III of Saxe Coburg Altenburg III (age 32) succeeded III Duke Saxe Gotha Altenburg. Luise Dorothea Saxe Meiningen Duchess Saxe Gotha Altenburg (age 21) by marriage Duchess Saxe Gotha Altenburg.

On 23 Mar 1740 Thomas Bruce 7th Earl Kincardine (age 77) died. His son William Bruce 8th Earl Kincardine succeeded 8th Earl Kincardine.

On 23 Mar 1757 Archbishop Thomas Herring (age 64) died. He was buried in Croydon Minster [Map].


On 23 Mar 1769 Augustus Henry Fitzroy 3rd Duke Grafton (age 33) and Anne Liddell Duchess Grafton (age 32) were divorced when he discovered she was pregnant by her lover John Fitzpatrick 2nd Earl Upper Ossory (age 23) whom she subsequently married. Plans to marry his mistress Anne aka Nancy Parsons Viscountess Maynard (age 34), if they existed, were undermined by the the discovery he discovered she was having an affair with John Frederick Sackville 3rd Duke Dorset (age 23).

On 23 Mar 1789 Thomas Osborne 4th Duke Leeds (age 75) died at St James' Square. He was buried at the Osborne Family Chapel at All Hallows' Church Harthill [Map]. His son Francis Osborne 5th Duke Leeds (age 38) succeeded 5th Duke Leeds, 5th Earl of Danby 2C 1674, 5th Viscount Osborne, 5th Viscount Latimer, 5th Baron Osborne of Kinderton, 6th Baronet Osborne of Kiveton. Catherine Anguish Duchess Leeds (age 25) by marriage Duchess Leeds.


On 23 Mar 1795 St Andrew St John (age 63) died at Worcester [Map].

After 23 Mar 1821. St Withburga's Church, Holkham [Map]. Grave slab to Anne Dutton (deceased).

Anne Dutton: Samuel Blackwell and she were married. Around 1743 she was born to James Lenox Dutton (age 30) and Jane Bond. On 23 Mar 1821 Anne Dutton (age 78) died at Holkham Hall Holkham.

On 23 Mar 1825 Frederick Irby 2nd Baron Boston (age 75) died at Lower Grosvenor Street Belgravia. His son George Irby 3rd Baron Boston (age 47) succeeded 3rd Baron Boston, 4th Baronet Irby of Whaplode and Boston. Rachel Ives Drake Baroness Boston (age 42) by marriage Baroness Boston.

On 23 Mar 1864 Bingham Baring 2nd Baron Ashburton (age 64) died. His brother Francis Baring 3rd Baron Ashburton (age 63) succeeded 3rd Baron Ashburton of Ashburton in Devon. Claire Hortense Maret Baroness Ashburton (age 52) by marriage Baroness Ashburton of Ashburton in Devon.

On 23 Mar 1865 James Somerville 2nd Baron Meredyth and Athlumney was born to William Meredyth Somerville 1st Baron Meredyth and Athlumney (age 63) and Maria Georgiana Elizabeth Jones (age 33).


On 23 Mar 1905 Francis Pelham 7th Earl Chichester was born to Jocelyn Pelham 6th Earl Chichester (age 33) and Ruth Buxton Countess Chichester.

After 23 Mar 1910. Memorials to Henry Basil Housonand his daughter Kathleen at St Nicholas' Church, Fulbeck.

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On 23 Mar 1943 Mervyn Horatio Herbert 17th Baron Darcy of Knayth (age 38) died whilst on active service. He was buried at St Mary's Church, Welshpool.

He was participating in a training night exercise when his Mosquito intercepted a Stirling bomber returning from a leaflet dropping raid in Europe, following which the Mosquito crashed into the ground near Manningtree [Map], killing both Herbert and his navigator Albert Eastwood; possibly a friendly fire incident?

Davina Darcy 18th Baroness Darcy of Knayth (age 4) succeeded 18th Baroness Darcy of Knayth.

On 23 Mar 2004 Richard Lumley 12th Earl of Scarbrough (age 71) died. His son Richard Lumley 13th Earl of Scarbrough (age 30) succeeded 13th Earl Scarborough.