On this Day in History ... 24 August

24 Aug is in August.

1217 Battle of Sandwich aka Dover

1346 Battle of Blanchetaque

1371 Battle of Baesweiler

1453 Battle of Heworth Moor

1482 Capture of Berwick

1535 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

1704 Battle of Malaga

John of Worcester. 24 Aug 1065. In the month of August, Harold (age 43), the brave earl of Wessex, ordered a large mansion to be built at a place called Portascith78, on the territory of the Welsh, and gave directions that it should be well stored with meat and drink, that his lord, king Edward (age 62), might sometimes reside there for the sake of hunting. But Caradoc, son of Griffyth, king of South Wales, who a few years before had slain Griffyth, king of North Wales, and usurped his kingdom, came there with the whole force he could gather, on the feast-day of St. Bartholomew, the apostle [24th August], and slew all the workmen and their overseers, and carried off all the materials which had been collected there.

Note 78. Portskewet, on the coast of Monmouthshire, where there are some relics of a church supposed to have been built by Harold.

On 24 Aug 1113 Geoffrey Plantagenet Duke Normandy was born to Fulk "Young" King Jerusalem (age 24) and Ermengarde La Flèche De Baugency Countess Anjou.

On 24 Aug 1198 Alexander II King Scotland was born to William "Lion" I King Scotland (age 55) and Ermengarde Beaumont Sarthe Queen Consort Scotland (age 28) at Haddington, Haddingtonshire. He a great x 2 grandson of King Henry I "Beauclerc" England.

Before 06 Apr 1199 King John "Lackland" of England (age 32) had his marriage to Isabella Fitzrobert 3rd Countess Gloucester and Essex (age 26) annulled due to consanuinity but more likely because John's new status as heir to the English throne mean't he had better prospects. He may have already decided to marry Isabella of Angoulême Queen Consort England (age 11) who he married on 24 Aug 1200.

On 24 Aug 1200 King John "Lackland" of England (age 33) and Isabella of Angoulême Queen Consort England (age 12) were married at . She had been engaged to Hugh Lusignan IX Count Lusignan (age 37) who subsequently appealed to King Philip II of France (age 35), their feudal overlord, who used the position to justify a war against John. The difference in their ages was 21 years. She the daughter of Aymer Angoulême I Count Angoulême (age 40) and Alice Courtenay Countess Angoulême. He the son of King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine Queen Consort Franks and England (age 78).

Battle of Sandwich aka Dover

On 24 Aug 1217 Hubert de Burgh Count Mortain 1st Earl Kent (age 47) commanded the King's forces at Sandwich [Map] during the Battle of Sandwich aka Dover. French re-enforcements had left Calais to join with the future Prince Louis's (age 29) forces who were in short supply following the Second Battle of Lincoln. Hubert Burgh's men routed the French ships. The battle marked the end of Prince Louis's (age 29) invasion with the Treaty of Kingston aka Lambeth being signed shortly afterwards.

On 24 Aug 1261 Ela of Salisbury 3rd Countess of Salisbury (age 74) died. She was buried in Lacock Abbey [Map]. Her inscription reads ... Below lie buried the bones of the venerable Ela, who gave this sacred house as a home for the nuns. She also had lived here as holy abbess and Countess of Salisbury, full of good works. Her great granddaughter Margaret Longespée 4th Countess of Salisbury and Lincoln succeeded 4th Countess Salisbury.

On 24 Aug 1313 Henry Luxemburg VII Holy Roman Emperor (age 38) died. He was buried at Pisa Duomo. His half fourth cousin Louis Wittelsbach IV Holy Roman Emperor (age 31) succeeded IV Holy Roman Emperor.

On 24 Aug 1340 Peter I King Portugal (age 20) and Constanza Manuel Queen Consort Castile (age 24) were married. She by marriage Queen Consort Portugal. He the son of Alfonso "Brave" IV King Portugal (age 49) and Beatrice Ivrea Queen Consort Portugal (age 47). He a great x 4 grandson of King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England.

Battle of Blanchetaque

On 24 Aug 1346 the Battle of Blanchetaque was fought between the English and French. The English had become trapped in an area denuded of supplies and needed to cross the River Somme to access food. The French army had destroyed all the bridges across the River Somme. At the 1800m wide ford at Blanchetaque, ten miles inland from the sea, Edward III's (age 33) army crossed the river despite resistance from the French. Hugh Despencer 1st Baron Despencer (age 38) led a force of English longbowmen across the ford to engage the French crossbowmen. Following the archery battle a force of English mounted men-at-arms, probably led by William Bohun 1st Earl of Northampton (age 36), engaged with the French. Following the battle the whole English army crossed the river then marched to Crécy to prepare for the next battle.

Before 24 Aug 1358 Henry "Fratricide" II King Castile (age 24) and Juana Manuel were married. He the son of Alfonso "Avenger" XI King Castile and Eleanor Guzman. He a great x 5 grandson of King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England.

On 24 Aug 1358 John I King Castile was born to Henry "Fratricide" II King Castile (age 24) and Juana Manuel.

On 24 Aug 1369 Edmund Mortimer 3rd Earl March, Earl Ulster (age 17) and Philippa Plantagenet Countess March 5th Countess Ulster (age 14) were married at Reading Abbey [Map]. She by marriage Countess March. He by marriage Earl Ulster. She the daughter of Lionel Plantagenet 1st Duke of Clarence and Elizabeth Burgh Duchess of Clarence. He the son of Roger Mortimer 2nd Earl March and Philippa Montagu Countess March (age 37). They were fourth cousins. She a granddaughter of King Edward III of England.

Battle of Baesweiler

On 22 Aug 1371 Guy of Luxemburg I Count Saint Pol and Ligny (age 31) was killed at Baesweiler, Aachen aka Aix-le-Chapelle.

Waleran Luxemburg (age 16) was captured.

On 24 Aug 1371 Edward Duke Guelders (age 35) died from wounds..

On 24 Aug 1377 Piers Mauley 5th Baron de Mauley was born to Piers Mauley (age 20) and Margery Sutton Baroness Ferrers Harewood Baroness Haversham.

On 24 Aug 1423 Archbishop Thomas Rotherham was born to Thomas Rotherham of Brookgate in Rotherham and Alice Scott at Rotherham [Map].

Battle of Heworth Moor

On or before 24 Aug 1453 Thomas Neville (age 23) and Maud Stanhope 4th Baroness Cromwell Baroness Willoughby Eresby were married. Maud Stanhope 4th Baroness Cromwell Baroness Willoughby Eresby was the niece and heiress of Ralph Cromwell 3rd Baron Cromwell (age 50) meaning traditional Percy lands would become Neville lands. The Percy's, being the older family, especially Thomas Percy 1st Baron Egremont (age 30), took umbrage with the ensuing two year feud known as the Neville Percy Feud. He the son of Richard Neville 5th Earl Salisbury (age 53) and Alice Montagu 5th Countess of Salisbury (age 46). He a great x 2 grandson of King Edward III of England.

On 24 Aug 1453 John Neville 1st Marquess Montagu (age 22) was ambushed at Heworth Moor York by Thomas Percy 1st Baron Egremont (age 30) leading a force of 700 or more men when returning with his brother's wedding party from Tattershall Castle [Map] to Sheriff Hutton [Map].

Capture of Berwick

On 24 Aug 1482 Edward Stanley 1st Baron Monteagle (age 20) was knighted by King Richard III of England (age 29) at Berwick on Tweed [Map] during the Capture of Berwick.

Before 24 Aug 1494 Thomas West 9th Baron De La Warr 6th Baron West (age 19) and Elizabeth Bonville Baroness De La Warr Baroness West (age 20) were married. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

On 24 Aug 1505 Bishop Richard Redman died.

1535 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

Letters and Papers 1535. 24 Aug 1535. R. O. 172. Thomas Broke to Cromwell.

I was at the Rolls, as you desired, on Bartholomew Even, at the payment of Geo. Robynson concerning the matter of Mr. Dudley. After paying the money to him, and delivering his acquittance to Henry Polsted, I reminded him how small in value of his goods he assessed himself to the King; "which to him was nothing pleasant." As to your building at Austin Friars, the frame which was set up last year will be fully finished within these 14 days. The main frame on the street side is fully set up. They are now laying the gutters, and in three weeks they trust it shall be covered with tile. I have viewed your house at Hackney. The kitchen is finished, except the paving. The wet and dry larders, and the filling of the pool in the garden, are well forward. I have seen Master Richard's house at Stepney. He and his folks are well and anxious for your return, "and, according to Mr. Richard's commandment, I sweetly kissed Mastres Beatrice his maid four or five times for failing." Your household at the Rolls are in good health, and will be glad of your return if the plague and sickness cease. By report there was much more death in London before my coming home than since. I thank the King for his goodness when I was last with him. I desire remembrances to my friends of the Privy Chamber, especially to Norris, Henneage, Russell, Long, my fellow Mewtas, Mr. Controller, Mr. Vice-Chamberlain, Baynton, Coffyn, and Uvedale. London, St. Bartholomew's Day. "By your true and faithful friend and fellow, Thomas Broke."

Hol., p. 1. Add.: Secretary. Endd.


After 24 Aug 1658 John Bennet 1st Baron Ossulston (age 42) and Elizabeth Cranfield Countess Mulgrave (age 50) were married. She the daughter of Lionel Cranfield 1st Earl Middlesex and Elizabeth Sheppard.

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On 24 Aug 1703 Lionel Boyle 3rd Earl Orrery (age 32) died at Earls Court.

Battle of Malaga

On 24 Aug 1704 the largest naval of the War of the Spanish Sucession was fought at Vélez Málaga a week after the capture of Gibraltar by the British.

On 24 Aug 1756 James Stewart 3rd Baronet (age 61) died. Alexander Stewart 6th Earl Galloway (age 62) succeeded 4th Baronet Stewart of Burray in Orkney.

On 24 Aug 1808 John Butler 2nd Marquess Ormonde was born to James Wandesford Butler 1st Marquess Ormonde (age 31) and Grace Louisa Staples Marchioness Ormonde.

On 24 Aug 1808 Francis Charteris de jure 7th Earl Wemyss (age 84) died.

On 24 Aug 1818 George Thicknesse 19th Baron Audley (age 61) died. His son George Thicknesse-Touchet 20th Baron Audley (age 35) succeeded 20th Baron Audley of Heighley in Staffordshire. Anne-Jane Donnelly Baroness Audley by marriage Baroness Audley of Heighley in Staffordshire.

On 24 Aug 1821 John William Polidori (age 25) died at his father's house 38 Great Pulteney Street. There were suspicions he had committed suicide by consuming prussic acid although the coroner gave death by natural causes.

John William Polidori: On 07 Sep 1795 he was born to Gaetano Fedele Polidori (age 32) and Anna Maria Pierce of Middlesex (age 21). From 1804 to 1810 John William Polidori (age 14) was a student at Ampleforth College. On 01 Aug 1815 John William Polidori (age 19) received his degree as a doctor of medicine from Edinburgh University. In 1816 John William Polidori (age 20) became physician to George "Lord Byron" 6th Baron Byron (age 27) and accompanied him on his trip through Europe. Around 18 Aug 1816 George "Lord Byron" 6th Baron Byron (age 28), Percy Bysshe Shelley, his future wife Mary Godwin aka Shelley (age 18), John William Polidori (age 20) were staying at the Villa Diodati on the shores of Lake Geneva.


On 24 Aug 1844 Digby Wentworth Bayard Willoughby 9th Baron Middleton was born to Henry Willoughby 8th Baron Middleton (age 26) and Julia Louisa Bosville Baroness Middleton (age 20).

On 28 Jun 1853 Francis Charteris 8th Earl Wemyss Douglas 4th Earl March (age 81) died. His son Francis Charles Charteris 9th Earl Wemyss (age 56) succeeded 9th Earl Wemyss. Louisa Bingham Countess Wemyss (age 55) by marriage Countess Wemyss.

His obituary in the Gentleman's Magazine by Sylvanus Urban Volume XL reads as follows:

THE EARL OF WEMYSS AND MARCH June 28 At Gosford House East Lothian in his 81st year the Right Hon Francis Wemyss Charteris Wemyss sixth Earl of Wemyss and Lord Elcho and Methel 1633 Baron Wemyss of Elcho 1628 Earl of March Viscount of Peebles and Lord Niedpath, Lyne and Munard 1697 all dignities in the peerage of Scotland Baron Wemyss of Wemyss co Fife 1821 and Lord Lieutenant of Peebleshire.

He was born on the 15th April 1772 the only son of Francis Lord Elcho son and heir apparent of the fifth Earl by Miss Susan Tracy Keck one of the Maids of Honour to Queen Charlotte the second daughter of Anthony Tracy Keck esq of Great Tew co Oxford by Lady Susan Hamilton fourth daughter of James fourth Duke of Hamilton and first Duke of Brandon KG and KT.

In early life his lordship had a commission in the army and from 1793 to 1797 was aide de camp to his grand uncle Lord Adam Gordon Commander in chief of the forces in Scotland He quitted the army in 1797.

His father Lord Elcho died on the 20th June 1808 and his grandfather on the 24th August following whereupon he succeeded to the Earldom of Wemyss and its attendant titles. On the death of William fourth Duke of Queensberry in Dec 1810 he inherited the barony of Niedpath and the extensive property which had belonged to his Grace in the county of Peebles in pursuance of the terms of the marriage contract of the first Earl of March his Grace's grandfather. He also succeeded to the dignities of Earl of March, Viscount of Peebles and Lord Douglas of Niedpath, Lyne and Munard the patent of creation being to Lord William Douglas et heredes masculos de ejus corpore quibus deficientibus alios ejus hæredes masin culos et talliæ contentos in ejus infeofa mentis terrarum et dominii de Niedpath.

His Lordship was created a peer of the united kingdom by the title of Baron Wemyss at the Coronation of King George IV by patent dated 17 Jul 1821. He supported the Conservative party in parliament but took but little interest in politics.

He married May 31 1794 Margaret fourth daughter of Walter Campbell esq of Shawfield by his first wife Eleanor daughter of Robert Kerr of Newfield eldest son of Lord Charles Kerr second son of Robert first Marquess of Lothian. By that lady who died in 1850 he had issue two sons and nine daughters 1 Francis his successor (age 56) 2 Lady Eleanor married in 1820 to Walter Frederick Campbell of Woodhall co Lanark (age 55) esq eldest son of Colonel John Campbell by Lady Charlotte (age 78) daughter of John fifth Duke of Argyle and died in 1832 3 the Hon Walter died 1818 4 Susan who died in infancy 5 Lady Margaret married in 1824 to Lieut Colonel John Wildman and died in 1825 6 Lady Katharine married in 1824 to her cousin George Harry Lord Grey of Groby who died in 1835 and she died in 1844 leaving issue the present Earl of Stamford and Warrington (age 26) and Lady Margaret Milbanke 7 Lady Charlotte (age 58) married in 1825 to Andrew Fletcher esq of Salton Castle East Lothian 8 Lady Louisa Antoinetta (age 58) married in 1832 to William Forbes esq of Callendar co Stirling late MP for Stirlingshire 9 Lady Harriet (age 58) married in 1829 to Sir George Grant Suttie Bart 10 Lady Jane and 11 Lady Caroline. The present Earls (age 56) in 1796 married in 1817 Lady Louisa Bingham (age 55) fourth daughter of Richard 2d Earl Lucan by whom he has issue Francis Lord Elcho (age 34) four other sons and daughters.

On 24 Aug 1872 George Capron of Southwick (age 90) died. Memorial in Church of St Rumbold, Stoke Doyle [Map] by Thomas Gaffin.

George Capron of Southwick: Around 1782 he was born to Thomas Capron (age 34) and Elizabeth Lucas (age 30).

On 24 Aug 1889 Grenville Northey Irby 7th Baron Boston was born to Cecil Suamarez Irby (age 27).

On 24 Aug 1889 Evan Morris was knighted by Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom (age 70) on her visit to Wrexham.

PAINTINGS/HAYTER/Queen_Victoria_2.jpg PAINTINGS/HAYTER/Queen_Victoria.jpg PAINTINGS/ROTHWELL/Queen_Victoria.jpg PAINTINGS/WINTERHALTER/Queen_Victoria.jpg PAINTINGS/HAYTER/Queen_Victoria_Wedding.jpg PAINTINGS/GRANT/Victoria_I.png PAINTINGS/WINTERHALTER/Victoria_Family.jpg PAINTINGS/FRITH/Edward_VII.jpg PAINTINGS/WELLS/Victoria_Regina.jpg

On 24 Aug 1897 Reginald Walter Bagot 8th Baron Bagot was born to Charles Frederick Heneage Bagot (age 39) and Florence Eleanor Bagot. Coefficient of inbreeding 6.25%.

On 24 Aug 1907 John Yarde-Buller 3rd Baron Churston (age 33) and Jessie Smither aka Denise Orme Duchess Leinster (age 21) were married.


On 24 Aug 1957 Thomas Craven 7th Earl Craven was born to William Craven 6th Earl Craven (age 39).

After 24 Aug 1990. Hasting's Chapel St Helen's Church Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire [Map]. Monument to Francis Hastings 16th Earl Huntingdon (deceased) and his wife Margaret Lane Countess Huntingdon (age 83).

Margaret Lane Countess Huntingdon: On 23 Jun 1907 she was born. On 14 Feb 1944 Francis Hastings 16th Earl Huntingdon (age 43) and Margaret Lane Countess Huntingdon (age 36) were married. She by marriage Countess Huntingdon. He the son of Warner Hastings 15th Earl Huntingdon and Maud Margaret Wilson Countess Huntingdon (age 76). On 14 Feb 1994 Margaret Lane Countess Huntingdon (age 86) died.