On this Day in History ... 27 July

27 Jul is in July.

1054 Battle of Dunsinane

1128 Death of William Clito

1214 Battle of Bouvines

1302 Battle of Roslyn

1453 Neville Percy Feud

1469 Battle of Edgecote Moor

1528 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

1603 Coronation of James I

1665 Great Plague of London

1666 St James' Day Battle

1689 Battle of Killiecrankie

1807 Abolition of the Slave Trade

1809 Battle of Talavera

Battle of Dunsinane

John of Worcester. 27 Jul 1054. Siward (age 44), the stout earl of Northumbria, by order of the king (age 51) entered Scotland, with a large body of cavalry and a powerful fleet, and fought a battle with Macbeth (age 49), king of the Scots, in which the king was defeated with the loss of many thousands both of the Scots and of the Normans before mentioned; he then, as the king had commanded, raised to the throne Malcolm (age 23), son of the king of the Cumbrians. However, his own son and many English and Danes fell in that battle.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 27 Jul 1054. This year went Earl Siward (age 44) with a large army against Scotland, consisting both of marines and landforces; and engaging with the Scots, he put to flight the King Macbeth (age 49); slew all the best in the land; and led thence much spoil, such as no man before obtained. Many fell also on his side, both Danish and English; even his own son, Osborn, and his sister's son, Sihward: and many of his house-carls, and also of the king's, were there slain that day, which was that of the Seven Sleepers.

On 27 Jul 1101 Hugh "Wolf Fat" Avranches 1st Earl Chester (age 54) died.

1128 Death of William Clito

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 27 Jul 1128. All this year was the King Henry (age 60) in Normandy, on account of the hostility that was between him and his nephew (age 25), the Earl of Flanders. But the earl was wounded in a fight by a swain; and so wounded he went to the monastery of St. Bertin; where he soon became a monk, lived five days afterwards, then died, and was there buried. God honour his soul. That was on the sixth day before the calends of August.

Florence of Worcester Continuation. 27 Jul 1128. William (age 25), count of Flanders, surnamed The Sad, falling into an ambush, was wounded by his enemies, and, his sufferings increasing, died, amidst universal lamentations, on the sixth of the calends of August [27th July], and was buried at St. Bertin.

Battle of Bouvines

On 27 Jul 1214 the last battle of the Anglo-French War of 1213-1214. Philip Augustus II King France 1165-1223's army defeated the combined forces of England, Flanders and the Holy Roman Empire. Thomas St Valery (age 59) fought at Bouvines during the Battle of Bouvines.

On 27 Jul 1276 James I King Aragon (age 68) died. His son Peter III King Aragon (age 36) succeeded III King Aragon.

Battle of Roslyn

John of Fordun's Chronicle. On the 27th of July 1302, [Note. The date here confusing since the Battle of Roslyn] is reported to have taken place on 24 Feb 1303] took place the great and famous engagement between the Scots and English, at Roslyn [Map], where the English were defeated, though with great difficulty. From the beginning of the first war which ever broke out between the Scots and English, it is said, there never was so desperate a struggle, or one in which the stoutness of knightly prowess shone forth so brightly. The commander and leader in this struggle was John Comyn (age 33), the son. Now this was how this struggle came about, and the manner thereof. After the battle fought at Falkirk, the king of England (age 63) came not in person, for the nonce, this side of the water of Forth; but sent a good large force, which plundered the whole land of Fife, with all the lands lying near the town of Perth [Map], after having killed a great many of the dwellers in those lands. On the return of this force, with countless spoils, that king (age 63) hied him home again with his host. Now this was brought about, doubtless, by God's agency: for had he made a lengthened stay then, or after the battle of Dunbar and the seizure of King John (age 53), he would either have subjugated the whole land of Scotland, and the dwellers therein, to his sway, or made it a waste with naught but floods and stones. But the goodness of God, Who alone tends and heals after wounds, so governed the actions and time of that king, that, being stirred up to battle, and engrossed with sundry wars, he could not put off all other matters, and give himself up to subduing this kingdom. So that king of England (age 63) went back with his men, having first appointed the officers of the sheriffdoms, and the wardens of the castles, in the districts beyond the water of Forth, which were then fully and wholly subject unto his sway - with the exception of a few outlaws (or, indeed, robbers), of Scottish birth, who were lurking in the woods, and could not, because of their misdeeds, submit to the laws. But John Comyn (age 33), then guardian of Scotland, and Simon Eraser, with their followers, day and night did their best to harass and annoy, by their great prowess, the aforesaid king's officers and bailiffs; and from the time of that king's departure, for four years and more, the English and the Anglicized Scots were harried by them, in manifold ways, by mutual slaughter and carnage, according to the issue of various wars.

On 27 Jul 1365 Rudolph Habsburg IV Duke Austria (age 25) died. His brother Frederick Habsburg III Duke Austria succeeded III Duke Austria.

On 27 Jul 1382 John Saye 4th Baron Say (age 9) died. His sister Elizabeth Saye 5th Baroness Say (age 15) succeeded 5th Baroness Say.

On 27 Jul 1398 John la Warr 4th Baron de la Warr (age 54) died without issue. His brother Thomas la Warr 5th Baron de la Warr (age 46) succeeded 5th Baron De La Warr 1C 1299.

On 27 Jul 1411 Richard Beauchamp 1st Earl of Worcester (age 15) and Isabel Despencer Countess Warwick and Worcester (age 11) were married. She by marriage Countess Worcester. She the daughter of Thomas Despencer 1st Earl Gloucester and Constance York Countess Gloucester (age 37). They were half fourth cousins. He a great x 3 grandson of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England. She a great granddaughter of King Edward III of England.

On 27 Jul 1420 Sigismund I King Hungary I King Germany I King Bohemia Holy Roman Emperor Luxemburg (age 52) was crowned I King Bohemia at Prague.

Neville Percy Feud

By 27 Jul 1453, says Griffiths, the situation in the north had deteriorated so badly that the crown effectively abrogated its authority in the region, by writing directly to the two earls [Note Henry Percy 2nd Earl of Northumberland (age 60) and Richard Neville 5th Earl Salisbury (age 53)], laying responsibility for ending the dispute on them, and instructing them to keep their sons in order. It was at this point too, that the commission of oyer and terminer of 12 July was re-issued.

Battle of Edgecote Moor

1528 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

Letters and Papers 1528. 27 Jul 1528. R. O. 4560. John Chekyng To Cromwell.

His son Gregory (age 8) is not now at Cambridge, but in the country, where he works and plays alternately. He is rather slow, but diligent. He had been badly tutored, and could hardly conjugate three verbs when committed to Chekyng's care, though he repeated the rules by rote. If this is Palgrave's style of teaching, does not believe he will ever make a scholar. Will have to unteach him nearly all he has learned. He is now studying the things most conducive to the reading of authors, and spends the rest of the day in forming letters. The plague, happily, is abating. Pembroke Hall, 27 July.

Hol., Lat., pp. 2. Add.: Clarissimo viro et domino suo optimo, D. Crumwello in ædibus Remi (Wolsey). Ex Cantabrigia.

On 27 Jul 1559 Edmund Allen Clergyman (age 40) died.

Francis Shirley: Francis Shirley and Dorothy Giffard were married. The difference in their ages was 24 years. Around 26 Jan 1515 he was born to Ralph Shirley (age 54) at Staunton Harold, Leicestershire.

On 27 Jul 1599 Albert IV Wettin IV Duke Saxe Weimar was born to Johann Wettin II Duke Saxe Weimar (age 29) and Dorothea Maria Anhalt at Altenburg.

Coronation of James I

On 25 Jul 1603 King James I of England and Ireland and VI of Scotland (age 37) was crowned I King England Scotland and Ireland at Westminster Abbey [Map].

Charles Howard 1st Earl Nottingham (age 67) was appointed Lord High Steward.NOTEXT

On 26 Jul 1603 Thomas Bennett (age 60) and Thomas Cambell (age 67) were knighted.

On 27 Jul 1603 William Wrey 1st Baronet was knighted at Whitehall Palace [Map].

On 30 Jul 1603 Richard Preston 1st Earl Desmond was knighted at Whitehall Palace [Map].

Bishop Thomas Bilson (age 56) gave the sermon. While the wording conceded something to the divine right of kings, it also included a caveat about lawful resistance to a monarch.

On 11 Sep 1617 Anthony Mildmay (age 68) died. He was buried at the Church of St Leonard, Apethorpe [Map]. His inscription reads ... Here sleepeth in the Lord with certaine hope of resurection Sr Antony Mildmay Knt eldet sonne to Sr Walter Mildmay Knt Chaunclor of the Exchequor. to Queene Elizabeth. He was Embassador from Queen Eliza: to the most Christian King of Fraunce Henry the 4th Ano. 1596; He was to Prince and Country faithful, and serviceable, in peace and warre, to freinds constant to enemies reconciliable. Bountiful and loved hospitality. He died September 11 1617.

On 27 Jul 1620 Grace Sharington (age 68) died. She was buried at the Church of St Leonard, Apethorpe [Map]. The inscription of her monument reads ... Here also lyeth Grace Ladie Mildmay the only wife of the saied Sr Antho: Mildmay one of the heyres of Sr Henry Sharington Knt: of Lacock in the County of Wiltes who lived 50 years maried to him and three years a widow after him. she was most devout, unspotedly chast mayd, wife, and widow, compassionate in heart, and charitably helpful with phisick, cloathes, nourishment, or counsels to any in misery, She was most careful and wise in managing worldly estate. So as her life was a blessing to hirs, and hir death she blessed them which hapned July 27 1620.

From RCHME Inventory. It is of grey veined and black marble and is partly gilded and painted. Two effigies lie on a black and white marble tomb chest beneath a baldachino consisting of a shallow dome with a cupola having round-headed openings in its drum, which give light to the interior. The baldachino is supported at each end by a rectangular pier onto which curtains, hanging from the architrave of the dome, are looped. Against the piers are standing figures representing the four Virtues, and the frieze is inscribed 'Devoute', 'Wise', 'Charitable' and 'Just'; the frieze is also inscribed 'Chaste' and 'Valiant'. The head of the figure representing Justice is modern. Seated on the cornice are smaller figures, on the E. of Faith and on the W. of Hope; on the cupola dome is a seated figure of Charity. Crowning the cornice are freestanding cartouches of arms of Mildmay (N.E. and S.E.) and Sherington (N.W. and S.W.). Against the cupola drum are shields of arms of Mildmay impaling Sherington, both quartered with alliances, and Mildmay quarterly. The W. pier of the baldachino is inscribed with a record of the setting up of the monument by Sir Francis Fane (age 37) in 1621. The tomb chest is enriched with emblems of mortality and eulogistically-phrased inscriptions record the lives of Sir Anthony on the S., and of Lady Grace on the N. The effigies lie on rush mats, he in Greenwich armour, she in full mantle, ruff and head-dress. The authorship of the monument is not known but the figures of the four Virtues are in the manner of Maximillian Colt (age 42) (cf. Cecil monument, Hatfield, Hertfordshire); the baldachino may be compared with that over the tomb of the Countess of Derby at Harefield, Middlesex, probably also by Colt (age 42).

Grace Sharington: Around 1552 she was born to Henry Sharington of Lacock in Wiltshire (age 20) and Anne Paggett of Lacock Abbey. In 1567 Anthony Mildmay (age 17) and Grace Sharington (age 15) were married. They lived at Apethorpe Hall, Northamptonshire. In 1581 Henry Sharington of Lacock in Wiltshire (age 49) died. His two surviving daughters for many disputed his will. According to Grace Sharington (age 29) her sister Olive Sharington (age 28) had persuaded their father to change his will. Grace Sharington (age 29) eventually gained an equal share.

On 27 Jul 1622 Thomas Knyvet 1st Baron Knyvet (age 77) died. He was buried at Stanwell Church Stanwell, Surrey.

On 27 Jul 1639 Vivian Molyneux (age 43) was knighted by King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland (age 38) at Berwick on Tweed [Map].


Great Plague of London

Pepy's Diary. 27 Jul 1665. At home met the weekly Bill, where above 1000 encreased in the Bill, and of them, in all about 1,700 of the plague, which hath made the officers this day resolve of sitting at Deptford [Map], which puts me to some consideration what to do.

St James' Day Battle

Pepy's Diary. 27 Jul 1666. He gone, I away by water from the Old Swan [Map] to White Hall. The waterman tells me that newes is come that our ship Resolution is burnt, and that we had sunke four or five of the enemy's ships. When I come to White Hall I met with Creed, and he tells me the same news, and walking with him to the Park I to Sir W. Coventry's (age 38) lodging, and there he showed me Captain Talbot's letter, wherein he says that the fight begun on the 25th; that our White squadron begun with one of the Dutch squadrons, and then the Red with another so hot that we put them both to giving way, and so they continued in pursuit all the day, and as long as he stayed with them: that the Blue fell to the Zealand squadron; and after a long dispute, he against two or three great ships, he received eight or nine dangerous shots, and so come away; and says, he saw The Resolution burned by one of their fire-ships, and four or five of the enemy's. But says that two or three of our great ships were in danger of being fired by our owne fire-ships, which Sir W. Coventry (age 38), nor I, cannot understand. But upon the whole, he and I walked two or three turns in the Parke under the great trees, and do doubt that this gallant is come away a little too soon, having lost never a mast nor sayle. And then we did begin to discourse of the young gentlemen captains, which he was very free with me in speaking his mind of the unruliness of them; and what a losse the King (age 36) hath of his old men, and now of this Hannam, of The Resolution, if he be dead, and that there is but few old sober men in the fleete, and if these few of the Flags that are so should die, he fears some other gentlemen captains will get in, and then what a council we shall have, God knows. He told me how he is disturbed to hear the commanders at sea called cowards here on shore, and that he was yesterday concerned publiquely at a dinner to defend them, against somebody that said that not above twenty of them fought as they should do, and indeed it is derived from the Duke of Albemarle (age 57) himself, who wrote so to the King (age 36) and Duke (age 32), and that he told them how they fought four days, two of them with great disadvantage. The Count de Guiche, who was on board De Ruyter (age 59), writing his narrative home in French of the fight, do lay all the honour that may be upon the English courage above the Dutch, and that he himself [Sir W. Coventry (age 38)] was sent down from the King (age 36) and Duke of Yorke (age 32) after the fight, to pray them to spare none that they thought had not done their parts, and that they had removed but four, whereof Du Tell is one, of whom he would say nothing; but, it seems, the Duke of Yorke (age 32) hath been much displeased at his removal, and hath now taken him into his service, which is a plain affront to the Duke of Albemarle (age 57); and two of the others, Sir W. Coventry (age 38) did speake very slenderly of their faults. Only the last, which was old Teddiman, he says, is in fault, and hath little to excuse himself with; and that, therefore, we should not be forward in condemning men of want of courage, when the Generalls, who are both men of metal, and hate cowards, and had the sense of our ill successe upon them (and by the way must either let the world thinke it was the miscarriage of the Captains or their owne conduct), have thought fit to remove no more of them, when desired by the King (age 36) and Duke of Yorke (age 32) to do it, without respect to any favour any of them can pretend to in either of them.

Battle of Killiecrankie

On 27 Jul 1689 James Seton 4th Earl Dunfermline (age 46) fought at Killiecrankie during the Battle of Killiecrankie.

On 27 Jul 1690 Charles Tracy 5th Viscount Tracy was born to William Tracy 4th Viscount Tracy (age 33) and Jane Leigh Viscountess Tracy (age 25). Coefficient of inbreeding 6.26%.

On 27 Jul 1697 Isaac Maddox Bishop was born to Edward Maddox of London Stationer.

Before 27 Jul 1727 Talbot Yelverton 1st Earl of Sussex (age 37) and Lucy Pelham Countess Sussex were married. She by marriage Countess of Sussex.

On 27 Jul 1742 Joseph Damer 1st Earl Dorchester (age 24) and Caroline Sackville Lady Milton were married. She the daughter of Lionel Cranfield Sackville 1st Duke Dorset (age 54) and Elizabeth Colyear Duchess Dorset (age 53).

After 27 Jul 1746. Church of St Mary Narford [Map]. Monument to Elizabeth Clent (deceased) and her grandmother Sarah Chicheley. An urn and inscription panel. Inscribed chest with a heavy plinth, surmounted by a sarcophagus and an obelisk with an urn finial and heraldic achievement with motto of the Fountaine family vix ea nostra voco.

Elizabeth Clent: Captain William Price and she were married. She inherited Narford Hall when her mother Elizabeth Fountaine died. In 1706 she was born to Colonel Edward Clent of Knightwick in Worcestershire (age 29) and Elizabeth Fountaine (age 30). On 27 Jul 1746 Elizabeth Clent (age 40) died. Her son Brigg Price inherited Narford Hall.

Sarah Chicheley: She was born to Thomas Chicheley of Wimpole Politician and Sarah Russell. On or after 29 Apr 1672 Andrew Fountaine (age 39) and she were married. In 1710 Andrew Fountaine (age 34) was gravely ill at his London townhouse. Johnathan Swift wrote ... Sir Andrew's mother and sister (age 34) are come above a hundred miles to see him before he died. I knew the mother; she is the greatest Overdo upon earth; and the sister (age 34), they say, is worse; the poor man will relapse again among them. Here was the scoundrel brother [Note. Probably brother-in-law Colonel Edward Clent of Knightwick in Worcestershire (age 33)] always crying in the other room till Sir Andrew was in danger; and the dog was to have all his estate if he died.


On 27 Jul 1751 Charles Beauclerk 2nd Duke St Albans (age 55) died. He was buried at Westminster Abbey [Map]. His son George Beauclerk 3rd Duke St Albans (age 21) succeeded 3rd Duke St Albans 1C 1684, 3rd Earl Burford, 3rd Baron Heddington.

Letters of Horace Walpole. 27 Jul 1752. I am going to trouble you with a commission, my dear Sir, that will not subject me to any such humiliations. You may have heard that I am always piddling about ornaments and improvements for Strawberry Hill-I am now doing a great deal to the house-stay, I don't want Genoa damask!328 What I shall trouble you to buy is for the garden: there is a small recess, for which I should be glad to have an antique Roman sepulchral altar, of the kind of the pedestal to my eagle; but as it will stand out of doors, I should not desire to have it a fine one: a moderate one, I imagine, might be picked up easily at Rome at a moderate price: if you could order any body to buy such an one, I should be much obliged to you.

We have had an article in our papers that the Empress-queen (age 35) had desired the King of France (age 42) to let her have Mesdames de Craon (age 66) and de la Calmette, ladies of great piety and birth, to form an academy for the young Archduchesses-is there any truth in this? is the Princess to triumph thus at last over Richcourt? I should be glad. What a comical genealogy in education! The mistress and mother of twenty children to Duke Leopold, being the pious tutoress to his grand-daughters! How the old Duchess of Lorrain will shiver in her coffin at the thoughts of it? Who is la Calmette? Adieu! my dear child! You see my spirit of justice: when I have not writ to you for two months, I punish you with a reparation of six pages!-had not I better write one line every fortnight?

Note 328. Lord Cholmondoley (age 49) borrowed great sums of money of various people, under the pretence of a quantity of Genoa damask being arrived for him, and that his banker was out of town, and he must pay for it immediately. Four persons comparing notes, produced four letters from him in a coffeehouse, in the very same words.

On 27 Jul 1758 Charles Fitzroy 1st Baron Southampton (age 21) and Anne Warren Baroness Southampton (age 20) were married. He a great x 2 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.


PAINTINGS/HUDSON/William_Dalrymple-Crichton _5th_Earl_Dumfries.pngBefore 27 Jul 1768 Thomas Hudson (age 67). Portrait of William Dalrymple Crichton 5th Earl Dumfries 4th Earl of Stair (age 69).

PAINTINGS/HUDSON/William_Dalrymple-Crichton _5th_Earl_Dumfries.png

On 27 Jul 1777 General Henry Otway Trevor 21st Baron Dacre was born to Thomas Brand Baron Dacre (age 27) and Gertrude Trevor Roper 19th Baroness Dacre Gilsland (age 26). He a great x 3 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 27 Jul 1804 Robert Clements 1st Earl Leitrim (age 71) died. His son Nathaniel Clements 2nd Earl Leitrim (age 36) succeeded 2nd Earl Leitrim.


Abolition of the Slave Trade

On 25 Mar 1807 the Slave Trade Act received Royal Assent. The Act prohibited the slave trade in the British Empire. The Bill was first introduced to Parliament in January 1807. It went to the House of Commons on 10 Feb 1807. After a debate lasting ten hours, the House agreed to the second reading of the bill to abolish the Atlantic slave trade by an overwhelming 283 votes for to 16. The Act took effect on 01 May 1807.

The last legal slave voyage was that of Kitty's Amelia which sailed on 27 Jul 1807 having received permission to sale on 27 Apr 1807 before the Act came into force. Kitty's Amelia arrived with 233 slaves at Jamaica 25 Jan 1808.

On 27 Jul 1808 John Thomas Burgh 13th Earl Clanricarde (age 63) died.

Battle of Talavera

Between 27 Jul 1809 and 28 Jul 1809 the Battle of Talavera, part of the Peninsular War, was fought between an Anglo Spanish army commanded by Arthur Wellesley 1st Duke Wellington (age 40) against the French. The French army withdrew at night after several of its attacks had been repulsed. Following the battle Arthur Wellesley 1st Duke Wellington (age 40) was created 1st Viscount Wellington of Talavera.

Hugh Gough 1st Viscount Gough (age 29) commanded the 2nd Battalion of the 87th (Royal Irish Fusiliers) Regiment of Foot.

General Henry Fane (age 30) commanded the 3rd Prince of Wales Dragoon Guards, 4th Queen's Own Dragoons.

PAINTINGS/LAWRENCE/Duke_Wellington.jpg PAINTINGS/LUCAS/Duke_Wellington.jpg

On 27 Jul 1809 Edward Methuen Irby (age 21) was killed at the Battle of Talavera.

After 27 Jul 1809. Monument to Edward Methuen Irby (deceased) at St Nicholas Church, Whiston [Map]

Edward Methuen Irby: On 21 Mar 1788 he was born to Frederick Irby 2nd Baron Boston (age 38) and Christian Methuen. On 27 Jul 1809 Edward Methuen Irby (age 21) was killed at the Battle of Talavera.

After 27 Jul 1856. St Mary's Church, Fawsley [Map]. Monument to Selina Mary Hervey Lady Knightley sculpted by John Gibson (age 66).

Selina Mary Hervey Lady Knightley: She was born to Felton Hervey. On 24 Aug 1813 Charles Knightley 2nd Baronet (age 32) and she were married. She by marriage Lady Knightley of Fawsley. On 27 Jul 1856 she died.

On 27 Jul 1858 Augustus Frederick Bampfylde 2nd Baron Poltimore (age 21) and Florence Sarah Wilhelmine Sheridan Baroness Poltimore were married.

On 27 Jul 1889 Alexander Duff 1st Duke Fife (age 39) and Louise Windsor Duchess Fife (age 22) were married. She the daughter of King Edward VII of the United Kingdom (age 47) and Alexandra Glücksburg Queen Consort England (age 44). He the son of James Duff 5th Earl Fife and Agnes Georgiana Elizabeth Hay Countess Fife. They were half third cousins. He a great grandson of King William IV of the United Kingdom.

On 29 Apr 1890 Hermit (age 26) died at Blankney Hall. His skeleton was given to the Royal College of Vetinary Surgeons. A hoof was presented to the Prince of Wales who had it fashioned into an ink-stand, writing:

Marlborough House,

July 27/90.

My Dear Harry (age 49) — How kind of you to have sent me the hoof of dear old ! so prettily mounted, which I shall always greatly value and constantly use as an inkstand.

I am also very much touched by the kind expressions in your letter wishing me good luck with my racehorses. Though I can never expect to have the good fortune which attended the Dukes of Portland and Westminster, still I hope with patience to win one or more of the classic races with a horse bred by myself. I sincerely hope you may yet be able to come to Goodwood for a part of the time, at any rate.

Thanking you again for your kind remembrance of me and giving me so interesting a souvenir of your "best friend"

From yours very sincerely,

Albert Edward (age 48).

P.S.—I shall always take the shoe about with me.

On 27 Jul 1896 Roger Lumley 11th Earl of Scarbrough was born to Osbert Victor George Atheling Lumley (age 38) and Constance Ellinor Wilson-Patten (age 24).

On 22 Jan 1899 William Henry Paulett 6th Earl Paulett (age 71) died. His son William John Lydston Poulett 7th Earl Poulett (age 15) succeeded 7th Earl Poulett, 10th Baron Poulett. The sixth earls first son William Turnour Thomas Poulett (age 49) claimed the title. On 27 Jul 1903 the House of Lords determined the dispute in favour of William John Lydston Poulett 7th Earl Poulett (age 15).

On 27 Jul 1918 Hallam Tennyson 2nd Baron Tennyson (age 65) and May Prinsep Baroness Tennyson (age 64) were married. She by marriage Baroness Tennyson of Aldworth in Sussex and of Freshwater in the Isle of Wight.


On 27 Jul 1927 Charles Edward Hill-Trevor 3rd Baron Trevor (age 63) and Phyllis May Sims Baroness Trevor (age 24) were married. She by marriage Baroness Trevor of Brynkinalt in Denbighshire. The difference in their ages was 39 years.

On 27 Jul 1933 Gilbert James Heathcote-Willoughby-Drummond 3rd Earl Ancaster (age 25) and Nancy Phyllis Louise Astor Countess Astor (age 24) were married. He the son of Gilbert Heathcote-Willoughby-Drummond 2nd Earl Ancaster (age 65) and Eloise Lawrence Breese Countess Ancaster (age 51).

On 27 Jul 1934 Victor Montagu 10th Earl Sandwich (age 28) and Maud Rosemary Peto (age 18) were married. He the son of George Charles Montagu 9th Earl Sandwich (age 59) and Alberta Sturges Countess Sandwich (age 56).

Cecilie Heathcote-Willoughby-Drummond: On 24 Jun 1874 she was born to Gilbert Henry Heathcote Drummond Willoughby 1st Earl Ancaster (age 43) and Evelyn Elizabeth Gordon Countess Ancaster (age 28). On 27 Jul 1960 Cecilie Heathcote-Willoughby-Drummond (age 86) died.