On this Day in History ... 28 July

28 Jul is in July.

1399 Execution of Richard II's Favourites

1461 Edward IV Rewards his Followers

1488 Siege of Loja

1488 Battle of Saint Aubin du Cormier

1540 Marriage of Henry VIII and Catherine Howard

1540 Execution of Thomas Cromwell

1541 Executions

1643 Battle of Gainsborough

1683 Marriage of Lady Anne and Prince George

1793 Siege of Valciennes

1809 Battle of Talavera

On 28 Jul 1255 Eva Braose (age 28) died.

On 28 Jul 1271 Walter Burgh 1st Earl Ulster (age 41) died at County Galway. His son Richard "Red Earl" Burgh 2nd Earl Ulster (age 12) succeeded 2nd Earl Ulster.

On 28 Jul 1332 King John "The Good" II of France (age 13) and Bonne Luxemburg Queen Consort France (age 17) were married. Bonne Luxemburg Queen Consort France by marriage Queen Consort of France. She the daughter of King John I of Bohemia (age 35) and Queen Elizabeth of Bohemia. He the son of King Philip "Fortunate" VI of France (age 38) and Joan "Lame" Burgundy Queen Consort France (age 39). He a great x 4 grandson of King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England.

Execution of Richard II's Favourites

On 28 Jul 1399 William Scrope 1st Earl Wiltshire (age 49), Henry Green (age 52) and John Bussy were captured at Bristol Castle, Gloucestershire [Map]. All three were executed without trial the following day.

Edward IV Rewards his Followers

On 28 Jul 1461 Bishop Robert Stillington (age 41) was appointed Keeper of the Privy Seal.

On 28 Jul 1472 Gaston IV Count Foix (age 49) died.

Siege of Loja

Before 28 Jul 1488 Edward Woodville Lord Scales (age 32) fought at Loja during the Siege of Loja.

Battle of Saint Aubin du Cormier

On 28 Jul 1488 Edward Woodville Lord Scales (age 32) was killed during the Battle of Saint Aubin du Cormier.

On 28 Jul 1516 William La Marck Duke of Jülich Cleves Berg was born to John La Marck III Duke Cleves (age 25) and Maria Jülich Berg Duchess Cleves.

On 28 Jul 1522 William Hay 5th Earl Erroll (age 27) died. His son William Hay 6th Earl Erroll (age 1) succeeded 6th Earl Erroll.

Marriage of Henry VIII and Catherine Howard

On 28 Jul 1540 Henry VIII (age 49) and Catherine Howard (age 17) were married at Oatlands Palace [Map] by Bishop of London Edmund Bonner (age 40). She by marriage Queen Consort England. The difference in their ages was 31 years. He the son of King Henry VII of England and Ireland and Elizabeth York Queen Consort England.NOTEXT

Catherine Carey (age 16) and Eleanor Paston Countess Rutland (age 45) were appointed Lady in Waiting to Queen Catherine Howard of England (age 17).NOTEXT

Execution of Thomas Cromwell

Hall's Chronicle 1540. And the xxviii. day of July [28 Jul 1540] was brought to the scaffold on the Tower Hill, where he said these words following.

I am come hither to die, and not to purge myself, as may happen, some think that I will, for if I should so do, I were a very wretch and miser. I am by the Law condemned to die, and thank my Lord God that hath appointed me this death, for mine offence: For sithence the time that I have had years of discretion, I have lived a sinner, and offended my Lord God, for the which I ask him heartly forgiveness. And it is not unknown to many of you, that I have been a great traveller in this world, and being but of a base degree, was called to high estate, and sithens the time I came thereunto, I have offended my Prince, for the which I ask him heartily forgiveness, and beseech you all to pray to God with me, that he will forgive me. O father forgive me, O son forgive me, O holy ghost forgive me. O three persons in one God forgive me. And now I pray you that be here, to bear me record, I die in the Catholic faith, not doubting in any article of my faith, no nor doubting in any Sacrament of the Church. Many hath slandered me, and reported that I have been a bearer, of such as hath maintained evil opinions, which is untrue, but I confess that like as God by his holy spirit, doth instruct us in the truth, so the devil is ready to seduce us, and I have been seduced: but bear me witness that I die in the Catholic faith of the Holy Church. And I heartly desire you to pray for the King’s Grace, that he may long live with you, in health and prosperity. And after him that his son Prince Edward, that goodly imp, may long reign over you. And once again I desire you to pray for me, that so long as life remains in this flesh, I waver nothing in my faith.

And then made he his prayer, which was long, but not so long, as both Godly and learned, and after committed his soul, into the hands of God, and so patiently suffered the stroke of the axe, by a ragged and butcherly miser, which very ungoodly performed the office.

Wriothesley's Chronicle. This yeare, the 28th dale of Julie [28 Jul 1540], Sir Thomas Crumwell (age 55), Earle of Essex, was beheaded at the Tower Hill, and Walter Lord named Hungerforde (age 37) was beheaded with him, also for treason of boggery,d their heades sett on London Bridge, and their bodies were buried within the Tower of London; they were condemned by the whole bodie of this last Perliament,e Thomas Cromwell for heresie, treason, I and fellonie, and extortion.f

Note d. Lord Hungerford (age 37) at the hour of his death seemed so unqoiet that many judged him rather frenzied than otherwise; he suffered, as it was said, for buggeiy. Stow.

Note e. The unanimity of Parliament is attested by the entries on the Journals, "Hodie (June 19) lecta est pro secundo et tertio, villa attincturs Thorns Comitis Essex, et communi omnium procerum tunc prssentium concessu, nemine discrepante, expedita est."

Note f. The summary process of an attainder without a trial, which Crumwell had first devised against the aged Countess of Salisbury (age 66), was resorted to against himself. He was declared by his peers a manifold traitor and detestable heretic, but his real crime was having urged his royal master, as a means of advancing his grand Protestant scheme, to solicit the hand of Anne of Cleves.


Life of Henry VIII by Edward Herbert. And thus the 28 of July [28 Jul 1540], (being four days after the Dissolution of the Parliament,) he was brought‘to the Tower-Hill, where, after Profession that he would die in the Catholike Faith, his head was cut off; And to this end came Cromwel, who from being but a Blacksmiths son, found means to travel into divers forraign Countries, to learn their Languages, and to see the Wars (being a Souldier of Bourbon at the sacking of Rome); whence returning, he was received into the Cardinal Wolseys service: To whom, he so approved himself, by his fidelity, and diligence, That the King after his fall, voluntarily took him for his servant; in which place,he became a special Instrument for dissolving the Abbeys, and other Religious Houses, and keeping down the Clergy; whom in regard of their Oath to the Pope, he usually termed the Kings half Subjects: And for expelling the Monks, he said it was no more, then a restoring them to the first Inftitution of being lay, and laboring Persons: Neither did it move him, That so much strictness and austerity of life was injoyn’d them in their several Orders, since he said they might keep it, in any condition: But as thefe Reasons again were not admitted by divers learned and able persons, so he got him many enemies, who at last, procured his fall; but not before he had obtained successively the Dignities of Master of the Rolls, a Baron, b Lord Privy Seal, c Vicegerent to the King in Spiritualities, d Knight of the Garter, e Earl of Essex, Great Chamberlain of England, &c. He was noted in the exercise of his places of Judicature, to have used much moderation; and in his greatest pomp, to have taken notice, and been thankful to mean persons of his old acquaintance, and therein had a vertue which his Master the Cardinal wanted: As for his other descriptions, I leave them to be taken out of Cranmers Letter formerly mentioned, with some deduction; For it seems written to the King, in more then ordinary favor of his ancient service.

On 28 Jul 1540 Walter Hungerford 1st Baron Hungerford Heytesbury (age 37) was beheaded at Tower Hill [Map]. He, together with his chaplain, a Wiltshire clergyman named William Bird, Rector of Fittleton and Vicar of Bradford, who was suspected of sympathising with the pilgrims of grace of the north of England, was attainted by act of parliament. Hungerford was charged with employing Bird in his house as chaplain, knowing him to be a traitor; with ordering another chaplain, Hugh Wood, and one Dr. Maudlin to practise conjuring to determine the king's length of life, and his chances of victory over the northern rebels; and finally with committing offences forbidden by the 1533 Buggery Act.

Letters of Thomas Cromwell. 28 Jul 1540. Thomas Cromwell 1st Earl Essex (age 55) Scaffold Speech.

I am come hither to die, and not to purge my self, as some think peradventure that I will. For if I should so do, I were a very wretch and a Miser. I am by the Law condemned to die, and thank my Lord God, that hath appointed me this death for mine Offence. For sithence the time that I have had years of discretion, I have lived a sinner, and offended my Lord God, for the which I ask him heartily forgiveness. And it is not unknown to many of you, that I have been a great Traveller in this World, and being but of a base degree, was called to high estate, and sithence the time I came thereunto I have offended my Prince, for the which I ask him heartily forgiveness, and beseech you all to pray to God with me, that he will forgive me. And now I pray you that be here, to bear me record, I die in the Catholic Faith, not doubting in any Article of my Faith, no nor doubting in any Sacrament of the Church. Many have slandered me and reported that I have been a bearer of such as have maintained evil Opinions, which is untrue. But I confess, that like as God by his holy Spirit doth instruct us in the Truth, so the Devil is ready to seduce us, and I have been seduced; but bear me witness that I die in the Catholic Faith of the holy Church; and I heartily desire you to pray for the Kings Grace, that he may long live with you in health and prosperity; and that after him his Son Prince Edward that goodly Imp may long Reign over you. And once again I desire you to pray for me, that so long as life remaineth in this flesh, I waver nothing in my Faith.

O Lord Jesus, which art the only health of all men living, and the everlasting life of them which die in thee; I wretched sinner do submit my self wholly unto thy most blessed will, and being sure that the thing cannot Perish which is committed unto thy mercy, willingly now I leave this frail and wicked flesh, in sure hope that thou wilt in better wise restore it to me again at the last day in the resurrection of the just. I beseech thee most merciful Lord Jesus Christ, that thou wilt by thy grace make strong my Soul against all temptations, and defend me with the Buckler of thy mercy against all the assaults of the Devil. I see and knowledge that there is in my self no hope of Salvation, but all my confidence, hope and trust is in thy most merciful goodness. I have no merits nor good works which I may allege before thee. Of sins and evil works, alas, I see a great heap; but yet through thy mercy I trust to be in the number of them to whom thou wilt not impute their sins; but wilt take and accept me for righteous and just, and to be the inheritor of everlasting life. Thou merciful Lord wert born for my sake, thou didst suffer both hunger and thirst for my sake; thou didst teach, pray, and fast for my sake; all thy holy Actions and Works thou wroughtest for my sake; thou sufferedst most grievous Pains and Torments for my sake; finally, thou gavest thy most precious Body and thy Blood to be shed on the Cross for my sake. Now most merciful Saviour, let all these things profit me, which hast given thy self also for me. Let thy Blood cleanse and wash away the spots and fulness of my sins. Let thy righteousness hide and cover my unrighteousness. Let the merit of thy Passion and blood shedding be satisfaction for my sins. Give me, Lord, thy grace, that the Faith of my salvation in thy Blood waver not in me, but may ever be firm and constant. That the hope of thy mercy and life everlasting never decay in me, that love wax not cold in me. Finally, that the weakness of my flesh be not overcome with the fear of death. Grant me, merciful Saviour, that when death hath shut up the eyes of my Body, yet the eyes of my Soul may still behold and look upon thee, and when death hath taken away the use of my Tongue, yet my heart may cry and say unto thee, Lord into thy hands I commend my Soul, Lord Jesus receive my spirit, Amen.

1541 Executions

Hall's Chronicle 1541. [Before 28 Jul 1541]. During this season, the commissioners that before were sent into Ireland, to inquire of the lord Gray (age 62), certified twenty articles of high treason against him, whereupon he was arraigned and tried by knights, because he was a Lord of name, but no Lord of the Parliament. Howbeit he discharged the jury, and confessed the inditement, and thereupon was judged, and after beheaded at the Tower Hill, where he ended his life very quietly and godly.

On 28 Jul 1541 Leonard Grey 1st Viscount Grane (age 62) was executed at the Tower of London [Map] for having allowed Gerald "Wizard Earl" Fitzgerald 11th Earl of Kildare (age 16), his sister Elizabeth Grey Countess Kildare (age 44) son, to escape capture at Tower of London [Map].

Battle of Gainsborough

On 28 Jul 1643 the Parliamentary arms commanded by Oliver Cromwell (age 44) and the Royalist army commanded by Charles Cavendish (age 23) fought at the Battle of Gainsborough at North Scarle.

Charles Cavendish (age 23) was killed by James Berry. He was buried at Newark on Trent [Map].

On 04 Aug 1643 the Royalist Newdigate Poyntz (age 34) died probably from wounds received at the battle.

On 28 Jul 1667 Abraham Cowley (age 49) died in Porch House. He was buried in Westminster Abbey [Map] where John Sheffield 1st Duke of Buckingham and Normanby (age 19) subsequently commissioned a monument.

PAINTINGS/LELY/Abraham_Cowley.jpg PAINTINGS/RICHARDSON/John_Sheffield.jpg

On 28 Jul 1676 Frederick Saxe Coburg Altenburg II Duke Saxe Gotha Altenburg was born to Frederick Saxe Coburg Altenburg I Duke Saxe Gotha Altenburg (age 30) and Duchess Magdalena Sibylle of Saxe Gotha Altenburg (age 27) at Gotha.

Marriage of Lady Anne and Prince George

Evelyn's Diary. 28 Jul 1683. He was married to the Lady Anne (age 18) at Whitehall. Her Court and household to be modeled as the Duke's, her father (age 49), had been, and they to continue in England. See Marriage of Lady Anne and Prince George.

PAINTINGS/LELY/Henry_Bennet_2.png PAINTINGS/LELY/Henry_Bennet.png PAINTINGS/WISSING/Isabella_Bennet.jpg PAINTINGS/KNELLER/Isabella_Bennett.jpg

On 28 Jul 1720 Anthony Browne 6th Viscount Montague (age 34) and Barbara Webb Viscountess Montague (age 23) were married. She by marriage Viscountess Montague. They were second cousin once removed.

On 28 Jul 1740 Martin ffolkes (age 20) died. Grave slab in the Church of St Mary Hillington [Map]. Arms quartered ffolkes Arms and Hovell Arms differenced with a label three points.

Martin ffolkes: In 1720 he was born to Martin Folkes (age 29) and Lucretia Bradshaw Actor.

On 28 Jul 1758 John West 4th Earl De La Warr was born to John West 2nd Earl De La Warr (age 29).

On 28 Jul 1758 George Henry Hay 8th Earl Kinnoull (age 69) died in Ashford, Surrey. His son Thomas Hay 9th Earl Kinnoul (age 48) succeeded 9th Earl Kinnoull.

PAINTINGS/WRIGHT_DERBY/Hannah_Wright.jpgAfter 28 Jul 1773 Joseph Wright of Derby (age 38). Portrait of Hannah Swift (assumed to be the artist's wife).

Hannah Swift: On 28 Jul 1773 Joseph Wright of Derby (age 38) and she were married. On 17 Aug 1790 she died.

On 28 Jul 1775 Hussey Vivian 1st Baron Vivian was born to John Vivian of Truro (age 25) and Betsey Cranch.


Siege of Valciennes

Between 13 Jun 1793 and 28 Jul 1793 the French garrison at Valciennes under Jean Henri Becays Ferrand was blockaded by part of the army of Prince Frederick Josias Saxe Coburg Saalfeld (age 55), commanded by the Prince Frederick Hanover Duke York of York (age 29).


On 28 Jul 1805 George Hamilton-Gordon 4th Earl Aberdeen (age 21) and Catherine Elizabeth Hamilton Countess Aberdeen (age 21) were married. Catherine Elizabeth Hamilton Countess Aberdeen by marriage Countess Aberdeen. She the daughter of John Hamilton 1st Marquess Abercorn (age 49) and Catherine Moyle Marchioness Abercorn.


On 28 Jul 1806 Charles Augustus Bennet 5th Earl Tankerville (age 30) and Corisande Armandine Sophie Léonie Hélène Gramont Countess Tankerville (age 23) were married at Devonshire House. She the daughter of Antoine 8th Duke Gramont (age 50) and Aglae de Polignac "Guichette" Duchess Gramont. He the son of Charles Bennet 4th Earl Tankerville (age 62) and Emma Colebrooke Countess Tankerville (age 54).


On 28 Jul 1806 Henry Monck 1st Earl of Rathdowne (age 21) and Frances Mary Trench (age 18) were married. She the daughter of William Trench 1st Earl of Clancarty.

Battle of Talavera

Between 27 Jul 1809 and 28 Jul 1809 the Battle of Talavera, part of the Peninsular War, was fought between an Anglo Spanish army commanded by Arthur Wellesley 1st Duke Wellington (age 40) against the French. The French army withdrew at night after several of its attacks had been repulsed. Following the battle Arthur Wellesley 1st Duke Wellington (age 40) was created 1st Viscount Wellington of Talavera.

Hugh Gough 1st Viscount Gough (age 29) commanded the 2nd Battalion of the 87th (Royal Irish Fusiliers) Regiment of Foot.

General Henry Fane (age 30) commanded the 3rd Prince of Wales Dragoon Guards, 4th Queen's Own Dragoons.

PAINTINGS/LAWRENCE/Duke_Wellington.jpg PAINTINGS/LUCAS/Duke_Wellington.jpg

On 28 Jul 1826 William Bateman-Hanbury 2nd Baron Bateman was born to William Bateman-Hanbury 1st Baron Bateman (age 46).

After 28 Jul 1828. Monument to Edward Lloyd Rowland (deceased)

Edward Lloyd Rowland: Around 1789 he was born. On 28 Jul 1828 Edward Lloyd Rowland (age 39) died.

On 28 Jul 1836 Edward Seymour 11th Duke Somerset (age 61) and Margaret Shaw Stewart Duchess Somerset were married at Marylebone. She by marriage Duchess Somerset. He the son of Webb Seymour 10th Duke Somerset and Anne Maria Bonnell Duchess Somerset.


On 28 Jul 1845 Horatio Nelson 3rd Earl Nelson (age 21) and Mary Jane Agar Countess Nelson (age 23) were married at St George's Church, Hanover Square. She the daughter of Welbore Ellis Agar 2nd Earl Normanton (age 67) and Diana Herbert Countess Normanton. He the son of Thomas Bolton aka Nelson 2nd Earl Nelson. She a great x 4 granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 28 Jul 1851 James Roche 3rd Baron Fermoy was born to Edmund Roche 1st Baron Fermoy (age 35).

On 28 Jul 1863 Constantine Phipps 1st Marquess Normanby (age 66) died. His son George Phipps 2nd Marquess Normanby (age 44) succeeded 2nd Marquess Normanby, 3rd Earl Mulgrave 2C 1812, 5th Baron Mulgrave of New Ross in Wexford and 3rd Baron Mulgrave 2C 1794. Laura Russell Marchioness Normanby (age 47) by marriage Marchioness Normanby.

On 28 Jul 1869 Frederick VIII King Denmark (age 26) and Louise of Sweden Queen Consort Denmark (age 17) were married. He the son of King Christian IX of Denmark (age 51) and Queen Louise Hesse-Kassel of Denmark (age 51). He a great x 3 grandson of King George II of Great Britain and Ireland.

On 28 Jul 1876 Augusta Boyle (age 74) died. She was buried at Etal Chapel [Map]. The remains of her husband Frederick Fitzclarence, their daughter Augusta Fitzclarence (age 51) were disinterred and buried next to her. Her son-in-law Captain Theodore Williams was subsequently buried at Etal Chapel [Map].

Augusta Boyle: On 14 Aug 1801 she was born to George Boyle 4th Earl Glasgow. On 19 May 1821 Frederick Fitzclarence (age 21) and Augusta Boyle (age 19) were married. He the son of King William IV of the United Kingdom (age 55) and Dorothea Bland aka "Mrs Jordan". In 1856 Augusta Boyle (age 54) commissioned the building of Etal Chapel. It was consecrated for worship in 1859.

Frederick Fitzclarence: On 09 Dec 1799 he was born illegitimately to King William IV of the United Kingdom (age 34) and Dorothea Bland aka "Mrs Jordan" (age 38). On 30 Oct 1854 Frederick Fitzclarence (age 54) died.

Augusta Fitzclarence: In Dec 1824 she was born to Frederick Fitzclarence (age 24) and Augusta Boyle (age 23). She a granddaughter of King William IV of the United Kingdom. On 18 Oct 1885 Augusta Fitzclarence (age 60) died.

Henry Chaplin A Memoir: 2 Family and Social Life Part II. By the end of July [1876], Lady Florence had promised to become his wife, and he had every reason to consider himself the happiest of men. His letters to her throughout their engagement give a good picture of his life at this time and, incidentally, not a little insight into both their characters. By her wish it was agreed that the engagement should not be announced until their friends had left London, but secrecy in so large and at the same time intimate a circle was not easy, and on his arrival at Goodwood Mr. Chaplin found that suspicions of the real truth had been already aroused, and not the least in the highest quarter.

At last, you dear One, I have a quiet moment, and I only wish it was to talk to you instead of writing, in that charming little summer-house for instance, where you underwent so many frights on Monday afternoon. Really, what with gardeners, carpenters, artists, and eminent people coming to say good-bye, there is no peace in this life, or little at all events for us that afternoon, and yet I never passed a happier hour in my life. And now I've only escaped with difficulty and no little chaff from the attractions of the smoking-room, to write one line to a certain little lady who is, I hope, sleeping soundly at this moment... and who will perhaps be pleased to get this when she wakes. Dearest, you do not know how much I think of you and how much more to-day. I have had to dissemble—omcious people twice would insist upon congratulating me, but I repelled them with the greatest skill and the most complete discomfiture, though I do say so myself, and yet with perfect truth, putting it all to the fact that our horse was favourite and the winner of the Stewards' Cup.1 And it is, I think, the perfect happiness which I feel and which you, Dear, have given me, that enables me to do so with a degree of composure which has puzzled all our friends and upset their calculations and their gossip, in a way which if you were here would make you die of laughter. I got here so late to-day that I've really hardly learnt at present who compose the party, but I sat next to Lady Westmoreland (age 41), a dear old friend, at dinner, and I was as little bored upon the whole, as I could expect to be without you. But I was discretion itself, and nothing could induce me, in spite of many flies skilfully thrown, to be drawn for a moment. There were between thirty and forty at dinner, mostly habitués for this H.R.H., evidently fishing, was particular in his week enquiries as to how far I had finished Blankney and volunteering to pay me a visit there whenever I am married, "which you know, my dear Harry, may happen to all of us sooner than we expect". Of course, I expressed my deep sense of the honour he proposed to do me under those most improbable circumstances, but that was all the change he got, and then I went away. And now, I think I must go to bed for it is between two and three, after writing I am afraid as much nonsense or more than you can read. Still, Dear, I could not sleep without a word to you, even though it be on paper only. Perhaps you'll laugh a little at me, perhaps you won't. I think myself that you will sympathise, not laugh, when I tell you once again how much I think of you and how much I love you.

Note 1. The Stewards Cup this year was won by Lord Hartington's chestnut colt Monaco—a four-year-old with 6 st. 7 lbs. The horse won by half a length in a field of 27 runners.

On 28 Jul 1881 Edward Hamilton Seymour 16th Duke Somerset (age 21) and Rowena Wall Duchess Somerset (age 20) were married.

On 28 Jul 1883 Gilbert Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound 4th Earl Minto (age 38) and Mary Caroline Grey Countess Minto (age 25) were married. He the son of Gilbert Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound 3rd Earl Minto (age 69) and Emma Eleanor Elizabeth Hislop.

On 28 Jul 1895 Edward Joseph Bellew 2nd Baron Bellew (age 65) died at Kaiserhof, Frankfurt-am-Main-Bad Mannheim. His son Charles Bertram Bellew 3rd Baron Bellew (age 40) succeeded 3rd Baron Bellew of Barmeath in Louth 2C 1848, 9th Baronet Bellew of Barmeath in Louth. Mildred Mary Josephine de Trafford Baroness Bellow (age 39) by marriage Baroness Bellew of Barmeath in Louth.

After 28 Jul 1914. Memorials to members of the Finch family. First: Top: Louisa Finch (deceased). Bottom: George Finch and Louisa Elizabeth Somerset. Second: Alan George Finch (age 51) and Wilfred Henry Montgomery Finch (age 32). Holy Cross Church, Burley-on-the-Hill [Map].

On 28 Jul 1915 Lieutenant Theodore William Warlow (age 20) died from wounds received whilst trying to take a wounded man into safety on 19 Jul 1915. He was buried at Boulogne Eastern Cemetery. Memorial in All Saints Church, Ledsham [Map].

Lieutenant Theodore William Warlow: Around 1895 he was born to Reverend George Edmund Warlow (age 31) and Ellen Constance Eiloart (age 36). Before 19 Jul 1915 Lieutenant Theodore William Warlow (age 20) was appointed Lieutenant of the 6th Battalion King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.

On 28 Jul 1915 Francis Needham 3rd Earl of Kilmorey (age 72) died at his home 5 Aldford Street, Mayfair.