On this Day in History ... 11 May

1068 Coronation of Queen Matilda

1429 Joan of Arc meet Charles VII at Loches

1509 Funeral of Henry VII

1640 Attack on Lambeth Palace

1745 Battle of Fontenoy

Flower of History by Matthew of Westminster Chapter 1 1066-1087 William's duchess is consecrated queen. 1068. Matilda (37), the wife of king William (40), was consecrated queen on the day of Pentecost, by Aeldred, archbishop of York, on the twenty-second of March. [Note. The date a mistake. Pentecost the fiftieth day after Easter so usually in May. Pentcost known as White Sunday, or Whit-Sunday.] This year also, William had a son born in England, who was called Henry. For his first-born, William Rufus (12), and also Robert (17), were born in Normandy, before their father had conquered England.

Coronation of Queen Matilda

On 11 May 1068 Matilda Flanders Queen Consort England 1031-1083 (37) was crowned Queen Consort England at Westminster Abbey.

On 11 May 1138 William Warenne 2nd Earl Surrey -1138 died. His son William Warenne 3rd Earl Surrey 1119-1148 (19) succeeded 3rd Earl Surrey (1C 1088). Adela Montgomery Countess Salisbury, Countess Surrey -1174 by marriage Countess Surrey (1C 1088).

On 11 May 1183 Walter de Coutances -1207 was elected Bishop of Lincoln being selected by Henry "Curtmantle" II King England 1133-1189 (50) over three other candidates.

On 11 May 1296 John Montfort 1st Baron Montfort 1264-1296 (32) died at Beaudesert. On 11 May 1296 His son John Montfort 2nd Baron Montfort 1291-1314 succeeded 2nd Baron Montfort.

On 11 May 1313 Robert Winchelsey Archbishop of Canterbury 1245-1313 (68) died.

On 11 May 1366 Anne of Bohemia Queen Consort England 1366-1394 was born to Charles IV King Bohemia, Holy Roman Emperor Luxembourg 1316-1378 (49) and Elizabeth Pomerania Holy Roman Empress Luxembourg 1347-1393 (19) at Prague.

Joan of Arc meet Charles VII at Loches

On 11 May 1429 following her success at Orleans Joan Arc 1412-1431 (17) met Charles "Victorious" VII King France 1403-1461 (26) at the Royal Lodge, Loches where she persuaded him to be crowned at Reims Cathedral; a somewhat perilous journey.

On 11 May 1433 William Wittelsbach III Duke Bavaria 1375-1435 (58) and Margarethe Marck Duchess Bavaria 1416-1444 (17) were married (he was her half second-cousin once-removed). He a 4 x Great Grandson of Louis "Lion" VIII King France 1187-1226. She a 2 x Great Granddaughter of John "The Good" II King France 1319-1364.

Funeral of Henry VII

On 11 May 1509 Henry VII King England and Ireland 1457-1509 was buried in the Henry VII Chapel, Westminster Abbey. Henry Willoughby 1451-1528 (58) and Anthony Wingfield 1487-1552 (21) attended. The ladies given mantelets and kerchiefs were as follows:
Household of Mary Tudor:
Mary Tudor Queen Consort France 1496-1533 (13)
Catherine York 1479-1527 (29)
Elizabeth Stafford Viscountess Fitzwalter 1479-1532 (30). Possibly Margaret Whetehill.
Anne Percy 1444-1522 (65) or Anne Percy Countess Arundel 1485-1552 (23)
Elizabeth Hussey Countess Kent -1516
Eleanor Pole 1462-
Mary Brandon
Elizabeth Empson
Mary Scrope 1476-1548 (33)
Jane Popincourt -1516
Alice Vaux -1543
Household of the Princess of Wales Catherine of Aragon:
Catherine of Aragon (23)
Agnes or Inez Vanegas
Maria Salinas Baroness Willoughby Eresby
Household of Margaret Beaufort the King's Mother:
Margaret Beaufort Countess Richmond 1443-1509 (65)
Joan Vaux "Mother Guildford" 1463-1538 (46)
Mary Hussey Baroness Willoughby Eresby 1484-.

Around 1520 Unknown Artist. Netherlands. Portrait of Henry VII King England and Ireland 1457-1509.

Around 1492. Juan de Flandes Painter 1440-1519 (32). Portrait of Catherine of Aragon (6).

Around 1520 Unknown Artist. Portrait of Catherine of Aragon Queen Consort England 1485-1536 (34).

Around 1510 Meynnart Wewyck Painter 1499-1525 (10). Portrait of Margaret Beaufort Countess Richmond 1443-1509 in the Masters Lodge, St John's College. Commissioned by John Fisher Bishop of Rochester 1469-1535 (40). Note the Beaufort Arms on the wall beneath which is the Beafort Portcullis. Repeated in the window. She is wearing widow's clothes, or possibly that of a convent; Gabled Headress with Lappets. On 29 Mar 2019, St John's College, Cambridge, which she founded, announced the portrait was original work by Wewyck.

On 11 May 1510 Thomas West 8th Baron De La Warr, 5th Baron West 1457-1525 (53) was appointed 270th Knight of the Garter by Henry VIII King England and Ireland 1491-1547 (18)..

Around 1525 Unknown Artist. Netherlands. Portrait of Henry VIII King England and Ireland 1491-1547 (33).

On 11 May 1532 Elizabeth Stafford Viscountess Fitzwalter 1479-1532 (53) died.

On 11 May 1607 Thomas Arundell 2nd Baron Arundel Wardour 1586-1643 (21) and Blanche Somerset Baroness Arundel Wardour -1649 were married. Blanche Somerset Baroness Arundel Wardour -1649 by marriage Baroness Arundel Wardour in Wiltshire.

On 11 May 1615 William Cope 2nd Baronet Hanwell -1637 was knighted by James I King England and Ireland VI King Scotland 1566-1625 (48) at Charterhouse, Smithfield.

On 11 May 1619 Francis Lennard 14th Baron Dacre Gilsland 1619-1662 was born to Richard Lennard 13th Baron Dacre Gilsland 1596-1630 (23) and Elizabeth Throckmorton Baroness Dacre Gilsland -1622.

On 11 May 1624 William Brereton 1st Baron Brereton 1550-1631 (74) was created 1st Baron Brereton.

On 11 May 1627 Edward Russell 3rd Earl Bedford 1572-1627 was buried at Bedford Chapel, St Michael's Church, Chenies.

On 11 May 1630 Richard Lumley 1st Viscount Lumley 1589-1663 (41) and Elizabeth Cornwallis Viscountess Lumley -1658 (40) were married. He a 3 x Great Grandson of Edward IV King England 1442-1483.

On 11 May 1638 Elizabeth Knyvet Countess Lincoln 1578-1638 (60) died at Charlton.

Attack on Lambeth Palace

On 11 May 1640 apprentices attacked Lambeth Palace.

John Evelyn's Diary 1651 May. 11th May 1651. To the Palace Cardinal, where the Master of the Ceremonies placed me to see the royal masque, or opera. The first scene represented a chariot of singers composed of the rarest voices that could be procured, representing Cornaro and Temperance; this was overthrown by Bacchus and his revelers; the rest consisted of several entries and pageants of excess, by all the elements. A masque representing fire was admirable; then came a Venus out of the clouds. The conclusion was a heaven, whither all ascended. But the glory of the masque was the great persons performing in it, the French King, his brother the Duke of Anjou, with all the grandees of the Court, the King performing to the admiration of all. The music was twenty-nine violins, vested à l'antique, but the habits of the masquers were stupendously rich and glorious.

On 11 May 1653 Dorothy Belasyse Baroness Darcy Knayth, Baroness Darcy Meinhill, Baroness Conyers 1572-1653 (81) died.

John Evelyn's Diary 1654 May. 11 May 1654. I now observed how the women began to paint themselves, formerly a most ignominious thing, and used only by prostitutes.

John Evelyn's Diary 1661 May. 11th May 1661. my wife (26) presented to his Majesty (30) the Madonna she had copied in miniature from P. Oliver's painting, after Raphael, which she wrought with extraordinary pains and judgment. the King (30) was infinitely pleased with it, and caused it to be placed in his cabinet among his best paintings.

On 11 May 1663 Henri Valois II Duke Longueville 1595-1663 (68) died.

John Evelyn's Diary 1667 May. 11 May 1667. To London; dined with the Duke of Newcastle (74), and sat discoursing with her Grace (44) in her bedchamber after dinner, till my Lord Marquis of Dorchester (61), with other company came in, when I went away.

Samuel Pepy's Diary 1669 May. Tuesday 11 May 1669. My wife (28) again up by four o’clock, to go to gather May-dew; and so back home by seven, to bed, and by and by I up and to the office, where all the morning, and dined at noon at home with my people, and so all the afternoon. In the evening my wife (28) and I all alone, with the boy, by water, up as high as Putney almost, with the tide, and back again, neither staying going nor coming; but talking, and singing, and reading a foolish copy of verses upon my Lord Mayor’s (53) entertaining of all the bachelors, designed in praise to my Lord Mayor, and so home and to the office a little, and then home to bed, my eyes being bad. Some trouble at Court for fear of the Queen’s (59) miscarrying; she being, as they all conclude, far gone with child.

Around 1625 John Hoskins Painter 1590-1664 (35). Portrait of Henrietta Maria Bourbon Queen Consort England 1609-1669 (15).

Before 09 Dec 1641 Anthony Van Dyck Painter 1599-1641. Portrait of Henrietta Maria Bourbon Queen Consort England 1609-1669 and the dwarf Jeffrey Hudson.

Before 09 Dec 1641 Anthony Van Dyck Painter 1599-1641. Portrait of Henrietta Maria Bourbon Queen Consort England 1609-1669 and her son Charles James Stewart 1629-1629.

Before 09 Dec 1641 Anthony Van Dyck Painter 1599-1641. Portrait of Henrietta Maria Bourbon Queen Consort England 1609-1669.

John Evelyn's Diary 1671 May. 11 May 1671. I went to Eltham, to sit as one of the commissioners about the subsidy now given by Parliament to his Majesty (40).

On 11 May 1672 Charles Seton 2nd Earl Dunfermline 1615-1672 (56) died. His son Alexander Seton 3rd Earl Dunfermline 1642-1677 (29) succeeded 3rd Earl Dunfermline.

John Evelyn's Diary 1672 May. 11 May 1672. Went to Chatham. 12th. Heard a sermon in Rochester Cathedral.

John Evelyn's Diary 1676 May. 11 May 1676. I dined with Mr. Charleton, and went to see Mr. Montague's (37) new palace, near Bloomsbury, built by Mr. Hooke (40), of our Society, after the French manner.

John Evelyn's Diary 1684 May. 11 May 1684. Visited Mr. Higham, who was ill, and died 3 days after. His grandfather and father (who christen'd me), with himselfe, had now ben Rectors of this parish 101 yeares, viz. from May 1583.

On 11 May 1688 Sackville Tufton 7th Earl Isle Thanet 1688-1753 was born to Sackville Tufton 1647-1721 (41).

John Evelyn's Diary 1693 May. 11 May 1693. We accompanied my daughter (24) to her husband's house, where with many of his and our relations we were magnificently treated. There we left her in an apartment very richly adorned and furnished, and I hope in as happy a condition as could be wished, and with the great satisfaction of all our friends; for which God be praised!.

On 11 May 1694 William Russell 1st Duke Bedford 1616-1700 (77) was created 1st Marquess Tavistock.

On 11 May 1694 Francis Newport 1st Earl Bradford 1620-1708 (74) was created 1st Earl Bradford (1C 1694).

On 11 May 1694 William Russell 1st Duke Bedford 1616-1700 (77) was created 1st Duke Bedford (6C 1694).

On 11 May 1705 Elizabeth Howard Countess Northumberland 1608-1705 (97) died.

On 11 May 1711 Moritz Saxe-Coburg-Altenburg 1711-1777 was born to Frederick Saxe-Coburg-Altenburg II Duke Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg 1676-1732 (34) and Magdalena Augusta Anhalt-Zerbst Anhaltzerbst Duchess Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg at Altenburg.

On 11 May 1711 Elizabeth Pelham Viscountess Townsend -1711 died.

On 11 May 1713 James Drummond 3rd Duke Perth 1713-1746 was born to James Drummond 2nd Duke Perth 1674-1720 (39) and Jane Gordon Duchess Perth 1691-1773 (22) in Drummond Castle, Perthshire.

On 11 May 1716 James Drummond 1st Duke Perth 1648-1716 (68) died. His son James Drummond 2nd Duke Perth 1674-1720 (42) succeeded 2nd Duke Perth. Jane Gordon Duchess Perth 1691-1773 (25) by marriage Duchess Perth.

On 11 May 1726 Johann Wilhelm Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld 1726-1745 was born to Francis Josias Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld Duke Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld 1697-1754 (28) and Anna Sophie Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt Duchess Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld at Coburg.

On 11 May 1727 Thomas Coke 1674-1727 (53) died.

On 11 May 1728 Charles Lyon 6th Earl Strathmore and Kinghorne 1699-1728 (28) was killed accidently. Two days previously he had been attending a funeral after which, drunk, he and friends adjourned to a tavern. During a scuffle resulting from high spirits he was accidently wounded by a sword thrust intended for his friend who he had pushed aside dying forty nine hours later. The subsquent murder trial established the "not guilty" verdict (in addition to "proven" and "not proven") in Scots Law and the right of Scots juries to try the whole case and not just the facts known as Jury Nullification.
His brother James Lyon 8th Earl Strathmore and Kinghorne 1702-1735 (25) succeeded 7th Earl Strathmore and Kinghorne.

On 11 May 1744 Frances Elizabeth Greville 1744-1825 was born to Francis Greville 1st Earl Brooke Warwick Castle, 1st Earl Warwick 1719-1773 (24) and Elizabeth Hamilton Countess Brooke Warwick Castle, Countess Warwick 1720-1800 (24).

Battle of Fontenoy

On 11 May 1745 the allied army commanded by William Augustus Hanover 1st Duke Cumberland 1721-1765 (24) was defeated by a French army at the Battle of Fontenoy.
George Cholmondeley 1724-1764 (20),George Keppel 3rd Earl Albermarle 1724-1772 (21) and John Waldegrave 3rd Earl Waldegrave 1718-1784 (27) fought.
Henry Ponsonby 1685-1745 (60), James Dillon -1745 and Robert Douglas -1745 were killed.

Around 1730 William Aikman 1682-1731 (47). Portrait of Dorothy Savile Countess Burlington 1699-1758 (31) and her son William Augustus Hanover 1st Duke Cumberland 1721-1765 (8).

Around 1755 William Hogarth Painter 1697-1764 (57). Portrait of William Augustus Hanover 1st Duke Cumberland 1721-1765 (33).

On 11 May 1749 George Cholmondeley 1st Marquess Cholmondeley 1749-1827 was born to George Cholmondeley 1724-1764 (24) and Hester Edwardes 1728-1794 (21).

On 11 May 1758 Charles Henry Mordaunt 5th Earl Peterborough, 3rd Earl Monmouth 1758-1814 was born to Charles Mordaunt 4th Earl Peterborough, 2nd Earl Monmouth 1708-1779 (50) and Robiana Brown -1794.

On 11 May 1772 Webb Seymour 1772- was born to Webb Seymour 10th Duke Somerset 1718-1793 (53) and Anne Maria Bonnell Duchess Somerset -1802.

On 11 May 1778 William "The Elder" Pitt 1st Earl Chatham 1708-1778 (69) died. His son John Pitt 2nd Earl Chatham 1756-1835 (21) succeeded 2nd Earl Chatham.

On 11 May 1779 William Pleydell-Bouverie 3rd Earl Radnor 1779-1869 was born to Jacob Pleydell-Bouverie 2nd Earl Radnor 1750-1828 (29) and Anne Duncombe Countess Radnor 1758-1829 (21).

On 11 May 1780 Lepell Hervey Baroness Mulgrave 1723-1780 (57) died.

On 11 May 1784 Thomas Warren Bulkeley 7th Viscount Bulkeley 1752-1822 (31) was created 1st Baron Bulkeley Beaumaris Anglesey.

On 11 May 1794 Reginald Courtenay Bishop of Bristol, Bishop of Exeter 1741-1803 (52) was consecrated as Bishop of Bristol.

On 11 May 1804 Wriothesley Russell 1804-1886 was born to John Russell 6th Duke Bedford 1766-1839 (37) and Georgiana Gordon Duchess Bedford 1781-1853 (22). He a 3 x Great Grandson of Charles II King England Scotland and Ireland 1630-1685.

On 11 May 1805 Georgiana Jemima Ashburnham 1805-1882 was born to George Ashburnham 3rd Earl Ashburham 1760-1830 (44) and Charlotte Percy Countess Ashburham 1776-1862 (29).

On 11 May 1812 Robert Jenkinson 2nd Earl Liverpool 1770-1828 (41) was appointed Prime Minister.

On 11 May 1814 George Pitt-Rivers 6th Baron Rivers 1814-1880 was baptised at St George's Church, Hanover Square.

On 11 May 1814 Arthur Wellesley 1st Duke Wellington 1769-1852 (45) was created 1st Duke Wellington (1C 1814). Catherine "Kitty" Pakenham Duchess Wellington 1773-1831 (41) by marriage Duchess Wellington (1C 1814).

On 11 May 1814 Augusta Lavinia Priscilla Ponsonby 1814-1904 was born to John Ponsonby 4th Earl Bessborough 1781-1847 (32) and Maria Fane Countess Bessborough 1787-1834 (27).

On 11 May 1815 Granville Leveson-Gower 2nd Earl Granville 1815-1891 was born to Granville Leveson-Gower 1st Earl Granville 1773-1846 (41) and Harriet Cavendish Countess Granville 1785-1862 (29).

On 11 May 1825 Benjamin Bloomfield 1st Baron Bloomfield 1768-1846 (57) was created 1st Baron Bloomfield of Ciamhaltha in County Tipperary.

On 11 May 1830 George Cholmondeley 2nd Marquess Cholmondeley 1792-1870 (38) and Susan Carolina Somerset Marchioness Cholmondeley 1804-1886 (26) were married. Susan Carolina Somerset Marchioness Cholmondeley 1804-1886 (26) by marriage Marchioness Cholmondeley.

On 11 May 1837 George William Frederick Brudenell 2nd Marquess Ailesbury 1804-1878 (32) and Mary Herbert Marchioness Ailesbury 1813-1892 (24) were married.

On 11 May 1847 William Stephen Gore-Langton 4th Earl Temple 1847-1902 was born to William Henry Powell Gore-Langton 1824-1873 (22) and Anna Eliza Mary Temple-Nugent-Brydges-Chandos-Granville 1820-1879 (27).

On 11 May 1852 James Walter Grimston 3rd Earl Verulam 1852-1924 was born to James Walter Grimston 2nd Earl Verulam 1809-1895 (43) and Elizabeth Joanna Weyland Countess Verulam 1825-1886 (27).

On 11 May 1867 Charles Fitzroy 4th Baron Southampton 1867-1958 was born to Charles Fitzroy 3rd Baron Southampton 1804-1872 (62) and Ismania Katharine Nugent Baroness Southampton 1838-1918.

On 11 May 1877 Charles Chetwynd-Talbot 19th Earl Shrewsbury, 19th Earl Waterford, 4th Earl Talbot 1830-1877 (47) died. His son Charles Chetwynd-Talbot 20th Earl Shrewsbury, 20th Earl Waterford, 5th Earl Talbot 1860-1921 (16) succeeded 20th Earl Shrewsbury (2C 1442), 20th Earl Waterford, 5th Earl Talbot (2C 1784).

On 11 May 1880 George Pitt-Rivers 6th Baron Rivers 1814-1880 was buried at St Mary's Church, Steepleton Iwerne.

On 11 May 1894 Karoline Mathilde Glücksburg 1894-1972 was born to Friedrich Ferdinand Glücksburg Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg 1855-1934 (38) and Victoria Friederike Oldenburg Duchess Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg 1860-1932 (34). She a 4 x Great Granddaughter of King George II of Great Britain and Ireland 1683-1760.

On 11 May 1920 Oswald Mosley 6th Baronet Ancoats 1896-1980 (23) and Cynthia Blanche Curzon Baronetess Ancoats 1898-1933 (21) were married.

On 11 May 1920 Edward Henry Trafalgar Digby 10th Baron Digby 1846-1920 (73) died. His son Edward Digby 11th Baron Digby 1894-1964 (25) succeeded 11th Baron Digby of Geashill in County Offaly, 5th Baron Digby of Sherbourne in Dorset.

On 11 May 1935 Emily Annora Charlotte Pierrepoint Countess Beauchamp 1853-1935 (82) died.