On this Day in History ... 09 June

09 Jun is in June.

1312 Capture, Trial and Execution of Piers Gaveston

1483 Robert Stillington Claims Edward IV's Marriage to Elizabeth Woodville to be Bigamous

1665 Battle of Lowestoft

On 09 Jun 1238 Bishop Peter de Roches died.

Chronica Majora. On the 9th of June, in this year. Master Nicholas of Farnham, bishop elect of Durham, was consecrated bishop of that see in St. Oswald's church [Map] at Gloucester, by Walter, archbishop of York (age 61), in the presence of the king (age 33) and queen (age 18), with numerous bishops and abbats. But inasmuch as a question had been mooted concerning his profession, amongst some who wished to excite discord, the said Nicholas refused to claim a liberty that was not his due, or to show himself insolent or recalcitrant; he therefore, at his consecration, in public, before all the prelates and nobles, and in the presence of his metropolitan, the said Archbishop Walter, solemnly and distinctly made his profession in a loud voice, according to custom, as follows; "I Nicholas, bishop elect of the church of Durham, acknowledge canonical subjection, reverence, and obedience to the church of York, and to you, father Walter, its archbishop, and this I subscribe with my own hand." He then immediately, in the presence of all assembled, marked the sign of the cross in ink at the head of the charter, and delivered the same to the archbishop to be kept in his possession in his treasury.

Capture, Trial and Execution of Piers Gaveston

On 09 Jun 1312 Piers Gaveston 1st Earl Cornwall (age 28), under the protection of Aymer de Valence 2nd Earl Pembroke (age 37), stayed at The Rectory, Deddington whilst en route south. Aymer de Valence 2nd Earl Pembroke (age 37) left Piers Gaveston 1st Earl Cornwall (age 28) there whilst he left to visit his wife. The following morning Guy Beauchamp 10th Earl Warwick (age 40), with Edmund Fitzalan 9th Earl Arundel (age 27), Humphrey Bohun 4th Earl Hereford 3rd Earl Essex (age 36) and John Botetort 1st Baron Botetort (age 47) arrested Piers Gaveston 1st Earl Cornwall (age 28) and took him to Warwick Castle [Map].

On 09 Jun 1360 Gerard Lisle 1st Baron Lisle (age 56) died at Stowe. His son Warin Lisle 2nd Baron Lisle (age 30) succeeded 2nd Baron Lisle of Kingston Lisle in Oxfordshire 3C 1357. Margaret Pipard Baroness Lisle (age 37) by marriage Baroness Lisle of Kingston Lisle in Oxfordshire.

He was buried at St Michael's Church, Stowe Nine Churches [Map]. His effigy is of the Early Medieval Period with right leg over left.

Warin Lisle 2nd Baron Lisle: Around 1330 he was born to Gerard Lisle 1st Baron Lisle (age 26) and Eleanor Fitzalan (age 10) at Kingston Lisle. Before 1360 Warin Lisle 2nd Baron Lisle (age 30) and Margaret Pipard Baroness Lisle (age 36) were married. After 1360 Warin Lisle 2nd Baron Lisle (age 30) and Joan Unknown Baroness Lisle were married. She by marriage Baroness Lisle of Kingston Lisle in Oxfordshire. On 28 Jun 1382 Warin Lisle 2nd Baron Lisle (age 52) died. His daughter Margaret Lisle Baroness Berkeley 3rd Baroness Lisle (age 20) succeeded 3rd Baroness Lisle of Kingston Lisle in Oxfordshire.

Margaret Pipard Baroness Lisle: Around 1323 she was born to William Pipard (age 15). On 03 Aug 1373 Margaret Pipard Baroness Lisle (age 50) died.

Robert Stillington Claims Edward IV's Marriage to Elizabeth Woodville to be Bigamous

Around 09 Jun 1483 Bishop Robert Stillington (age 63) informed a Council meeting that the coronation of King Edward V of England (age 12) could not proceed since he was illegitimate since his father's marriage to his mother Elizabeth Woodville Queen Consort England (age 46) had been bigamous since King Edward IV of England had previously married Eleanor Talbot at which Bishop Robert Stillington (age 63) presided. The only witness being Bishop Robert Stillington (age 63).

On 09 Jun 1511 William Courtenay 1st Earl Devon (age 36) died of pleurisy. His son Henry Courtenay 1st Marquess Exeter (age 15) succeeded 2nd Earl Devon 4C 1511. His widow Catherine York Countess Devon (age 31) subsequently took a vow of celibacy in the presence of Bishop Richard Fitzjames on 13 Jul 1511.

On 09 Jun 1513 Claude Lorraine 1st Duke Guise (age 16) and Antoinette Bourbon Duchess of Guise (age 20) were married. She the daughter of Francis Bourbon Count Vendôme and Soissons and Marie Luxemburg Countess Vendôme and Soissons. He the son of René Lorraine II Duke Lorraine Duke of Bar and Philippa Egmont Duchess of Bar Duchess Lorraine (age 46). They were fourth cousins. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King Edward III of England.

On 09 Jun 1537 Louis Valois II Duke Longueville (age 27) died at Rouen [Map]. His son François Valois III Duke Longueville (age 1) succeeded III Duke Longueville.

On 09 Jun 1572 Jeanne Albret III Queen Navarre (age 43) died.

On 09 Jun 1583 Thomas Radclyffe 3rd Earl of Sussex (age 58) died. His brother Henry Radclyffe 4th Earl of Sussex (age 51) succeeded 4th Earl of Sussex 2C 1529, 13th Baron Fitzwalter 1C 1295. Honora Pound Viscountess Fitzwalter by marriage Countess of Sussex.

09 Jun 1597. On 09 Jun 1597 John Wrey of North Russell was buried at St Peter's Church, Tawstock [Map].

On 16 Dec 1595 Blanch Killigrew (age 60) was buried at St Peter's Church, Tawstock [Map].

Gothic altar tomb monument with three-tiered altarpiece or reredos behind, the lowest tier of which resembles a triptych. It was moved from St Ive Church in Cornwall in 1924 by Philip Bourchier Sherard Wrey 12th Baronet.

The large slate slab on top of the chest tomb is inscribed within a ledger line: Ye body of John Wrey Esquier who was buried ye 9th of June Ano Domini 1597 Heere lieth the body of Blannch Wrey who was buried ye 16 of December 1595

On the left panel of the triptych is inscribed the following verse:

Loe here he lieth though dead yet living still,

His famous name resounding echo saye,

Whereby report of hym the ayre doth fyll

The lastinge fame & name of rightful Wreye,

Good to ye poore bribes never woulde he take,

Voyde of oppression all kind of waye,

He faithful frynds of enemyes did make,

Of quarels greate ceast lawe ech daye by daye.

Death doe they worst this Wreye yet lives & shall,

Thy darte his deeds cannot extyrpe or quayle.

Thousands are they which thou hast causde to fall,

And yet on hym no waye thou canst prevayle.

What resteth then but cease to mourne & moane

For hym whose vertues shine like to the sonne.

Though here he lieth his Sowle to Heave is gone,

Where Angells see hym though his threads be spoone [spun].

John Wrey of North Russell: He was born to Walter Wrey of North Russell and Bridget Shilstone. In 1585 he was appointed High Sheriff of Cornwall. In or before 1595 John Wrey of North Russell and Blanch Killigrew (age 59) were married. She was heiress to the lordship of the manor of Trebeigh, Cornwall. They had six sons and two daughters. In 1597 he died.

Blanch Killigrew: In 1535 she was born to Henry Killigrew of Woolstone St Ive Cornwall (age 26). On 14 Dec 1596 Blanch Killigrew (age 61) died.

Atropos: Atropos is one of the Three Fates. She cuts the thread of human life.

On 09 Jun 1609 Randall MacDonnell 1st Marquess Antrim was born to Randal "Arranach" Macdonnell 1st Earl Antrim and Alice O'Neill Countess Antrim.

Before 09 Jun 1611 Luke Plunkett 1st Earl of Fingall and Elizabeth O'Donnell were married.

After 09 Jun 1611 Luke Plunkett 1st Earl of Fingall and Susanna Brabazon were married.

On 09 Jun 1618 John Lyon 2nd Earl Kinghorne (age 22) and Margaret Erskine Countess Kinghorne (age 19) were married. She by marriage Countess Kinghorne. She the daughter of John Erskine 19th Earl Mar (age 56) and Mary Stewart Countess Mar (age 36). He the son of Patrick Lyon 1st Earl Kinghorne.

Battle of Lowestoft

Evelyn's Diary. 08 Jun 1665. Came news of his highness's (age 35) victory, which indeed might have been a complete one, and at once ended the war, had it been pursued, but the cowardice of some, or treachery, or both, frustrated that. We had, however, bonfires, bells, and rejoicing in the city. Next day, the 9th, I had instant orders to repair to the Downs, so as I got to Rochester [Map] this evening. Next day I lay at Deal [Map], where I found all in readiness: but, the fleet being hindered by contrary winds, I came away on the 12th, and went to Dover [Map], and returned to Deal [Map]; and on the 13th, hearing the fleet was at Solbay, I went homeward, and lay at Chatham [Map], and on the 14th, I got home. On the 15th, came the eldest son of the present Secretary of State to the French King, with much other company, to dine with me. After dinner, I went with him to London, to speak to my Lord General for more guards, and gave his Majesty (age 35) an account of my journey to the coasts under my inspection. I also waited on his Royal Highness (age 31), now come triumphant from the fleet, gotten into repair. See the whole history of this conflict in my "History of the Dutch War"..


On 09 Jun 1665 Robert Spencer 2nd Earl of Sunderland (age 23) and Anne Digby Countess Sunderland (age 19) were married. She by marriage Countess of Sunderland. She the daughter of George Digby 2nd Earl Bristol (age 52) and Anne Russell Countess Bristol (age 45). He the son of Henry Spencer 1st Earl of Sunderland and Dorothy Sidney Countess Sunderland (age 47).


On 09 Jun 1691 Charles Maitland 3rd Earl Lauderdale died. His son Richard Maitland 4th Earl Lauderdale (age 41) succeeded 4th Earl Lauderdale although the Earldom was outlawed on 23 Jul 1694 as a consequence of his being a Jacobite.


On 09 Jun 1701 Philip Bourbon I Duke Orléans (age 60) died. His son Philippe Bourbon II Duke Orléans (age 26) succeeded II Duke Orléans.

Before 09 Jun 1709 Dean Robert Booth (age 47) and Mary Hales were married.

On 09 Jun 1709 Nathaniel Booth 4th Baron Delamer was born to Dean Robert Booth (age 47) and Mary Hales.

After 09 Jun 1720. Monument at St Mary the Virgin Church, Overton to Thomas Hamner, Roger Hamner and John Hanmer sculpted by I Nelson, Shropshire.

After 09 Jun 1720. Monument at St Mary the Virgin Church, Overton to Mary Hamner, her son Thomas Hamner and his wife Jane sculpted by V Hagen, Shropshire.

Stonehenge by William Stukeley. Table IV. A view a little beyond Woodyates where the Ikening Street crosses part of a Druid's barrow. Jun 9 1724.

On 09 Jun 1727 Richard Fitzpatrick 1st Baron Gowran died. His son John Fitzpatrick 1st Earl Upper Ossory (age 8) succeeded 2nd Baron Gowran of Bowran in County Kilkenny. Monument in St James the Apostle Church, Grafton Underwood [Map]. Sculpted by Richard "The Elder" Westmacott.

Richard Fitzpatrick 1st Baron Gowran: On 27 Apr 1715 Richard Fitzpatrick 1st Baron Gowran was created 1st Baron Gowran of Bowran in County Kilkenny. In 1718 he and Anne Robinson Baroness Gowran were married. She by marriage Baroness Gowran of Bowran in County Kilkenny.

On 09 Jun 1741 John Wallop 1st Earl Portsmouth (age 51) and Elizabeth Griffin Countess Portsmouth (age 49) were married. She by marriage Viscountess Lymington.


On 09 Jun 1749 James Ogilvy 6th Earl Findlater 3rd Earl Seafield (age 35) and Mary Murray Countess Findlater (age 29) were married. She the daughter of John Murray 1st Duke Atholl and Mary Ross Duchess Atholl (age 61). He the son of James Ogilvy 5th Earl Findlater 2nd Earl Seafield (age 60) and Elizabeth Hay.

On 09 Jun 1749 Frederick Irby 2nd Baron Boston was born to William Irby 1st Baron Boston (age 42) and Albania Selwyn Baroness Boston (age 30)

On 09 Jun 1781 Edward Plunkett 12th Baron Dunsany (age 68) died. His son Randall Plunkett 13th Baron Dunsany (age 42) succeeded 13th Baron Dunsany.

On 09 Jun 1802 Charles Stanley Monck 1st Viscount Monck (age 48) died. His son Henry Monck 1st Earl of Rathdowne (age 16) succeeded 2nd Viscount Monck.

On 09 Jun 1806 Louis Hesse Darmstadt III Grand Duke was born to Louis Hesse Darmstadt II Grand Duke (age 28) and Princess Wilhelmine Baden (age 17). Coefficient of inbreeding 7.03%.

On 09 Jun 1846 Herbert Colstoun Gardner 1st Baron Burghclere was born to Alan Legge Gardner 3rd Baron Gardner (age 36). He was born two years before his parents marriage and, therefore, was not elibigle to succeed to his father's barony.

On 09 Jun 1847 Augustus Charles Lennox Fitzroy 7th Duke Grafton (age 25) and Anne Balfour (age 22) were married. He the son of Henry Fitzroy 5th Duke Grafton (age 57) and Mary Caroline Berkeley Duchess Grafton (age 51). He a great x 4 grandson of King James II of England Scotland and Ireland.

PAINTINGS/BURNE-JONES/Ladies_and_Animals_Sideboard.jpgMemorials of Edward Burne-Jones 1860. After In the unsettled week before his marriage Edward (age 26) had amused himself by painting some figures upon a plain deal sideboard which he possessed, and this in its new state was a delightful surprise to find. "Ladies and animals" he called the subjects illustrated, and there were seven pictures, three on the cupboard doors in front and two at each end, which shewed them in various relations to each other. Three kind and attentive ladies were feeding pigs, parrots and fishes; two cruel ones were tormenting an owl by forcing him to look at himself in a round mirror, and gold fish by draining them dry in a net; while two more were expiating such sins in terror at a hideous newt upon the garden path and the assault of a swarm of angry bees. Mrs. Catherwood gave us a piano, made by Priestly of Berners Street, who had patented a small one of inoffensive shape that we had seen and admired at Madox Brown's (age 39) house; we had ours made of unpolished American walnut, a perfectly plain wood of pleasing colour, so that Edward could paint upon it. The little instrument when opened shows inside the lid a very early design for the "Chant d' Amour," and on the panel beneath the keyboard there is a gilded and lacquered picture of Death, veiled and crowned, standing outside the gate of a garden where a number of girls, unconscious of his approach, are resting and listening to music. The lacquering of this panel was an exciting process, for its colour had to be bedeepened by heat while still liquid, and Edward used a red-hot poker for the work.

PAINTINGS/ROSSETTI/Dr_Johnson.jpgMemorials of Edward Burne-Jones 1860. After 09 Jun 1860. It was quite clear that we must give up Paris and get to our own home as soon as the doctor gave Edward (age 26) leave to travel; so ruefully enough I wrote to Gabriel (age 32) and told him how things were; and his answer was a comfort to us, for he reported that they were both tired of "dragging about," and looked forward with pleasure to sitting down again with their friends in London as soon as possible. "Lizzie (age 30) and I are likely to come back with two dogs," he continues, "a big one and a little one. We have called the latter Punch in memory partly of a passage in Pepys's Diary, "But in the street. Lord, how I did laugh to hear poor common persons call their fat child Punch, which name I do perceive to be good for all that is short and thick." We have got the book with us from Mudie's, and meant to have yelled over it in company if you had come to Paris. We are now reading Boswell's Johnson, which is almost as rich in some parts." This reading of Boswell resulted in the water-colour drawing of "Dr. Johnson at the Mitre "which Rossetti brought back with him from Paris.

Samuel Johnson: On 18 Sep 1709 he was born. On 13 Dec 1784 Samuel Johnson (age 75) died.

On 09 Jun 1864 Edward Heneage 1st Baron Heneage (age 24) and Eleanor Cecilia Hare (age 19) were married. She the daughter of William Hare 2nd Earl Listowel and Maria Augusta Windham Countess Listowel (age 59). He a great x 5 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 09 Jun 1866 George Kemp 1st Baron Rochdale was born to George Tawke Kemp and Emily Lydia Kelsall in Rochdale.

On 09 Jun 1873 Edward Marjoribanks 2nd Baron Tweedmouth (age 23) and Fanny Octavia Louise Spencer-Churchill (age 20) were married. She the daughter of John Winston Spencer-Churchill 7th Duke Marlborough (age 51) and Frances Anne Emily Vane Duchess Marlborough (age 51).

On 09 Jun 1877 Albert Henry George Grey 4th Earl Grey (age 25) and Alice Holford Countess Grey were married. She by marriage Countess Grey.

On 09 Jun 1887 Arthur Victor Agar-Robartes 8th Viscount Clifden was born to Thomas Agar-Robartes 6th Viscount Clifden (age 43) and Mary Dickinson Viscountess Clifden.

On 09 Jun 1894 Bishop Arthur Hervey (age 85) died.

On 09 Jun 1910 Roundell Palmer 3rd Earl Selborne (age 23) and Grace Ridley Countess Selborne (age 21) were married. He the son of William Palmer 2nd Earl Selborne (age 50) and Beatrix Maud Gascoyne-Cecil Countess Selborne (age 52).

On 09 Jun 1922 Anthony Fane 13th Earl of Westmoreland (age 62) died. His son Vere Fane 14th Earl of Westmoreland (age 29) succeeded 14th Earl of Westmoreland 2C 1624.