On this Day in History ... 14 August

14 Aug is in August.

1528 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

1557 Battle of St Quentin

1662 St Marcellus' Flood

1666 St James' Day Battle

1727 General Election

On 14 Aug 1040 Duncan "The Sick" I King Scotland (age 39) was killed in action by the army of King Macbeth of Scotland (age 35). King Macbeth of Scotland (age 35) succeeded King Scotland.

On 14 Aug 1196 Henry "Blind" Namur IV Count Luxemburg I Count Namur (age 84) died. His daughter Erminsende Namur Countess of Bar (age 9) succeeded Countess Luxemburg.

On 14 Aug 1297 Frederick Hohenzollern Burgrave Nuremburg (age 77) died. His son Frederick Hohenzollern (age 10) succeeded IV Burgrave Nuremberg.

On 14 Aug 1349 Walram Jülich Archbishop Cologne (age 46) died.

On 14 Aug 1369 William Boteler 3rd Baron Wem and Oversley (age 59) died. Baron Wem and Oversley abeyant between his two daughters Alice Boteler (age 29) and Elizabeth Boteler Baroness Ferrers Wem (age 24).

On 14 Aug 1390 John Fitzalan Baron Maltravers 2nd Baron Arundel (age 25) died. He was buried at Missenden Abbey [Map]. His son John Fitzalan 13th Earl Arundel (age 5) succeeded 3rd Baron Arundel 1C 1377.

Before 14 Aug 1418 John Scrope 4th Baron Scrope Masham (age 30) and Elizabeth Chaworth Baroness Scrope Masham (age 27) were married. She by marriage Baroness Scrope Masham. They were fourth cousins.

On 14 Aug 1433 John "Good Great" I King Portugal (age 81) died at Lisbon. His son Edward "The Philosopher" I King Portugal (age 41) succeeded I King Portugal.

On 14 Aug 1499 John de Vere 14th Earl of Oxford was born to George de Vere (age 71) and Margaret Stafford (age 49).

1528 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

Letters and Papers 1528. 14 Aug 1528. R. O. 4633. The Sweating Sickness.

Number of the persons who died with the plague, or otherwise, in the city of London, from 5 to 12 Aug. Also, of the parishes clear from the infection.

ii. Similar list for the 14th Aug.

Pp. 10. Endd.: "So appeareth there be dead within the city of London, of the plague and otherwise, from the 6th day of this month of August to the 14th day, which be 8 days complete, the full number of 152 persons. And this day se'night your mastership shall be certified of the number that shall chance to depart in the meantime. Yours, as I am bound, John Champeneys."


Before 14 Aug 1535 Thomas Vaux 2nd Baron Vaux Harrowden and Elizabeth Cheney Baroness Vaux Harrowden (age 30) were married. Elizabeth Cheney Baroness Vaux Harrowden by marriage Baroness Vaux Harrowden. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King Edward III of England.

On 14 Aug 1539 Ralph Sacheverell (age 33) died at Ratcliffe on Soar [Map]. He was buried at Holy Trinity Church Ratcliffe on Soar [Map].

On 27 Jun 1538 Cecilia Durance (age 30) died. She was buried at Holy Trinity Church Ratcliffe on Soar [Map].

Decorated Gabled Headress. Lancastrian Esses Collar with Big Esses with Tudor Rose Pendant. Possibly second hand monuments. Gabled Headress.

Ralph Sacheverell: Ralph Sacheverell and Cecilia Durance were married. He a great x 5 grandson of King Edward III of England. Ralph Sacheverell and Anna Unknown were married. He a great x 5 grandson of King Edward III of England. In 1506 he was born to Richard Sacheverell Baron Hungerford, Botreaux and Moleyns (age 39) and Mary Hungerford Baroness Hastings 4th Baroness Hungerford 5th Baroness Botreaux 2nd Baroness Moleyns (age 40) at Ratcliffe on Soar.

Cecilia Durance: In 1508 she was born to John Durance at Isham.

Battle of St Quentin

Henry Machyn's Diary. 14 Aug 1557. The xiiij day of August cam tydynges from beyond the see that the Kyng (age 30) our master had taken mony nobull men of France gohyng to vetell Sant Qwynten, the constabull of Fransse and a vj m. presonares taken, and vj .. cartes and wagens laden with tresur and vetell, at a plasse callyd Sant Qwynten, and ther my lord Hare Dudley (deceased) was slayn at the wynnyng of ytt.


St Marcellus' Flood

Pepy's Diary. 14 Aug 1662. Up early and to look on my works, and find my house to go on apace. So to my office to prepare business, and then we met and sat till noon, and then Commissioner Pett (age 52) and I being invited, went by Sir John Winter's (age 62) coach sent for us, to the Mitre [Map], in Fenchurch street, to a venison-pasty; where I found him a very worthy man; and good discourse. Most of which was concerning the Forest of Dean, and the timber there, and iron-workes with their great antiquity, and the vast heaps of cinders which they find, and are now of great value, being necessary for the making of iron at this day; and without which they cannot work: with the age of many trees there left at a great fall in Edward the Third's time, by the name of forbid-trees1, which at this day are called vorbid trees.

Note 1. TT. Possibly forbidden trees. Trees that were felled in a great storm of 1362 which miners were forbidden from taking.

St James' Day Battle

Pepy's Diary. 14 Aug 1666. Thanksgiving Day1. Up, and comes Mr. Foley and his man, with a box of a great variety of carpenter's and joyner's tooles, which I had bespoke, to me, which please me mightily; but I will have more. Then I abroad down to the Old Swan [Map], and there I called and kissed Betty Michell, and would have got her to go with me to Westminster, but I find her a little colder than she used to be, methought, which did a little molest me.

Note 1. A proclamation ordering August 14th to be observed in London and Westminster, and August 23rd in other places, as a day of thanksgiving for the late victory at sea over the Dutch, was published on August 6th.

On 14 Aug 1671 John Lewis 1st Baronet (age 56) died without male issue. Baronet Lewis of Ledstone extinct. His daughters Elizabeth Lewis Countess Huntingdon (age 17) and Mary Lewis Countess Scarsdale (age 13) inherited his estates.

He and his wife Sarah Foote Lady Lewis (age 43) were buried at All Saints Church, Ledsham [Map]. Hand On Skull. Sculpted by Thomas Cartwright (age 36).


On 14 Aug 1684 Thomas Tufton 6th Earl of Thanet (age 39) and Catherine Cavendish Countess Isle Thanet (age 19) were married. She by marriage Countess of Thanet. The difference in their ages was 20 years. She the daughter of Henry Cavendish 2nd Duke Newcastle upon Tyne (age 54) and Frances Pierrepont Duchess Newcastle upon Tyne (age 53). He the son of John Tufton 2nd Earl of Thanet and Margaret Sackville Countess Isle Thanet.


On 14 Aug 1688 Frederick William "Soldier King" I King Prussia was born to Frederick I King Prussia (age 31) and Sophia Charlotte Hanover Queen Consort Prussia (age 19). He a great x 2 grandson of King James I of England and Ireland and VI of Scotland. Coefficient of inbreeding 1.96%.

On 14 Aug 1694 James Hamilton 1st Earl Clanbrassil was born to James Hamilton and Anne Mordaunt (age 28).

PAINTINGS/LELY/Anne_Capell.png PAINTINGS/DAHL/Anne_Capell.jpg PAINTINGS/SEEMAN/Anne_Capell.jpg

On 14 Aug 1720 Frederick Hesse-Kassel was born to William Hesse-Kassel (age 38) at Kassel.

1727 General Election

On 14 Aug 1727 Stephen Cornwallis (age 23) was elected MP Eye.

On 14 Aug 1727 Thomas Frankland 3rd Baronet (age 42) was elected MP Thirsk.

On 14 Aug 1728 Ernest Augustus Hanover 1st Duke York and Albany (age 53) died at Osnabrück, Lower Saxony. Duke York and Albany 1C 1716 extinct.


On 14 Aug 1749 Thomas Egerton 1st Earl Wilton was born to Thomas Egerton 6th Baronet (age 28).

On 14 Aug 1762 John Stewart 7th Earl Galloway (age 26) and Charlotte Mary Greville (age 17) were married. She the daughter of Francis Greville 1st Earl Brooke Warwick Castle 1st Earl Warwick (age 42) and Elizabeth Hamilton Countess Brooke Warwick Castle and Warwick (age 42). He the son of Alexander Stewart 6th Earl Galloway (age 68) and Catherine Cochrane Countess Galloway (age 53).

On 14 Aug 1769 Richard Barry 7th Earl Barrymore was born to Richard Barry 6th Earl Barrymore (age 24) and Amelia Stanhope Countess Barrymore (age 20). He a great x 3 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.


Lynch Salusbury Cotton 4th Baronet: Around 1705 he was born to Thomas Cotton 2nd Baronet (age 33) and Philadelphia Lynch Lady Cotton (age 29). In or before 1739 Lynch Salusbury Cotton 4th Baronet (age 34) and Elizabeth Abigail Cotton Lady Cotton (age 25) were married. She by marriage Lady Cotton of Combermere in Cheshire 1677. On 27 Aug 1748 Robert Salusbury Cotton 3rd Baronet (age 53) died. His brother Lynch Salusbury Cotton 4th Baronet (age 43) succeeded 4th Baronet Cotton of Combermere in Cheshire 1677. On 14 Aug 1775 Lynch Salusbury Cotton 4th Baronet (age 70) died. His son Robert Salusbury Cotton 5th Baronet (age 36) succeeded 5th Baronet Cotton of Combermere in Cheshire 1677.

Elizabeth Abigail Cotton Lady Cotton: In 1713 she was born to Rowland Cotton (age 39). Combermere Papers. 1745. Sir Thomas was succeeded by his son Sir Robert (age 49) who married Lady Betty Tollemache (age 63) daughter of the Earl of Dysart and dying in 1748 without issue was succeeded by his brother Lynch (age 40). He married his cousin Miss Cotton of Ethwall (age 32) and died in 1775 leaving behind him besides other issue Robert (age 6) who succeeded him and was the father of Lord Combermere Roland an Admiral in the Royal Navy and father of General Sir Willoughby Cotton GCB at one time Commander in Chief at Bombay; Lynch; George, Dean of Chester; Thomas; William; Richard, an officer in the Army killed in action; Henry; and Calveley, Captain 1st Life Guards who married Miss Lockwood by whom he had Major General Sir Sidney Cotton KCB Admiral Frank Cotton and Major General Sir Arthur Cotton Kt., Madras Engineers, celebrated for his irrigation labours in India. On 04 Jan 1777 Elizabeth Abigail Cotton Lady Cotton (age 64) died.

On 14 Aug 1779 Hans Francis Hastings 12th Earl Huntingdon was born to George Hastings (age 44) and Sarah Fowler.

On 14 Aug 1837 Robert Brudenell 6th Earl Cardigan (age 68) died at Marylebone. His son James Brudenell 7th Earl Cardigan (age 39) succeeded 7th Earl Cardigan. Elizabeth Tollemache Countess Cardigan (age 39) by marriage Countess Cardigan.


On 28 Jun 1853 Francis Charteris 8th Earl Wemyss Douglas 4th Earl March (age 81) died. His son Francis Charles Charteris 9th Earl Wemyss (age 56) succeeded 9th Earl Wemyss. Louisa Bingham Countess Wemyss (age 55) by marriage Countess Wemyss.

His obituary in the Gentleman's Magazine by Sylvanus Urban Volume XL reads as follows:

THE EARL OF WEMYSS AND MARCH June 28 At Gosford House East Lothian in his 81st year the Right Hon Francis Wemyss Charteris Wemyss sixth Earl of Wemyss and Lord Elcho and Methel 1633 Baron Wemyss of Elcho 1628 Earl of March Viscount of Peebles and Lord Niedpath, Lyne and Munard 1697 all dignities in the peerage of Scotland Baron Wemyss of Wemyss co Fife 1821 and Lord Lieutenant of Peebleshire.

He was born on the 15th April 1772 the only son of Francis Lord Elcho son and heir apparent of the fifth Earl by Miss Susan Tracy Keck one of the Maids of Honour to Queen Charlotte the second daughter of Anthony Tracy Keck esq of Great Tew co Oxford by Lady Susan Hamilton fourth daughter of James fourth Duke of Hamilton and first Duke of Brandon KG and KT.

In early life his lordship had a commission in the army and from 1793 to 1797 was aide de camp to his grand uncle Lord General Adam Gordon Commander in chief of the forces in Scotland He quitted the army in 1797.

His father Francis Wemyss Douglas died on the 20th June 1808 and his grandfather on the 24th August following whereupon he succeeded to the Earldom of Wemyss and its attendant titles. On the death of William fourth Duke of Queensberry in Dec 1810 he inherited the barony of Niedpath and the extensive property which had belonged to his Grace in the county of Peebles in pursuance of the terms of the marriage contract of the first Earl of March his Grace's grandfather. He also succeeded to the dignities of Earl of March, Viscount of Peebles and Lord Douglas of Niedpath, Lyne and Munard the patent of creation being to Lord William Douglas et heredes masculos de ejus corpore quibus deficientibus alios ejus hæredes masin culos et talliæ contentos in ejus infeofa mentis terrarum et dominii de Niedpath.

His Lordship was created a peer of the united kingdom by the title of Baron Wemyss at the Coronation of King George IV by patent dated 17 Jul 1821. He supported the Conservative party in parliament but took but little interest in politics.

He married May 31 1794 Margaret fourth daughter of Walter Campbell esq of Shawfield by his first wife Eleanor Kerr of Newfield daughter of Robert Kerr of Newfield eldest son of Charles Kerr second son of Robert first Marquess of Lothian. By that lady who died in 1850 he had issue two sons and nine daughters 1 Francis his successor (age 56) 2 Lady Eleanor Charteris married in 1820 to Walter Frederick Campbell of Woodhall co Lanark (age 55) esq eldest son of Colonel John Campbell by Lady Charlotte Susan Maria Campbell (age 78) daughter of John fifth Duke of Argyle and died in 1832 3 the Hon Walter Charteris died 1818 4 Susan who died in infancy 5 Lady Margaret Charteris married in 1824 to Lieut Colonel John Wildman and died in 1825 6 Lady Katherine Charteris Baroness Grey Groby married in 1824 to her cousin George Harry Grey 8th Baron Grey of Groby who died in 1835 and she died in 1844 leaving issue the present Earl of Stamford and Warrington (age 26) and Lady Margaret Milbanke 7 Lady Charlotte Charteris (age 58) married in 1825 to Andrew Fletcher esq of Salton Castle East Lothian 8 Lady Louisa Antoinetta Charteris (age 58) married in 1832 to William Forbes esq of Callendar co Stirling late MP for Stirlingshire 9 Lady Harriet Charteris (age 58) married in 1829 to Sir George Grant Suttie Bart 10 Lady Jane and 11 Lady Caroline. The present Earls (age 56) in 1796 married in 1817 Lady Louisa Bingham (age 55) fourth daughter of Richard 2d Earl Lucan by whom he has issue Francis Lord Elcho (age 34) four other sons and daughters.

On 14 Aug 1893 William Clifford Bishop Clifton (age 69) died.

On 14 Aug 1910 William Archer Amherst 3rd Earl Amherst (age 74) died without issue as a result of an operation he received three months prior for a throat infection at Montreal Park. His brother Hugh Amherst 4th Earl Amherst (age 54) succeeded 4th Earl Amherst.

After 14 Aug 1916. St Peter's Church, Edensor [Map]. Memorial to Andrew Pepys Cockerell, 2nd Lieutenant 2nd Battalion The Kings Royal Rifle Corps, who was killed in action aged nineteen on 14 Aug 1916 at Mametz Wood.

After 14 Aug 1925. Monument to Reverend John Otter Stephens (deceased) at St Oswald's Church, Blankney.

Reverend John Otter Stephens: On 26 Apr 1832 he was born. In 1879 Reverend John Otter Stephens (age 46) was appointed Rector of St Oswald's Church, Blankney which office he held until 1903. On 16 Jun 1887 Reverend John Otter Stephens (age 55) and Emma Charlotte Leslie-Melville were married. On 14 Aug 1925 Reverend John Otter Stephens (age 93) died.

On 14 Aug 1937 James Ian Macpherson 1st Baron Strathcarron (age 57) died. His son David William Anthony Blyth Macpherson 2nd Baron Strathcarron (age 13) succeeded 2nd Baron Strathcarron of Banchor in Invernessshire.

On 14 Aug 1956 John Crichton-Stuart 5th Marquess of Bute (age 49) died. His son John Crichton-Stuart 6th Marquess of Bute (age 23) succeeded 6th Marquess Bute, 9th Earl Bute, 6th Earl Windsor.