On this Day in History ... 15 January

15 Jan is in January.

1245 First Council of Lyon

1460 January Raid on Sandwich

1478 Marriage of Richard Duke of York and Anne Mowbray

1559 Coronation of Elizabeth I

On 15 Jan 935 Rudolph aka Raoul I King West Francia (age 45) died.

First Council of Lyon

On 15 Jan 1245 Archbishop Boniface Savoy (age 38) was consecrated Archbishop of Canterbury at Lyon [Map] by Pope Innocent IV during the First Council of Lyon.

On 15 Jan 1432 Alfonso "The African" V King Portugal was born to Edward "The Philosopher" I King Portugal (age 40) and Eleanor Trastámara Queen Consort Portugal. He a great x 2 grandson of King Edward III of England. Coefficient of inbreeding 4.23%.

On 15 Jan 1436 Bishop Robert Fitzhugh died.

On 15 Jan 1452 Henry Vavasour (age 72) died. His son Henry Vavasour (age 31) de jure 11th Baron Vavasour.

1460 January Raid on Sandwich

On 15 Jan 1460 Yorkist forces commanded by John Dynham 1st Baron Dynham (age 27) and Richard "Kingmaker" Neville Earl Warwick, 6th Earl Salisbury (age 31) raided Sandwich [Map] capturing a number of Lancastrian ships. In addition, the Woodville family: Richard Woodville 1st Earl Rivers (age 55), his wife Jacquetta of Luxemburg Duchess Bedford (age 45) and their son Anthony Woodville 2nd Earl Rivers (age 20) were captured.

Chronicle of Gregory 1459. 15 Jan 1460. But the Erle of Warwycke (age 31) come unto Sondewyche [Map], and there he toke the Lord Ryvers (age 55) with hys ladye (age 45), the lady and Duchyes of Bedfordeb and brought hem to Calys, for he was commaundyd to have londyd at C[a]lys by the kynge, but he was brought there sonner then hym lekyd.

Note b. Jaquetta (age 45), widow of the Regent Bedford. She was the daughter of Peter of Luxemburg, Count of St. Pol, and soon after her first husband's death married Sir Richard Woodville (age 55), who was created Baron Rivers by Henry VI. in 1448, and Earl Rivers by Edward IV. (who was his son-in law) in 1466.

On 15 Jan 1471 Nicholas Hussey 7th Baron Hussey (age 54) died. Baron Hussey 1C 1295 abeyant.

Marriage of Richard Duke of York and Anne Mowbray

On 15 Jan 1478 Edward IV's youngest son Richard of Shrewsbury (age 4) and Anne Mowbray (age 5) were married at St Stephen's Chapel in Westminster [Map]. She by marriage Duchess Norfolk. She the daughter of John Mowbray 4th Duke of Norfolk and Elizabeth Talbot Duchess Norfolk (age 35). He the son of King Edward IV of England (age 35) and Elizabeth Woodville Queen Consort England (age 41). They were second cousin once removed. She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Edward III of England.

The ceremony was attended by Edward's daughters Elizabeth (age 11), Mary (age 10) and Cecily (age 8).

The day before Thomas Howard 2nd Duke of Norfolk (age 35) was knighted.NOTEXT

In 1483 Parliament changed the succession so Richard of Shrewsbury 1st Duke York (age 4) would continue to enjoy her inheritance (she died in 1481) effectively dis-inheriting William Berkeley 1st Marquess Berkeley (age 52) (who was subsequently created Earl and Marquess), and who accepted a payment of £34,000, and John Howard 1st Duke of Norfolk (age 53), who was subsequently created Duke of Norfolk, possibly in compensation.

Thomas Frowyk (age 55) was created Knight of the Bath.

See Woodville Marriages.

On 15 Jan 1522 Bishop Richard Fitzjames died.

On 15 Jan 1538 James Butler 10th Baron Dunboyne (age 48) died.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 15 Jan 1554. [The xv day of January, the lord mayor, and the] aldermen whent to Westmynster [to the court, and] my lord chanseler mad a protestacyon [to them, and to] othur pepyll, that the quen('s) (age 37) grace ys myndyd [to marry] with the prynche of Spayne (age 26), and the reme [realm] for to have [great] benefett commyng in to the rayme [realm]; and that he not [to meddle with the public affairs of the State] thyngs, butt her consell of thys reame sh ....


Coronation of Elizabeth I

Henry Machyn's Diary. 15 Jan 1559. The xv day was the crounasyon of quen Elsabeth (age 25) at Westmynster abbay [Map], and theyr all the trumpettes, and knyghtes, and lordes, and haroldes of armes in ther cotte armurs; and after all they in ther skarlett, and all the bysshopes in skarlett, and the Quen, and all the fottmen waytyng a-pone the quene, to Westmynster hall; ther mett all the byshoppes, and all the chapell with iij crosses, and in ther copes, the byshoppes mytered, and syngyng Salve festa dyes; and all the strett led with gravell, and bluw cloth unto the abbay, and raylled on evere syd, and so to the abbay to masse, and ther her grasse was crounyd; and evere offeser rede against she shuld go to dener to Westmynster hall [Map], and evere offeser to take ys offes at serves a-pone ther landes; and my lord mare (age 50) and the althermen.

PAINTINGS/SCROTS/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/MEULEN/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/EWORTH/Elizabeth_I_Hans_Eworth.jpg PAINTINGS/HILLIARD/Queen_Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/HILLIARD/Phoenix.jpg PAINTINGS/GOWER/George_Gower_Elizabeth_Sieve_Portrait.jpg PAINTINGS/SEGAR/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/GHEERAERTS_YOUNGER/Queen_Elizabeth_I_The_Ditchley_portrait_Marcus_Gheeraerts_the_Younger.jpg

On 15 Jan 1559 Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland (age 25) was crowned I King England by Bishop Owen Oglethorpe (age 52) at Westminster Abbey [Map].

Margaret Audley Duchess Norfolk (age 19) carried the train. Archbishop Nicholas Heath (age 58) censed. Edward Dymoke (age 51) attended as the Queen's Champion. Thomas Howard 4th Duke of Norfolk (age 22), Francis Talbot 5th Earl of Shrewsbury (age 59), Henry Fitzalan 19th Earl Arundel (age 46), Thomas Cecil 1st Earl Exeter (age 16) and William Herbert 1st Earl Pembroke (age 58) attended.NOTEXT

Henry Machyn's Diary. 15 Jan 1562. The xv day of January the Quen('s) (age 28) grace cam to Beynard Castyll [Map] to the yerle of Penbroke (age 61) to dener, and mony of here consell, and tared soper, and at nyght there was grett chere and a grett bankett [banquet], and after a maske, and here grace tared all nyght.


Before 15 Jan 1569 Catherine Carey (age 45) was appointed Chief Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland (age 35).


On 15 Jan 1596 Henry Carey 2nd Earl Monmouth was born to Robert Carey 1st Earl Monmouth (age 36) and Elizabeth Trevannion Countess Monmouth (age 33) at Denham.

On 15 Jan 1601 Henry Hastings 5th Earl Huntingdon (age 14) and Elizabeth Stanley Countess Huntingdon (age 13) were married. She the daughter of Ferdinando Stanley 5th Earl of Derby and Alice Spencer Countess Derby (age 51). They were fourth cousins. She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Henry VII of England and Ireland.

Memorials of affairs of state in the reigns of Q Elizabeth and K James I Volume 2 Dudley Carleton to Mr Winwood Jan 1605. The King (age 38) is gone to Huntington where he will stay till towards Candlemas. The Queen (age 30) goes to Greenwich [Map] this Week, to give Whitehall some Ayre against that time; and presently after the King goes back sur ses brisees, and the Queen returns to Greenwich to lay down her great Belly, which is iook'd for about three Months hence.


On 15 Jan 1634 Edward Barkham (age 64) died. His eldest son Edward Barkham 1st Baronet (age 42) inherited all his estates excepy Waynflete which were inherited by his younger son Robert Barkham (age 35). In 1652 Jane Crouch (age 79) died.

Church of St George, South Acre [Map].

A very rich and stately altar monument, of marble and alabaster, ornamented with several deaths heads, bones, &c. in basso-relievo, on this rests a large black marble slab, supported at each corner by a column of black marble of the Dorick order; on this slab lies a mat or bass of alabaster, curiously carved; and on that lie the statues of Sir Edward Barkham and his lady, on their backs, in their full length and proportions in alabaster, Sir Edward in armour, and (what is somewhat incompatible) with his scarlet gown and golden chain about his neck, as Lord Mayor of London, over his armour; so that the statuary was of the same opinion with the Roman orator, Cedant arma togœ (Let the arms yield to the toga or Let the sword yield to the toga); he has also a book in his right hand, and rests his head on a cushion: his lady is in a dress agreeable to the age she lived in, her hands across, and rests her head on a cushion; at the head and foot of this monument are the effigies of two sons (Edward Barkham 1st Baronet (age 42) and Robert Barkham (age 35)) and three daughters (Elizabeth Barkham Lady Garrard, Margaret Barkham (age 29) and Jane Barkham (age 38) Note. one daughter Susan Barkham had predeceased her father) all kneeling on cushions. To this monument is a wall-piece of the same materials, on the summit of which is this shield, argent, three pallets gules over all a chevron or, Barkham; and under it this motto, diligentia, fortunæmater (fortune, prosper through diligence, care, economy); on each side of this, is a figure; that on the right hand representing Victory, with a laurel crown in her right hand, and on the pedestal that supports her, Barkham impaling quarterly 1&4, arg. on a pale sable three crosses pattee, or, in a bordure engrailed of the 2d, Crouch; in the 2&3 arg. on a chevron sable three helmets closed, or, Scot: the figure on the left hand is, a skeleton representing death, and on the pedestal the arms of Crouch and Scott quarterly, and by these figures are two hour-glasses with wings.

On 15 Jan 1672 Bishop John Cosins (age 77) died.

Evelyn's Diary. 15 Jan 1689. I found by the Lord-Advocate (age 53) that the Bishops of Scotland (who were indeed little worthy of that character, and had done much mischief in that Church) were now coming about to the true interest, in this conjuncture which threatened to abolish the whole hierarchy in that kingdom; and therefore the Scottish Archbishop (age 55) and Lord-Advocate (age 53) requested the Archbishop of Canterbury (age 71) to use his best endeavors with the Prince (age 55) to maintain the Church there in the same state, as by law at present settled.

Evelyn's Diary. 15 Jan 1689. I visited the Archbishop of Canterbury (age 71), where I found the Bishops of St. Asaph (age 61), Ely (age 51), Bath and Wells (age 51), Peterborough (age 61), and Chichester (age 65), the Earls of Aylesbury (age 33) and Clarendon, Sir George Mackenzie (age 53), Lord-Advocate of Scotland, and then came in a Scotch Archbishop, etc. After prayers and dinner, divers serious matters were discoursed, concerning the present state of the Public, and sorry I was to find there was as yet no accord in the judgments of those of the Lords and Commons who were to convene; some would have the Princess (age 26) made Queen without any more dispute, others were for a Regency; there was a Tory party (then so called), who were for inviting his Majesty (age 55) again upon conditions; and there were Republicans who would make the Prince of Orange (age 38) like a Stadtholder. The Romanists were busy among these several parties to bring them into confusion: most for ambition or other interest, few for conscience and moderate resolutions. I found nothing of all this in this assembly of Bishops, who were pleased to admit me into their discourses; they were all for a Regency, thereby to salve their oaths, and so all public matters to proceed in his Majesty's (age 55) name, by that to facilitate the calling of Parliament, according to the laws in being. Such was the result of this meeting.

Evelyn's Diary. 15 Jan 1689. Note. The reference to Prince is somewhat abiguous. It may refer to King William III of England, Scotland and Ireland (age 38).


Evelyn's Diary. 15 Jan 1689. The great convention being assembled the day before, falling upon the question about the government, resolved that King James (age 55) having by the advice of the Jesuits and other wicked persons endeavored to subvert the laws of the Church and State, and deserted the Kingdom, carrying away the seals, etc., without any care for the management of the government, had by demise abdicated himself and wholly vacated his right; they did therefore desire the Lords' concurrence to their vote, to place the crown on the next heir, the Prince of Orange (age 38), for his life, then to the Princess (age 26), his wife, and if she died without issue, to the Princess of Denmark (age 23), and she failing, to the heirs of the Prince (age 55), excluding forever all possibility of admitting a Roman Catholic.

John Ashton Edmund Elliot Richard Graham 1691. On Fryday, the 2d day of this Sessions, my Lord Preston (age 41), John Ashton and Edmund Elliot, were all Arrained for High Treason, my Lord Preston (age 41) was Tryed on Saturday by the name of Sir Richard Graham, Mr. Ashton on Monday. The Indictments against them consisted of Two Parts, the First of which set forth, That they had a Treasonable Design carrying on to Depose the King and Queen, and to Subvert and Alter the Government of the Kingdom of England, and to raise War and Rebellion in the same; which said Traiterous and Wicked Designs and Purposes to bring to pass, they did, on the 29th of December last, Meet and Conspire together, with several other Traitors not yet discovered, and did Compose several Treasonable Letters, Notes and Memorandums in writing, which set forth the most effectual way and means how they might Dethrone and Depose our Most Gracious Sovereign Lord and Lady the King (age 40) and Queen (age 28), and further describing therein how the Affairs of this Kingdom stood, and of what Strength and Force our Shipping was; as also the Fortifications of several Sea-Port-Towns within this Kingdom. The Second Part was their adhering to the Kings's Enemies: And to that end, that they might Acquaint Lewis the French King of the same, they did hire a Boat and Embarque themselves in order to Transport themselves and Pacquet of Treasonable Letters into France, agreeing to pay for their said Passages the Sum of One hundred Pound; and, in order to their Treasonable Voyage, they had made their Passage as far as below Gravesend [Map], but were then Taken by Captain Billop, who Cruised abroad to search for them.

After this the Evidence for the King (age 40) being called, gave an Account particularly from Step to Step, how cunningly and subtilly they managed this horrid Conspiracy, by hiring the Smack called the Thomas and Elizabeth, to convey them secretly into France; in order to which they took Water in a Skuller at Surrey-Stairs, and went on Board the aforesaid Vessel, which lay in the River of Thames over against the Tower [Map]: From thence they set Sail down the River, till coming within the View of the George Frigate, lying in Long-reach, they desired the Master of the Smack to hide them under the Quarter-Hatches; which was done, they having some Fear of being discovered: There they remained till past that Danger, and then came up; but when they were within Sight of Gravesend [Map] they hid again, and a little below it Captain Billop came aboard them, under Pretence of Pressing the Masters two Men, who were assistants to him; but indeed his Design and real Intention was to find out those Traytors, which, upon Search, he found lying along under the Hatches; and after their being haled up he search'd them, and found a Pacquet of Treasonable Papers in Mr. Ashton's Bosom: which he with the Prisoners carried before my Lord Nottingham; who examined the Papers, and after being examined by the Cabinet Council they were committed to the Tower. The Evidence was very full and plain against them both, much to the same effect and purport: The Letters being also Read against them in Court, were adjudged to be of no less Import than High-Treason. Upon the whole they had nothing material to offer in their Defence; so after a very long hearing, they were both found Guilty of High Treason. Edmond Elliot was ordered to remain till further order.

PAINTINGS/VANDYCK/Richard_Boyle.jpg PAINTINGS/KNELLER/Charles_Boyle.jpg PAINTINGS/DAHL/Triple_Portrait.jpg

On 15 Jan 1700 Bennet Sherard 2nd Baron Sherard (age 78) died. His son Bennet Sherard 1st Earl Harborough (age 25) succeeded 3rd Baron Sherard of Leitrim.

On 15 Jan 1717 William Wildman Barrington 2nd Viscount Barrington was born to John Shute aka Barrington 1st Viscount Barrington (age 39) and Anne Daines Viscountess Barrington (age 27).


On 15 Jan 1724 Philippe V King Spain (age 40) Abdicated. His son Louis I King Spain (age 16) succeeded I King Spain. Louise Élisabeth Bourbon Queen Consort Spain (age 14) by marriage Queen Consort Spain. Louis reigned for seven months before he died after which Phillipe was re-instated as King.


On 15 Jan 1741 John Vaughan 2nd Viscount Lisburne (age 46) died. His brother Wilmot Vaughan 3rd Viscount Lisburne succeeded 3rd Viscount Lisburne 2C 1695 and 3rd Baron Fethard of Feathered in Tipperary.

On 15 Jan 1744 Kenneth Mackenzie 1st Earl Seaforth was born to Kenneth Mackenzie Lord Fortrose (age 27).

On 15 Jan 1776 William Frederick Hanover 2nd Duke Gloucester and Edinburgh was born to William Henry Hanover 1st Duke Gloucester and Edinburgh (age 32) and Maria Walpole Duchess Gloucester and Edinburgh (age 39) at Palazzo Teodoli, via del Corso. He a great grandson of King George II of Great Britain and Ireland.

PAINTINGS/GAINSBOROUGH/Willliam_Henry_Duke_Gloucester.png PAINTINGS/OPIE/William_Frederick.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Walpole_Children.jpg PAINTINGS/COTES/Francis_Burdett_1743_1794.jpg PAINTINGS/COTES/Maria_Walpole.png PAINTINGS/REYNOLDS/Ladies_Waldegrave.jpg

Before 15 Jan 1788 Valentine Browne 1st Earl of Kenmare (age 34) and Charlotte Dillon Countess Kenmare were married. She a great x 2 granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 15 Jan 1841 Frederick Arthur Stanley 16th Earl of Derby was born to Edward Smith-Stanley 14th Earl of Derby (age 41) and Emma Caroline Bootle-Wilbraham Countess Derby (age 36).


On 15 Jan 1891 Edward Baldwin Courtenay 12th Earl Devon (age 54) died. His uncle Henry Hugh Courtenay 13th Earl Devon (age 80) succeeded 13th Earl Devon 5C 1553.

On 15 Jan 1903 Katharine Tennant Baroness Elliot of Harwood was born to Charles Tennant 1st Baronet (age 79) and Marguerite Agaranthe Miles (age 35).


On 15 Jan 1914 FitzWalter Brook Plumptre 21st Baron FitzWalter was born to George Beresford Plumptre (age 44) and Mary Augusta Plumptre (age 40). Coefficient of inbreeding 6.25%.


On 15 Jan 1942 Randal Mowbray Thomas Berkeley 8th Earl of Berkeley (age 76) died without issue. Earl Berkeley and 8th Viscount Dursley extinct. Berkeley Castle [Map] was inherited by his 13th cousin Captain Robert George Wilmot Berkeley.

On 15 Jan 1974 Edward Herbert 5th Earl of Powis (age 84) died. His brother Christian Herbert 6th Earl of Powis (age 69) succeeded 6th Earl Powis 3C 1804.