On this Day in History ... 23 November

23 Nov is in November.

955 Death of King Eadred

1407 Murder of Louis of Orléans

1499 Trial and Execution of Perkin Warbreck and Edward Earl of Warwick

1641 Treaty of London

1665 Great Plague of London

1683 Rye House Plot

On 23 Nov 912 Otto I King Germany I King Italy Holy Roman Emperor was born to Henry "Fowler" I King East Francia (age 36) and Matilda Ringelheim Queen Consort East Francia.

Death of King Eadred

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 955. This year died King Edred, on St. Clement's mass day, at Frome.41 He reigned nine years and a half; and he rests in the old minster. Then succeeded Edwy, the son of King Edmund, to the government of the West-Saxons; and Edgar Atheling (age 12), his brother, succeeded to the government of the Mercians. They were the sons of King Edmund and of St. Elfgiva.

Note 41. So I understand the word. Gibson, from Wheloc, says-"in aetatis vigore;" a fact contradicted by the statement of almost every historian. Names of places seldom occur in old MSS. with capital initials.

On 23 Nov 1219 William Stuteville (age 30) and Margaret Say 6th Baroness Burford (age 37) were married.

On 23 Nov 1221 Alfonso X King Castile X King Leon was born to Ferdinand III King Castile III King Leon (age 22) and Elisabeth Hohenstaufen Queen Consort Castile Queen Consort Leon (age 16). He a great x 2 grandson of King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England.

Murder of Louis of Orléans

On 23 Nov 1407 Louis Valois Duke Touraine I Duke Orléans (age 35) was murdered on the orders of John "Fearless" Valois Duke Burgundy (age 36) at Paris [Map]. His son Charles Valois Duke Orléans (age 12) succeeded Duke Orléans.

Chronicle of Gregory 1403-1419. 23 Nov 1415. And the xxiij day of November the kyng (age 29) come unto London whythe alle hys presoners a bove sayd. And there he was ressayvyd worthely and ryally, for the mayre, with alle the aldermen, whythe alle good comyners, roode and fette hym ynne. And whythe a ryalle processyon he was brought ynne; and there was mad, stondyng apone the brygge, Syn Gorge ryally armyd, and at the Crosse in Cheppe [Map] was made a castelle, and there yn was moche solempnyte of angelys and virgenys syngyng merely. And soo he roode unttylle that he came to Powlys, and there mette whithe hym xvj byschoppys and abbattys whithe processyon and sensyd hym, and brought hym uppe in to [th]e qwere whythe devoute songe, and there he offerde and the Franysche lordys alle soo. And thenne he rode forthe unto Westemyster; and the mayre and hys bretheryn brought hym there.

On 23 Nov 1418 John Luxemburg II Count Ligny (age 26) and Jeanne de Béthune Viscountess Béthune (age 21) were married. He a great x 4 grandson of King Henry III of England.

Trial and Execution of Perkin Warbreck and Edward Earl of Warwick

On 23 Nov 1499 Perkin Warbreck (age 25) was hanged at Tyburn [Map].

On 23 Nov 1570 Dean Walter Philips died.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 23 Nov 1588. The xxiij day of November the quen Elsabeth('s) (age 55) grace toke here gorney from Hadley be-yond Barnett toward London, unto my lord North('s) plase [Map], with a M. and mor of lordes, knyghtes, and gentyllmen, lades and gentyllwomen; and ther lay v days.... cote armur and pennon of armes and .... with ij whytt branchys and xij torchys and iiij gret tapurs.

Note. P. 179. The queen's coming to London. See a note by Mr. Bruce on this subject in Hayward's Annals of Elizabeth, p. 9.

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On 23 Nov 1589 King James I of England and Ireland and VI of Scotland (age 23) and Anne of Denmark Queen Consort Scotland England and Ireland (age 14) were married at Bishop's Palace. She by marriage Queen Consort Scotland. She the daughter of Frederick II King Denmark and Sophie Mecklenburg-Schwerin Queen Consort Denmark (age 32). He the son of Henry "Lord Darnley" Stewart and Mary Queen of Scots. They were third cousin once removed. He a great x 2 grandson of King Henry VII of England and Ireland.


On 23 Nov 1634 Paulet St John 3rd Earl Bolingbroke was born to Paulet St John and Elizabeth Vaughan (age 19).

1641 Treaty of London

Evelyn's Diary. 23 Nov 1641. I returned to London; and, on the 25th, saw his Majesty (age 41) ride through the City after his coming out of Scotland, and a Peace proclaimed, with great acclamations and joy of the giddy people.


Great Plague of London

Evelyn's Diary. 23 Nov 1665. Went home, the contagion having now decreased considerably.

Rye House Plot

Evelyn's Diary. 23 Nov 1683. The Duke of Monmouth (age 34), till now proclaimed traitor on the pretended plot for which Lord Russell was lately beheaded, came this evening to Whitehall [Map] and rendered himself, on which were various discourses.

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PAINTINGS/JOHNSON/William_Cavendish.jpg PAINTINGS/LELY/William_Cavendish.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/William_Cavendish_1st.jpg PAINTINGS/WRIGHT/William_Cavendish_1st_Duke_Devonshire.png PAINTINGS/CLOSTERMAN/William_Cavendish.jpg PAINTINGS/KNELLER/William_Cavendish.jpg

On 23 Nov 1709 William Bentinck 1st Earl of Portland (age 60) died. His son Henry Bentinck 1st Duke Portland (age 27) succeeded 2nd Earl of Portland 2C 1689.

On 23 Nov 1714 Robert Constable 3rd Viscount Dunbar (age 63) died without issue. His brother William Constable 4th Viscount Dunbar (age 60) succeeded 4th Viscount Dunbar. Elizabeth Clifford Viscountess Dunbar (age 25) by marriage Viscountess Dunbar.

PAINTINGS/CLOSTERMAN/Robert_Constable.jpg PAINTINGS/KNELLER/William_Constable.jpg

After 23 Nov 1733. Monument to John Meller at St Deiniol & St Marcella Church, Marchwiel [Map] sculpted by Peter Scheemakers (age 42).

On 23 Nov 1738 Louis Otto Salm Count Salm Salm (age 64) died.

On 23 Nov 1751 George Waldegrave 4th Earl Waldegrave was born to John Waldegrave 3rd Earl Waldegrave (age 33) and Elizabeth Leveson-Gower Countess Waldegrave (age 27). He a great x 2 grandson of King James II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 23 Nov 1772 Duke Augustus of Saxe Coburg Altenburg was born to Duke Ernest of Saxe Coburg Altenburg (age 27) and Charlotte Saxe Meiningen Duchess Saxe Gotha Altenburg (age 21) at Gotha.

On 23 Nov 1801 Philip Gore 4th Earl Arran was born to William John Gore (age 34) and Caroline Hales (age 29) in Dublin Castle, Dublin.

On 23 Nov 1835 Henry Charles Somerset 6th Duke Beaufort (age 68) died. His son Henry Somerset 7th Duke Beaufort (age 43) succeeded 7th Duke Beaufort, 9th Marquess Worcester, 13th Earl Worcester 5C 1514, 7th Baron Botetort 1C 1305. Emily Frances Smith Duchess Beaufort (age 35) by marriage Duchess Beaufort.

On 23 Nov 1857 Algernon Greville of North Lodge in Barnet (age 66) died.