On this Day in History ... 27 April

27 Apr is in April.

1296 Battle of Dunbar

1533 Coronation of Anne Boleyn

1554 Wyatt's Rebellion Executions

1640 Short Parliament

1650 Battle of Carbisdale

1660 Charles II Proclaimed

1807 Abolition of the Slave Trade

Before 27 Apr 1279 Robert Ferrers 6th Earl of Derby (age 40) died. Earl Derby 1C 1138 extinct. He was buried at St Thomas' Priory, Stafford [Map].

Battle of Dunbar

On 27 Apr 1296 Battle of Dunbar was fought between John Warenne 6th Earl Surrey (age 65) and John "Empty Coat" I King Scotland (age 47), his son in law. John Strathbogie 9th Earl Atholl (age 30) and John Comyn 3rd Earl Buchan were captured. The English routed the disorganised Scots in a single charge. Few died; many were captured.

After 27 Apr 1296 John "Empty Coat" I King Scotland (age 47) was imprisoned at Tower of London [Map].

Before 27 Apr 1341 Hugh Despencer 1st Baron Despencer (age 33) and Elizabeth Montagu Baroness Badlesmere and Despencer (age 17) were married. She by marriage Baroness Despencer. She the daughter of William Montagu 1st Earl Salisbury (age 40) and Catherine Grandison Countess of Salisbury (age 37). He a great grandson of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

Before 27 Apr 1416 Henry Bromflete 1st Baron Vesci (age 9) and Joan Holland Duchess York (age 36) were married. There appears to be a twenty-seven year age gap here which may suggest the marriage ewas a reward to him since she, having being married three times before, including to Edmund of Langley 1st Duke York, would be a wealthy widow. The difference in their ages was 26 years. She the daughter of Thomas Holland 2nd Earl Kent and Alice Fitzalan Countess Kent (deceased). She a great x 2 granddaughter of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

On 27 Apr 1525 John Marney 2nd Baron Marney (age 41) died without male issue. Baron Marney extinct.

Coronation of Anne Boleyn

Letters and Papers 1533. 27 Apr 1533. 391. Preparations are making for the coronation of the Lady, which will exceed in sumptuousness all previous ones. It is said that it will take place on Ascension Day. The said Lady (age 32) will be bravely crowned, seeing she has all the Queen's jewels, with which she adorns herself every day; and it seems a very strange thing to every one, and very cruel, that the King should allow the Queen to be so despoiled of her jewels, and give them to another; which will certainly increase confusion. London, 27 April 1533.

Hol., Fr., pp. 6. From a modern copy.


Wyatt's Rebellion Executions

Henry Machyn's Diary. 28 Apr 1544. The xxviij day of Aprell was heddyd on Towre hyll [Map], betwyn ix and x of the cloke a-for none, my lord Thomas Gray, the duke of Suffoke-Dassett brodur, and bered at Allalow's Barkyng [Map], and the hed (unfinished)

Wriothesley's Chronicle. 27 Apr 1554. Frydaye the 27 of Aprill Lord Thomas Grey, brother to the Duke of Suffolke, was beheaded at the Tower hill [Map].

Before 27 Apr 1607 Edward Cromwell 3rd Baron Cromwell Oakham (age 47) and Francis Rugge Baroness Cromwell Oakham were married.

On 27 Apr 1607 Edward Cromwell 3rd Baron Cromwell Oakham (age 47) died. His son Thomas Cromwell 1st Earl Ardglass (age 12) succeeded 4th Baron Cromwell Oakham 5C 1540. Elizabeth Meverell Countess Ardglass by marriage Baroness Cromwell Oakham.

Short Parliament

Evelyn's Diary. 11 Apr 1640. I went to London to see the solemnity of his Majesty's (age 39) riding through the city in state to the Short Parliament, which began the 13th following,-a very glorious and magnificent sight, the King (age 39) circled with his royal diadem and the affections of his people: but the day after I returned to Wotton, Surrey [Map] again, where I stayed, my father's (age 53) indisposition suffering great intervals, till April 27th, when I was sent to London to be first resident at the Middle Temple: so as my being at the University, in regard of these avocations, was of very small benefit to me. Upon May the 5th following, was the Parliament unhappily dissolved; and, on the 20th I returned with my brother George to Wotton, Surrey [Map], who, on the 28th of the same month, was married at Albury to Mrs. Caldwell (an heiress of an ancient Leicestershire family, where part of the nuptials were celebrated).


Battle of Carbisdale

On 27 Apr 1650 the Battle of Carbisdale was fought between the Scottish Royalists commanded by James Graham 1st Marquess Montrose (age 37) and an army of the Scottish government. The Scottish government army was victorious.

Charles II Proclaimed

On 27 Apr 1660 Henry Jermyn 1st Earl St Albans (age 55) was created 1st Earl St Albans 2C 1660.

On or before 27 Apr 1693 William Draper and Susannah Evelyn (age 24) were married in St Ethedreda's Chapel Ely House by Archbishop Thomas Tenison (age 56).

On 27 Apr 1694 John George Wettin IV Elector Saxony (age 25) died.

On 27 Apr 1700 Thomas Bruce 3rd Earl Elgin 2nd Earl Ailesbury (age 44) and Charlotte Argenteau Countess Elgin and Ailesbury (age 21) were married at Brussels. She by marriage Countess Elgin, Countess Ailesbury. The difference in their ages was 22 years. He the son of Robert Bruce 2nd Earl Elgin 1st Earl Ailesbury.


On 27 Apr 1701 Charles Emmanuel III King Sardinia was born to Victor Amadeus King Sardinia (age 34) and Anne Marie Bourbon Queen Consort Sardinia (age 31) at Turin. He a great grandson of King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland. Coefficient of inbreeding 4.58%.

On 27 Apr 1706 Bernhard Saxe Gotha I Duke Saxe Meiningen (age 56) died at Meiningen.

On 27 Apr 1707 Ralph Eure 8th Baron Eure died. Baron Eure extinct.

After 27 Apr 1721 Charles Gregory Fairfax 9th Viscount Fairfax and Mary Fairfax Viscountess Fairfax were married. They had nine children but only one, Ann Fairfax, lived to adulthood. They were second cousin once removed.

On 27 Apr 1759 Bishop Bowyer Sparke was born to Major William Sparke at Bury St Edmunds [Map].

On 27 Apr 1771 George William Stafford-Jerningham 8th Baron Stafford was born to William Jerningham of Cossey Park 6th Baronet (age 35) and Frances Dillon (age 24). He a great x 3 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 27 Apr 1782 John Campbell 4th Earl Loudon (age 76) died. His first cousin James Mure-Campbell 5th Earl Loudon (age 56) succeeded 5th Earl Loudon.

On 27 Apr 1788 John Parker 1st Baron Boringdon (age 53) died. His son John Parker 1st Earl Morley (age 15) succeeded 2nd Baron Boringdon.


On 27 Apr 1791 John Henniker-Major 2nd Baron Henniker (age 39) and Emily Jones Baroness Henniker were married. There was no issue from the marriage.

On 27 Apr 1805 William Trench 1st Earl of Clancarty (age 63) died. His son Richard Le Poer Trench 2nd Earl Clancarty (age 37) succeeded 2nd Earl Clancarty 2C 1803.

Abolition of the Slave Trade

On 25 Mar 1807 the Slave Trade Act received Royal Assent. The Act prohibited the slave trade in the British Empire. The Bill was first introduced to Parliament in January 1807. It went to the House of Commons on 10 Feb 1807. After a debate lasting ten hours, the House agreed to the second reading of the bill to abolish the Atlantic slave trade by an overwhelming 283 votes for to 16. The Act took effect on 01 May 1807.

The last legal slave voyage was that of Kitty's Amelia which sailed on 27 Jul 1807 having received permission to sale on 27 Apr 1807 before the Act came into force. Kitty's Amelia arrived with 233 slaves at Jamaica 25 Jan 1808.

On 27 Apr 1824 Fitzpatrick Vernon 2nd Baron Lyveden was born to Robert Smith aka (age 24) and Emma Mary Fitzpatrick Baroness Lyveden. Coefficient of inbreeding 3.13%.

On 27 Apr 1824 William Kerr 6th Marquess Lothian (age 60) died at Richmond, Surrey [Map]. His son John Kerr 7th Marquess Lothian (age 30) succeeded 7th Marquess Lothian.

On 27 Apr 1847 Henry Wellesley 1st Baron Cowley (age 74) died. His son Henry Richard Charles Wellesley 1st Earl Cowley (age 42) succeeded 2nd Baron Cowley 1C 1828.

On 27 Apr 1875 Alfred Fitzroy 8th Duke Grafton (age 25) and Margaret Rose Smith (age 20) were married. He the son of Augustus Charles Lennox Fitzroy 7th Duke Grafton (age 53) and Anne Balfour. He a great x 5 grandson of King James II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 27 Apr 1882 Leopold Saxe Coburg Gotha 1st Duke Albany (age 29) and Helena Waldeck Duchess Albany were married at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle [Map]. She by marriage Duchess Albany. He the son of Prince Albert Saxe Coburg Gotha and Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom (age 62).


Before 27 Apr 1899 Adelbert Salusbury Cockayne-Cust 5th Baron Brownlow (age 31) and Maud Buckle Baroness Brownlow (age 28) were married at St Helier, Jersey [Map].

On 27 Apr 1899 Peregrine Cust 6th Baron Brownlow was born to Adelbert Salusbury Cockayne-Cust 5th Baron Brownlow (age 31) and Maud Buckle Baroness Brownlow (age 28).

On 27 Apr 1905 James Edward Harris 5th Earl Malmesbury (age 32) and Dorothy Gough-Calthorpe Countess of Malmesbury (age 19) were married. She by marriage Countess Malmesbury. He the son of Edward Harris 4th Earl Malmesbury and Sylvia Georgina Stewart Countess of Malmesbury.


On 27 Apr 1916 John Wynford Philipps 1st Viscount St Davids (age 55) and Elizabeth Frances Abney-Hastings Viscountess St Davids (age 31) were married. She by marriage Lady Philips of Picton Castle. The difference in their ages was 24 years.