On this Day in History ... 02 May

02 May is in May.

1485 Execution of Roger Clifford

1502 Trial of James Tyrrell

1536 Imprisonment and Trial of Anne Boleyn and her Co-Accused

1536 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

1536 Arrest of Anne Boleyn and her Co-accused

1550 Execution of Joan Bourchier

1557 Scarborough Castle Rebellion

1568 Mary Queen of Scots escapes from Lochleven Castle

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 980. In this year was Ethelgar consecrated bishop, on the sixth day before the nones of May, to the bishopric of Selsey; and in the same year was Southampton [Map] plundered by a pirate-army, and most of the population slain or imprisoned. And the same year was the Isle of Thanet [Map] overrun, and the county of Chester was plundered by the pirate-army of the North. In this year Alderman Alfere fetched the body of the holy King Edward at Wareham [Map], and carried him with great solemnity to Shaftsbury [Map]

On 02 May 1230 William Braose (age 26) was hanged by Llewellyn "The Great" Aberffraw (age 58) for having been found in the bedchamber of his wife Joan Plantagenet (age 39). His daughter Eva Braose (age 3) succeeded 10th Baron Bergavenny (Feudal Creation). William Cantilupe by marriage Baron Bergavenny Feudal Creation.

After 02 May 1377. Exeter Cathedral [Map]. Monument to Hugh Courtenay 10th Earl Devon (deceased) and Margaret Bohun Countess Devon (age 66). Note the de Bohun Swans Effigies on which her feet rest.

Margaret Bohun Countess Devon: On 03 Apr 1311 she was born to Humphrey Bohun 4th Earl Hereford 3rd Earl Essex (age 35) and Princess Elizabeth of Rhuddlan Countess Essex, Hereford and Holland (age 28). She a granddaughter of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England. On 11 Aug 1325 Hugh Courtenay 10th Earl Devon (age 22) and Margaret Bohun Countess Devon (age 14) were married. She the daughter of Humphrey Bohun 4th Earl Hereford 3rd Earl Essex and Princess Elizabeth of Rhuddlan Countess Essex, Hereford and Holland. He the son of Hugh Courtenay 9th Earl Devon (age 48) and Agnes St John Countess Devon (age 50). She a granddaughter of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England. On 23 Dec 1340 Hugh Courtenay 9th Earl Devon (age 64) died. His son Hugh Courtenay 10th Earl Devon (age 37) succeeded 10th Earl Devon 1C 1141, 5th Baron Okehampton, 2nd Baron Courtenay. Margaret Bohun Countess Devon (age 29) by marriage Countess Devon. On 16 Dec 1391 Margaret Bohun Countess Devon (age 80) died.

Before 02 May 1384 Thomas West 1st Baron West (age 19) and Joan Ware Baroness West were married. She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Henry III of England.

On 02 May 1417 Ralph Cromwell 2nd Baron Cromwell (age 49) died at Tattershall [Map]. His son Ralph Cromwell 3rd Baron Cromwell (age 14) succeeded 3rd Baron Cromwell 2C 1375.

On 02 May 1451 René Lorraine II Duke Lorraine Duke of Bar was born to Frederick Lorraine Count Vaudémont (age 23) and Yolande Valois Anjou (age 22) at Angers [Map]. Coefficient of inbreeding 1.75%.

Before 02 May 1462 John Bourchier 6th Baron Ferrers of Groby (age 24) and Elizabeth Ferrers 6th Baroness Ferrers Groby (age 43) were married. He by marriage Baron Ferrers of Groby. He the son of Henry Bourchier 2nd Count Eu 1st Earl Essex (age 58) and Isabel York Countess Eu and Essex (age 53). They were third cousin once removed. He a great x 2 grandson of King Edward III of England. She a great x 4 granddaughter of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

Before 02 May 1473 Thomas Boteler died predeceasing his father John Sudeley 3rd Baron Sudeley who attempted to recover the property settled on Thomas' widow Eleanor Talbot.

Execution of Roger Clifford

On 02 May 1485 Roger Clifford (age 48) was beheaded at Tower Hill [Map] for supporting King Henry VII of England and Ireland (age 28).

PAINTINGS/MEYNART/Henry_VII_of_England_Society_of_Antiquaries.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Henry_VII.jpg PAINTINGS/LEEMPUT/Henry_VIII.jpg

Trial of James Tyrrell

On 02 May 1502 James Tyrrell (age 47) confessd to the murder of the Princes in the Tower at Guildhall [Map] during the Trial of James Tyrrell attended by King Henry VII of England and Ireland (age 45) and Elizabeth York Queen Consort England (age 36).


Between 24 Nov 1526 and 02 May 1527 William Keith 2nd Earl Marischal (age 77) died. His son William Keith 3rd Earl Marischal succeeded 3rd Earl Marischal.

Arrest of Anne Boleyn and her Co-accused

Letters 1536. 02 May 1536. Add. MS. 28,588, f. 260. B. M. 784. Anne Boleyn. "Las nuevas de Ynglaterra de la presion de la Manceba del Rey."

The Emperor (age 36) has letters from England of 2 May, stating that the mistress [Queen Anne Boleyn of England (age 35)] of the king of England, who is called Queen, had been put in the Tower [Map] for adultery with an organist of her chamber [Mark Smeaton (age 24)], and the King's most private "sommelier de corps (age 54)." Her brother (age 33) is imprisoned for not giving information of her crime. It is said that, even if it had not been discovered, the King had determined to leave her, as he had been informed that she had consummated a marriage with the earl of Nortemberlano (age 34) (Northumberland) nine years ago.

Sp., p. 1, modern copy.


Letters 1536. 02 May 1536. 782. The Concubine's brother (age 33), named Rochefort, has also been lodged in the Tower [Map], but more than six hours after the others, and three or four before his sister; and even if the said crime of adultery had not been discovered, this King, as I have been for some days informed by good authority, had determined to abandon her; for there were witnesses testifying that a marriage passed nine years before had been made and fully consummated between her and the earl of Northumberland (age 34), and the King would have declared himself earlier, but that some one of his Council gave him to understand that he could not separate from the Concubine without tacitly confirming, not only the first marriage, but also, what he most fears, the authority of the Pope. These news are indeed new, but it is still more wonderful to think of the sudden' change from yesterday to today, and the manner of the departure from Greenwich to come hither; but I forbear particulars, not to delay the bearer, by whom you will be amply informed.

As to the matters of France, I think they are in no great favor here. The French ambassador had a courier on Saturday; nevertheless, either for pride or disdain, he let himself be sent for twice before he would go to Court, from which he returned not over well pleased. The English had despatched a courier to France eight days ago, but they sent in great haste to recall him, and I have not heard that they have sent any one since. London, 2 May, Eve of the Invention of Holy Cross, 1536.

Wriothesley's Chronicle. 02 May 1536. ... and the same daie, about five of the clocke at nighta, Anne Bolleine (age 35) was brought to the Towre of London by my Lord Chauncelor (age 48)b, the Duke of Norfolke (age 63), Mr. Secretarie (age 51),c and Sir William Kingston (age 60), Constable of the Tower; and when she came to the court gate,d entring in, she fell downe on her knees before the said lordes, beseeching God to helpe her as she was not giltie of her accusement,e and also desired the said lordes to beseech the Kinges grace to be good unto her, and so they left her their prisoner.f.NOTEXT

Note a. "In the afternoon." — Stow.

Note b. Sir Thomas Audley.

Note c. Sir Thomas Cromwell, afterwards Earl of Essex.

Note d. "Towergate" in Stow.

Note e. On her arrest she was informed of the accusation of adultery.

Note f. Anne's prison-chamber was that in which she had slept the night before her coronation.

Letters 1536. 02 May 1536. R. O. 785. Roland Bulkeley to Sir Ric. Bulkeley (age 35), Chamberlain of North Wales.

Commendations to Sir Richard (his brother) and his lady. The Queen (age 35) is in the Tower, with the Earl of Wiltshire, Lord Rochford (age 33)1, Mr. Norres (age 54), one master Markes (age 24), one of the King's privy chamber, and sundry ladies. The cause is high treason, that is to say, "that maister Norres (age 54) shulde have a do wythe the Queyne, and Markes (age 24) and the other acsesari to the sayme. The arre lyke to suffyre, all ther morre is the pitte."

Begs him to come to the King as soon as he can, for he can do more than 20 in his absence, and to make haste, and be there before any word be of their death. "When it is ones knone that ye shall dede all wylbe to latte." Asks him to keep this letter close. Grays Inn, 2 May.

Hol., p. 1. Add. Endd.

Note. A mistake? George, Viscount Rochford, brother of Anne Boleyn, children of Thomas Bolyen, Earl of Wiltshire, was in the Tower.

Wriothesley's Chronicle. And the secondo dale of Maie, Mr. Noris (age 54) and my Lorde of Rochforde (age 33) were brought to the Towre of London [Map] as prisoners;

On 02 May 1536 Queen Anne Boleyn (age 35) was charged with treason and accused of 'despising her marriage and entertaining malice against the King, and following daily her frail and carnal lust'! She was imprisoned in the Tower of London [Map]. Five ladies were appointed to serve Anne whilst in prison:

Margaret Dymoke (age 36),

her aunt Anne Boleyn (age 60),

Mary Scrope (age 60), wife of the Lieutenant of the Tower of London William Kingston (age 60),

her aunt by marriage Elizabeth Wood aka Wode, wife of her uncle James Boleyn (age 71), and

Elizabeth Chamber Baroness St John Bletso, wife of Serjeant-at-Arms Walter Stonor (age 59).

The day before her brother George Boleyn, Henry Norrys, William Brereton and Francis West had been arrested; they would be executed on the 17 May.

Spanish Chronicle Chapter 29. 02 May 1536. How the Queen (age 35) and her brother the Duke (age 33) were arrested.

On the 2nd of May the captain of the guard with hundred halberdiers came to Greenwich in the King's great barge, and went to the Queen, and said to her, "My lady, the King has sent me for you;" and she, very much astonished, asked the captain where the King was. She was told he was at Westminster; and she at once got ready, and embarked with all her ladies, thinking she was to be taken to Westminster, but when she saw they stopped at the Tower, she asked whether the King was there. The captain of the Tower appeared, and the captain of the guard addressed him, saying, "I bring you here the Queen, whom the King orders you to keep prisoner, and very carefully guarded." Thereupon the captain took Anne by the arm, and she, as soon as she heard that she was a prisoner, exclaimed loudly in the hearing of many, "I entered with more ceremony the last time I came." They ordered two of her ladies to remain with her, and the rest to be taken to Westminster, and amongst them one very attractive, of whom we shall have to speak further on.1

As soon as the King learnt that she was in the Tower, he ordered the Duke her brother to be arrested, and taken thither, the old woman having already been taken. The King then wished the Queen to be examined, and he sent Secretary Cromwell, the Archbishop of Canterbury (age 46), the Duke of Norfolk (age 63), and the Chancellor (age 48), who were expressly ordered by the King to treat her with no respect or consideration. They desired the Archbishop to be spokesman, and he said these words to her, "Madam, there is no one in the realm, after my lord the King, who is so distressed at your bad conduct as I am, for all these gentlemen well know I owe my dignity to your good-will;" and Anne, before he could say any more, interrupted him with, "My lord Bishop, I know what is your errand; waste no more time; I have never wronged the King, but I know well that he is tired of me, as he was before of the good lady Katharine." Then the Bishop continued, "Say no such thing, Madam, for your evil courses have been clearly seen; and if you desire to read the confession which Mark has made, it will be shown to you." Anne, in a great rage, replied, "Go to! It has all been done as I say, because the King has fallen in love, as I know, with Jane Seymour (age 27), and does not know how to get rid of me. Well, let him do as he likes, he will get nothing more out of me; and any confession that has been made is false." NOTEXT

With that, as they saw they should extract nothing from her, they determined to leave; but before doing so the Duke of Norfolk said to her, "Madam, if it be true that the Duke2 your brother has shared your guilt, a great punishment indeed should be yours and his as well." To which she answered, "Duke, say no such thing; my brother is blameless; and if he has been in my chamber to speak with me, surely he might do so without suspicion, being my brother, and they cannot accuse him for that. I know that the King has had him arrested, so that there should be none left to take my part. You need not trouble to stop talking with me, for you will find out no more. "So they went away; and when they told the King how she had answered, he said, "She has a stout heart, but she shall pay for it;" and he sent them to the Duke to see how he would answer. To explain why the Duke had been arrested, it should be told that the King was informed that he had been seen on several occasions going in and out of the Queen's room dressed only in his night-clothes. When the gentlemen went to him, he said, "I do not know why the King has had me arrested, for I never wronged him in word or deed. If my sister has done so, let her bear the penalty." Then the Chancellor replied, "Duke, it was ground for suspicion that you should go so often to her chamber at night, and tell the ladies to leave you. It was a very bold thing to do, and you deserve great punishment." "But look you, Chancellor," answered the Duke, "even if I did go to speak with her sometimes when she was unwell, surely that is no proof that I was so wicked as to do so great crime and treason to the King." Then the Duke of Norfolk said, "Hold thy peace, Duke, the King's will must be done after all." So they left him, and presently put old Margaret to the torture, who told the whole story of how she had arranged that Mark and Master Norris and Brereton should all have access to the Queen unknown to each other. She was asked about Master Wyatt, but she said she had never even seen him speak to the Queen privately, but always openly, whereupon Secretary Cromwell was glad, for he was very fond of Master Wyatt.

So the gentlemen ordered the old woman3 to be burnt that night within the Tower, and they took her confession to the King; and the King ordered all the prisoners to be beheaded, and the Duke as well, so the next day the Duke, Master Norris, Brereton, and Mark were executed.

Note 1. TT. Probably a reference to Jane Seymour (age 27).

Note 2. The chronicler is in error in calling the Queen's brother Duke. He was, of course, Viscount Rochford.

Note 3. Lady Wingfield; I can find no record, however, of her having been burnt in Tower, although her dying confession, of which a part only now remains, has always been considered the strongest proof of Anne's guilt.

Hall's Chronicle 1536. 02 May 1536 ... who the next day was apprehended and brought from Greenwich to the Tower of London [Map], where after she was arraigned of high treason, and condemned. Also at the same time was likewise apprehended, the Lord Rochford (age 33) brother to the said Queen (age 35), and Henry Norrys (age 54), Marke Smeaton (age 24), William Brereton and Sir Francis Weston (age 25), all of the King’s Privy Chamber. All these were likewise committed to the Tower [Map] and after arraigned and condemned of high treason.

Imprisonment and Trial of Anne Boleyn and her Co-Accused

Letters 1536. 02 May 1536. R. O. 791. Richard Staverton to Cromwell (age 51).

It pleased you to write to me of your good will to my preferment. Various offenders have been committed to the Tower, among others Master Henry Norris (age 54), who has various rooms in the parts about me near Windsor, for which I hope you will have me in remembrance. He has the Little Park, the Park of Holy John (Foly John), Perlam (Perlaunt) Park, and the room of the Black Rod, in Windsor Castle, which I shall be glad to have, as I have 14 children.

Hol., p. 1. Add.: Mr. Secretary. Endd.

1536 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

Letters 1536. 02 May 1536. R. O. 789. Thomas Warley to Lady Lisle (age 42).

I was at Lincoln's Inn on Saturday last with my master, your John Bassett IV of Umberliegh (age 16), who is in good health and desires your blessing, which he is worthy to have, as he is a towardly gentleman and a wise. As I knew that two gentlemen of the Inner Temple, named Nedam, died last week of the sickness, I advised Mr. Basset to go to Mr. Danaster's in the country; but he said he was not afraid, and was far enough from the contagious air, and would wait till your Ladyship sends him a gelding. Bremelcome, who waits on him, is an honest man and gives diligent attendance. Mr. Danastre thanks you for the wine and other pleasures, and says if he sees any danger he will remove Mr. Bassett.

Water Skynner, who was post to the Lord Chancellor, came over in good season, for on Sunday before mass the King made him post for the abbeys which are to be put down, with fees and wages as other posts, which he had not before. I send by Burdoke, of Calais, a letter from Mr. Wait, of the Temple. I did not know of Mr. Huggan's death till Mr. Vice-treasurer was departed. If I had, I would have proved him for the room, and given him a satin gown. I wrote by Collins that the King would have been at Rochester tonight, but he has changed his mind, which was not known till Sunday at 11 o'clock, and will go to Dover next week. The Council sit daily, so that suitors must abide their good hour. I delivered an abridgement and particulars of my bill of supplication to the King. I live in hope, fed with sweet words, and make all the means I can to be despatched. I trust my Lord and you will take no displeasure at my long absence, which is sore against my will. The arbitrators between Hastyngs and me find that he is indebted to me, but they stay to make their award, as he says he cannot pay. "Robert Whettell brags freshly in the court in a coat of crimson taffata, cut and lined with yellow sarcenet, a shirt wrought with gold, his hosen scarlet, the breeches crimson velvet, cut and edged and lined with yellow sarcenet, his shoes crimson velvet, and likewise his sword, girdle, and scabbard, a cloak of red frisado, a scarlet cap, with feathers red and yellow; he hath many lookers on." Lovell's room, for which I labored to my Lord and you, has been given since my being here. I am sorry to hear of the sickness in Calais. London, 2 May 1536.

Here is a priest named Sir Richard Chicheley, B.D., well seen in physic, astronomy, and surgery, and can sing his plain song well, and is well apparelled. He would fain serve my Lord and you in Calais, if you would help him to a chantry and meat and drink. He demands no more. If he were there, I think Philbert and he would reason of physic. Also, he says, he is cunning in stilling of waters.

Hol., pp. 4. Add.: In Calais.

1550 Execution of Joan Bourchier

Diary of Edward VI. 02 May 1550. Jhon (Joan) Bocher, otherwis Jhon (Joan) of Kent1, was burnt for holding that Christ was not incarnat of the Virgin Mary, being condemned the yere befor, but kept in hope of conversion; and the 30 of April the bishop of London (age 50) and the bishop of Elie2 were to perswad her. But she withstode them, and reviled the preacher (age 40) that preached at her death.3

The first paiment was paied at Cales [Map], and received by sir Thomas (Maurice) Dennis (age 42) and mr. Sharington (age 55).

Note 1. Joan Bocher, alias Knell, was a martyr for religious opinions, whose story is not related by John Foxe: but that historian mentions her incidentally in his account of the King's character, illustrating his meek nature by the following anecdote: "Hee alwaies spared and favoured the life of man: as in a certain dissertation of his once appeared, had with master Cheeke in favoring the life of heretickes: in so much that when Joane Butcher should have been burned, all the counsel could not moove him to put-to his hand, but were faine to get doctour Cranmer to perswade with him, and yet neither coulde hee with much labour induce the King so to doe, saying, What, my lord, will yee have me send her quick to the devill in her error ? So that doctour Cranmer himselfe confessed that hee had never so much to doe in all his life, as to cause the King to put-to his hand, saying that he would laie aU the charge thereof upon Cranmer before God." This story, apocryphal at the best, has been considered so far to the discredit of Cranmer (age 60) that his friends have been anxious to vindicate him. Mr. Bruce, in the Works of Roger Hutchinson, edited for the Parker Society, 1842, Preface, p. iv., has shewn that the King would not be required to sign any document on the occasion, the warrant of the council being sufficient. For the particulars of Joan Bocher and her heresy see Wilkins, Concilia, iv. 43; the General Index to the Works of the Parker Society, 1855, p. 124; also the General Index to the Works of Strype, Oxford edition. The religious insurrection in Kent, which the King has just mentioned under the date of the 26th April, was perhaps the proximate cause of her suffering; for it was on the 27th that the council issued their warrant to the lord chancellor (age 53) to make out a writ to the sheriffs of London for her execution. (Council Book.)

Note 2. Ridley (age 50) and Goodrich.

Note 3. "There preached before her, or she dyed, Scory (age 40); and she said to hym he lyed lyke a knave, &c." Chronicle of the Grey Friars of London, p. 66. The preacher was John Scory, afterwards bishop of Hereford in the reign of Elizabeth.

Scarborough Castle Rebellion

Henry Machyn's Diary. 02 May 1557. The ij day of May dyd pryche at Powlles crosse [Map] dyd pryche docthur Chadsay, and mad a godly sermon, and ther he declaryd that serten trayturs that was taken at Skarborow castyll [Map], the wyche they fled over the see a-for ....

Mary Queen of Scots escapes from Lochleven Castle

On 02 May 1568 Mary Queen of Scots (age 25) escaped from Lochleven Castle, Kinross with the help of George Douglas of Helenhill (brother of William Douglas 6th Earl Morton (age 28), the castle's owner) and Claud Hamilton 1st Lord Paisley (age 21).

PAINTINGS/CLOUET/Mary_Queen_Scots.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Mary_Queen_Scots.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Mary_Queen_Scots2.jpg PAINTINGS/MADOXBROWN/Execution_Mary_Queen_Scots.jpg

On 02 May 1631 John Murray 1st Marquess Atholl was born to John Murray 1st Earl Atholl and Jean Campbell Countess Atholl. Coefficient of inbreeding 1.83%.

On 02 May 1635 Horace de Vere 1st Baron Vere (age 70) died. Baron Vere of Tilbury extinct.


On 02 May 1670 John Cecil 5th Earl Exeter (age 22) and Anne Cavendish Countess Exeter (age 21) were married. She the daughter of William Cavendish 3rd Earl Devonshire (age 52) and Elizabeth Cecil Countess Devonshire (age 51). He the son of John Cecil 4th Earl Exeter (age 42) and Frances Manners Countess Exeter. They were half third cousin once removed.

Evelyn's Diary. 02 May 1671. The French King (age 32), being now with a great army of 28,000 men about Dunkirk, divers of the grandees of that Court, and a vast number of gentlemen and cadets, in fantastical habits, came flocking over to see our Court and compliment his Majesty (age 40). I was present, when they first were conducted into the Queen's (age 32) withdrawing-room, where saluted their Majesties the Dukes of Guise [Note. Possibly Henri Jules Bourbon Condé Prince Condé (age 27) who ], Longueville, and many others of the first rank.


Before 02 May 1691 Henry O'Brien 7th Earl Thomond (age 71) and Sarah Russell Countess Thomond (age 53) were married. She by marriage Countess Thomond. He the son of Barnabas O'Brien 6th Earl Thomond and Anne or Mary Fermor.

On 02 May 1691 Henry O'Brien 7th Earl Thomond (age 71) died. His grandson Henry O'Brien 8th Earl Thomond (age 2) succeeded 8th Earl Thomond 1C 1543.


On 02 May 1732 Robert Petre 8th Baron Petre (age 18) and Mary Radclyffe (age 18) were married in St Paul's Cathedral [Map]. She the daughter of James Radclyffe 3rd Earl Derwentwater and Anna Maria Webb Countess Derwentwater. They were third cousin once removed. She a great granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 02 May 1763 James Townsend (age 26) and Henrietta Rosa Peregrina (age 17) were married. A grant of her father's estates was granted to her husband.

On 02 May 1767 Henry Scott 3rd Duke Buccleuch (age 20) and Elizabeth Montagu Duchess Buccleuch (age 23) were married at Montagu House Whitehall Palace. She by marriage Duchess Buccleuch. She the daughter of George Brudenell aka Montagu 1st Duke Montagu (age 54) and Mary Montagu Duchess Montagu (age 56). They were fourth cousins. He a great x 3 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

PAINTINGS/GAINSBOROUGH/Henry_Scott_Duke_Buccleuch.png PAINTINGS/GAINSBOROUGH/Elizabeth_Montagu_Duchess.jpg

On 02 May 1780 Hugh Edward Henry Clifford 5th Baron Clifford Chudleigh (age 24) and Apollonia Langdale Baroness Clifford (age 25) were married. He a great x 2 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 02 May 1782 Thomas Pelham-Clinton 3rd Duke Newcastle-under-Lyme (age 29) and Anna Maria Stanhope Countess Lincoln were married. She the daughter of William Stanhope 2nd Earl of Harrington and Caroline Fitzroy Countess Harrington (age 60). He the son of Henry Fiennes Pelham-Clinton 2nd Duke Newcastle-under-Lyme (age 62) and Catherine Pelham Duchess Newcastle under Lyne. She a great x 2 granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 02 May 1792 George Thicknesse 19th Baron Audley (age 35) and Augusta Henrietta Catherina Boisdaune Baroness Audley were married. She by marriage Baroness Audley of Heighley in Staffordshire.


On 02 May 1799 Philip Stanhope 5th Earl Chesterfield (age 43) and Henrietta Thynne (age 36) were married at Grosvenor Street. She the daughter of Thomas Thynne 1st Marquess of Bath and Elizabeth Bentinck Marchioness Bath (age 63).


On 02 May 1823 Sylvester Douglas 1st Baron Benverbie (age 79) died.

On 02 May 1831 Prince Augustus Frederick Hanover 1st Duke Sussex (age 58) and Cecilia Gore aka Underwood Duchess of Inverness (age 46) were married contrary to the Royal Marriages Act. On the same day she assumed the surname Underwood by Royal Licence. She did not assume the title Duchess of Sussex. She the daughter of Arthur Saunders Gore 2nd Earl Arran and Elizabeth Underwood Countess of Arran. He the son of King George III of Great Britain and Ireland and Charlotte Mecklenburg Strelitz Queen Consort England.

PAINTINGS/LONSDALE/Frederick_Duke_Sussex.jpg PAINTINGS/PHILLIPS/Augustus_Frederick.jpg

On 02 May 1841 Henry Brand 2nd Viscount Hampden was born to Henry Brand 1st Viscount Hampden (age 26) and Eliza Ellice (age 23).


On 02 May 1848 William Neville 1st Marquess Abergavenny (age 21) and Caroline Vanden Bempte Johnston Marchioness Abergavenny were married. He the son of William Neville 4th Earl Abergavenny (age 55) and Caroline Leeke Countess Abergavenny.

On 02 May 1851 Richard White 1st Earl Bantry (age 83) died. His son Richard White 2nd Earl Bantry (age 50) succeeded 2nd Earl Bantry. Mary O'Brien Countess Bantry by marriage Countess Bantry.

On 02 May 1874 Henry Strutt 2nd Baron Belper (age 33) and Margaret Coke Baroness Belper (age 22) were married at Holkham. She the daughter of Thomas Coke 2nd Earl of Leicester (age 51) and Juliana Whitbread Countess Leicester. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 02 May 1914 John Campbell 9th Duke Argyll (age 68) died at Cowes. His nephew Niall Campbell 10th Duke Argyll (age 42) succeeded 10th Duke Argyll.

Tottington War Memorial [Map] was unveiled by John Augustus Grey 7th Baron Walsingham (age 71) at the Tottington Reading Room on 02 May 1920 during a United Service of the Established and Free Churches of Tottington. Out of a population of around 250 people, 60 had joined up to serve in the First World War, and the memorial commemorates the 15 servicemen from Tottington and neighbouring Sturston who fell and the 45 men who returned safely. It was organised by a local War Memorial Committee and funded by public subscription.

The roundels were sculpted by Walter Marsden (age 37).

John Augustus Grey 7th Baron Walsingham: On 21 Mar 1849 he was born to Thomas Grey 5th Baron Walsingham (age 44) and Julia Thellusson Baroness Walsingham (age 31). On 03 Dec 1919 Thomas Grey 6th Baron Walsingham (age 76) died. His brother John Augustus Grey 7th Baron Walsingham (age 70) succeeded 7th Baron Walsingham of Walsingham in Norfolk. On 21 Mar 1929 John Augustus Grey 7th Baron Walsingham (age 80) died. His son George de Grey 8th Baron Walsingham (age 44) succeeded 8th Baron Walsingham of Walsingham in Norfolk.

On 02 May 1947 Alastair Bruce 5th Baron Aberdare was born to Morys George Lyndhurst Bruce 4th Baron Aberdare (age 27) and Maud Helen Sarah Dashwood.

On 02 May 1999 Edward Portman 9th Viscount Portman (age 65) died. His son Christopher Portman 10th Viscount Portman (age 40) succeeded 10th Viscount Portman.