On this Day in History ... 21 April

21 Apr is in April.

1358 St Georges Day Celebrations

1509 Death of Henry VII

1665 Battle of Lowestoft

1917 Battle of Istabulat

On 21 Apr 1073 Pope Alexander II (age 63) died.

On 21 Apr 1132 Sancho "Wise" King Navarre was born to García "Restorer" IV King Navarre (age 20) and Marguerite Aigle Queen Consort Navarre.

On 21 Apr 1136 Stephen Penthièvre Count Tréguier (age 76) died.

On 21 Apr 1329 Frederick "Fighter" Metz IV Duke Lorraine (age 47) died. His son Rudolph "Valiant" Metz I Duke Lorraine (age 9) succeeded I Duke Lorraine.

1358 St Georges Day Celebrations

On 21 Apr 1358 Isabella of France Queen Consort England (age 63) attended the St Georges Day Celebrations (1358) wearing a dress made of silk, silver, 300 rubies, 1800 pearls and a circlet of gold.

Death of Henry VII

Wriothesley's Chronicle. 21 Apr 1509. This yeare, in Aprill, died King Henry the Vllth (age 52) at Richmond [Map] and his Sonne King Henry the VIII (age 17) was proclaymed Kinge on St Georges dayeg 1508 [1509], in the same moneth.

Note g. We should here read St George's Eve, 22nd April, 1509, from which day Henry Vlll reckoned his regnal years. Stow, however, says that Henry was not proclaimed till the 24th.


On 21 Apr 1509 King Henry VII of England and Ireland (age 52) died of tuberculosis at Richmond Palace [Map]. His son Henry VIII  (age 17) succeeded VIII King England. Duke York 3C 1494 and Earl Chester 8C 1504 merged with the Crown.

PAINTINGS/WRIOTHESLEY/Henry_VII_Death.jpgAfter 21 Apr 1509 Thomas Wriothesley (age 21), who wasn't present, made a drawing of the death of Henry VII (deceased). The drawing shows those present and in some cases provides their arms by which they can be identified. From top left clockwise:

Bishop Richard Foxe (age 61).

Two tonsured clerics.

George Hastings 1st Earl Huntingdon (age 22).

Richard Weston of Sutton Place (age 44).

Richard Clement of Ingham Mote (age 27).

Matthew Baker Governor of Jersey.

John Sharpe of Coggleshall in Essex.

Physician holding urine bottle.

William Tyler.

Hugh Denys.

William Fitzwilliam 1st Earl of Southampton (age 19) closing the King's eyes. There is doubt as to whether the person shown is William Fitzwilliam 1st Earl of Southampton (age 19) given his age of around nineteen at the King's death. He appears to be holding a Staff of Office although sources state he wasn't appointed Gentleman Usher, in which role he would have a Staff of Office, until Henry VIII's Coronation in Jun 1509.

The Arms below him are Quarterly 1 Lozengy argent & gules (FitzWilliam); 2 Arms of John Neville 1st Marquess Montagu 3 Quartered 1 possibly Plantagenet with white border ie Holland 2&3 Tibetot, 4 Unknown, overall a star for difference indicating third son. William Fitzwilliam 1st Earl of Southampton (age 19) was his father's third son, and his mother was Lucy Neville (age 41) daughter of John Neville 1st Marquess Montagu. It appears correct that the person represented is William Fitzwilliam 1st Earl of Southampton (age 19). William Fitzwilliam 1st Earl of Southampton (age 19) was the childhood companion of Henry VIII (age 17).

Physician holding urine bottle.

Richard Weston of Sutton Place: He and Anne Sandys were married. In 1465 he was born. In 1541 Richard Weston of Sutton Place (age 76) died.

Matthew Baker Governor of Jersey: From 1486 he was appointed Governor of Jersey. In May 1513 he died in Bermondsey Abbey.

Lucy Neville: In 1468 she was born to John Neville 1st Marquess Montagu (age 37) and Isabel Ingaldsthorpe (age 27). She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Edward III of England. Around 1473 Thomas Fitzwilliam (age 24) and Lucy Neville (age 5) were married. She the daughter of John Neville 1st Marquess Montagu and Isabel Ingaldsthorpe (age 32). She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Edward III of England. After 1492 Anthony Browne (age 48) and Lucy Neville (age 24) were married. The difference in their ages was 24 years. She the daughter of John Neville 1st Marquess Montagu and Isabel Ingaldsthorpe. They were fourth cousins. She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Edward III of England. In 1508 Charles Brandon 1st Duke of Suffolk (age 24) and Anne Browne were married secretly at Stepney. She, Anne, being the step-daughter of his first wife's (age 42) sister Lucy Neville (age 40). They, Charles and Anne, had possibly been betrothed before his marriage to Margaret Neville (age 42). Around 27 Mar 1534 Lucy Neville (age 66) died at Bagshot Manor Bagshot, Surrey.

On 21 Apr 1541 Archibald Campbell 4th Earl Argyll (age 34) and Margaret Graham Countess Argyll were married. She by marriage Countess Argyll. She the daughter of William Graham 3rd Earl Menteith (age 41). He the son of Colin Campbell 3rd Earl Argyll and Jean or Janet Gordon Countess Argyll. He a great x 5 grandson of King Edward III of England.

On 21 Apr 1577 Henry Herbert 2nd Earl Pembroke (age 39) and Mary Sidney Countess Pembroke (age 15) were married. She by marriage Countess Pembroke. The difference in their ages was 23 years. He the son of William Herbert 1st Earl Pembroke and Anne Parr Countess Pembroke.


On 03 Oct 1584 Gilbert Dethick (age 74) died. Robert Cooke (age 49) served as Acting until the appointment of Gilbert's son William Dethick Officer of Arms (age 44) on 21 Apr 1586.

On 13 May 1600 Anne Spring (deceased) was at St Peter's Church, Tawstock [Map]. On 21 Apr 1614 Thomas Hinson (deceased) was buried with his wife Anne Spring (deceased).

Here lyeth ye bodies of Thomas Hinson Esquire and Anne his wife: this Thomas was borne at Fordham in Cambridgeshire, and was Master of Artes & sometime fellowe of Caius Colledge in Cambridge and tutor there to the right honourable William Earle of Bathe under whome he bore afterwardes divers offices and was untill his death Surveyor & Receaver Generall of all his lands and revenewes & Likewise in Comission of the peace in the Countie of Devon: and dyed the XVIIIth of Aprill 1614.

Anne was the eldest daughter of Sr Willm Springe Knight and Cosyne German to the Earle of Bathe now livinge she had issue by the said Thomas Hinson five sonnes and nyne daughters whereof are surviving VI viz Willm Thomas Margaret Ellinor Elizabeth and Rebekah the said Anne died in the true faith of Christ the seventh of May Ano Doni 1600 .

Anne Spring: Around 1553 she was born to William Spring (age 20) and Anne Elizabeth Kitson (age 18).. Before 07 May 1600 Thomas Hinson (age 49) and Anne Spring (age 47) were married. On 07 May 1600 Anne Spring (age 47) died.

Thomas Hinson: Around 1551 he was born. Around 1573 Thomas Hinson (age 22) was tutor to William Bourchier 3rd Earl Bath (age 15) at Caius College, Cambridge University. On 18 Apr 1614 Thomas Hinson (age 63) died.

On 21 Apr 1603 William Skipwith (age 39) was knighted by King James I of England and Ireland and VI of Scotland (age 36) at Worksop Manor whilst King James was travelling to London following the Union of the Crowns.


On or before 21 Apr 1612, the date he was baptised, Charles Longueville 12th Baron Grey of Ruthyn was born to Michael Longueville (age 22) and Susan Grey.

Before 21 Apr 1636 Henry Hare 2nd Baron Coleraine was born to Hugh Hare 1st Baron Coleraine (age 30) and Lucy Montagu Baroness Coleraine (age 26).

Battle of Lowestoft

In 1665 Henry Brouncker 3rd Viscount Brounckner (age 38) was elected MP New Romney which seat he held until 21 Apr 1668 when he was expelled from the House of Commons when charges were brought against him, for allowing the Dutch fleet to escape during the Battle of Lowestoft, and for ordering the sails of the English fleet to be slackened in the name of the Duke of York (age 31). This was essentially an act of treason. Such a military decision, taken without the Duke's (age 31) authority, was an incident seemingly without parallel, especially as his apparent motive was simply that he was fatigued with the stress and noise of the battle.


Before 21 Apr 1665 George Neville 11th and 9th Baron Bergavenny (age 50) and Mary Gifford Baroness Bergavenny (age 35) were married. She by marriage Baroness Bergavenny.

On 21 Apr 1665 George Neville 12th and 10th Baron Bergavenny was born to George Neville 11th and 9th Baron Bergavenny (age 50) and Mary Gifford Baroness Bergavenny (age 35).

On 21 Apr 1691 George Howard 4th Earl Suffolk (age 65) died. His brother Henry Howard 5th Earl Suffolk (age 63) succeeded 5th Earl Suffolk 4C 1603. Mary Upton Countess Suffolk (age 41) by marriage Countess Suffolk.NOTEXT

On 21 Apr 1696 D'Aubigny Turbeville died. Memorial at Salisbury Cathedral [Map].

Before 21 Apr 1707 Charles Gerard 6th Baron Gerard (age 48) and Mary Webb Baroness Gerard were married.

On 21 Apr 1741 Jacob Bouverie 1st Viscount Folkestone (age 46) and Elizabeth Marsham Viscountess Fokestone (age 29) were married at Swanscombe.

On 21 Apr 1746 James Harris 1st Earl Malmesbury was born to James Harris (age 36) and Elizabeth Clarke and Elizabeth Clarke at Salisbury.

On 21 Apr 1748 Anne Hamilton 2nd Countess Ruglen (age 52) died. Her son William Douglas 4th Duke Queensberry (age 23) succeeded 3rd Earl Ruglen.

On 21 Apr 1770 Samuel Sandys 1st Baron Sandys (age 74) died after having been injured when his post-chaise overturned on Highgate Hill Highgate. His son Edwin Sandys 2nd Baron Sandys (age 43) succeeded 2nd Baron Sandys of Ombersley in Worcestershire.


On 21 Apr 1781 Henry Roper 10th Baron Teynham (age 73) died. His son Henry Roper 11th Baron Teynham (age 47) succeeded 11th Baron Teynham of Teynham in Kent.

On 21 Apr 1782 John Smith Burgh 11th Earl Clanricarde (age 61) died. His son Henry Burgh 1st Marquess Clarincade (age 40) succeeded 12th Earl Clanricarde.

On 21 Apr 1794 Lawrence Dundas 1st Earl Zetland (age 28) and Harriet Hale Baroness Dundas (age 24) were married at Gainsborough [Map].

On 21 Apr 1828 Archbishop Charles Manners-Sutton (age 73) died at Lambeth Palace [Map].

PAINTINGS/LONSDALE/Frederick_Duke_Sussex.jpg PAINTINGS/PHILLIPS/Augustus_Frederick.jpg

On 21 Apr 1858 Henry Thynne Lascelles 4th Earl Harewood (age 33) and Diana Smyth Countess Harewood (age 20) were married. She by marriage Countess Harewood in Yorkshire. He the son of Henry Lascelles 3rd Earl Harewood and Louisa Thynne Countess Harewood (age 57). She a great x 5 granddaughter of King James II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 21 Apr 1870 Juliana Whitbread Countess Leicester (age 44) died. Memorial at St Withburga's Church, Holkham [Map] sculpted by Joseph Edgar Boehm (age 35).

Juliana Whitbread Countess Leicester: On 03 Jun 1825 she was born to Samuel Charles Whitbread (age 29) and Julia Brand. On 20 Apr 1843 Thomas Coke 2nd Earl of Leicester (age 20) and Juliana Whitbread Countess Leicester (age 17) were married. She by marriage Countess of Leicester. He the son of Thomas Coke 1st Earl of Leicester and Anne Amelia Keppel Countess Leicester (age 40). He a great x 4 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 21 Apr 1885 Henry Meysey-Thompson 1st Baron Knaresborough (age 39) and Ethel Adeline Pottinger Baroness Knaresborough (age 21) were married.


Times Newspaper Marriages. 21 Apr 1899. Marriage of Lord Crewe and Lady Peggy Primrose.

The marriage of Lady Margaret (Peggy) Primrose (age 18), younger daughter of the Earl of Rosebery (age 51), with the Earl of Crews (age 41), which took place at Westminster Abbey [Map] yesterday, was remarkable, not only as a brilliant spectacle, bat also on account of the extraordinary degree of public interest which the event evoked, and the testimony thus afforded to the popularity of the late Prime Minister. It was an ideal day for a wedding, the sun shining brilliantly. Parliament Square and the approaches to the Abbey early in the day presented a gay and animated spectacle. An hour or more before the time announced for the opening of the Abbey doors, and a couple of hours before the bridal party were expected, people began to collect in the Abbey precincts, and in a short time great crowds were stretching right away to the railings of the Houses of Parliament. As time wore on and the vast concourse grew into extraordinary dimensions the police on duty had the utmost difficulty in regulating the living mass. Taffic became congested, and the constables in some cases were swept off their feet by the surging and panting multitude, but everywhere the best of good humour seemed to prevail in the streets.

Meanwhile the interior of the Abbey was also the centre of much life and movement. The wedding was fixed for 1:30, aud the doors, at each of which a long queue of ticket-holders and others had long been patiently waiting, were opened three-quarters of an hour earlier. Immediately the throngs, in which the bright costumes of the ladies were conspicuous, wwept into the Abbey. None-ticket holders were admitted by the north door only. This entrance was literally besieged, and a quarter of an hour after it was opened it had to be closed, for in that brief space the northern transept-the porLion of the Abbey allotted to the general public-had become so densely packed that it would not hold another spectator. Those privileged visitors who held permits either for tue nave or the south transept seemed none the less eager to secure advantageous places, for every one came early. Many of the ladies stood upon the seats in their eagerness to obtain a good view. As the guests arrived Sir Frederick Bridge played an appropriate selection of music upon the grand organ.

The rare spectacle of floral decorations in the Abbey attracted general attention. At each end of the alter rails there was a towering palm with a collection of Lilium Harrisii and marguerites grouped at the base, while blooms of Liliam Harrisii also adorned the altar itself. Specimen palms with foliage and flowering plants were placed against the organ screen facing the western entrance, by which the bridal party were shortly to enter.

The arrival of the specially invited guests also proved a source of much interest. These privileged persons, numbering some 500 or 600, friends of the contracting parties and including men distinguished in politics, diplomacy, literature, and art, were escorted to seats in the choir and under the lantern. The Earl of Crewe (age 41), with his best man, the Earl of Chesterfield (age 45), arrived about ten minutes past 1. Each of them wore a marguerite in his buttonhole. They joined the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire under the lantern. The Prince of Wales (age 4) arrived about 25 minutes past 1. His Royal Highness, attended by the Hon. Seymour Fortescue (age 43), was received by Lord Rosebery's sons, Lord Dalmeny (age 17) and the Hon. Neil Primrose (age 16), by whom he was conducted to the Jerusalem Chamber. The Duke of Cambridge (age 80), who quickly followed, attended by Colonel FitzgGeorge, was met at the same door by the Hon. Neil Primrose, under whose escort he joined the Prince of Wales, after which their Royal Highnesses went to the choir and took the seats which had been specially reserved for then.

Among the others present were: The Duchess of Buckingham and Chandos, the Marquis and Marchioness of Breadalbane, the Duke and Duchess of Buccleuch. Mr. Balfour M.P., the Duke (age 52) and Duchess (age 46) of Somerset, the Marquis of Lansdowne (age 54), Mr. Asquith, M.P., and Mrs. Asquith, the Austrian Ambassador, the Earl and Countess of Harewood, the Duchess of Cleveland. the Earl of Kirnberley and Lady Constance Wodehouse, Lady Jeune and Miles Stanley, the Marquis of Dufferin, Sir R. Campbell-Bannerman, M.P., and Lady Campbell-Bauneiman, Mr. Bryce, M.P., and Mrs. Biyce, Mr. J. B Balfour, H.P., and Mrs. Balfour, Mir. H Gladstone, the Earl aud Countess of Corck, the Lord Chief Justice (Lord Russell of Killoren) and the Hon. Mliss Russell, Sir H. Fowler, f.P., and Lady Fowler, Earl and Countess De Grey, Mr. Munro-Fergrsca, M.P., and Lady Helen Munro-Ferguison, Sir Henry Irving, ir. Morley, M.P., S,r John and lady Puleston, the Marquig and Marehioness of Ripon, Lord and Lady Recay, Lord and Lady Rothschild, and all the Londoa representatives of the Rothschild family, Sir Charles aild Lady Tennant, Lord Wandsworth. Lord and Baroness Wenlock, Lord Leconfdeld, the Earl of Verulamn, Mr. aud Mrs. George Alexander idiss Mundella, Sir E. Sassoon, H.P., General and Mrs. Wauchope, Sir E. Lawson, Mr. Harmswortl, Sir Lewis Morris. Lord James of Hereford and Miss James the Hon. P. Stanhope, H.P., and Countess Tolstoy, the Earl and Countess of Aberdeen, Mr. Shaw Lefevre, Sir Charles Dalry,uiple MP. Mr. Sydney Buxton, M.P.,hr. George Russell, Tr. G. E. Buckle, Georgina, Countess A! Dudley, Sir Humphrey and Lady De Trafford, Sir Edgar and Lady Helen Vincent, Sir John Lubbock, hLP., and Lady Lubbock, Lord Hamilton of Dalzell' Sir Henry Primrose, Lord and Lady St. Oswald, Eara and Countess Stanbope, Mr. Rochfort Maguire. M.P., and Mrs. Maguire, Lady Emily Peel, Loid E. Pitzmaurice. HI.P., Earl and Countess Carrington, Lord and Lady Bnrgheiere, Loud and Lady Battersea, Lord and Lady Henry Bentnek, Lord and Lady Poltimure, the Earl of Essex, and Viscount Curzon, .p., and Viscountess Ctu-zon.

Note B. the time that the whole of the company bad assembled the transepts and choir were densely packed. The attendants had the greatest difficulty in keeping many of the spectators within the specified bounds, and owing to the crushing and crowding several ladies fainted. At half-past 1 Lord Rosebery arrived with the bride at the western entrance, having had a very heartv reception as they passed through the streets. This cordial greeting was repeated again and again as Lord wRosebery handed his daughter out of the carriage. She appeared relf-possessed and smiled upon those around her. Lady Peggy Primirose was attired in a dress of white satin of the new shape, with a very long train (not separate from the dress as in the old style). It was profusely embroidered with clusters of diamonds designed as primroses. The front of the skirt opened over a petticoat of exquisite point d'Alengon laco, which was formerly tn the possession of Marie Antoinette, and was a present from the bride's aunt, Miss Lucy Cohen. The bodice was embroidered and trimmed with similar lace aud its sleeves were of transparent mausselijt I soic. The veil was of tulle, and in nlace of the nsual coronet of orange blossom the bride wore a smart Louis XVI bow of real orange flowers. Jewelry was scarcely at all employed. Lady Peggy carried a magnificent bouquet composed mainly of orchids, white roses, lilies, and marguerites.

The bride (age 18) was received at the door of the Abbey by her ten bridesmaids. They were Lady Sybil Primrose (age 20), elder sister of the bride; the Ladies Annabel (age 18), Celia (age 15), and Cynthia (age 14) (Crewe-Milnes, daughters of the bridegroom; the Hon. Maud and the Hon. Margaret Wyndham, daughters of Lord Leaconfield; the Hon. Evelina Rothschild, daughter of Lord Rothschild; Miss Louise Wirsch; Lady Juliet Lowther (age 18), daughter of the late Earl of Lonsdale and Countess de Grey; and Miss Muriel White, daughter of Mr. Blenry White, of the United States Embassy. They were all dressed alike, in white embroidered moseline de rois over white silk. The skirts were made with shaped flounces with cream lace insertion, and upon the bodices were fichns edged with lace. The sashes were of primrose chiffon, and the hats of primrose tulle with white ostrich feathers, one side being turned up with Lady de Rothschild roses. The bouquets were of the same roses, tied with long tLreamers of the primrose chiffon. Each of the bridesmaids wore a gold curb bracelet with the initials of the bride and bridegroom in enamel, the gifts of the bridegroom.

The formation of the bridal proession was a very picturesque feature of the ceremonial. Schubert's "Grand March" was played, and the,vast congregation rose to their feet as the choir advanced, followed along the nave by the clergy, after whom caine the bride leaning upon the arm of her father, who wore a bunch of primroses in his coat, and attended by her bridesmaids. All eyes were naturally turned to the bride, but she did not lose her composare during the long and trying walk up the nave to the choir.

The procession approached the choir, Lord Crewe who with his best man had been standing a few yards from the Prince of Wales advanced to meet the bride, and the party ha1ted at a point between the choir and the lantern, where the first part of the wedding service was taken, in full view of the choir stalls, where the principal guests were seated. The hymn "O perfect Love" having been sung, the marriage service began. The officiating clergy were the Rev. Dr. Butler (Master of Tririty), the Dean of Westminster Abbey, Canon Blackburne, vicar of Crewe-green, Crewe, Canon Armitage Robinson, and the Precentor of Westminster. Dr. Butler, who took the principal part of the service, read the words in a very impressive manner. The bride made the responses in a perfectly audible voice. Upon the conclusion of the first part of the ceremony the procession of the clergy and the bride and bridegroom, followed by the bridesmaids, moved towards the east. They passed, while the psalm was sung to a chant by Beethoven, through the sacrarrum to the altar, where the concluding portion of the service was said by the Dean and other clergy. Next came the hymn "Now thank we all otr God," after which the blessing was pronounced and the service was brought to a close, to the actompaniment of a merry peal from the bells of St. Margaret's Church. As the procession moved down the Abbey to the Jerusalem Chamber to sign the register Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" was played, and the great majority of the congreation prepared to take their departure. 'ihs Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge were among those who accompanied the bridal party and their relatives to the Jerusalem Chamber and appended their names to the register. Lord and Baroness Crewe, with their friends, left the Abbey amid a renewal of those enthusiastic demonstrations which had marked Lady Peggy Primrose's arrival as a bride. A reception and luncheon was given at Lord Rosebery's town house attended by the Prince of Wales; the Duke of Cambridge, and about 600 other guests, most of whom had attended the ceremony in theAbbey. Later in the day the Earl and Countess of Crewe left town for Welbeek Abbey,'placed at their disposal by the Duke and Duchess of Portland for the early part of the honeymoon. The bride wore a travelling dress of green cloth, the skirt being stitched with gold, the bodice and sleeves being embroidered in natural colour silk and gold with primroses She vwore a large wzhite hat w,ith feathers to match. THE WEDDING PRES IU& After the departure of the bride and bride-groom the numerous wedding presents displayed at Lord Rosebery's house were inspected with much interest by those of the guests who had not previously seen them.

Soon after 7 o'clock last evening the train conveying Lord and Baroness Crewe arrived at Worksop Station. The platform was thronged with people, who gave a most cordial, though quiet, reception to the newly-married pair. On their arrival at Welbeck Abbey [Map] the visitors were received with every honour, and a bouquet was presented to Baroness Crewe. The employes on the estate of Dalmeny dined together last night in celebration of the marriage of Lady Peggy Primrose. Mr. Drysdale, the chamberlain, presided over a company of about 300. After dinner there was a dance, and a display of fireworks was given in the grounds. The burgh of Queensferry, which adjoins Lord Rosebery's Dalmeny estate, was decorated yesterday in honour of the wedding. A banquet was held in the council chambers, at which the health of the bride and bridegroom was honoured, and a congratulatory telegram forwarded to Baroness Crewe.

On 21 Apr 1905 Francis Godolphin Pelham 5th Earl Chichester (age 60) died. His son Jocelyn Pelham 6th Earl Chichester (age 33) succeeded 6th Earl Chichester 4C 1801, 7th Baron Pelham of Stanmer in Sussex and 11th Baronet Pelham of Laughton. Ruth Buxton Countess Chichester by marriage Countess Chichester.

On 21 Apr 1917 Cecil James Parnell (age 18) died. He was buried at All Saints Church, Barnwell [Map]. TR1O/27027, 31st (Training Reserve) Battalion, Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment). Died on service in United Kingdom.

Cecil James Parnell: Around 1899 he was born to Pharoah Parnell at Winwick, Huntingdonshire.

Battle of Istabulat

On 21 Apr 1917 Henry Molyneux Paget Howard 19th Earl Suffolk 12th Earl Berkshire (age 39) was killed in action when a piece of shrapnel entered his heart. His son Charles Howard 20th Earl of Suffolk, 13th Earl Berkshire (age 11) succeeded 20th Earl Suffolk 4C 1603, 13th Earl Berkshire 2C 1626.NOTEXT


On 01 Apr 1928 or 21 Apr 1928 Evan Morgan 2nd Viscount Tredegar (age 34) and Lois Sturt (age 27) were married.

PAINTINGS/MCEVOY/Lois_Sturt_1920_2.jpg PAINTINGS/MCEVOY/Lois_Sturt_1920.jpg PAINTINGS/KELLY/Lois_Sturt.jpg

On 21 Apr 1945 Philip Sidney 2nd Viscount de L'Isle was born to William Philip Sidney 1st Viscount de l'Isle (age 35) and Jacqueline Vereker Countess de l'Isle (age 30). He a great x 3 grandson of King William IV of the United Kingdom.

On 21 Apr 1956 Colin Tennant 3rd Baron Glenconner (age 29) and Anne Veronica Coke Baroness Glenconner (age 23) were married at St Withburga's Church, Holkham [Map]. The guests included Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon Queen Consort England (age 55) and Princess Margaret (age 25). Princess Margaret's future husband Antony Armstrong-Jones 1st Earl of Snowdon (age 26) took the photographs. She the daughter of Major Thomas William Edward Coke 5th Earl of Leicester (age 47) and Elizabeth Mary Yorke Countess of Leicester (age 44).