On this Day in History ... 21 May

21 May is in May.

1420 Treaty of Troyes

1424 Coronation of James I of Scotland

1471 Death of King Henry VI

1650 Battle of Carbisdale

1662 Marriage of Charles II and Catherine of Braganza

On 21 May 987 Louis "Do Nothing" V King West Francia (age 20) died without issue ending the Carolingian Dynasty. Hugh I King France (age 46) was elected King West Francia beginning the Capetian Dynasty.

On 21 May 996 Otto III King Italy III King Germany III Holy Roman Emperor (age 15) succeeded III Holy Roman Emperor.

On 21 May 1108 Archbishop Gerard died.

On 21 May 1254 Conrad Hohenstaufen King Germany (age 26) died.

On 21 May 1259 Bishop Fulk Basset (age 70) died.

On 21 May 1352 Philip Darcy 4th Baron Darcy of Knayth was born to John Darcy 2nd Baron Darcy of Knayth (age 35) and Elizabeth Meinhill Baroness Darcy Knayth and Haversham (age 20).

On 21 May 1393 Robert Grey 1st Baron Fitzpayn (age 72) died. Baron Fitzpayn 2C 1360 extinct.

Treaty of Troyes

On 21 May 1420 the Treaty of Troyes was signed at Troyes [Map]. Thomas Beaufort 1st Duke Exeter (age 43) and Ralph Cromwell 3rd Baron Cromwell (age 17) negotiated the terms which included the marriage of Henry V (age 33) and Catherine of Valois (age 18), daughter of Charles VI (age 51), and the acknowledgement of King Henry V of England (age 33) as Charles V's (age 51) heir disinheriting the Dauphin (age 17).

Coronation of James I of Scotland

On 21 May 1424 King James I of Scotland (age 29) was crowned I King Scotland at Scone Abbey [Map]. Joan Beaufort Queen Consort Scotland (age 20) was crowned Queen Consort Scotland.

Alexander Lindsay 2nd Earl Crawford and William Crichton 1st Lord Crichton were knighted.

Death of King Henry VI

On 21 May 1471 Henry VI (age 49) died (possibly murdered) in the Wakefield Tower in the Tower of London [Map].

On 21 May 1481 Christian I King Denmark (age 55) died. His son John King Denmark Norway and Sweden (age 26) succeeded King Denmark. Christina Queen Consort Denmark Norway and Sweden (age 19) by marriage Queen Consort Denmark.

Before 21 May 1524 Henry Radclyffe 2nd Earl of Sussex (age 17) and Elizabeth Howard (age 18) were married. She the daughter of Thomas Howard 2nd Duke of Norfolk (age 81) and Agnes Tilney Duchess Norfolk (age 47). He the son of Robert Radclyffe 1st Earl of Sussex (age 41) and Elizabeth Stafford Countess Sussex (age 45). He a great x 5 grandson of King Edward III of England. NOTEXT

On 21 May 1545 Robert Townshend was knighted by Henry VIII (age 53) at Hampton Court Palace [Map].


On 21 May 1545 Henry Carey 1st Baron Hunsdon (age 19) and Anne Morgan Baroness Hunsdon (age 16) were married. He a great x 5 grandson of King Edward III of England.

On 21 May 1615 Thomas Cornwall 11th Baron Burford (age 76) died at Burford [Map]. His son Thomas Cornwall 12th Baron Burford (age 42) succeeded 12th Baron Burford.

Battle of Carbisdale

On 21 May 1650 James Graham 1st Marquess Montrose (age 37) was hanged at Edinburgh [Map] following his capture at the Battle of Carbisdale. His body was dismembered following his death. His son James Graham 2nd Marquess Montrose (age 19) succeeded 2nd Marquess Montrose.

On 21 May 1653 Christopher Vane 1st Baron Barnard was born to Henry Vane "The Younger" (age 40) and Frances Wray (age 36).


Marriage of Charles II and Catherine of Braganza

On 21 May 1688 Thomas Pelham 1st Baron Pelham of Laughton (age 35) and Grace Holles Baroness Pelham were married. She the daughter of Gilbert Holles 3rd Earl Clare (age 55) and Grace Pierrepont Countess Clare (age 55).


Before 21 May 1718 George Henry Lee 2nd Earl Lichfield (age 28) and Frances Hales Countess Lichfield (age 21) were married. He the son of Edward Lee 1st Earl Lichfield and Charlotte Fitzroy Countess Lichfield. He a grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.


On 21 May 1718 George Henry Lee 3rd Earl Lichfield was born to George Henry Lee 2nd Earl Lichfield (age 28) and Frances Hales Countess Lichfield (age 21) at Windsor Castle [Map]. He a great grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

Minutes of the Society of Antiquaries. 21 May 1718. Mr Alexander gave an account of an Ancient Gold Ring found at Bridewell [Map] in digging under a foundation tis a quarter of an inch broad enamelled.

Mr President (age 57) produced an old Parliament deed dated about MCCXX [1220] sealed with the seal of the Abby of Tame, whose Abbot is an Arbitrator in a Cause between the Abbot of St Nicholas of Biddlesden [Map] and the Abbot of Oseney where he observes tis the only instance of Cistercian Order (Great Admirers of the Virgin Mary) of which the Abbot of Biddlesden was being dedicate to any other Saints.

On 21 May 1722 Charles Bennet 1st Earl Tankerville (age 48) died. His son Charles Bennet 2nd Earl Tankerville (age 24) succeeded 2nd Earl Tankerville 3C 1714, 3rd Baron Ossulston of Ossulston in Middlesex. Camilla Colville Countess Tankerville (age 25) by marriage Countess Tankerville.

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On 21 May 1741 Fletcher Norton 1st Baron Grantley (age 24) and Grace Chapple Baroness Grantley were married.

On 21 May 1762 James Lloyd 1st Baronet was born.

On 21 May 1772 John Singleton Copley 1st Baron Lyndhurst was born to John Singleton Copley (age 33).

On 21 May 1781 George Thicknesse 19th Baron Audley (age 24) and Elizabeth Delaval Baroness Audley (age 24) were married at St George's Church, Hanover Square. She by marriage Baroness Audley of Heighley in Staffordshire.

PAINTINGS/BELL/Elizabeth_Delaval.jpg PAINTINGS/ALCOCK/Elizabeth_Delaval.jpg

On 21 May 1788 Henry Francis Roper-Curzon 14th Baronet (age 21) and Bridget Hawkins Baroness Teynham were married. She by marriage Baroness Teynham of Teynham in Kent.

On 21 May 1818 George Montagu 6th Earl Sandwich (age 45) died. He was buried at All Saints Church, Barnwell [Map]. His son John William Montagu 7th Earl Sandwich (age 6) succeeded 7th Earl Sandwich.


On 21 May 1820 Robert Dennett Rodney 6th Baron Rodney was born to Captain Robert Rodney (age 34).

On 21 May 1824 John Hill 3rd Baronet (age 83) died. His grandson Rowland Hill 2nd Viscount Hill (age 24) succeeded 4th Baronet Hill of Hawkestone in Shropshire. Anne Clegg Viscoutess Hill (age 9) by marriage Lady Hill of Hawkestone in Shropshire.

On 21 May 1825 Rachel Howard (age 9) died. She was buried at St Lawrence's Church, Denton.

Rachel Howard: On 11 Oct 1815 she was born to John Howard (age 34) and Elizabeth m Howard (age 33).

Thomas Bateman 1845. On the 21st of May, 1845, was opened a barrow called Carder Lowe [Map], near Hartington, which is about fourteen yards in diameter, and, owing to the former removal of its summit, is not more than two feet in average elevation. In the process of excavation about eighty quartz pebbles and several instruments of flint were found, amongst the latter a very neatly-formed barbed arrow-head. These articles were possibly cast into the mound during its construction by mourners and friends of the deceased, as tokens of respect. In addition to these were a few pieces of a coarse urn, curiously ornamented.

About the centre was found the skeleton of the chiefs over whom the barrow had been at first raised. He lay upon the right side, with the head towards the east, and the legs contracted very slightly; at his elbow lay a splendid brass or bronze dagger, in a good state of preservation. It has three large rivets remaining, which had securely attached the handle, which was still easily traceable by the wood of which it had been composed having decayed into a black mould, which contrasted strongly with the light-coloured, clayey soil in which the body was imbedded. A few inches lower down was placed a beautiful axe- or hammer-head of light-coloured basalt of much smaller size than usual, and which was originally nicely polished. Close to the head was found a small piece of calcined flint, of no apparent design or form. The skeleton was surrounded with rats' bones, the undoubted remains of those four-footed cannibals who had preyed upon the body, and had endeavoured to devour the bones of this ancient British chief, many of the latter were half-eaten away. Rather nearer to the south side of the barrow, and on a higher level, another interment was discovered, which consisted of a skeleton of mighty size, the femur or thigh-bone measuring twenty-three inches in length, which would give a height to the owner, when alive, of six feet, eight or ten inches. Along with this lengthy individual, an iron knife and three hones of sandstone were deposited; also a few pieces of calcined bone. This was evidently a secondary interment, of later date than the one previously described, which was undoubtedly the original one.

Note. The bronze dagger on display at Weston Park Museum, Sheffield.

On 21 May 1852 James Mann 5th Earl Cornwallis (age 73) died. Earl Cornwallis extinct.


On 21 May 1896 John Verney 28th Baron Latimer 20th Baron Willoughby de Broke was born to Richard Verney 27th Baron Latimer 19th Baron Willoughby de Broke (age 27).

On 21 May 1915 Lieutenant Arthur George Coke (age 33) was killed in action whilst serving with the Royal Naval Air Service. He is commemorated on the Helles Memorial at Gallipoli. Memorial at St Withburga's Church, Holkham [Map].

Lieutenant Arthur George Coke: On 06 Apr 1882 he was born to Thomas William Coke 3rd Earl of Leicester (age 33) and Alice Emily White Countess Leicester (age 26).

On 21 May 1934 Cecil Talbot Clifton 24th Baron Grey of Ruthin (age 72) died. Baron Grey of Ruthyn 1324 abeyant between his sister Lelgarde Harry Florence Clifton (age 64) and his nephew John Lancelot Butler-Bowdon 25th Baron Grey of Ruthin (age 50).