On this Day in History ... 23rd June

23 Jun is in June.

1016-Battle of Brentford

1467 Tournament Bastard of Burgundy

1509 Coronation of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon

1528 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

1665 Battle of Lowestoft

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Events on the 23rd June

On 23 Jun 679 Seaxburh Wuffingas Queen Consort Kent was appointed Abbot Ely.

On 23 Jun 679 Æthelthryth Wuffingas Queen Consort Deira and Northumbria (age 43) died. She was buried at Ely Abbey [Map].

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. After 23 Jun 1016. The enemy went afterward from London with their ships into the Orwell; where they went up and proceeded into Mercia, slaying and burning whatsoever they overtook, as their custom is; and, having provided themselves with meat, they drove their ships and their herds into the Medway. Then assembled King Edmund (age 26) the fourth time all the English nation, and forded over the Thames at Brentford [Map]; whence he proceeded into Kent.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. After 23 Jun 1016. It was within two nights after that the king (age 26) went over at Brentford [Map]; where he fought with the enemy, and put them to flight: but there many of the English were drowned, from their own carelessness; who went before the main army with a design to plunder. After this the king (age 26) went into Wessex, and collected his army; but the enemy soon returned to London, and beset the city without, and fought strongly against it both by water and land. But the almighty God delivered them.

Liber de Antiquis Legibus 1255. 23 Jun 1255. This year, upon the Feast of Saint Eldreda [23 June] which was on a Sunday, the sister (age 14) of the King of Spain (age 33), wife of Sir Edward (age 16), eldest son of his lordship the King (age 47), came to London, and a countless multitude of Bishops, Earls, Barons, Knights, and citizens, went forth from the City to meet her, as also his lordship the King, in person; the City of London being most nobly tapestried and arrayed.

Calendars. 23 Jun 1463. Inspeximus and confirmation to the mayor, bailiffs and burgesses of Clyfton, Dertmuth and Hardenesse of (1) letters patent dated 14 December, 2 Richard II. inspecting and confirming a charter dated at the Tower of London, 14 April, 15 Edward III. [Charter Roll, 15 Edward III. No. 18,] and (2) a charter dated at Westminster, 5 November, 17 Richard II. [Charter Noll, 15-17 Richard II. No. 10]; and grant that the adjoining township of Southtouudertemouth shall henceforth be annexed to the said borough of Cliftondertemouth Hardenasse, in consideration of the fact that the burgesses keep watches against invaders on the confines of the township and beyond at a place called 'Galions Boure' but the inhabitants of the township contribute nothing because they do not enjoy the liberties of the borough. Th« mayor and bailiffs shall have return of writs and execu- tion thereof within the said township and the liberty of the borough, saving always the right of the lord of the fee of the township, and all pleas real and personal and attachments and fines and amercements, and also view of frauk-pledge and all that peitains to it. And they may acquire, in mortmain, after inquisition, lands, tenements, rents and other possessions, not held in chief, to the value of 201. yearly. Witnesses: Th. archbishop of Canterbury (age 45), W. archbishop of York (age 75), G. Bishop of  Exeter (age 31), the chancellor, J. Bishop of  Carlisle, the king's brothers George, duke of Clarence (age 13), and Richard, duke of Gloucester (age 10), the king's kinsmen Richard, Earl of Warwick (age 34), and John, Earl of Worcester (age 36), treasurer of England, Robert Styllyngton (age 43), king's clerk, keeper of the privy seal, and William Hastynges of Hastynges (age 32), the king's chamberlain, and John Wenlok of Wenlok (age 63), knights.

On 23 Jun 1467 the Tournament was brought to a premature close following the announcement of the death of the Bastard's (age 46) father Philip "Good" Valois III Duke Burgundy (deceased).

On 23 Jun 1509 King Henry VIII of England and Ireland (age 17) created Knights of the Bath ...

Robert Radclyffe 1st Earl of Sussex (age 26)

Henry Scrope 7th Baron Scrope of Bolton (age 27)

George Fitzhugh 7th Baron Fitzhugh (age 23)

William Blount 4th Baron Mountjoy (age 31)

Henry Daubeney 1st Earl Bridgewater (age 15)

Thomas Brooke 8th Baron Cobham (age 39)

Henry Clifford 1st Earl of Cumberland (age 16)

Maurice Berkeley 4th Baron Berkeley (age 42)

Thomas Knyvet (age 24)

Andrew Windsor 1st Baron Windsor (age 42)

Thomas Parr (age 26)

Thomas Boleyn 1st Earl Wiltshire and Ormonde (age 32)

Richard Wentworth 5th Baron Despencer (age 29)

Henry Ughtred 6th Baron Ughtred

Francis Cheney (age 28)

Henry Wyatt (age 49)

George Hastings 1st Earl Huntingdon (age 22)

Sir Thomas Metham of Metham, Yorkshire

Sir Thomas Bedingfield

John Shelton (age 32)

Either Giles Alington (age 26) or his son Giles Alington (age 10).

Sir John Trevanion

Sir William Crowmer

Sir John Heydon of Baconsthorpe in Norfolk

Goddard Oxenbridge

Henry Sacheverell (age 34).

Letters and Papers 1509. 23 Jun 1509. 88. Thomas Earl of Surrey (age 66). To be Marshal of England on 23 and 24 June, the latter day being appointed for the Coronation. S.B. [212.]

Letters and Papers 1509. 23 Jun 1509. 87. Edward Duke of Buckingham (age 31). To be Great Constable of England on 23 June only, viz., the day preceding the Coronation. S.B. [211.]

Letters and Papers 1528. 23 Jun 1528. 4409. His Highness marvellously commends the French king's religious demeanour on Corpus Christi Day against the damnable behavior of those, worse than Jews, that would do such despite to the blessed images; and he told the gentlemen of his Privy Chamber the whole manner of it, and desired me to read to them the clause concerning it in the Bishop of Bath's letter. When in the Bishop's letter I read the clause, that many noblemen in France were right sorry the king of France had not such a councillor [as Wolsey], the King said, "Yea, by God! I blame them never a deal." He liked the rest of the letter, and the French king's letter to the Pope, and to his ambassador resident in Rome, but thought the latter more effectually worded. He said he would send copies of them to Mistress Ann for her consolation. He likes the French king's letters to the Venetians for Ravenna and Cervia; and thinks, if they are put into the hands of Francis, the Pope will be more compliant, who, he is afraid, is now sticking for fear of the Emperor, by the tarrying of Mr. Stephen's letter. All being read by 11 o'clock at night, he said he would see the news about Spain today; but he has not yet come down. Generally, in going and coming, he turns into my chamber to talk with me about his book.

At this word his Highness came in, asking me how far I had done. Thereupon I put him in mind of the news from Spain, and to sign the king of Scots' letter, which he said he would do soon; and he is gone a-walking. Mr. Cary (deceased), whom I met after he had been with his wife (age 29) at Plashey [Map], is dead of the sweat. Will repair to Wolsey by short stages of ten miles, going by water through London Bridge. No earthly riches could persuade him to travel much now, as nothing causes the sweat more than much travel and the sun. Is worse than he was. Hunsdon, Tuesday, 23 June 1528.

Letters and Papers 1528. 23 Jun 1528. 4408. Thomas Hennege to Wolsey.

"Laud be Jesu, the King's grace is very merry since he came to this house, for there was none fell sick of the sweat since he came hither, and ever after dinner he shoth (shooteth ?) to supper time. This morning is told me that Mistress Ann (age 27) and my Lord of Roxfort (age 25) had the sweat, and was past the danger thereof." Mr. Carre (deceased) begs you to be gracious to his sister, a nun in Wilton Abbey, to be prioress there, according to your promise. Mr. Tuke is here, and lies in the court under the King's privy chamber, so that he may come at the King's pleasure. At every meal the King sends him a dish from his table. The King will tarry here 14 days. Hunsdon, 23 June.

This night, as the King went to bed, word came of the death of William Care (deceased).

Letters and Papers 1528. 23 Jun 1528. Love Letters IX. 4410. Henry VIII (age 36) to Anne Boleyn (age 27).

The cause of my writing at this time, good sweetheart, is only to understand of your good health and prosperity, whereof to know I would be as glad as in manner mine own; praying God that (and it be His pleasure) to send us shortly together, for I promise you I long for it, howbeit trust it shall not be long to; and seeing my darling is absent, I can no less do than to send her some flesh representing my name, which is hart's flesh for Henry, prognosticating that hereafter, God willing, you must enjoy some of mine, which, He pleased, I would were now. As touching your sister's (age 29) matter, I have caused Water Welze to write to my Lord my mind therein, whereby I trust that Eve shall not have power to deceive Adam; for surely, whatsoever is said, it cannot so stand with his honor but that he2 must needs take her his natural daughter now in her extreme necessity. No more to you at this time, mine own darling, but that a while I would we were together of an evening. With the hand of yours, &c.

Note 1. So in the Harl. Misc. copy, which seems there to give the right reading. The Pamphleteer reads: "that we shall not have poure to dyslave Adam."

Note 2. Thomas Boleyn 1st Earl Wiltshire and Ormonde (age 51).

Letters and Papers 1528. 23 Jun 1528. R. O. 4413. R. Lord Fitzwater to Wolsey.

Care (deceased) died on Monday last, leaving vacant the stewardship of the duchy of Lancaster in Essex, the constableship of the Castle of Plashe [Map], the keeping of the two parks, and other offices in the King's gift. Asks Wolsey to obtain those above mentioned for him, as they are near his house. Signed.

Letters and Papers 1528. 23 Jun 1528. 4409. When I came to that part of your letter mentioning your counsel to the King for avoiding infection he thanked your Grace, and showed the manner of the infection; how folks were taken; how little danger there was if good order be observed; how few were dead of it; how Mistress Ann (Boleyn) (age 27) and my Lord Rochford (age 25) both have had it; what jeopardy they have been in by the turning in of the sweat before the time; of the endeavor of Mr. Buttes (age 42), who hath been with them in his return; and finally of their perfect recovery. He begs you will keep out of infection, and that you will use small suppers, drink little wine, "namely, that is big," and once in the week use the pills of Rasis; and if it come, to sweat moderately, and at the full time, without suffering it to run in, &c.

On 23 Jun 1533, or 25 Jun 1533 for which the source is unclear, Mary Tudor Queen Consort France (age 37) died at Westhorpe, Suffolk [Map].

Wriothesley's Chronicle 1530-1539. 23 Jun 1533. This yeare, on Midsommer eaven, died the French Queene (age 37),a sister to the Kinge (age 41), and wife to the Duke of Suffolke (age 49), and was buried at Sainct Edmondesburie in Suffolke.

Note a. Mary (age 37), sister to Henry VIII (age 41) and Queen Dowager of France, died at the manor of Westhorpe [Map], in Suffolk, on the 23rd June, and was buried (July 22) at the monastery of St. Edmondsbury, where her corpse was found in a perfect state on September 6th, 1784, being 251 years after her interment.

On 18 Jun 1603 William Skipwith (age 39) met Anne of Denmark Queen Consort Scotland England and Ireland (age 28) at Worksop Manor, and she and her son Prince Henry (age 9) went on to stay in his house at Leicester on 23 Jun 1603, despite fears of plague. Princess Elizabeth (age 6) stayed at the house of Mr Pilkington.

On 23 Jun 1620 Samuel Barnardiston 1st Baronet was born to Nathaniel Barnardiston (age 32) and Jane Soame.

On 23 Jun 1654 Richard Onslow 1st Baron Onslow was born to Arthur Onslow 1st and 2nd Baronet (age 30) and Mary Foote (age 23).

Pepy's Diary. 23 Jun 1664. So to the 'Change [Map], and then home to dinner and to my office, where till 10 at night very busy, and so home to supper and to bed. My cozen, Thomas Pepys, was with me yesterday and I took occasion to speak to him about the bond I stand bound for my Lord Sandwich (age 38) to him in £1000. I did very plainly, obliging him to secrecy, tell him how the matter stands, yet with all duty to my Lord my resolution to be bound for whatever he desires me for him, yet that I would be glad he had any other security. I perceive by Mr. Moore today that he hath been with my Lord, and my Lord how he takes it I know not, but he is looking after other security and I am mighty glad of it. W. Howe was with me this afternoon, to desire some things to be got ready for my Lord against his going down to his ship, which will be soon; for it seems the King (age 34) and both the Queenes (age 54) intend to visit him. The Lord knows how my Lord will get out of this charge; for Mr. Moore tells me to-day that he is £10,000 in debt and this will, with many other things that daily will grow upon him (while he minds his pleasure as he do), set him further backward. But it was pretty this afternoon to hear W. Howe mince the matter, and say that he do believe that my Lord is in debt £2000 or £3000, and then corrected himself and said, No, not so, but I am afraid he is in debt £1000. I pray God gets me well rid of his Lordship as to his debt, and I care not.

Evelyn's Diary. 23 Jun 1665. The Duke of York (age 31) told us that, when we were in fight, his dog sought out absolutely the very securest place in all the vessel. In the afternoon, I saw the pompous reception and audience of El Conde de Molino, the Spanish Ambassador, in the Banqueting-house [Map], both their Majesties [Note. King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 35) and Catherine of Braganza Queen Consort England (age 26)] sitting together under the canopy of state.

Pepy's Diary. 23 Jun 1665. After the Committee was up, my Lord Sandwich (age 39) did take me aside, and we walked an hour alone together in the robe-chamber, the door shut, telling me how much the Duke (age 31) and Mr. Coventry (age 37) did, both in the fleete and here, make of him, and that in some opposition to the Prince (age 45); and as a more private message, he told me that he hath been with them both when they have made sport of the Prince (age 45) and laughed at him: yet that all the discourse of the towne, and the printed relation, should not give him one word of honour my Lord thinks mighty strange; he assuring me, that though by accident the Prince (age 45) was in the van the beginning of the fight for the first pass, yet all the rest of the day my Lord was in the van, and continued so. That notwithstanding all this noise of the Prince (age 45), he had hardly a shot in his side nor a man killed, whereas he hath above 30 in her hull, and not one mast whole nor yard; but the most battered ship of the fleet, and lost most men, saving Captain Smith of "The Mary". That the most the Duke (age 31) did was almost out of gun-shot; but that, indeed, the Duke (age 31) did come up to my Lord's rescue after he had a great while fought with four of them.

Evelyn's Diary. 23 Jun 1665. I dined with Sir Robert Paston (age 34), since Earl of Yarmouth, and saw the Duke of Verneuille (age 63), base brother to the Queen-Mother (age 55), a handsome old man, a great hunter.

Pepy's Diary. 23 Jun 1667. The King of France (age 28), it is believed, is engaged for this year1 so that we shall be safe as to him. The great misery the City and kingdom is like to suffer for want of coals in a little time is very visible, and, is feared, will breed a mutiny; for we are not in any prospect to command the sea for our colliers to come, but rather, it is feared, the Dutch may go and burn all our colliers at Newcastle [Map]; though others do say that they lie safe enough there. No news at all of late from Bredagh what our Treaters do.

Note 1. Louis XIV (age 28) was at this time in Flanders, with his Queen (age 28), his mistresses, and all his Court. Turenne commanded under him. Whilst Charles was hunting moths at Baroness Castlemaine's (age 26), and the English fleet was burning, Louis was carrying on the campaign with vigour. Armentieres was taken on the 28th May; Charleroi on the 2nd June, St. Winox on the 6th, Fumes on the 12th, Ath on the 16th, Toumay on the 24th; the Escarpe on the 6th July, Courtray on the 18th, Audenarde on the 31st; and Lisle on the 27th August. B.

On 23 Jun 1703 Marie Leszczyńska Queen Consort France was born.

On 23 Jun 1805 Albert Way was born to Lewis Way (age 33) and Mary Drewe at Bath, Somerset [Map].

After 23 Jun 1830 Monument to Hester Hornby.

On 23 Jun 1835 Fanny Entwhistle aka Eaton was born.

On 23 Jun 1876 Matthew Noble (age 59) died at his home 43 Abingdon Villas. He was buried at Brompton Cemetery.

On 23 Jun 1894 King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom was born to George V King United Kingdom (age 29) and Victoria Mary Teck Queen Consort England (age 27). Coefficient of inbreeding 1.84%.

Births on the 23rd June

On 23 Jun 1357 Miles Stapleton was born to Miles Stapleton (age 37) at Ingham, Norfolk.

On 23 Jun 1432 Eleanor Ros was born to Robert Ros of Gedney (age 26) and Joan Skelton (age 22).

On 23 Jun 1433 Francis Montfort II Duke Brittany was born to Richard Montfort (age 38) and Margaret Valois (age 26). Coefficient of inbreeding 4.62%.

On 23 Jun 1561 Stephen Bachiler was born.

On 23 Jun 1593 Elisabeth of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel Duchess of Saxe-Altenburg was born to Henry Julius Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg (age 28) and Elizabeth Oldenburg (age 19) at Wolfenbüttel.

On 23 Jun 1594 Thomas Tyrell was born to Edward Tyrrell (age 43) and Mary Aston.

On 23 Jun 1601 Anna Maria of Ostfriesland was born to Count Enno III of East Frisia (age 37) and Anna of Holstein-Gottorp (age 26).

On or before 23 Jun 1614 Thomas Ingram was born to Arthur Ingram (age 49). He was baptised on 23 Jun 1614.

On 23 Jun 1620 Samuel Barnardiston 1st Baronet was born to Nathaniel Barnardiston (age 32) and Jane Soame.

On 23 Jun 1622 Richard Cust 1st Baronet was born.

On 23 Jun 1624 Edward Walpole of Houghton was born to Robert Walpole (age 30) and Susan Barkham (age 22).

On 23 Jun 1625 Bishop John Fell was born.

On 23 Jun 1643 Leonard Robinson was born to Thomas Robinson.

On 23 Jun 1654 Richard Onslow 1st Baron Onslow was born to Arthur Onslow 1st and 2nd Baronet (age 30) and Mary Foote (age 23).

On 23 Jun 1662 Wadham Wyndham was born to Wadham Wyndham (age 52) and Barbara Clarke (age 34).

On or before 23 Jun 1668 John Molesworth 3rd Baronet was born to John Molesworth 2nd Baronet (age 33) and Margery Wise Lady Molesworth. He was baptised on 23 Jun 1668 at Pencarrow House, Cornwall.

On 23 Jun 1679 Cholmley Dering 4th Baronet was born to Edward Dering 3rd Baronet (age 29) and Elizabeth Cholmley Lady Dering (age 15).

On 23 Jun 1695 Louise Anne Bourbon Condé was born to Louis Bourbon Condé (age 26) and Louise Françoise Bourbon (age 22). She a great x 3 granddaughter of King James I of England and Ireland and VI of Scotland.

On 23 Jun 1696 Francis Wood was born to Henry Wood (age 50).

On 23 Jun 1698 Nassau Powlett was born to Charles Paulet 2nd Duke Bolton (age 37) and Henrietta Scott aka Crofts (age 16). He a great grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 23 Jun 1703 Marie Leszczyńska Queen Consort France was born.

On 23 Jun 1741 William Trench 1st Earl of Clancarty was born.

On or before 23 Jun 1763 Trevor Wheler 8th Baronet was born to Charles Wheler 7th Baronet (age 32) and Lucy Strange Lady Wheler. He was baptised at All Saints' Church, Leamington Hastings on 23 Jun 1763

On 23 Jun 1785 Charles Augustus North was born to Bishop Brownlow North (age 43) and Henrietta Maria Bannister (age 35).

On 23 Jun 1805 Albert Way was born to Lewis Way (age 33) and Mary Drewe at Bath, Somerset [Map].

On 23 Jun 1812 Henry Beauclerk was born to William Beauclerk 8th Duke St Albans (age 45) and Maria Janetta Nelthorpe Duchess St Albans. He a great x 3 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 27 May 1820 Sophie Lambe was born to Alfred Lambe (age 31) and Anne Philpot (age 29). She was baptised on 23 Jun 1820.

On 23 Jun 1828 Charlotte Still Dashwood was born to Colonel Alexander Wilton Dashwood (age 31).

On 23 Jun 1829 Edmund George Petre was born to William Henry Francis Petre 11th Baron Petre (age 36) and Emma Agnes Howard (age 25).

On 23 Jun 1829 Hedworth Joliffe 2nd Baron Hylton was born to William Jolliffe 1st Baron Hylton (age 28) and Eleanor Paget.

On 23 Jun 1835 Fanny Entwhistle aka Eaton was born.

On 23 Jun 1841 Arthur Charles Lewin Cadogan was born to Henry Cadogan 4th Earl Cadogan (age 29) and Mary Sarah Wellesley Countess Cadogan (age 32). Coefficient of inbreeding 6.25%.

On 23 Jun 1857 Sibyl Marcia Graham Baroness Houghton was born to Frederick Ulric Graham 3rd Baronet (age 37) and Jane Hermione Seymour Lady Graham (age 25). Coefficient of inbreeding 3.57%.

On 23 Jun 1861 Henry George Grosvenor was born to Hugh Lupus Grosvenor 1st Duke Westminster (age 35) and Constance Leveson-Gower Duchess Westminster (age 27). Coefficient of inbreeding 7.06%.

On 23 Jun 1887 Robert Wynne Bankes was born to John Eldon Bankes (age 33) and Edith Ethelston (age 31).

On 23 Jun 1894 King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom was born to George V King United Kingdom (age 29) and Victoria Mary Teck Queen Consort England (age 27). Coefficient of inbreeding 1.84%.

On 23 Jun 1904 Thomas Harrison was born to John Harrison (age 29).

On 23 Jun 1907 Margaret Lane Countess Huntingdon was born.

On 23 Jun 1908 Jaime Bourbon was born to Alfonso XIII King Spain (age 22) and Victoria Eugénie Mountbatten Queen Consort Spain (age 20). She a great granddaughter of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

On 23 Jun 1912 Albert Harry George Campbell Grey was born to George Archibald Grey (age 25).

On 23 Jun 1913 Francis Goodman was born Francis Julian Gutmann in London to German-Jewish parents, ‘Franzie’ was brought up in Munich from 1919.

On 23 Jun 1926 Ian George Eden 9th Baron Auckland was born to Major Terence Eden 8th Baron Auckland (age 33) and Evelyn Vane Drummond of Cromlix Baroness Auckland (age 21). Coefficient of inbreeding 6.30%.

On 23 Jun 1928 Lavinia Mary Keppel was born to Arnold Ramsay Keppel (age 48).

On 23 Jun 1949 Michael Middleton was born to Captain Peter Middleton (age 28) and Valerie Glassborow (age 25).

Marriages on the 23rd June

Before 23 Jun 1432 Robert Ros of Gedney (age 26) and Joan Skelton (age 22) were married. He a great x 4 grandson of King Henry III of England.

Before 23 Jun 1523 Andrew Edmondes and Elizabeth Bledlow Baroness Williams (age 19) were married.

Before 23 Jun 1551 George Rolle (age 56) and Margery Unknown were married.

Before 23 Jun 1624 Robert Walpole (age 30) and Susan Barkham (age 22) were married.

Before 23 Jun 1632 Henry Savile 1st Baronet (age 53) and Mary Dent were married.

Before 23 Jun 1654 Arthur Onslow 1st and 2nd Baronet (age 30) and Mary Foote (age 23) were married.

Before 23 Jun 1679 Edward Dering 3rd Baronet (age 29) and Elizabeth Cholmley Lady Dering (age 15) were married.

On 23 Jun 1690 Joseph 3rd Baronet (age 25) and Penelope Evelyn Lady Alston (age 17) were married. She by marriage Lady Alston of Chelsea. They had twenty-two children.

On 23 Jun 1707 Brook Bridges 1st Baronet (age 27) and Margaret Marsham were married.

On 23 Jun 1713 John Shute aka Barrington 1st Viscount Barrington (age 35) and Anne Daines Viscountess Barrington (age 23) were married.

On 23 Jun 1744 Gwyn Goldstone and Grace Duckett (age 30) were married.

On 23 Jun 1760 Henry Hoghton 6th Baronet (age 31) and Elizabeth Ashurst were married.

On 23 Jun 1782 Henry Russell 1st Baronet (age 30) and Anne Barbara Whitworth Lady Russell were married. They had six sons and five daughters.

On 23 Jun 1803 John Russell 6th Duke Bedford (age 36) and Georgiana Gordon Duchess Bedford (age 21) were married. She by marriage Duchess Bedford. She the daughter of Alexander Gordon 4th Duke Gordon (age 60) and Jane Maxwell Duchess Gordon (age 55). He a great x 2 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 23 Jun 1806 William Sloane Stanley (age 26) and Gertrude Howard (age 23) were married. She the daughter of Frederick Howard 5th Earl Carlisle (age 58) and Margaret Caroline Leveson-Gower Countess Carlisle.

On 23 Jun 1808 Arthur John Henry Somerset (age 28) and Elizabeth Bocawen were married. He the son of Henry Somerset 5th Duke Beaufort and Elizabeth Boscawen Duchess Beaufort (age 61). They were first cousins.

On 23 Jun 1812 or 25 Jun 1812 Edmund Craster of Preston (age 50) and Phillis Buston (age 21) were married. The difference in their ages was 28 years.

On 23 Jun 1824 George Wombwell 3rd Baronet (age 32) and Georgiana Hunter were married.

On 23 Jun 1837 Reverend William Bridgeman-Simpson (age 23) and Frances Laura Wentworth-Fitzwilliam (age 23) were married. She the daughter of Charles Wentworth-Fitzwilliam 5th and 3rd Earl Fitzwilliam (age 51) and Mary Dundas.

On 23 Jun 1844 Charles Stanley Monck 4th Viscount Monck (age 24) and Elizabeth Louise Mary Monck were married. She the daughter of Henry Monck 1st Earl of Rathdowne (age 58). They were first cousins.

On 23 Jun 1849 William Henry Paulett 6th Earl Paulett (age 21) and Elizabeth Lavinia Newman Countess Poulett were married.

On 23 Jun 1863 James Walker 2nd Baronet (age 33) and Louisa Susan Marlborough Heron-Maxwell (age 22) were married at St James' Church, Piccadilly. They had nine children.

On 23 Jun 1864 Admiral Edward Southwell Sotheby (age 51) and Lucy Elizabeth Adeane (age 32) were married.

On 23 Jun 1904 Guy Greville Wilson (age 27) and Isabel Innes-Kerr (age 25) were married. She the daughter of James Henry Robert Innes-Kerr 7th Duke Roxburghe and Anne Emily Spencer-Churchill Duchess Roxburghe (age 49).

On 23 Jun 1908 John Hubert Ward (age 38) and Jean Templeton Reid (age 23) were married at the Chapel Royal, St James's Palace. He the son of William Ward 1st Earl of Dudley and Georgina Moncrieffe Countess Dudley (age 61).

Before 23 Jun 1949, the date of her second marriage, Major Archibald Edward Cubitt (age 48) and Sibell Margaret Norman (age 41) were divorced.

Before 23 Jun 1949 Captain Peter Middleton (age 28) and Valerie Glassborow (age 25) were married.

On 23 Jun 1949 Lieutenant-Colonel Ronald Dawnay (age 41) and Sibell Margaret Norman (age 41) were married.

Deaths on the 23rd June

On 23 Jun 679 Æthelthryth Wuffingas Queen Consort Deira and Northumbria (age 43) died. She was buried at Ely Abbey [Map].

On 23 Jun 1293 Nicholas Condé (age 58) died.

On 23 Jun 1324 Aymer de Valence 2nd Earl Pembroke (age 49) died. He was buried at Westminster Abbey [Map] where his tomb effigy can still be seen as a splendid example of late gothic architecture. Earl Pembroke extinct.

On 23 Jun 1361 Bishop Thomas Lisle (age 63) died.

On 23 Jun 1372 John Tuchet (age 22) died.

Around 23 Jun 1484 Bishop Lionel Woodville (age 37) died.

On 23 Jun 1486 Ralph Bulmer died.

On 23 Jun 1514 Henry "The Elder" Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg (age 51) died.

On 23 Jun 1523 Andrew Edmondes died.

Around 23 Jun 1527 Richard Alleyn of Thaxted (age 57) died.

On 23 Jun 1533, or 25 Jun 1533 for which the source is unclear, Mary Tudor Queen Consort France (age 37) died at Westhorpe, Suffolk [Map].

Before 23 Jun 1556 John Hay 4th Lord Hay died. His son William Hay 5th Lord Hay (age 18) succeeded 4th Lord Hay of Yester.

On 23 Jun 1567 John Gordon 11th Earl Sutherland (age 42) died at Dunrobin Castle, Dunrobin. His son Alexander Gordon 12th Earl Sutherland (age 15) succeeded 12th Earl Sutherland. Jean Gordon Countess Bothwell and Sutherland (age 21) by marriage Countess Sutherland.

On 23 Jun 1567 Marie Seton Countess Menteith and Sutherland died at Dunrobin Castle, Dunrobin.

On 23 Jun 1586 Henry Cheeke (age 38) died.

On 23 Jun 1605 Arthur Pole (age 30) was murdered.

On or before 23 Jun 1624 Susan Barkham (age 22) died. On 09 Nov 1622 she was buried in St Martin's Church, Houghton Hall.

Before 23 Jun 1630 William Courtenay died.

On 23 Jun 1630 William Courtenay 3rd Earl Devon (age 77) died at London. He was buried at Powderham Church Powderham, Devon. His son Francis Courtenay 4th Earl Devon (age 54) de jure 4th Earl Devon. Elizabeth Seymour Countess Devon (age 23) by marriage Countess Devon.

On 23 Jun 1631 Duncan Campbell 1st Baronet (age 80) died.

On 23 Jun 1632 Henry Savile 1st Baronet (age 53) died without surviving issue. Baronet Savile of Methley extinct.

On 23 Jun 1637 Thomas Eyre (age 68) died.

On 23 Jun 1666 Francis Prujean (age 73) died. He was buried at Hornchurch.

On 23 Jun 1686 William Coventry (age 58) died.

On 23 Jun 1691 William Gardiner 1st Baronet (age 63) died.

On 23 Jun 1693 John Tempest 1st Baronet (age 48) died. His son George Tempest 2nd Baronet (age 21) succeeded 2nd Baronet Tempest of Tong in Yorkshire.

Around 23 Jun 1716 Lyon Pilkington 4th Baronet (age 33) died. His son Lionel Pilkington 5th Baronet (age 9) succeeded 5th Baronet Pilkington of Stanley in Yorkshire.

On 23 Jun 1719 Christopher Wandesford 2nd Viscount Castlecomer (age 35) died. His son Christopher Wandesford 3rd Viscount Castlecomer (age 2) succeeded 3rd Viscount Castlecomer, 3rd Baron Wandesford, 4th Baronet Wandesford of Kirklington.

On 23 Jun 1723 William Wilson 3rd Baronet (age 18) died. His uncle Thomas Wilson 4th Baronet (age 41) succeeded 4th Baronet Wilson of Eastbourne in Sussex.

On 23 Jun 1743 Frances Ashurst died.

On 23 Jun 1751 John Francis Buller (age 56) died.

On 23 Jun 1762 Charles Cornwallis 1st Earl Cornwallis (age 62) died. His son Charles Cornwallis 1st Marquess Cornwallis (age 23) succeeded 2nd Earl Cornwallis.

On 23 Jun 1782 George Fitzgerald died.

On 23 Jun 1790 Anne Shippen (age 79) died.

On 23 Jun 1797 Elizabeth Stanley died.

On 23 Jun 1812 Barnard Bowes Foord-Bowes (age 42) died.

On 23 Jun 1815 John Eardley-Wilmot (age 67) died in Bengal, India.

On 23 Jun 1819 Louisa Kerr (age 50) died.

On 23 Jun 1820 Countess Louise Caroline von Hochberg (age 52) died.

On 23 Jun 1821 Louise Marie de Bourbon Duchess of Orléans (age 68) died.

On 23 Jun 1823 William Lubbock (age 76) died.

On 23 Jun 1823 Elizabeth Waldegrave Countess Cardigan (age 65) died.

On 23 Jun 1825 William Clive (age 79) died.

On 23 Jun 1831 Robert Spencer (age 84) died.

On 23 Jun 1839 Hester Lucy Stanhope Traveller (age 63) died.

On 23 Jun 1843 Major-General Robert Kerr (age 62) died.

On 23 Jun 1856 Elizabeth Hoare (age 69) died.

On 23 Jun 1857 Charlotte Fitzroy (age 71) died.

On 23 Jun 1860 Edmund Hayes 3rd Baronet (age 53) died.

On 23 Jun 1861 John Campbell 1st Baron Campbell (age 81) died.

On 23 Jun 1863 General William Thomas Knollys (age 65) died.

On 23 Jun 1867 Elizabeth Yorke Lady Stuart (age 78) died.

On 23 Jun 1868 John Henry Lowther 2nd Baronet (age 75) died unmarried. His brother Charles Lowther 3rd Baronet (age 64) succeeded 2nd Baronet Lowther of Swillington in West Yorkshire.

On 23 Jun 1876 Matthew Noble (age 59) died at his home 43 Abingdon Villas. He was buried at Brompton Cemetery.

On 23 Jun 1885 Georgiana Elizabeth Talbot died.

On 23 Jun 1889 Francis Horace Pierrepont Cecil (age 37) died.

On 23 Jun 1897 Edith Williams Countess Aylesford (age 53) died.

On 23 Jun 1900 Francis Henry Stirling Willoughby (age 51) died.

On 23 Jun 1936 Rupert Ernest William Gascoyne-Cecil (age 73) died.

On 23 Jun 1940 Frances Margaret Lawrance Baroness Vernon died.

On 23 Jun 1952 Gavin Hamilton 2nd Baron Hamilton of Dalzell (age 79) died.

On 23 Jun 1957 Albert Nelson 6th Earl Nelson (age 66) died. His brother Henry Nelson 7th Earl Nelson (age 63) succeeded 7th Earl Nelson of Trafalgar and Merson in Surrey, 7th Viscount Merton.

On 23 Jun 1979 Joan Douglas-Scott-Montagu (age 76) died.

On 23 Jun 1982 Anne Acland-Troyte (age 70) died.

On 23 Jun 1987 Mary Cambridge Duchess Beaufort (age 90) died.

On 23 Jun 1992 John George Spencer-Churchill (age 83) died.