On this Day in History ... 29 August

29 Aug is in August.

1156 Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine Reunited

1350 Battle of Winchelsea

1475 Treaty of Picquigny

1571 Ridolphi Plot

1613 Thomas Overbury Murder and Trial of his Murderers

1660 Indemnity and Oblivion Act

1842 Treaty of Nanking

On 29 Aug 979 Otto Vermandois I Count Vermandois was born to Herbert Vermandois III Count Vermandois (age 26) and Ermengard of Bar Countess Vermandois (age 33).

On 29 Aug 1093 Hugh I Duke Burgundy (age 36) died. His brother Odo "Red" I Duke Burgundy (age 35) succeeded I Duke Burgundy. Sybilla Ivrea Duchess Burgundy (age 28) by marriage Duchess Burgundy.

Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine Reunited

Liber de Antiquis Legibus 1255. 29 Aug 1255. After this, on the Sunday before the Decollation of Saint John [29 August] the King of Scotland (age 13) and his Queen (age 14) came to London, the City being decorated and hung with tapestry.

Before 29 Aug 1320 Robert Welles 2nd Baron Welles (age 24) and Maud Clare Baroness Clifford Baroness Welles (age 44) were married. She by marriage Baroness Welles. The difference in their ages was 20 years. She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England.

On 29 Aug 1320 Robert Welles 2nd Baron Welles (age 24) died. His brother Adam Welles 3rd Baron Welles (age 16) succeeded 3rd Baron Welles.

On 29 Aug 1321 John "Sans Terre" Artois 1st Count Eu was born to Robert III Artois (age 34) and Joan Valois Countess Zeeland Holland Avesnes and Hainault (age 27). He a great x 2 grandson of King Henry III of England. Coefficient of inbreeding 1.98%.

Before 29 Aug 1338 Edward Montagu 1st Baron Montagu and Alice Plantagenet (age 14) were married. She the daughter of Thomas of Brotherton 1st Earl Norfolk (deceased) and Alice Hales Countess Norfolk. She a granddaughter of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

Battle of Winchelsea

On 29 Aug 1350 the English fleet defeated a Castilian fleet at Winchelsea [Map] during the Battle of Winchelsea. Around twenty Castilian ships were captured; several were sunk. For the English King Edward III of England (age 37) and his son Edward "Black Prince" (age 20), James Audley (age 32), Henry Scrope 1st Baron Scrope Masham (age 37), Henry of Grosmont 1st Duke Lancaster (age 40) and John Sully (age 67) fought.

On 29 Aug 1395 Albert "With the Pigtail" Habsburg III Duke Austria (age 45) died. His son Albert Habsburg IV Duke Austria (age 17) succeeded IV Duke Austria.

On 29 Aug 1442 John Montfort V Duke Brittany (age 52) died. His son Francis Montfort I Duke Brittany (age 28) succeeded I Duke Brittany.

On 29 Aug 1454 Henry Grey 4th or 7th Baron Grey of Codnor (age 19) and Katherine Strangeways Baroness Grey Codnor were married. She by marriage Baroness Grey of Codnor 1299. They were third cousin once removed. She a great x 2 granddaughter of King Edward III of England.

After 29 Aug 1464 Peter Luxemburg II Count Saint Pol and Soissons (age 24) and Margaret Savoy Countess Saint Pol (age 25) were married. She the daughter of Louis Savoy I Count Savoy (age 51) and Anne Cyprus Countess Savoy. He the son of Louis Luxemburg I Count Saint Pol (age 46) and Jeanne of Bar Countess Soissons. They were third cousin once removed. He a great x 3 grandson of King Edward III of England. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

Treaty of Picquigny

On 29 Aug 1475 Edward IV (age 33) signed the Treaty of Picquigny; in effect a non-aggression pact or, possibly, a protection racket. France would pay Edward a pension of 50,000 crowns per year as long as he didn't invade France. Cardinal Bourchier (age 57) arbitrated on behalf of Edward. William Hastings (age 44) received a pension of 2000 crowns per year, John Howard and Thomas Montgomery 1200 each, Thomas Rotherham Archbishop of York (age 52) 1000, Cardinal John Morton (age 55) 600.

Edward's youngest brother Richard (age 22) opposed the Treaty considering it dishonourable. Roger Cheney (age 33) was present at the signing, and remained as a hostage until King Edward IV of England (age 33) returned to England.

On 29 Aug 1503 Bishop Oliver King (age 71) died.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 29 Aug 1555. The same day the Kyng('s) (age 28) grace toke ys jorney toward Dover [Map], and with a grett compeny, and ther tared for the wynd, and ther the shypes lying rede [ready] for ys grace gohyng over see.

Note. P. 93. Departure of king Philip. The king crossed to Calais on the 4th Sept. "and so foorth to Brusselles in Brabant to visite the emperour hys father." (Stowe's Summarie, 1566.) He went to assume the government of the Low Countries, and was received into Antwerp with great solemnity about the 18th January. (Ibid.)


Ridolphi Plot

On 29 Aug 1571 Norfolk's secretaries William Barker and Robert Higford entrusted to Thomas Browne, a Shrewsbury draper, what was purported to be a bag of silver coin for delivery to Laurence Bannister, one of Norfolk's officials in the north of England. Browne grew suspicious of the bag's weight, opened it, and discovered 600 pounds in gold from the French ambassador, destined for Scotland on Mary's behalf, and ciphered letters. Because he knew Norfolk was under suspicion, Browne reported his find to William Cecil 1st Baron Burghley (age 50), the Secretary of State. Higford and Barker were interrogated, the letters were partly deciphered, and a search for the cipher key at Howard House uncovered a ciphered letter from Mary Stuart hidden under a doormat.


On 29 Aug 1582 Thomas St Paul died. He was buried at St Lawrence's Church Snarford [Map]. Monument to Thomas St Paul and Faith Grantham. Fine freestanding tomb chest with canopy. The sides of the tomb chest have acanthus Pilasters, the panels between contain wreathed shields. The full length recumbent albaster effigies show the man in full plate armour holding sword and prayerbook, head on helm, feet on a cushion with flowers. His wife is in a long dress with cloak and close fitting hat, holding a bible. The inscription runs round the top edge of the chest. The canopy is supported on six pillars, those at the angles being circular and bulbous, the others in the form of obelisks decorated with fishscale Paterae, with elaborate Ionic Capitals with roses in the necking. The entablature has an egg and dart frieze. Above the heads of the columns are five female and one male weepers. At the centre of the canopy is a raised altar bearing shields and surmounted by the kneeling figure of the heir clad in armour. In front kneels a larger figure of a girl. the monument is all painted and gilded.

Thomas St Paul: He was appointed High Sheriff of Lincolnshire. He and Faith Grantham were married. In 1580 Thomas St Paul was knighted by Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland (age 46) at Richmond, Surrey.

After 29 Aug 1611. Monument to Letice Clifford (deceased) at All Saints Church, Barnwell [Map].

Letice Clifford: Around 1570 she was born to Henry Clifford of Keston in Huntingdonshire. Before 1599 Thomas Malby of London and Letice Clifford (age 28) were married. Before 1600 John Rotherham of Semers in Buckinghamshire and Letice Clifford (age 29) were married. In 1601 Charles Montagu (age 37) and Letice Clifford (age 31) were married. On 29 Aug 1611 Letice Clifford (age 41) died. She was buried at All Saints Church, Barnwell.

Thomas Overbury Murder and Trial of his Murderers

Letters of the Court of James I 1613 Reverend Thomas Lorkin to Sir Thomas Puckering Baronet 29 Aug 1613. 29 Aug 1613. London. Reverend Thomas Lorkin to Thomas Puckering 1st Baronet (age 21).

Yoa may please to remember how, in some of my former letters, I made mention of my Lord of Essex's (age 22) case, which was to rest in dependance till next term. But the king showed himself so affectionate in it, as the commissioners have been forced (to give his majesty satisfaction) to yield a more speedy hearing of it, which was done (though with little effect) upon last Wednesday. But it is believed generally that unless the commission be changed, the nullities which his majesty desireth will never be pronounced. For the Archbishop of Canterbury (age 50) and the Bishop of London (age 54), together with Dr. Bennet, and Dr. Edwards, who are like to have the greatest sway in deciding this controversy, are directly against it; insomuch as my Lord of Canterbury (age 50), being with his majesty at Windsor for some three or four days before the hearing, fell down upon his knees twice or thrice, to entreat his majesty that he might be dispensed with from being on the commission; which he would esteem a greater favour that all that he had received from him in being raised from a private condition, and in so short a space, to the highest dignity ecclesiastical. At the last hearing, my Lord of Rochester (age 26) stayed here in town, as is supposed, to hear the success, and rode presently past unto the king, [to acquaint] his majesty thereof, and showeth himself so passionate in this business only in favour [of the countess (age 23),] with whom a new match would be presently concluded, if the old one were now abolished.NOTEXT

Sir Thomas Overbury (age 32) is like to run a short course, being sick unto death1. The lieutenant of the Tower, and the physicians that were there about him, have subscribed their hands, that they hold him a man past all recovery.

Mr. Albert Morton (age 29), secretary of Sir Henry Wotton, is to be sent presently ambassador to the Duke of Savoy (age 51), and there [remain], which gives occasion of conjecture here that the old treaty of marriage is now [on foot] again; and that that other of France is like to fall to the ground. But in these [conjectures] haply it would be fit to be more sparing.

I received news lately from a gentleman, that heard it from Sir Ralph Winwood's (age 50) own mouth, that the States are resolved to make war upon the King of Denmark, if either our king will join them, or otherwise be [persuaded] to stand by a neuter. Their quarrel is, for that the King of Denmark hath imposed a grievous tax upon all merchandize that pass the Sound, and he hath in effect blocked up that passage: for it is held that of every three ships that pass, one falls by this means to his share, which is a thing intolerable.

The differences between them of the Religion in France are grown so violent as the deputies'-general have petitioned the queen, in the name of all the provinces, for liberty to hold a general assembly for [consideration] and pacification of them. But they find this request to be nothing pleasing, nor without great difficulty to be ob- tained, out of a jealousy the States hath that they may grow to new complaints and demands, after the example of the last assembly.

There hath been lately a proposition of marriage between the daughter of M. D'Ancre, and M. De Villeroy's grand-child, who is the heir of his house; there having been a former intention of matching her with the young Duke D'Elboeuf, which gives occasion of great jealousy and suspicion to M. De Guise and his faction, fearing by this news that M. De Yilleroy will be disjoined from them.

Note 1. He died on the 15th of September following, from poison, which Rochester and his countess had caused to be administered in his food.

On 29 Aug 1628 John Granville 1st Earl Bath was born to Bevil Grenville (age 33) and Grace Smith.

On 29 Aug 1629 William Paget 4th Baron Paget Beaudasert (age 57) died. His son William Paget 5th Baron Paget Beaudasert (age 19) succeeded 5th Baron Paget Beaudasert.

Indemnity and Oblivion Act

On 29 Aug 1660 the Indemnity and Oblivion Act became law. The act was a general pardon for everyone who had committed crimes during the Civil War and Interregnum with the exception of certain crimes such as murder (without a licence granted by King or Parliament), piracy, buggery, rape and witchcraft, and people named in the act such as those involved in the regicide of Charles I.

Henry Mildmay (age 67) was excepted from the Indemnity and Oblivion Act.

James Harington 3rd Baronet (age 52) was exempted. In 1661 his Baronetcy was forfeit for life.

On 29 Aug 1700 John Cecil 5th Earl Exeter (age 52) died. His son John Cecil 6th Earl Exeter (age 26) succeeded 6th Earl Exeter, 7th Baron Burghley. Elizabeth Brownlow Countess Exeter (age 19) by marriage Countess Exeter.

He was buried at St Martin's Church Stamford [Map]. Monument to John Cecil and his wife Anne Cavendish Countess Exeter (age 51) sculpted by the French sculptor Pierre Etienne Monnot (age 43) who was working in Rome. Neo-classical statuary group. One of the finest tombs of its day in the country, displaying strong antique tendencies as befits its Roman creation.

Elizabeth Brownlow Countess Exeter: In 1681 she was born to John Brownlow 3rd Baronet (age 21) and Alice Sherard Baroness Brownlow (age 22). In 1699 John Cecil 6th Earl Exeter (age 24) and Elizabeth Brownlow Countess Exeter (age 18) were married. He the son of John Cecil 5th Earl Exeter (age 51) and Anne Cavendish Countess Exeter (age 50). In 1710 Margaret Brownlow (age 23) died of smallpox. Her estate of £40,000 was divided between her four sisters: Jane Brownlow Duchess Ancaster and Kesteven, Elizabeth Brownlow Countess Exeter (age 29), Alicia Brownlow Baroness Guildford (age 26) and Eleanor Brownlow Viscountess Tyconnel (age 19). In 1723 Elizabeth Brownlow Countess Exeter (age 42) died.

Anne Cavendish Countess Exeter: Around 1649 she was born to William Cavendish 3rd Earl Devonshire (age 31) and Elizabeth Cecil Countess Devonshire (age 30) at Latimer. In 1662 Charles Rich and Anne Cavendish Countess Exeter (age 13) were married. She the daughter of William Cavendish 3rd Earl Devonshire (age 44) and Elizabeth Cecil Countess Devonshire (age 43). He the son of Henry Rich 1st Earl Holland and Isabel Cope Countess Holland. On 02 May 1670 John Cecil 5th Earl Exeter (age 22) and Anne Cavendish Countess Exeter (age 21) were married. She the daughter of William Cavendish 3rd Earl Devonshire (age 52) and Elizabeth Cecil Countess Devonshire (age 51). He the son of John Cecil 4th Earl Exeter (age 42) and Frances Manners Countess Exeter. They were half third cousin once removed. In Feb 1678 John Cecil 4th Earl Exeter (age 50) died. His son John Cecil 5th Earl Exeter (age 30) succeeded 5th Earl Exeter, 6th Baron Burghley. Anne Cavendish Countess Exeter (age 29) by marriage Countess Exeter. In 1704 Anne Cavendish Countess Exeter (age 55) died.

Before 29 Aug 1728 Alan Brodrick 1st Viscount Midleton (age 72) and Anne Trevor were married. She by marriage Viscountess Midleton of Midleton in Cork.

On 29 Aug 1744 Adolph Frederick King Sweden (age 34) and Louisa Ulrika of Prussia Queen Consort of Sweden (age 24) were married. She the daughter of Frederick William "Soldier King" I King Prussia and Sophia Dorothea Hanover Queen Consort Prussia (age 57). She a granddaughter of King George I of Great Britain and Ireland.

On 29 Aug 1787 David Wemyss de jure 6th Earl Wemyss (age 66) died. His brother Francis Charteris de jure 7th Earl Wemyss (age 63) de jure 7th Earl Wemyss. Claimed rather than succeeded. Catherine Gordon Countess Wemyss (age 74) by marriage Countess Wemyss.


On 29 Aug 1816 John Arthur Fane died. He was buried in the Church of St Leonard, Apethorpe [Map]. White marble effigy of infant in bonnet, on mattress and couch decorated with anthemion ornament

John Arthur Fane: On 12 Feb 1816 he was born to John Fane 11th Earl of Westmoreland (age 32) and Priscilla Anne Wellesley-Pole Countess of Westmoreland (age 22).

On 29 Aug 1835 Ivor Bertie Guest was born to John Josiah Guest 1st Baronet (age 50) and Charlotte Elizabeth Bertie (age 23).

On 29 Aug 1839 Reverend Bourchier William Wrey (deceased) was buried at St Peter's Church, Tawstock [Map]. Inscrption: In memory of the Revd BOURCHIER WILLIAM WREY, M.A. Son of Sir BOURCHIER WREY, Bar; and 38 Years Rector of this Parish, who departed this Life, and entered into his Eternal Rest Augst 19th, 1839, Aged 78 Years. Here Affection lingers to recal his noble mien, his gentle dignified address, his amiability, benevolence, and worth, and Piety, with humble thankfulness records, the heavenborn comfort of his latter years, wherein the Name of Jesus proved, his Wisdom, Righteousness and Strength, his Joy in sorrow, his Life in death. Also in memory of SOPHIA (age 72) Wife of the above Br Wm WREY who departed this Life Decr 1st 1848; Aged 81 Years. Blessed are the Dead which Die in the Lord."

Reverend Bourchier William Wrey: On 06 May 1761 he was born to Bourchier Wrey 6th Baronet (age 47) and Ellen Thresher Lady Wrey (age 30). On 11 May 1761 Reverend Bourchier William Wrey was baptised at St Peter's Church, Tawstock. In 1789 Reverend Bourchier William Wrey (age 27) and Sophia Bethell (age 22) were married. Around 1801 Reverend Bourchier William Wrey (age 39) was appointed Rector of St Peter's Church, Tawstock. On 19 Aug 1839 Reverend Bourchier William Wrey (age 78) died.

Sophia Bethell: Around 1767 she was born to George Bethell. On 01 Dec 1848 Sophia Bethell (age 81) died.

Treaty of Nanking

On 29 Aug 1842 The Treaty of Nanking signed aboard Cornwallis. The peace treaty that concluded the First Opium War. The Chinese regarded it as an 'Unequal Treaty'; the British fleet were anchored in Nanking poised to attack. The treaty required the Chinese to pay the British six million silver dollars for the opium that had been confiscated by Lin Zexu in 1839 (Article IV), 3 million dollars in compensation for debts that the Hong merchants in Canton owed British merchants (Article V), and a further 12 million dollars in war reparations for the cost of the war (Article VI). The total sum of 21 million dollars was to be paid in instalments over three years and the Qing government would be charged an annual interest rate of 5 percent for the money that was not paid in a timely manner (Article VII) (See Wikipedia).

On 29 Aug 1843 Francis Richard Charteris 10th Earl Wemyss (age 25) and Anne Frederica Anson Countess Wemyss (age 20) were married. She the daughter of Thomas William Anson 1st Earl Lichfield (age 47) and Louisa Barbara Catherine Phillips Countess Lichfield (age 43). He the son of Francis Charteris 8th Earl Wemyss Douglas 4th Earl March (age 71) and Louisa Bingham Countess Wemyss (age 45).

On 29 Aug 1846 Constantine Phipps 3rd Marquess Normanby was born to George Phipps 2nd Marquess Normanby (age 27) and Laura Russell Marchioness Normanby (age 30). He was educated at the University of Durham.

On 29 Aug 1850 George Montagu 6th Duke Manchester (age 51) and Harriet Sydney Dobbs Duchess Manchester (age 16) were married. She by marriage Duchess Manchester. The difference in their ages was 34 years. He the son of William Montagu 5th Duke Manchester and Susan Gordon Duchess Manchester.

On 29 Aug 1852 George Boscawen 2nd Earl Falmouth (age 41) died without issue. Earl Falmouth 2C 1821 extinct. His half first cousin Evelyn Boscawen 6th Viscount Falmouth (age 33) succeeded 6th Viscount Falmouth 2C 1720.

On 29 Aug 1868 Charles Ellis 6th Baron Walden 2nd Baron Seaford (age 69) died. His son Frederick Ellis 7th Baron Walden 3rd Baron Seaford (age 38) succeeded 7th Baron Howard de Walden, 3rd Baron Seaford of Seaford in Essex.

On 29 Aug 1877 Sidney Herbert 14th Earl Pembroke 11th Earl Montgomery (age 24) and Beatrix Louisa Lambton Countess Pembroke and Montgomery (age 18) were married. She the daughter of George Frederick D'Arcy Lambton 2nd Earl Durham (age 48) and Beatrix Frances Hamilton Countess Durham. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

PAINTINGS/JENKINS/Millicent_Duchess_Sutherland.png PAINTINGS/SINGER-SARGENT/Millicent_Duchess_Sutherland.jpg

On 29 Aug 1914 Wilfred William Ashley 1st Baron Mount Temple (age 46) and Muriel Emily Spencer Baroness Mount Temple (age 33) were married.