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633 Battle of Hatfield Chase

955 Death of King Eadred

1371 Death of David II of Scotland

1688 Abdication of James II

Battle of Hatfield Chase

On 12 Oct 633 King Penda's alliance of Gwynedd and Mercia defeated the Northumbrians at the Battle of Hatfield Chase.

Eadfrith Deira was captured.

King Edwin of Northumbria (age 47) was killed. His half first cousin Osric King Deira succeeded King Deira. His nephew Eanfrith King Bernicia (age 43) succeeded King Bernicia.

Edwin's son Osfrith Deira was killed.

Death of King Eadred

In 1099 Donald "The Fair White" III King Scotland (age 67) died. He was buried at Dunfermline Abbey, Dunfermline and subsequently reburied in Iona. His nephew Edgar "The Valiant" I King Scotland (age 25) succeeded I King Scotland.

On 16 Apr 1118 William Normandy I Count Évreux died without issue. His nephew Amaury Montfort Count Évreux (age 47) succeeded Count Évreux.

In Aug 1186 Baldwin IV King Jerusalem (age 25) died at Jerusalem. He was buried in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. His nephew Baldwin V King Jerusalem (age 9) succeeded V King Jerusalem.

On 07 Apr 1234 Sancho "Strong" VII King Navarre (age 79) died. His nephew Theobald IV King Navarre (age 32) succeeded IV King Navarre. Margaret Bourbon Queen Consort Navarre (age 17) by marriage Queen Consort Navarre.

On 07 May 1243 Hugh D'Aubigny 5th Earl Lincoln 5th Earl Arundel died at Canelli. He was buried at Wymondham Abbey [Map]. Earl Lincoln 1C 1141 extinct. His nephew John Fitzalan 6th Earl Arundel (age 20) succeeded 6th Earl Arundel Sussex. Cicely D'Aubigny (age 35) and her husband Roger de Montalt inherited Castle Rising Castle [Map].

On 08 Jan 1268 William Maudit 8th Earl Warwick (age 48) died. His nephew William Beauchamp 9th Earl Warwick (age 31) succeeded 9th Earl Warwick 1C 1088. Maud Fitzjohn Countess Warwick (age 30) by marriage Countess Warwick.

In 1270 Roger Bigod 4th Earl Norfolk (age 61) died. His nephew Roger Bigod 5th Earl Norfolk (age 25) succeeded 5th Earl Norfolk 2C 1141.

On 02 Sep 1277 Maurice Fitzgerald 4th Lord Offaly (age 39) died at Ross, County Wexford. His nephew John Fitzgerald 1st Earl of Kildare (age 27) succeeded 4th Lord Offaly.

Around 1322 Robert Fitzpayn 3rd Baron Fitzpayn (age 23) died. His nephew John Chidiock 4th Baron Fitzpayn succeeded 4th Baron Fitzpayn 1C 1299.

On 17 Apr 1331 Robert de Vere 6th Earl of Oxford (age 73) died. His nephew John de Vere 7th Earl of Oxford (age 19) succeeded 7th Earl of Oxford 2C 1141.

In 1334 John Capet 4th Earl Richmond (age 68) died. His nephew John Capet III Duke Brittany (age 47) succeeded 5th Earl Richmond 2C 1218.

Before 25 Mar 1338 William de Kyme 2nd Baron Kyme died. His nephew Gilbert Umfraville 9th Earl Angus (age 28) succeeded 3rd Baron Kyme.

On 16 Jul 1369 Bishop John Grandison 3rd Baron Grandison (age 77) died. He was buried at Exeter Cathedral [Map]. His nephew Thomas Grandison 4th Baron Grandison (age 30) succeeded 4th Baron Grandison 1C 1299. Margaret Carew Baroness Grandison and Beauchamp by marriage Baroness Grandison.

Death of David II of Scotland

On 22 Feb 1371 King David II of Scotland (age 46) died without issue at Edinburgh Castle [Map]. He was buried at Holyrood Abbey. His nephew King Robert II of Scotland (age 54) succeeded II King Scotland. He, David, was the last of the male line of the House of Bruce. Robert (age 54), the first of the House of Stewart, being the son of his sister Marjory Bruce who had married Walter Stewart 6th High Steward.

On 03 Jun 1397 William Montagu 2nd Earl Salisbury (age 68) died. His nephew John Montagu 3rd Earl Salisbury (age 47) succeeded 3rd Earl Salisbury 2C 1337, 5th Baron Montagu 1C 1299. Maud Francis Countess of Salisbury (age 33) by marriage Countess Salisbury.

On 31 May 1410 Martin I King Aragon (age 53) died. His nephew Ferdinand I King Aragon (age 29) succeeded I King Aragon.

On 18 Jan 1425 Edmund Mortimer 5th Earl March 7th Earl Ulster (age 33) died at Trim Castle. He was buried at Clare Priory [Map]. His nephew Richard Plantagenet 3rd Duke York (age 13) succeeded 6th Earl March 1C 1328.

On 07 May 1427 Thomas la Warr 5th Baron de la Warr (age 75) died. His nephew Reginald West 6th Baron De La Warr 3rd Baron West (age 31) succeeded 6th Baron De La Warr 1C 1299.

On 17 Jul 1431 Philippa Mohun Duchess Albemarle aka Aumale Duchess York (age 64) died at Carisbrooke Castle [Map]. She was buried at Chapel of St Nicholas, Westminster Abbey [Map]. Her nephew Richard Strange 3rd Baron Dunster 7th Baron Strange Knockin (age 49) succeeded 3rd Baron Mohun of Dunster as a result of her death bring the title out of abeyance.

In 1445 John Griffin 7th Baron Latimer of Braybrook (age 65) died. His nephew Nicholas Griffin 8th Baron Latimer Braybrooke (age 18) de jure 8th Baron Latimer of Braybrook 1C 1299 although he was never summoned to Parliament.

On 10 Mar 1513 John de Vere 13th Earl of Oxford (age 70) died at Hedingham Castle [Map]. He was buried at Colne Priory [Map]. His nephew John de Vere 14th Earl of Oxford (age 13) succeeded 14th Earl of Oxford 2C 1141.

In Apr 1541 Patrick Gray 3rd Lord Gray (age 64) died. His nephew Patrick Gray 4th Lord Gray (age 33) succeeded 4th Lord Gray.

On 08 Apr 1548 Henry Daubeney 1st Earl Bridgewater (age 54) died. Earl Bridgewater 1C 1538 extinct. His nephew John Bourchier 2nd Earl Bath (age 49) succeeded 3rd Baron Daubeney.

On 22 Jan 1557 Archibald Douglas 6th Earl Angus (age 68) died at Tantallon Castle. His nephew David Douglas 7th Earl Angus (age 42) succeeded 7th Earl Angus.

In Apr 1578 James "Lord Bothwell" Hepburn 1st Duke Orkney (age 44) died at Dragsholm Castle. His nephew Francis Stewart 5th Earl Bothwell (age 15) succeeded 5th Earl Bothwell at Great Hall Stirling Castle.

Around 10 Mar 1592 William Hay 6th Lord Hay (age 31) died. His nephew John Hay 1st Earl Tweeddale succeeded 7th Lord Hay of Yester.

On 03 Dec 1600 Roger North 2nd Baron North (age 70) died. His nephew Dudley North 3rd Baron North (age 18) succeeded 3rd Baron North.

In 1601 Thomas Fleming 10th Baron Slane (age 23) died. His nephew William Fleming 11th Baron Slane (age 44) succeeded 11th Baron Slane.

On 14 Nov 1615 John Kennedy 5th Earl Cassilis (age 40) died. His nephew John Kennedy 6th Earl Cassilis succeeded 6th Earl Cassilis.

On 24 Jan 1618 Henry Brooke 11th Baron Cobham (age 53) died. His nephew William Brooke (age 20) de jure 12th Baron Cobham 1C 1313 but he was unable to claim the title since it was suject to an attainder.

On 17 Aug 1627 Toby Caulfeild 1st Baron Caulfeild (age 61) died. He was buried at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, Dublin [Map]. His nephew William Caulfeild 2nd Baron Caulfeild (age 40) succeeded 2nd Baron Charlemont.

On 21 Nov 1639 Henry Grey 8th Earl Kent (age 56) died without issue. His second cousin once removed Anthony Grey 1453- 1490-9th Earl Kent (age 82) succeeded 9th Earl Kent 8C 1465. His nephew Charles Longueville 12th Baron Grey of Ruthyn (age 27) succeeded 12th Baron Grey of Ruthyn 1324.

On 20 Apr 1647 John Hobart 2nd Baronet (age 54) died. His nephew John Hobart 3rd Baronet (age 19) succeeded 3rd Baronet Hobart of Intwood in Norfolk.

Around 1662 Dugald Campbell 3rd Baronet (age 37) died. His nephew Duncan Campbell 4th Baronet (age 3) succeeded 4th Baronet Campbell of Auchinbreck.

On 06 Jan 1662 Francis Drake 2nd Baronet (age 44) died. His nephew Francis Drake 3rd Baronet (age 19) succeeded 3rd Baronet Drake of Buckland in Devon.

On 02 Jul 1671 John Lucas 1st Baron Lucas Shenfield (age 64) died. His nephew Charles Lucas 2nd Baron Lucas Shenfield (age 40) succeeded 2nd Baron Lucas of Shenfield although technically illegitimate his parents had married after his birth.

On 13 Jul 1673 Robert Long 1st Baronet (age 73) died unmarried. His nephew James Long 2nd Baronet (age 56) succeeded 2nd Baronet Long of Westminster in London.


On 18 Mar 1675 Arthur Chichester 1st Earl Donegal (age 68) died. He was buried at St Nicholas' Church, Carrickfergus, County Antrim. His nephew Arthur Chichester 2nd Earl Donegal succeeded 2nd Earl Donegal, 3rd Viscount Chichester of Carrickfergus, 4th Baron Chichester of Belfast 2C 1625. Jane Ichyngham Countess Donegall by marriage Countess Donegal.

On 22 May 1675 Thomas Smith 1st Baronet (age 53) died. His nephew Thomas Smith 2nd Baronet succeeded 2nd Baronet Smith of Hatherton in Cheshire.

In 1683 Archibald Napier 3rd Baronet died unmarried and without issue. Baronet Napier of Merchistoun dormant. His nephew Thomas Nicolson 2nd Baronet succeeded 4th Lord Napier of Merchistoun.

On 15 Apr 1683 Clement Fisher 2nd Baronet (age 70) died. His nephew Clement Fisher 3rd Baronet (age 8) succeeded 3rd Baronet Fisher of Packington Magna.

In 1685 Alexander Livingston 2nd Earl Callendar died. His nephew Alexander Livingstone 3rd Earl Callendar succeeded 3rd Earl Callendar.

In 1685 John Stewart 5th Baron Castle Stuart died. His nephew Captain Robert Stewart 6th Baron Castle Stuart succeeded 6th Baron Castle Stuart of County Tyrone although he never claimed the title since the family estates had been alienated.

Abdication of James II


In 1695 George Livingston 4th Earl Linlithgow died. His nephew James Livingston 5th Earl Linlithgow 4th Earl Callendar succeeded 5th Earl Linlithgow.

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On or before 19 Oct 1702 Thomas Nightingale 2nd Baronet (age 73) died. He was buried on 19 Oct 1702. His nephew Bridges Nightingale 3rd Baronet succeeded 3rd Baronet Nightingale of Newport Pond in Essex.

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On 27 Dec 1707 Robert Leke 3rd Earl Scarsdale (age 53) died without surviving issue. His nephew Nicholas Leke 4th Earl Scarsdale (age 25) succeeded 4th Earl Scarsdale, 4th Baron Deincourt of Sutton, 4th Baronet Leke of Sutton in Derbyshire.

In 1709 Henry Oxenden 3rd Baronet (age 64) died. His nephew Henry Oxenden 4th Baronet (age 18) succeeded 4th Baronet Oxenden of Dene in Kent.

On 19 May 1715 Charles Montagu 1st Earl Halifax (age 54) died. Earl Halifax 2C 1714 extinct. His nephew George Montagu 1st Earl Halifax (age 31) succeeded 2nd Baron Halifax 2C 1700.

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On 03 May 1716 Ralph Assheton 2nd Baronet (age 65) died. His nephew Ralph Assheton 3rd Baronet (age 24) succeeded 3rd Baronet Assheton of Middleton in Lancashire.

On 12 May 1717 Walter Kirkham Blount 3rd Baronet (age 67) died. His nephew Edward Blount 4th Baronet (age 15) succeeded 4th Baronet Blount of Sodington.

In 1719 Henry Stafford-Howard 1st Earl Stafford (age 71) died. His nephew William Stafford-Howard 2nd Earl Stafford (age 29) succeeded 2nd Earl Stafford 2C 1688, 3rd Baron Stafford 5C 1640. Anne Holman Countess Stafford by marriage Countess Stafford.NOTEXT

Around 1719 Theophilus Napier 5th or 2nd Baronet died without issue. His nephew John Napier 6th or 3rd Baronet succeeded 6th Baronet Napier of Luton Hoo in Bedfordshire.

In 1721 John Playters 4th Baronet (age 85) died. His nephew John Playters 5th Baronet (age 41) succeeded 5th Baronet Playters of Sotterley in Suffolk.


On 20 Nov 1723 Hopton Williams 3rd Baronet (age 60) died. His nephew John Williams 4th Baronet succeeded 4th Baronet Williams of Llangibby.

On 07 Mar 1727 William Monson 4th Baronet (age 73) died without issue. His nephew John Monson 1st Baron Monson (age 34) succeeded 5th Baronet Monson of Carleton in Lincolnshire.

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On 17 Apr 1732 Pierce Butler 4th Baronet (age 62) died without male issue. His nephew Richard Butler 5th Baronet succeeded 5th Baronet Butler of Cloughgrenan in County Carlow.

On 29 Dec 1732 Geoffrey Palmer 3rd Baronet (age 77) died without issue. His nephew Thomas Palmer 4th Baronet (age 30) succeeded 4th Baronet Palmer of Carlton in Northampton.


On 16 Jun 1743 Montagu Venables Bertie 2nd Earl Abingdon (age 70) died. His nephew Willoughby Bertie 3rd Earl Abingdon (age 50) succeeded 3rd Earl Abingdon. Anna Maria Collins Countess Abingdon by marriage Countess Abingdon.

On 24 Mar 1744 Thomas Stourton 14th Baron Stourton (age 76) died without issue. His nephew Charles Stourton 15th Baron Stourton (age 42) succeeded 15th Baron Stourton. Catherine Walmesley Baroness Petre and Stourton by marriage Baroness Stourton.

On 09 May 1747 John Dalrymple 2nd Earl of Stair (age 73) died. His nephew James Dalrymple 3rd Earl of Stair (age 48) succeeded 3rd Earl of Stair.

On 07 Feb 1750 Algernon Seymour 7th Duke Somerset (age 65) died. He was buried at Northumberland Vault, Crypt, Westminster Abbey. His half fifth cousin once removed Edward Seymour 8th Duke Somerset (age 55) succeeded 8th Duke Somerset 4C 1547. Earl Hertford 4C 1559 extinct. Mary Webb Duchess Somerset (age 53) by marriage Duchess Somerset. His daughter Elizabeth Seymour Duchess Northumberland (age 33) succeeded 2nd Baroness Percy. His nephew Charles Wyndham 2nd Earl Egremont (age 39) succeeded 2nd Earl Egremont.


On 01 Mar 1756 Edward Blackett 3rd Baronet (age 73) died without issue. His nephew Edward Blackett 4th Baronet (age 36) succeeded 4th Baronet Blackett of Newcastle in Northumberland.

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On 25 Nov 1761 John Kemp 5th Baronet (age 60) died. His nephew John Kemp 6th Baronet (age 7) succeeded 6th Baronet Kemp of Gissing in Norfolk.

In 1763 Matthew White 1st Baronet (age 36) died. His nephew Matthew White Ridley 2nd Baronet (age 17) succeeded 2nd Baronet Ridley of Blagdon in Northumberland.


In Sep 1766 John Langham 6th Baronet (age 68) died. His nephew James Langham 7th Baronet (age 30) succeeded 7th Baronet Langham of Cottesbrooke in Northamptonshire. He left £6,000 to the Corporation of London to found a society for distressed soldiers, sailors and their families.

On 23 Feb 1768 Henry Hoghton 5th Baronet (age 90) died without issue. His nephew Henry Hoghton 6th Baronet (age 39) succeeded 6th Baronet Hoghton of Hoghton Tower in Lancashire.


In 1770 Matthew Moreton 2nd and 1st Baron Ducie died unmarried. Baron Ducie Moreton 1C 1720 extinct. His nephew Thomas Reynolds 2nd Baron Ducie (age 36) succeeded 2nd Baron Ducie 2C 1763.

On 28 Apr 1770 Jean Louis Ligonier 1st Earl Ligonier (age 89) died unmarried. Earl Ligonier 1C 1766, Viscount Ligonier of Enniskillen and Baron Ligonier extinct. His nephew His nephew Edward Ligonier 1st Earl Ligonier (age 30) succeeded Viscount Ligonier of Clonmell and was created Earl Ligonier albeit in the Irish peerage six years later.

On 15 Dec 1772 Edmund Isham 6th Baronet (age 81) died without issue. His nephew Justinian Isham 7th Baronet (age 32) succeeded 7th Baronet Isham of Lamport in Northamptonshire.


On 22 Apr 1777 John Tuchet 8th Earl Castlehaven (age 52) died. Earl Castlehaven, Baron Audley of Orier in England and Baron Audley of Hely in Ireland extinct. His nephew George Thicknesse 19th Baron Audley (age 20) succeeded 19th Baron Audley of Heighley in Staffordshire.


On 03 Apr 1781 Henry Conyngham 1st Earl Conyngham (age 76) died without issue. Earl Conyngham 1C 1781 and Baron Conyngham 1C 1753 extinct. His nephew Francis Burton aka Conyngham 2nd Baron Conyngham (age 56) succeeded Baron Conyngham 2C 1781. On 03 May 1781 Francis Burton aka Conyngham 2nd Baron Conyngham (age 56) adopted the surname Conyngham by Royal License.

On 07 Oct 1781 Henry Howe 3rd Baron Chedworth (age 65) died. His nephew John Howe 4th Baron Chedworth (age 27) succeeded 4th Baron Chedworth.


On 30 Jan 1784 Henry Liddell 1st Baron Ravensworth (age 76) died without male issue. Baron Ravensworth 1C 1747 extinct. His nephew Henry George Liddell 5th Baronet (age 34) succeeded 5th Baronet Liddell of Ravensworth Castle.

On 12 Jan 1786 Thomas Barrett Lennard 17th Baron Dacre Gilsland (age 69) died. His nephew Charles Trevor Roper 18th Baron Dacre Gilsland (age 41) succeeded 18th Baron Dacre Gilsland 1C 1321.

On 17 Aug 1786 Frederick "The Great" I King Prussia (age 74) died. His nephew Frederick William II King Prussia (age 41) succeeded II King Prussia.

On 06 Nov 1786 Horace Mann 1st Baronet (age 80) died unmarried at Florence. His nephew Horatio Mann 2nd Baronet (age 42) succeeded 2nd Baronet Mann of Linton in Kent.

In 1787 George Talbot 14th Earl of Shrewsbury (age 68) died. His nephew Charles Talbot 15th Earl of Shrewsbury (age 33) succeeded 15th Earl of Shrewsbury 2C 1442, 15th Earl Waterford. Elizabeth Hoey Countess Shrewsbury and Waterford by marriage Countess of Shrewsbury Countess Waterford.

On 27 Dec 1787 Thomas Hay 9th Earl Kinnoul (age 77) died. His nephew Robert Hay-Drummond 10th Earl Kinnoul (age 36) succeeded 10th Earl Kinnoull.

On 09 Oct 1789 James Hamilton 8th Earl Abercorn (age 76) died. His nephew John Hamilton 1st Marquess Abercorn (age 33) succeeded 9th Earl Abercorn. Catherine Moyle Marchioness Abercorn (age 29) by marriage Countess Abercorn.

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On 26 Dec 1793 Brownlow Cecil 9th Earl Exeter (age 68) died. His nephew Henry Cecil 1st Marquess Exeter (age 39) succeeded 10th Earl Exeter, 11th Baron Burghley. Sarah Hoggins Countess Exeter (age 19) by marriage Countess Exeter.

On 30 Nov 1800 Matthew Robinson 2nd Baron Rokeby (age 87) died. His nephew Morris Robinson Montagu 3rd Baron Rokeby (age 43) succeeded 3rd Baron Rokeby.

On 18 Jan 1805 Richard Heron 1st Baronet (age 79) died. His nephew Robert Heron 2nd Baronet (age 39) succeeded 2nd Baronet Heron of Newark upon Trent.

On 30 May 1805 William Johnstone aka Pulteney 5th Baronet (age 75) died intestate in Bath House. His nephew John Lowther Johnstone 6th Baronet succeeded 6th Baronet Johnstone of Westerhall in Dumfries.

On 06 Nov 1806 Richard Cope 9th Baronet (age 87) died without issue. His nephew Denzil Cope 10th Baronet (age 40) succeeded 10th Baronet Cope of Hanwell in Oxfordshire.

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On 10 Feb 1808 Murrough O'Brien 1st Marquess Thomond (age 82) died. His nephew William O'Brien 2nd Marquess Thomond (age 43) succeeded 2nd Marquess Thomond, 6th Earl Inchiquin. Rebecca Trotter Marchioness Thomond (age 33) by marriage Marchioness Thomond.

On 24 Feb 1811 James Brudenell 5th Earl Cardigan (age 85) died at Grosvenor Square, Belgravia. His nephew Robert Brudenell 6th Earl Cardigan (age 41) succeeded 6th Earl Cardigan. Penelope Cooke Countess Cardigan (age 41) by marriage Countess Cardigan.

On 29 Jan 1812 John Knightley 1st Baronet (age 65) died. His nephew Charles Knightley 2nd Baronet (age 30) succeeded 2nd Baronet Knightley of Fawsley.

On 21 Jul 1812 Robert Ainslie 1st Baronet (age 82) died. His nephew Robert Sharpe Ainslie of Market Stainton (age 55) succeeded 2nd Baronet Ainslie of Great Torrington in Lincolnshire.

On 24 Dec 1814 Samuel Hood 1st Baronet (age 52) died. His nephew Alexander Hood 2nd Baronet (age 21) succeeded 2nd Baronet Hood of Tidlake in Surrey.

On 24 Feb 1816 John Lubbock 1st Baronet (age 71) died. His nephew John Lubbock 2nd Baronet (age 41) succeeded 2nd Baronet Lubbock of Lammas in Norfolk.

On 24 Apr 1817 Thomas Maynard Haselrigge 10th Baronet (age 89) died without issue. His nephew Arthur Hasselrigge aka Grey 11th Baronet (age 26) succeeded 11th Baronet Haselrigge of Noseley Hall in Leicestershire. Henrietta Anne Bourne Lady Haselrigge (age 33) by marriage Lady Haselrigge of Noseley Hall in Leicestershire.

On 01 Jun 1821 John Dalrymple 6th Earl of Stair (age 72) died without issue. His nephew John Dalrymple 7th Earl of Stair (age 36) succeeded 7th Earl of Stair.


In 1826 Edmund Antrobus 1st Baronet died unmarried. His nephew Edmund Antrobus 2nd Baronet (age 34) succeeded 2nd Baronet Antrobus of Antrobus in Cheshire and inherited half of his fortune estimated at £700,000, and the estate of Amesbury Abbey, Wiltshire [Map].

On 02 Aug 1826 William Gerard 11th Baronet (age 53) died. His nephew John Gerard 12th Baronet (age 21) succeeded 12th Baronet Gerard of Bryn in Lancashire.

On 06 Apr 1827 Charles Talbot 15th Earl of Shrewsbury (age 74) died. His nephew John "Good Earl" Talbot 16th Earl of Shrewsbury (age 36) succeeded 16th Earl of Shrewsbury 2C 1442, 16th Earl Waterford. Maria Theresa Talbot Countess Shrewsbury and Waterford by marriage Countess of Shrewsbury Countess Waterford.

On 04 Mar 1833 Amabel Yorke Countess Grey (age 82) died. Her nephew Thomas de Grey 2nd Earl de Grey (age 51) succeeded 2nd Earl de Grey, 6th Baron Lucas of Crudwell.


On 23 Nov 1833 George Robinson 6th Baronet (age 67) died unmarried. His nephew George Robinson 7th Baronet (age 36) succeeded 7th Baronet Robinson of London.

On 28 Feb 1835 Reverend William Nelson 1st Earl Nelson (age 77) died. His nephew Thomas Bolton aka Nelson 2nd Earl Nelson (age 48) succeeded 2nd Earl Nelson of Trafalgar and Merson in Surrey, 2nd Viscount Merton and changed his surname from Bolton to Nelson.

On 20 Jan 1837 Arthur Saunders Gore 3rd Earl Arran (age 75) died without issue. His nephew Philip Gore 4th Earl Arran (age 35) succeeded 4th Earl Arran 3C 1762. Elizabeth Marianne Napier Countess Arran (age 17) by marriage Countess Arran.

On 11 Nov 1837 George O'Brien Wyndham 3rd Earl Egremont (age 85) died at Petworth House. His nephew George Wyndham 4th Earl Egremont (age 51) succeeded 4th Earl Egremont, 6th Baronet Wyndham of Orchard in Somerset. Jane Roberts Countess Egremont by marriage Countess Egremont. His left Petworth House to his illegitimate son George Wyndham 1st Baron Leconfield (age 50).

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On 12 Feb 1841 Astley Paston Cooper 1st Baronet (age 72) died at around 1pm at his house on Conduit Street. He was interred in the crypt of the Chapel of Thomas Guy, St Thomas Street (on the site now shared by King's College London and Guy's Hospital). His nephew Astley Paston Cooper 2nd Baronet (age 43) succeeded 2nd Baronet Cooper of Gadesbridge in Hertfordshire.

On 12 May 1845 John Evans 6th Baron Carbery (age 79) died without surviving male issue. His nephew George Patrick Evans 7th Baron Carbery (age 35) succeeded 7th Baron Carbery.

On 16 Dec 1852 Henry Peyto Verney 24th Baron Latimer 16th Baron Willoughby (age 79) died. He was buried at Compton Verney Chapel [Map]. His nephew Robert John Verney 25th Baron Latimer 17th Baron Willoughby de Broke (age 43) succeeded 25th Baron Latimer of Corby 1C 1299, 17th Baron Willoughby Broke. He changed his surname from Barnard to Verney at this time as part of the settlement.

On 12 Nov 1856 Nathaniel Curzon 3rd Baron Scarsdale (age 75) died. His nephew Alfred Nathaniel Holden Curzon 4th Baron Scarsdale (age 25) succeeded 4th Baron Scarsdale. Blanche Pocklington Senhouse Baroness Scarsdale (age 19) by marriage Baroness Scarsdale.


On 09 Mar 1857 James Duff 4th Earl Fife (age 80) died. His nephew James Duff 5th Earl Fife (age 42) succeeded 5th Earl Fife.


On 20 Dec 1863 Richard Plumptre Glyn 2nd Baronet (age 76) died unmarried. His nephew Richard George Glyn 3rd Baronet (age 32) succeeded 3rd Baronet Glyn of Gaunts in Dorset.

On 26 Dec 1863 Francis Caulfield 2nd Earl Charlemont (age 88) died. His nephew James Molyneux Caulfeild 3rd Earl Charlemont (age 43) succeeded 3rd Earl of Charlemont, 6th Viscount Charlemont in County Armagh, 9th Baron Charlemont. Elizabeth Jane Somerville Countess Charlemont (age 29) by marriage Countess of Charlemont.

In 1864 John Paulett 5th Earl Paulett (age 80) died. His nephew William Henry Paulett 6th Earl Paulett (age 36) succeeded 6th Earl Poulett, 9th Baron Poulett. Elizabeth Lavinia Newman Countess Poulett by marriage Countess Poulett.

On 10 Jan 1865 William Fox-Strangways 4th Earl of Ilchester (age 69) died without issue. His nephew Henry Edward Fox-Strangways 5th Earl of Ilchester (age 17) succeeded 5th Earl Ilchester.

On 22 Jun 1879 William Twysden 8th Baronet (age 90) died. His nephew Louis John Francis Twysden 9th Baronet (age 49) succeeded 9th Baronet Twysden of Roydon in Kent. Helen Bazalgette Lady Twysden (age 50) by marriage Lady Twysden of Roydon in Kent.

On 13 Aug 1884 Arthur Wellesley 2nd Duke Wellington (age 77) died. His nephew Henry Wellesley 3rd Duke Wellington (age 38) succeeded 3rd Duke Wellington 1C 1814, 7th Earl Mornington 1C 1760, 7th Viscount Wellesley of Dangan Castle, 3rd Viscount Wellington of Talavera. Evelyn Katrine Gwenfra Williams Duchess Wellington (age 29) by marriage Duchess Wellington.

On 01 Feb 1886 Admiral Plantagenet Cary 11th Viscount Falkland (age 79) died without issue. His nephew Byron Cary 12th Viscount Falkland (age 40) succeeded 12th Viscount Falkland.

On 06 Nov 1887 George Glyn 2nd Baron Wolverton (age 63) died. His nephew Henry Richard Glyn 3rd Baron Wolverton (age 26) succeeded 3rd Baron Wolverton.

On 17 May 1889 James Harris 3rd Earl Malmesbury (age 82) died. His nephew Edward Harris 4th Earl Malmesbury (age 47) succeeded 4th Earl Malmesbury, 4th Viscount Fitz-Harris of Hurn Court in Hampshire, 4th Baron Malmesbury. Sylvia Georgina Stewart Countess of Malmesbury by marriage Countess Malmesbury.

On 19 Jun 1890 Harry Grey 8th Earl Stamford 4th Earl Warrington (age 78) died without legitimate male issue. His nephew William Grey 9th Earl Stamford 5th Earl Warrington (age 40) succeeded 9th Earl Stamford, 11th Baron Grey of Groby 1603.


On 13 Dec 1893 James Hay Langham 11th Baronet (age 91) died without issue. His nephew Herbert Hay Langham 12th Baronet (age 53) succeeded 12th Baronet Langham of Cottesbrooke in Northamptonshire.

On 07 Dec 1894 Horatio Walpole 4th Earl Orford (age 81) died. His nephew Robert Walpole 5th Earl Orford (age 40) succeeded 5th Earl Orford 3C 1806.

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On 25 Feb 1900 Fitzpatrick Vernon 2nd Baron Lyveden (age 75) died without issue. His nephew Courtenay Robert Percy Vernon 3rd Baron Lyveden (age 42) succeeded 3rd Baron Lyveden.

On 29 Apr 1905 Edmund Beckett 1st Baron Grimthorpe (age 88) died after a fall. He was buried at St Alban's Cathedral [Map]. His nephew Ernest William Becket 2nd Baron Grimthorpe (age 48) succeeded 2nd Baron Grimthorpe, 6th Baronet Beckett of Leeds.

PAINTINGS/CHARLTON/Godfrey_Morgan_1st_Viscount_Tredegar_1831_1913.jpg PAINTINGS/CHARLTON/Godfrey_Charles_Morgan.jpg PAINTINGS/CHARLTON/Charge_of_the_Light_Bridage.jpg

On 02 May 1914 John Campbell 9th Duke Argyll (age 68) died at Cowes. His nephew Niall Campbell 10th Duke Argyll (age 42) succeeded 10th Duke Argyll.

On 04 Jun 1914 William Reynell Anson 3rd Baronet (age 70) died unmarried. His nephew Denis George William Anson 4th Baronet (age 25) succeeded 4th Baronet Anson of Birch Hall in Lancashire; he drowned in the River Thames one month later.

On 06 Dec 1915 George Francis Coventry Pocock 3rd Baronet (age 84) died. His nephew Charles Guy Coventry Pocock 4th Baronet (age 52) succeeded 4th Baronet Pocock of Hart in County Durham and Twickenham in Middlesex.

ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTY PRESS Sat 11th December 1915 page 7

Death of Sir George POCOCK.---

We record with regret the death of Sir George POCOCK, Bart., which occurred at The Gables, Ratcliffe Avenue, on Monday. The deceased baronet had been breaking up for some time, and his death was not altogether unexpected. If he had lived until the 21st of the month he would have entered his 86th year.

Col. Sir George Francis Coventry POCOCK was the third baronet. He was born on Dec. 21st 1830, and succeeded to the baronetcy in 1866.

He first married, in 1856, Honora, daughter of the Rev. G.H. RAVENHILL, Vicar of Leominster, who died in 1912, and by whom he had three daughters.

Sir George entered the regiment as an ensign in 1848, served in Bulgaria in 1854, before Sebastopol in 1855, was twice severely injured at the Redan, and lost his left arm. His medals included the Crimean with clasp for Sebastopol, the Turkish War medal, and the Order of the Medjidi, 5th class. He retired in 1882 with the rank of colonel.

His heir is his nephew Charles who was born on November 3rd 1863.

On 26 Jun 1916 Edward Montagu 8th Earl Sandwich (age 76) died unmarried. His nephew George Charles Montagu 9th Earl Sandwich (age 41) succeeded 9th Earl Sandwich. Alberta Sturges Countess Sandwich (age 38) by marriage Countess Sandwich.

On 02 Jan 1920 Frederick Dutton 5th Baron Sherborne (age 79) died. His nephew James Dutton 6th Baron Sherborne (age 46) succeeded 6th Baron Sherborne.

PAINTINGS/LOGSDAIL/Curzon.jpg PAINTINGS/LASZLO/George_Curzon.jpg PAINTINGS/HERKOMMER/1st_Marquess_Kedleston.jpg

On 01 Jan 1928 Aubrey Fitzclarence 4th Earl Munster (age 65) died. His nephew George Fitzclarence 5th Earl Munster (age 21) succeeded 5th Earl Munster.

On 28 Aug 1937 Wilfrid Lawson 3rd Baronet (age 74) died without issue. His nephew Hilton Lawson 4th Baronet (age 42) succeeded 4th Baronet Lawson of Brayton House in Cumberland.

On 10 Jan 1938 Henry Neville 3rd Marquess Abergavenny (age 83) died. His nephew Guy Larnach Neville 4th Marquess Abergavenny (age 54) succeeded 4th Marquess Abergavenny, 8th Earl Abergavenny, 4th Earl Lewes, 24th Baron Bergavenny 1C 1392, 22nd Baron Bergavenny 2C 1450. Isabel "Nellie" Larnach Marchioness Abergavenny (age 47) by marriage Marchioness Abergavenny.

On 12 Aug 1941 Charles Blakiston 6th Baronet (age 78) died without issue. His nephew Arthur Frederick Blakiston 7th Baronet (age 49) succeeded 7th Baronet Blakiston of the City of London.

On 28 Sep 1941 Admiral Edward Fitzherbert 13th Baron Stafford (age 77) died unmarried. His nephew Basil Fitzherbert 14th Baron Stafford (age 15) succeeded 14th Baron Stafford 5C 1640.

On 17 Nov 1944 Maurice Bell 3rd Baronet (age 73) died. His nephew Hugh Francis Bell 4th Baronet (age 20) succeeded 4th Baronet Bell of Rounton Range and Washington Hall in County Durham.

On 04 Mar 1945 Aldred Beresford Lumley 10th Earl Scarborough (age 87) died. His nephew Roger Lumley 11th Earl of Scarbrough (age 48) succeeded 11th Earl Scarborough. Katherine Isobel McEwen Countess Scarborough (age 45) by marriage Countess Scarborough.


In 1952 Capel Moreton 5th Earl of Ducie (age 77) died. His nephew Basil Howard Moreton 6th Earl of Ducie (age 35) succeeded 6th Earl Ducie.

On 10 Feb 1965 Kenelm Edgcumbe 6th Earl of Mount Edgcumbe (age 91) died. His nephew Edward (age 62) succeeded 7th Earl of Mount Edgcumbe.

On 19 Oct 1977 Geoffrey Hope-Morley 2nd Baron Hollenden (age 92) died without male issue. His nephew Gordon Hope Hope-Morley 3rd Baron Hollenden (age 63) succeeded 3rd Baron Hollenden of Leigh in Kent.

In 1982 Edward (age 79) died. His nephew Robert Edgcumbe 8th Earl of Mount Edgcumbe (age 42) succeeded 8th Earl of Mount Edgcumbe.

In 1988 John Arthur Strutt 5th Baron Rayleigh (age 80) died. His nephew John Gerald Strutt 6th Baron Rayleigh (age 27) succeeded 6th Baron Rayleigh of Terling Place in Essex.

On 17 Oct 1992 Mary Lalle Foley 17th Baroness Berkeley (age 87) died. Her nephew Anthony FitzHardinge Gueterbock 18th Baron Berkeley (age 53) succeeded 18th Baron Berkeley 2C 1421.

On 23 Feb 2000 John Henry Guy Neville 5th Marquess Abergavenny (age 85) died. His nephew Christopher Neville 6th Marquess Abergavenny (age 44) succeeded 6th Marquess Abergavenny, 10th Earl Abergavenny, 6th Earl Lewes, 26th Baron Bergavenny 1C 1392, 24th Baron Bergavenny 2C 1450. Venetia Maynard Marchioness Abergavenny (age 42) by marriage Marchioness Abergavenny.

On 31 Mar 2009 Sacheverell Reresby Sitwell 7th Baronet (age 81) died. His nephew George Reresby Sacheverell Sitwell 8th Baronet (age 41) succeeded 8th Baronet Sitwell of Renishaw Hall in Derbyshire. As a consequence of a falling out with his brother Francis Trajan Sacheverell Sitwell he left Renishaw Hall [Map] to his daughter Alexandra Sitwell (age 51).

On 16 Nov 2013 Robin Plunket 8th Baron Plunket (age 87) died. His nephew Tyrone Shaun Plunket 9th Baron Plunket (age 47) succeeded 9th Baron Plunket of Newtown in County Cork.