On this Day in History ... 29 May

29 May is in May.

1040 Battle of Seignelay

1328 Death of Charles IV of France Sucession of Philip VI

1405 Northern Rising

1467 Tournament Bastard of Burgundy

1532 Coronation of Anne Boleyn

1536 Arrest of Anne Boleyn and her Co-accused

1541 Executions

1550 Visit of the French Ambassadors

1557 Scarborough Castle Rebellion

1660 Charles II Proclaimed

Battle of Seignelay

On 29 May 1040 Renauld I Count of Nevers (age 35) was killed at the Battle of Seignelay against Robert I Duke Burgundy (age 29). His son William I of Nevers (age 10) succeeded Count Nevers.

Death of Charles IV of France Sucession of Philip VI

Froissart. 1328. King Charles of France (age 33), son to the fair king Philip, was three times married, and yet died without issue male. The Blanche of Burgundy Queen Consort France was one of the most fairest ladies in all the world, and she was daughter to the earl of Artois. Howbeit she kept but evil the sacrament of matrimony, but brake her wedlock; wherefore she was kept a long space in prison in the castle Gaillard [Map], before that her husband was made king. And when the realm of France was fallen to him, he was crowned by the assent of the twelve douze-peers1 of France, and then because they would not that the realm of France should be long without an heir male, they advised by their counsel that the king should be remarried again; and so he was, to the Marie Luxemburg Queen Consort France of the emperor Henry of Luxembourg, sister to the gentle king of Bohemia (age 31); whereby the first marriage of the king was fordone, between him and his Blanche of Burgundy Queen Consort France that was in prison, by the licence and declaration of the pope that was then. And by his second wife, who was right humble, and a noble wise lady, the king had a Louis Capet, who died in his young age, and the queen also at Issoudun [Map] in Berry. And they both died suspiciously, wherefore divers persons were put to blame after privily. And after this, the same king Charles was married again the third time to the Joan Évreux Queen Consort France (age 18) of his uncle, the lord Louis earl of Evreux, and she was sister to the king of Navarre (age 21), and was named queen Joan. And so in time and space this lady was with child, and in the mean-time the king Charles her husband fell sick and lay down on his death-bed. And when he saw there was no way with him but death, he devised that if it fortuned the queen to be delivered of a son, then he would that the lord Philip of Valois should be his governour, and regent of all his realm, till his son come to such age as he might be crowned king; and if it fortuned the queen to have a daughter, then he would that all the twelve peers of France should take advice and counsel for the further ordering of the realm, and that they should give the realm and regaly to him that had most right thereto. And so within a while after the king Charles died, about Easter in the year of our Lord Mcccxxviii., and within a short space after the queen was delivered of a Blanche Capet.

Note 1. Froissart says simply 'les douze pers.'

Then all the peers of France assembled a council together at Paris, as shortly as they might conveniently, and there they gave the realm by common accord to sir Philip of Valois (age 34), and put clean out the queen Isabel (age 33) of England and king Edward (age 15) her son. For she was sister-german to king Charles last dead, but the opinion of the nobles of France was, and said and maintained that the realm of France was of so great nobless, that it ought not by succession to fall into a woman's hand. And so thus they crowned king of France Philip Valois at Rheims [Map] on Trinity Sunday next after.

On 29 May 1358 Fadrique Alfonso Ivrea (age 24) was murdered at Seville on behalf of his brother Peter "Cruel" I King Castile (age 23).

On 29 May 1379 Henry "Fratricide" II King Castile (age 45) died. 29 May 1379 His son John I King Castile (age 20) succeeded I King Castile.

On 29 May 1386 Louis Chatillon and Marie Valois I Duchess Auverge (age 11) were married. She the daughter of John Valois 1st Duke Berry (age 45) and Joanne Armagnac Duchess Berry (age 39). He the son of Guy Chatillon II Count Blois and Marie Dampierre Countess Blois. They were half third cousin once removed. He a great x 4 grandson of King Henry III of England.

Northern Rising

On 29 May 1405 Archbishop Richard Scrope (age 55) and Thomas Mowbray 4th Earl Norfolk 2nd Earl Nottingham (age 19) were arrested and taken to Pontefract Castle [Map].

Before 29 May 1421 John II King Aragon (age 22) and Blanche Évreux Queen Consort Aragon (age 33) were married. Blanche Évreux Queen Consort Aragon by marriage Queen Consort Aragon. She the daughter of Charles III King Navarre (age 60) and Eleanor of Castile Queen Consort Navarre (age 58). He the son of Ferdinand I King Aragon and Eleanor Ivrea Queen Consort Aragon (age 47). They were first cousin once removed. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King Henry III of England.

On 29 May 1421 Charles "Viana" IV King Navarre was born to John II King Aragon (age 22) and Blanche Évreux Queen Consort Aragon (age 33). Coefficient of inbreeding 5.21%.

Tournament Bastard of Burgundy

After 29 May 1495. Monument to Thomas Fitzwilliam (deceased) and Lucy Neville (age 27) in St Mary's Church Tickhill Doncaster [Map]. Originally located in Tickhill Friary the tomb was moved to St Mary's Church at the Dissolution in 1538. Restored in 2012. The alabaster chest tomb believed to be one of the earliest examples of Italianate carving. The Lancastrian Esses Collar highly unusual; unique even but then so is the armour.

Thomas Fitzwilliam: On 13 Jan 1448 he was born to Richard Fitzwilliam (age 33) in Aldwark. Around 1473 Thomas Fitzwilliam (age 24) and Lucy Neville (age 5) were married. She the daughter of John Neville 1st Marquess Montagu and Isabel Ingaldsthorpe (age 32). She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Edward III of England. On 29 May 1495 Thomas Fitzwilliam (age 47) died.

Lucy Neville: In 1468 she was born to John Neville 1st Marquess Montagu (age 37) and Isabel Ingaldsthorpe (age 27). She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Edward III of England. After 1492 Anthony Browne (age 48) and Lucy Neville (age 24) were married. The difference in their ages was 24 years. She the daughter of John Neville 1st Marquess Montagu and Isabel Ingaldsthorpe. They were fourth cousins. She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Edward III of England. In 1508 Charles Brandon 1st Duke of Suffolk (age 24) and Anne Browne were married secretly at Stepney. She, Anne, being the step-daughter of his first wife's (age 42) sister Lucy Neville (age 40). They, Charles and Anne, had possibly been betrothed before his marriage to Margaret Neville (age 42). Around 27 Mar 1534 Lucy Neville (age 66) died at Bagshot Manor Bagshot, Surrey.

Coronation of Anne Boleyn

The Noble Triumphant Coronacyon of Quene Anne. 29 May 1532. First the twenty-ninth daye of Maye beynge thursday all the worshypfull craftes1 and occupacyons in their best araye goodly besene toke theyr bargs which were splayed2 with goodly baners fresshe and newe with the cognysaunce and armes of theyr faculty to the nombre of fifty great barges comly besene and euery barge hauynge mynstrels makynge greate and sweete armony. Also there was the bachelers barge comly besene decked with innumerable baners and all about hangyd with ryche cloth of golde foystes 3waytynge her upon decked with a great shotte of ordynaunce whiche descended the ryuer afore all the barges and the bachelers barge formestt and so folowynge in good araye and ordre euery crafte in theyr degree and ordre tyll they came to Greenwyche and there taryed abydynge the quenes grace which was a wonderfull goodly syght to beholde. Than at thre of the clocke the quenes grace cam to her barge and incontynent4 all the cytezins with that goodly company set forth towards London in good arraye as before is sayd. And to wryte what nombre of gon shot what with chambres and great peces of ordynaunce were shotte as she passed by in dyuers places it passeth my memory to wryte or to tell the nombre of them and specially at Ratly and at lyme house out of certeyne shyppes. And so the quenes grace in her ryche barge amonge her nobles the cytezyns accompanyed her to London unto the toure wharfe. Also or she came nere the toure there was shot innumerable peces of ordynaunce as euer was there by any mennes remembraunces where the Kyng receyued her grace with a noble louyng countenaunce and so gaue great thankes and prayse to all the cytezyns for theyr great kyndnesse and louynge labour and paynes in that behalfe taken to the greate ioye and comforte of all the citezyns. Also to beholde the wonderfull nombre of people that euer was seen that stode on the shore on bothe sydes of the ryuer was neuer in one syght out of the cyte of London sene what in goodly lodgynges and houses that be on the ryuer syde bytwene Grenwyche and London it passeth al mennes iudgementes to csteme the infinyte nombre of them. Wherein her grace with al her ladyes reioysed moche.

Note 1. City companies.

Note 2. Displayed.

Note 3. Swift ships.

Note 4. immediately.

Wriothesley's Chronicle. 29 May 1533. Memorandum, Thursdaie, the 29th daie of Maie, 1533, Ladie Anne, Marques of Pembroke (age 32), was receayed as Queene of Englande by all the Lordes of Englande.c And the Majord and Aldermen, with all the craftes of the Cittie of London, went to Greenewych in their barges after the best fashion, with a barge also of Batchlers of the Majors crafte rytchlie behanged with cloath of golde and a foyste to wayte on her. And so all the Lordes, the Major, with all the craftes of London, brought her by water from Greenewych [Map] to the Tower of London [Map], and ther the Kinges grace (age 41) receaved her at her landinge; and then were shott at the Towre above a thousand gunnes, besides other shotts that were shott at Lymehowse, and in other shipps lying in the Thammes. And the morrowe after being Fridaief their were made divers Knightes of the Bath.

Note c. Anne Boleyn (age 32) was descended through both parents from the royal stock of King Edward I; paternally, from Elizabeth, daughter of that monarch, and, maternally, from Thomas de Brotherton, Earl of Norfolk, son of the same King.

Note d. Sir Stephen Pecocke

Note e. A light and fast-sailing ship.

Note f. May 30.


Ellis' Letters S1 V2 Letter CXIV. 29 May 1533. The Thursdaye nexte before the feaste of Pentecost, the Kyng (age 41) and the Queene (age 32) beyng at Grenewyche, all the Craftes of London thereunto well appoynted, in severall bargis deckyd after the most gorgiouse and sumptuous maner, with dyverse pagiantes thereunto belongyng, repayred and wayted all together upon the Mayre of London; and so, well furnysshed, cam all vnto Grenewiche, where they taryed and wayted for the Queenes commyng to her barge: which so done, they brought her unto the Tower, tromppets, shambesa2 and other dyverse instrumentes all the wayes playng and makyng greate melodic, which, as ys reported, was as combly donne as neuer was lyke in any tyme nyghe to our rememberaunce. And so her Grace cam to the Tower on Thursdaye at nyghte, abowte v. of the clocke, where also was suche a pele of gonnes as hathe not byn harde lyke a great while before.

Letters and Papers 1533. 29 May 1533. 556. The Duke left two hours after I had returned, so that neither he nor his company, among which is the brother (age 30) of the Lady (age 32), have delayed one day to see the triumph in which the Lady (age 32) has today come from Greenwich to the Tower. She was accompanied by several bishops and lords, and innumerable people, in the form that other queens have been accustomed to be received; and, whatever regret the King may have shown at the taking of the Queen's barge, the Lady has made use of it in this triumph, and appropriated it to herself. God grant she may content herself with the said barge and the jewels and husband of the Queen, without attempting anything, as I have heretofore written, against the persons of the Queen and Princess. The said triumph consisted entirely in the multitude of those who took part in it, but all the people showed themselves as sorry as though it had been a funeral. I am told their indignation increases daily, and that they live in hope your Majesty will interfere. On Saturday the Lady will pass all through London and go to the King's lodging, and on Sunday to Westminster, where the ceremony of the coronation will take place. London, 29 May 1533.

Fr., pp. 9. From a modern copy.

Letters and Papers 1533. 31 May 1533. MS. L. f. 1. Coll. of Arms. 563. Anne Boleyn (age 32).

On Thursday, 29 May 1533, 25 Hen. VIII., the lady Anne marchioness of Pembroke (age 32) was received at Greenwich, and conveyed to the Tower of London, and thence to Westminster, where she was crowned queen of England.

Order was taken by the King and his Council for all the Lords spiritual and temporal to be in the barge before Greenwich at 3 p.m., and give their attendance till the Queen took her barge. The mayor of London, Stephen Pecocke, haberdasher, had 48 barges in attendance richly decked with arras, hung with banners and with pennons of the arms of the crafts in fine gold, and having in them trumpets, shallands, and minstrels; also every barge decked with ordnance of guns, "the won to heill the other troumfettly as the tyme dyd require." Also there was the bachelor's barge sumptuously decked, and divers foists with great shot of ordnance, which went before all the barges. Order given that when her Grace's barge came "anontes" Wapping mills, knowledge should be given to the Tower to begin to shoot their ordnance. Commandment given to Sir Will. Vinstonne (Kingston), constable of the Tower, and Sir Edw. Wallsyngham, lieutenant of the Tower, to keep a space free for her landing. It was marvellous sight how the barges kept such good order and space between them that every man could see the decking and garnishing of each, "and how the banars and penanntes of armis of their craftes, the which were beaten of fyne gould, yllastring so goodly agaynste the sonne, and allso the standardes, stremares of the conisaunsys and devisis ventylyng with the wynd, allso the trompettes blowyng, shallmes and mistrielles playng, the which war a ryght symtivis and a tryhumfantt syght to se and to heare all the way as they paste upon the water, to her the sayd marvelles swett armone of the sayd ynstermentes, the which soundes to be a thinge of a nother world. This and this order hir Grace pasyng till she came a nontt Rattlyffe."

The Queen was "hallsyd with gones forth of the shippes" on every side, which could not well be numbered, especially at Ratcliffe. When she came over against Wapping mills the Tower "lousyd their ordinaunce" most triumphantly, shooting four guns at once.

At her landing, a long lane was made among the people to the King's bridge at the entrance of the Tower. She was received on coming out of her barge by Sir Edw. Walsingham, lieutenant of the Tower, and Sir Will. Kinston, constable of the Tower. The officers of arms gave their attendance; viz., Sir Thos. Writhe, Garter king-of-arms, Clarencieux and Norroy kings-of-arms, Carlisle, Richmond, Windsor, Lancaster, York, and Chester heralds; the old duchess of Norfolk bearing her train; the lord Borworth (sic), chamberlain to her Grace, supporting it, &c. A little further on she was received by lord Sandes, the King's chamberlain, lord Hause (Hussey), chamberlain with the Princess, the lord Windsor, the lord Nordunt (Mordaunt?), and others; afterwards by the bishops of Winchester and London, the earl of Oxford, chamberlain of England, lord Will. Haworth, marshal of England, as deputy to his brother Thos. duke of Norfolk, the earl of Essex, &c.

Somewhat within the Tower she was received by the King, who laid his hands on both her sides, kissing her with great reverence and a joyful countenance, and led her to her chamber, the officers of arms going before. After which every man went to his lodging, except certain noblemen and officers in waiting. The King and Queen went to supper, and "after super ther was sumptuus void."

Letters and Papers 1533. 29 May 1533. R. O. 554. Rob. Tomlynson, Alderman of Our Lady's Guild in Boston, to Cromwell.

It pleased you to show me the King's letters for preparing a present for him against the Queen's coronation. The letters came not to my knowledge, which I regret. I have endeavoured since to provide such wild fowl as I could get in these parts, i.e. six cranes, six bitterns, and three dozen godwits, all of which I send you by Thos. Chapman. Please let Geoffrey Chamber know what you will have done with them. Boston, 29 May.

Hol., p. 1. Add.: Of the King's Council.

Arrest of Anne Boleyn and her Co-accused

Letters 1536. 29 May 1536. Corpus Reform., iii. 81. 990. Melancthon to Justus Jonas.

The reports from England are more than tragic. The Queen (deceased) is thrown into prison, with her father, brother (deceased), two bishops, and others, for adultery. You will hear the whole thing from Bucer. Monday. Lat.

1541 Executions

Letters and Papers 1541. 29 May 1541. 868. Marillac to Francis I.

What has here happened since he wrote last, on the 22nd, gives matter to write. To begin with, a case more worthy of compassion than of long letters, the countess of Saalberi (deceased), mother of Cardinal Pol (age 41) and the late lord Montaigue, was yesterday morning, about 7 o'clock, beheaded in a corner of the Tower [Map], in presence of so few people that until evening the truth was still doubted. It was the more difficult to believe as she had been long prisoner, was of noble lineage, above 80 years old, and had been punished by the loss of one son and banishment of the other, and the total ruin of her house. Further reflections upon this. The manner of proceeding in her case and that of a lord who was executed at the same time (who is not yet named, but is presumed to be lord Leonard de Clidas (age 62), formerly the King's lieutenant in Ireland) seems to argue that those here are afraid to put to death publicly those whom they execute in secret. It may be added that yesterday all the heads which were fixed upon the bridge of the river which passes by this town were taken down; in order that the people may forget those whose heads kept their memory fresh, if it were not that this will people the place with new, for Marillac hears from a good place that, before St. John's tide, they reckon to empty the Tower of the prisoners now there for treason.

The talk of going to the North continues, and provisions are already being sent; which are the greater as the company will be 4,000 or 5,000 horse, as well because the King (age 49) wishes to go with more magnificence (as he has not yet been there) as to be secure against any seditious designs. They will be gentlemen of these quarters of King (Kent), whom he trusts most. The 50 gentlemen of the house will each have tent and war equipment, as also will several other young lords; so that it will be rather like following a camp than going to the chase.

As instructed in last packet of the 20th, will write to no one of affairs here. Would not have done it in the past had he known Francis's pleasure, but was only written to to address all he wrote to Francis, not that he should not write to others. Will write affairs concerning war or peace to Mons. de Vendosme, as long as he is in Picardy, and in his absence a word to M. du Bies, to prevent them thinking better or worse in the absence of news. Is not spoken to about the Cauchoide nor about the conversation he wrote last in cipher.

On 29 May 1546 Cardinal David Beaton (age 52) died at St Andrew's Castle, St Andrew's.

Visit of the French Ambassadors

Diary of Edward VI. 29 May 1550. The embassadours had a fair souper made them by the duke of Somerset (age 50), and afterward went into the tems (on the Thames) and saw both the beare hunted in the river, and also wilfier cast out of botis, and many prety conceites.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 29 May 1554. The xxix day of May the Queen (age 38) removed from St. James's, passing through the park, and took her barge at Whitehall, and so to Rychmond [Map], on her progress.

Note. Pp. 64, 69, 74, 75. Removes of king Philip and queen Mary. These are thus recorded in the churchwardens' accounts of St. Margaret's Westminster:

"Allso payde to the ryngers the xij day of August (1553) when the queenes grace wente to Richmonde; and the xxij day of September when she came from Richmonde to Westminster; and the xixth day of December, when her grace wente to Richemont, and the xxx day of December when her grace cam to Westminster xvjd.

"Item, payde to the ryngers when the queenes majestie went from Westminster to Rychmond the xxix of May [1554; see p. 64] iiijd.

"Item, payde the xvij. and xviij. day of August, when the kyng and the quene cam from Richemonde to Sowthwarke, and so from thens to Westmynster, for bread and drynk to the ryngers vjd.

"Item, the xxj. day when they came to the mynster, and allso the xxiij. day when they went to Hampton Coorte viijd.

"Item, payde to the ryngers the xviijti [read 28th] day of September, when the kyng and the queenes majestie cam to Westmynster [see p. 69] iiijd.

"Item, payde to the ryngers of the belles the xij. day of November, when the kyng and the queenes majesties cam to the mynster to the masse of the holy gost [see p. 74] iiijd.

"Item, payde to the ryngers on sayncte Andrewis day, when the kynges majestie came to the mynster iiijd.

See this last mentioned in p. 77, but without noticing that it was the feast of Saint Andrew.

PAINTINGS/MOR/Mary_I_of_England.jpg PAINTINGS/EWORTH/Mary1_Eworth_1556.jpg

Scarborough Castle Rebellion

Henry Machyn's Diary. 29 May 1557. The xxix day of May was the iiij heds sett upon London bryge, and ther xvj quarters sett up, iij and ij, on evere gatt of London; the sam mornyng was Thomas Stafford('s) (deceased) body quartered.

On 29 May 1585 Patrick Maule 1st Earl Panmure was born.


On 29 May 1643 Patrick Lyon 3rd Earl Strathmore and Kinghorne was born to John Lyon 2nd Earl Kinghorne (age 47) and Elizabeth Maule Countess Kinghorne and Linlithgow (age 21).

On 22 May 1653 unamed child was born to Charles Paulet 1st Duke Bolton (age 23) and Christian Freschville (age 19). She died in childbirth. The child died seven days later on 29 May 1653. Both were buried at the St John the Baptist's Church, Staveley [Map]. Monument erected by her husband Charles Paulet 1st Duke Bolton (age 23) the future Duke Bolton. Reclining figure with Chrisom Child.


Top Middle Paulet Arms differenced with a label argent three points impaled Freschville Arms.

Top Left: His Arms, in sixths 1 Paulet Arms 2 Possibly Seymour Arms although wings should be Or 3 Unknown Arms 4 Unknown Arms 5 Unknown Arms 6 St John Arms with a label argent three points to reflect his status as son of the current owner of the Arms.

Top Right: Her Arms, in sixths 1 Freschville Arms 2 Unknown Arms 3 Unknown Arms 4 Unknown Arms 5 Unknown Arms 6 Harrington Arms.

Christian Freschville: On 13 Dec 1633 she was born to John Freschville 1st Baron Frescheville (age 26) and Sarah Harrington. On 28 Feb 1652 Charles Paulet 1st Duke Bolton (age 22) and Christian Freschville (age 18) were married. He the son of John Paulet 5th Marquess Winchester (age 54) and Jane Savage Marchioness Winchester.


In 1659 Thomas Allen 1st Baronet (age 26) was appointed Lord Mayor of London in which role he welcomed King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 30) into the City of London on 29 May 1660; an important step to his Restoration.

PAINTINGS/DOBSON/Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/WRIGHT/Charles_II_of_England_in_Coronation_robes.jpg PAINTINGS/GREENHILL/Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/HANNEMAN/Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/DANCKERTS/Pineapple_Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/RILEY/Charles_II.jpg

On 29 May 1659 Robert Rich 3rd Earl Warwick (age 47) died. His brother Charles Rich 4th Earl Warwick (age 44) succeeded 4th Earl Warwick 3C 1618, 6th Baron Rich Leez. Mary Boyle Countess Warwick (age 33) by marriage Countess Warwick.

Charles II Proclaimed

On 29 May 1660, his thirtieth birthday, King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 30) was restored II King England Scotland and Ireland.

John Evelyn 1st Baronet (age 27) was created 1st Baronet Evelyn of Godstone. This is the first Baronetcy Charles II created following his Restoration indicating the high regard in which he held John Evelyn 1st Baronet (age 27) and the Evelyn family including John Evelyn (age 39).


Evelyn's Diary. 29 May 1660. I stood in the Strand [Map] and beheld it, and blessed God. And all this was done without one drop of blood shed, and by that very army which rebelled against him: but it was the Lord's doing, for such a restoration was never mentioned in any history, ancient or modern, since the return of the Jews from their Babylonish captivity; nor so joyful a day and so bright ever seen in this nation, this happening when to expect or effect it was past all human policy.

PAINTINGS/VANDYCK/Digby_Russell.png PAINTINGS/VANDYCK/William_Russell.jpg PAINTINGS/LELY/Henrietta_Fitzjames_2.jpg

On 29 May 1689 Louis 6th Duke of Gramont was born to Antoine Charles 4th Duke Gramont (age 17) and Marie Christine de Noailles (age 17).

On 29 May 1723 Charles Townshend 3rd Viscount Townsend (age 22) and Audrey aka Etheldreda Harrison (age 15) were married.

On 29 May 1741 Francis Seymour-Conway 1st Marquess Hertford (age 22) and Isabella Fitzroy Countess Hertford (age 14) were married. She the daughter of Charles Fitzroy 2nd Duke Grafton (age 57) and Henrietta Somerset Duchess Grafton. She a great granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

PAINTINGS/REYNOLDS/Francis_Seymour-Conway.jpg PAINTINGS/ROSLIN/Isabella_Fitzroy.jpg

On 29 May 1745 Robert Lee 4th Earl Lichfield (age 38) and Catherine Lee Countess of Lichfield (age 37) were married at St Paul's Cathedral [Map]. He the son of Edward Lee 1st Earl Lichfield and Charlotte Fitzroy Countess Lichfield. He a grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 29 May 1752 Charles Whitworth 1st Earl Whitworth was born to Charles Whitworth (age 31).

On 29 May 1758 Charlotte Fitzgerald 1st Baroness Rayleigh was born to James Fitzgerald 1st Duke Leinster (age 36) and Emilia Mary Lennox Duchess Leinster (age 26). She a great x 2 granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.


On 29 May 1766 Henry Belasyse 2nd Earl Fauconberg (age 24) and Charlotte Lamb Countess Fauconberg (age 23) were married. She by marriage Countess Fauconberg. He the son of Thomas Belasyse 1st Earl Fauconberg (age 67).

On 29 May 1772 Gustav III King Sweden (age 26) and Queen Sophia of Sweden (age 25) were crowned King and Queen of Sweden.


On 29 May 1788 Orlando Bridgeman 1st Earl Bradford (age 26) and Lucy Elizabeth Byng Countess Bradford (age 21) were married.

On 29 May 1790 Charles Clifford 7th Baron Clifford Chudleigh was born to Charles Clifford Clifford 6th Baron Clifford Chudleigh (age 31) and Eleanor Mary Arundell Baroness Clifford Chudleigh (age 24). He a great x 3 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland. Coefficient of inbreeding 1.56%.

On 29 May 1816 James Hope Johnstone 3rd Earl Hopetoun (age 74) died. His brother John Hope 4th Earl Hopetoun (age 50) succeeded 4th Earl Hopetoun.

On 29 May 1818 Edward Augustus Hanover 1st Duke Kent and Strathearn (age 50) and Marie Luise Victoria Saxe Coburg Gotha Duchess Kent and Strathearn (age 31) were married at Ehrenburg Palace. She by marriage Duchess Kent and Strathearn. She the daughter of Francis Saxe Coburg Gotha I Duke Saxe Coburg Gotha and Augusta Reuss Duchess Saxe Coburg Gotha (age 61). He the son of King George III of Great Britain and Ireland (age 79) and Charlotte Mecklenburg Strelitz Queen Consort England (age 74). They were fourth cousins.

PAINTINGS/GAINSBOROUGH/Edward_Augustus.png PAINTINGS/ROTHWELL/Victoria_Duchess_Kent.jpg PAINTINGS/HAYTER/Mother_Queen_Victoria.jpg PAINTINGS/LUCAS/Marie_Saxe_Coburg.jpg PAINTINGS/WINTERHALTER/Marie_Victoria.jpg

On 29 May 1833 William Hare 3rd Earl of Listowel was born to William Hare 2nd Earl Listowel (age 31) and Maria Augusta Windham Countess Listowel (age 28).

On 29 May 1834 John Wodehouse 1st Baron Wodehouse (age 93) died. His son John Wodehouse 2nd Baron Wodehouse (age 63) succeeded 2nd Baron Wodehouse of Kimberley in Norfolk, 7th Baronet Woodhouse of Wilberhall. Charlotte Norris Baroness Woodhouse by marriage Lady Woodhouse of Wilberhall.


On 25 Mar 1837 Maria Louisa Priscilla Fane (age 14) died.

On 29 May 1848 George Augustus Frederick John Fane (age 28) died.

On 22 Jan 1851 Ernest Neville Fitzroy Fane (age 27) died. Both brothers and sister were buried at the Church of St Leonard, Apethorpe [Map].

Maria Louisa Priscilla Fane: On 24 May 1822 she was born to John Fane 11th Earl of Westmoreland (age 38) and Priscilla Anne Wellesley-Pole Countess of Westmoreland (age 29).

George Augustus Frederick John Fane: On 18 Jun 1819 he was born to John Fane 11th Earl of Westmoreland (age 35) and Priscilla Anne Wellesley-Pole Countess of Westmoreland (age 26).

Ernest Neville Fitzroy Fane: On 07 Jan 1824 he was born to John Fane 11th Earl of Westmoreland (age 39) and Priscilla Anne Wellesley-Pole Countess of Westmoreland (age 30). Around Aug 1849 Ernest Neville Fitzroy Fane (age 25) and Selina Lock were married. He the son of John Fane 11th Earl of Westmoreland (age 65) and Priscilla Anne Wellesley-Pole Countess of Westmoreland (age 56).

On 29 May 1839 William Beauclerk 9th Duke St Albans (age 38) and Elizabeth Catherine Gubbins Duchess St Albans (age 21) were married at Church of St Mary the Virgin Harby, Leicestershire. She by marriage Duchess St Albans. William Beauclerk 9th Duke St Albans (age 38) donated a new clock, a bible, a prayer book, and £30 with the rector to be invested for the poor. He the son of William Beauclerk 8th Duke St Albans and Maria Janetta Nelthorpe Duchess St Albans. He a great x 3 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 29 May 1846 Henry George Percy 7th Duke Northumberland was born to Algernon George Percy 6th Duke Northumberland (age 36) and Louisa Drummond Duchess Northumberland.

Monsal Dale. On the 29th of May, we made a section from south to north through another large mutilated tumulus [Monsal Dale Barrow [Map]] in the same neighbourhood, but on the other side of the Wye. Not far from the centre we discovered a large sepulchral urn, 12 inches high, with a deep ornamented border, inverted over a deposit of clean calcined bones, placed upon some uneven stones on the natural surface, and having among them a calcined bone pin. The urn was quite uninjured, and owed its preservation to a large mass of limestone by its side, close to which lay a celt-shaped instrument 5 inches long, with a cutting edge, made from part of the lower jaw of a large quadruped rubbed down; and two phalanges of a human finger. Proceeding further, we met with the skeleton of a small hog, then those of two children, all interred in a simple manner, without protection or accompaniment: beyond these was an adult skeleton that had been deposited at a late period, if we may judge from the appearance of the mound immediately above, where were many scattered bones, the skeleton of a dog, and a small bronze fibula of the most common Roman shape. By further excavation we found that the last skeleton had been interred near a very large stone set on edge from east to west, which formed the side of a cist vaen, measuring inside 3 feet 6 by 18 inches, the other sides being supplied by similar slabs, the whole placed in an excavation lower than the natural surface, the depth from the top of the mound to the floor of the cist being 5 feet 6 inches. By clearing it out, the following discoveries were made in the order in which they are enumerated:- First, a small vase of clay, neatly ornamented, but so imperfectly baked as to have but little firmer consistency than the surrounding earth; next, and immediately below it, were skeletons of two infants and an adult, so much huddled together as to render their respective position unascertainable; close to these, we found a fine and sharp spear head of grey flint 2½ inches long, and two other implements of the same, one of them a small disk, near an inch in diameter: immediately under lay another adult human skeleton, which had clearly been deposited on its right side, with the head to the west, as were all the others found in this cist. This, the lowest interment, was evidently a male, the one next above presents female characteristics, and both, together with the children, presented unmistakeable evidence of having been interred at the same time, so that we have some reason to suppose that the family was immolated at the funeral of its head, as has been customary with savages in all ages and parts of the globe.

Exterior and interior of St Katherine's Church, Rowsley [Map]. The building of the church was commenced on 29 May 1854 by the 7th Duke Rutland (age 35) who laid coins of every value, from a sovereign to half a farthing in the foundations. The church was built to the designs of the architect Anthony Salvin. It was dedicated to St Catherine, after the name and in honour of the late Lady Manners. It was consecrated on 18 Jul 1855.

Catherine Louise Georgina Marlay: On 28 Jan 1831 she was born to Colonel George Marlay and Catherine Louisa Augusta Tisdall (age 35). She was baptised at All Souls Church Langham Place Marylebone where she would marry twenty years later. Before 10 Jun 1851 Catherine Louise Georgina Marlay (age 20) was living at 14 Cavendish Square Marylebone with her mother (age 55) and brother (age 22). On 10 Jun 1851 John James Robert Manners 7th Duke Rutland (age 32) and Catherine Louise Georgina Marlay (age 20) were married at All Souls Church Langham Place Marylebone. He the son of John Henry Manners 5th Duke Rutland (age 73) and Elizabeth Howard Duchess Rutland.NOTEXT


On 29 May 1855 Henry Scudamore-Stanhope 11th Earl of Chesterfield was born to Henry Edwyn Chandos Scudamore Stanhope 9th Earl of Chesterfield (age 34) and Dorothea Hay Countess Chesterfield (age 27).

On 29 May 1856 William John Legh 1st Baron Newton (age 27) and Emily Jane Wodehouse (age 30) were married at St George's Church, Hanover Square.


29 May 1886. The current Putney Bridge [Map] was designed by Joseph Bazalgette (age 67). It was opened by the King Edward VII of the United Kingdom (age 44) and Princess Alexandra (age 41) on 29 May 1886.


On 29 May 1891 Richard Trench 4th Earl of Clancarty (age 57) died. His son William Trench 5th Earl of Clancarty (age 22) succeeded 5th Earl Clancarty 2C 1803. Isabelle "Belle Bilton" Penrice Countess Clancarty (age 24) by marriage Countess Clancarty.


On 29 May 1917 President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born to Joseph Patrick Kennedy (age 28) and Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald (age 26).

Before 29 May 1918 Arthur Hill 6th Marquess of Downshire (age 46) and Edith Eleanor Grove Marchiones Downshire were married. She by marriage Marchioness Downshire. He the son of Arthur Hill 5th Marquess Downshire and Georgiana Elizabeth Balfour.

On 29 May 1918 Arthur Hill 6th Marquess of Downshire (age 46) died.

Eric Chaplin 2nd Viscount Chaplin: On 27 Sep 1877 he was born to Henry Chaplin 1st Viscount Chaplin (age 36) and Florence Sutherland Leveson-Gower (age 22). On 03 Aug 1905 Eric Chaplin 2nd Viscount Chaplin (age 27) and Gwladys Alice Wilson Viscountess Chaplin (age 24) were married at Warter Hall aka Priory. On 12 Sep 1949 Eric Chaplin 2nd Viscount Chaplin (age 71) died. His son Anthony Chaplin 3rd Viscount Chaplin succeeded 3rd Viscount Chaplin of Saint Oswald's in Blankney in Lincolnshire. Alvilde Bridges Viscountess Chaplin (age 40) by marriage Viscountess Chaplin of Saint Oswald's in Blankney in Lincolnshire.

Gwladys Alice Wilson Viscountess Chaplin: In 1881 she was born to Charles Henry Wilson 1st Baron Nunburnholme (age 47) and Florence Jane Helen Wellesley Baroness Nunburnholme (age 28). In 1971 Gwladys Alice Wilson Viscountess Chaplin (age 90) died.

On 29 May 1923 John Parker 6th Earl Morley was born to John Holford Parker (age 36) and Marjory Katharine (age 30).

On 29 May 1936 Charles John Darling 1st Baron Darling (age 86) died.

On 29 May 1951 Charles James Fitzroy 6th Baron Southampton (age 22) and Pamela Anne Henniker Baroness Southampton were married. She by marriage Baroness Southampton.